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LAMP is an album by Olga Nunes-- and it's also a story built around the music, told through letters, art installations & film.
LAMP is an album by Olga Nunes-- and it's also a story built around the music, told through letters, art installations & film.
223 backers pledged $7,028 to help bring this project to life.

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Love Letters & Sock Puppets

Hullo lovely humans! The holidays have been madness, as I'm sure they are for you as well! When the smoke clears, I'll be diving into LAMP head first and keeping you apprised of balloon releases, letters, the new site AND new music-- but in the meantime, a few things!

I've put everyone who donated on an email list so I can more easily send you unique download codes for songs! So when you see an email from me, do not fret! I will only be using this for download codes, all other LAMP messages will come through Kickstarter. (Mostly cause it's so cozy here, don't you think? :) )

I'll be sending the first email with the download code for Waiting For and the LAMP trailer score later today, so keep an eye out for it.

The deadline for submitting love letters is January 15th! They can be love letters you've received, letters you've written or you can write a brand new love letter to someone in your life and submit it for inclusion in the story. (I can anonymize anything you wish, as well!)

Email love letters as text or photos to:

I've released a cover of Baby It's Cold Outside for the holidays! It also has a lovely music video, with sock puppets by Laurie Pink. You can check it out here, and get the mp3:

huge hugs to you and yours over the wintry season!
and more soon,


You guys are friggin AMAZING. A-MAZ-ING.

$7028 raised, at 234% funding. Holy awesome sauce.

I am totally swaddled in Dayquil and blankets right now but will try to make a video tonight extolling the many virtues of how brilliant you are. This couldn't have happened without you, and I am so, so, so exhilarated by your support. I can't wait to start bringing LAMP to life and have you be part of it!

To the 223 of you: CONFETTI. And this:

giant omg we-did-it squee hugs,

2 Hours Left To Spread The Word!


Post it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I'm so grateful to each and every one of you.

Later today I'll put up a what-happens-next video, but in the meantime:


with hugs made of squee,

48 HOURS LEFT! New Unlocked Rewards!

Down to the wire! There's more than 200 of you, and LAMP just broke 200% funding this morning!

SECRET ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: 200% REACHED REWARD! Everyone who has donated now also gets a shiny "We're All Stories: LAMP" sticker, as well as a special digital download bonus track available ONLY TO KICKSTARTER BACKERS, written for the lamp benefactors!

ALSO: EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT INCREASES THEIR PLEDGE BY $50 gets a one-of-a-kind signed handmade LAMP print. Each one is different, featuring scenes from the story of LAMP!

The more LAMP gets, the bigger and cooler LAMP will be-- more awesome art installations and stories in the world of LAMP, and you get to find out what happens next in the story, along with helping me make it!

LASTLY: There are two new unlocked top tier rewards that involve limited edition custom vinyl, a special edition art book, and a music video made just for you!

Check it all out here:

Thanks SO much for your support, I am ridiculously, ridiculously grateful. Keep spreading the word through email, Facebook, and Twitter-- you are the reason this is happening.

with holyawesometastic-sized hugs,

Love Letters And More...


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