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a comic about your favourite little bible man
55 backers pledged CA$ 1,574 to help bring this project to life.

Six days left. 80% funded. We're doing this.

Posted by Liam McKenna (Creator)
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Holy smokes! 

It's pretty surreal to me that a little more than a week into the project we've already collected almost our full goal. The support has been overwhelming - I expected almost all of the backers to be local, so it was a pleasant surprise to have interest in the work from the United States and beyond. I guess I'll need to look into shipping costs to the Netherlands, too..!

One suggestion that's been presented is to include a PDF of the full comic as a reward, and I immediately started to bang my head against the desk. How did I not think of that? So starting today, all backers donating $5 or more will receive a PDF of the comic in addition to the other goodies included in their reward tier.

If we hit $1500, I'm printing 100 copies of "Release Barabbas!" I'll have a little draw for some of the copies on the weekend of March 30-31 at the Island Entertainment Expo. 

And now, a little story:

I released the first bit of "Release Barabbas!" around Canada Day last year. I play in a cover band, and I was walking around downtown just after doing a midday soundcheck when I spotted a face that looked familiar to me as I walked past Province House. I did a double take.

It was Chip Zdarsky, comic guy extraordinaire. 

I knew of Chip from his days working as mild-mannered - well, for mild-mannered  him - cartoonist at the National Post.  He went on to write and illustrate Spider-Man, Howard the Duck, Sex Criminals, and he's now working on Daredevil. Basically, he's an extremely funny and talented guy, and someone whose work I really admire.

So yeah, I accosted him immediately. 

I found Chip to be really gracious with his time and, what's more, he showed a real interest in my work. We spoke for about fifteen minutes, I told him what I was working on and he encouraged me to send it to him. He hadn't even seen anything. He was just being nice! So after I got home, I emailed him my dinky tumblr and he responded positively. He said it wanted to make him read more. I was enthralled.

Liam (left) and Chip Zdarsky
Liam (left) and Chip Zdarsky

Generally, I don't seek out a ton of feedback on my work. I send it out and hope for the best. With longform cartooning like "Barabbas," that can put you in a stressful little bubble sometimes. When you're so close to a work, it becomes difficult to recognize whether it's "good" or not as you pore over and deconstruct even the most minute details.  Having somebody like that volunteer to look at my work and provide positive feedback was really encouraging, and gave me a big boost in confidence and encouragement to follow through with what I'd begun.

The donations through this website are allowing me to complete that follow through. You're helping me as much as Chip Zdarsky, international sensation, did on that sunny day last summer. And I'm as indebted to you as I am to him.

Thanks you for helping me create comics. I love doing it so much. 

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