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a turn based (survival) strategy game in an absurd gameworld about movement, rotation and suffocation!
a turn based (survival) strategy game in an absurd gameworld about movement, rotation and suffocation!
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    1. Jonathan Woodard on

      So this is just dead and abandoned, right?

    2. Oleomingus Creator on


      we haven't posted an update in quiet a while, but we are still developing !

      Our development process is going slower that what we had anticipated and we did hit a few snags. we know are woefully behind schedule, but we are not stuck. The game is being built.

      Updates have been a little tardy since the last playable build, but we will be releasing more builds very soon, and we really think they will be worth the wait.

      meanwhile we really really appreciate your patience.

      - - - - - -

      some of our more recent work can be found on our tumblr :

      Thank you.

    3. Missing avatar


      How about offering updates on your projects so we can offer feedback. I can't even remember what you were developing now.

    4. Oleomingus Creator on

      Somewhere and Oxygen, will remain two separate games. While they have a similar visual style, what we are trying to create with each game is distinct.

      Somewhere is a first person explorer, with emphasis on a nuanced story and open ended navigation centric gameplay.

      whereas Oxygen, is built upon structured and recursive gameplay. closer to puzzle solving strategy games than open exploration games.

      we had briefly considered integrating the games such that Oxygen becomes a part of Somewhere, but that proved distracting in developing both the games. Because while Oxygen is being designed as a playful co-op experience. Somewhere is an serious exploration of spaces and narratives.

      - - -

      thank you for asking, we welcome any feedback on either of the projects.

    5. Veav on

      Out of curiosity, given the similarities, what are the chances Somewhere and Oxygen could merge into a single product? (Asynchronous gameplay ftw.)

    6. Oleomingus Creator on

      We are just 1$ away from funding !

      I would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you for you wonderful support on behalf of the entire team here at oleomingus. we look forward to working with you towards creating a beautiful game.

      Thank you.