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Old Growth Ales: gluten free, botanic & medicinal ales with organic, ethically traded or wild-harvested ingredients from Cascadia
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Despite Some Slowing, We're Still Moving Forward

Posted by Old Growth Ales (Creator)

Hello Supportive Kickstarter Backers.  I am writing to give you an update about Old Growth Ales, reiterate our gratitude and extend the invitation to have some ales on us.  

Update and Gratitude:

We can not stress enough how grateful we are for the support that we received and continue to receive from our community.  We continue to host and get referrals for workshops, weddings, fundraisers and work parties.  Thank you.  Last summer we were involved several weddings, a few fundraisers and a farmstead harvest party.  This summer/fall - workshops and special events.   

Status on Commercial Availability - Licensing Proves Elusive, Yet Still Working to Bring Old Growth Ales to a Broader Audience 

Licensing with the Tobacco Trade Bureau and Oregon Liquor Control Commission has been elusive; difficult at best: 

  • We tried brewing on other brewery's license (expenses too high).  
  • We nearly rented two different spaces (complications and steep monthly rent). 
  • We almost built out a shipping container brewery on friend's property (regulatory issues with wastewater on that property). 
  • We tried to license our current space (regulatory issues with federal agency).
  • We entertained a big investor (realized we would lose autonomy; value of product in large scale setting)

One of the main goals of the campaign was to achieve licensing so we could get Old Growth Ales to you - commercially.  It still is.  And, it is clear that we need to remain true to our product and process.  This means remaining at a reasonable scale ( <100 gallons/batch), ethically harvesting, and appropriately sourcing our materials.  This means structuring a business (breweries typically recognized as having slim margins) in a thoughtful manner.  So, if for example we were to rent a commercial property, we would have high overhead and in turn would need produce a substantial amount of ales to generate revenue.  

Therefore, we will need to wait to be commercially available, until we can license a facility for minimal fees.  This most likely looks like an outbuilding or shipping container on private property.  We are still making headway with this.  Things admittedly slowed down with the birth of our first child.  But, we want to assure you that we are still moving forward.  We have some promising leads, but do not want to get ahead of ourselves.  We are still here.  Still grateful and still intend to be commercially available in the near future.  

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.  

- Old Growth Ales

Happy New Year from Old Growth Ales

Posted by Old Growth Ales (Creator)

Friends, Family.

Greetings. We want to send an update to all of you and let you in on the status of things here with Old Growth Ales. We have exciting news, accomplished many things and still have plenty of work ahead of us.


First, we have some additions to our team: 

Mike Shulze: brewing 

Andi Shulze: accounting, procedural, legal 

Chris Parson: sales, distribution 

Oriah Louise Braun: tasting (its a family business so we figured we should get her started right away).

Oriah Louise Braun.  Photo courtesy of our Trav Williams - Broken Banjo Photography
Oriah Louise Braun. Photo courtesy of our Trav Williams - Broken Banjo Photography

Many things have happened since our last update:

1.) Steve and Amanda got married. Yay!!! 

2.) Steve and Amanda had a baby – Oriah Loiuse Braun. Super Yay! 

3.) Old Growth Ales served, hosted and catered several events. We did several weddings including the wedding of kickstarter founding backers Lynn Richardson and Rebecca Stallard!!! Yay! And served Old Growth Ales at the soft opening for the Starlight Knitting Society – a rad knitting store in Southeast Portland, opened by founding backers Melissa Nelson, Mo Lutz, Mat Lauritsen and several dear friends. Yay!! 

4.) We continue to receive great feedback about our product, materials and vision. 

5.) Positive media coverage continues with articles in the Register Guard, Oregon Beer Growler and Lane County Monthly.

Looking ahead....

1.) Contract brewing = Ales available to you soon.  We are currently in conversations with local brewery to brew on contract.  If this occurs we would be available very soon.  We will keep you up to date.  This is promising.  

2.) We are booking events for next summer, so if you or a friend are planning a camping weekend, special event, work party, wedding, private festival or party contact us.

3.) We are still looking for the right venue to open our own commercial brewery. We have considered several locations within the Eugene Springfield area, met with Springfield's economic development officers, landlords, business incubators, and even looked into brewing in a shipping container at a private residence. All things are on the table and we are waiting for the right place. We appreciate your patience and while you can't find us in the store yet, we encourage you to come on by our place in Springfield and have a glass or two.

We hope to bring our bottles to you soon - available in bottle shops and with monthly Community Supported Ales shares
We hope to bring our bottles to you soon - available in bottle shops and with monthly Community Supported Ales shares

Keep your Eyes Peeled, Rewards in the Mail!

Posted by Old Growth Ales (Creator)
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Founding Backers

The last of your rewards are in the mail.  Keep your eyes peeled. Things took a little longer than expected.  Thank you for your patience and support.  We have also updated the website to include all of your names as an expression of our gratitude.

Rewards - Packages En Route
Rewards - Packages En Route

Our party spot is on the river!

Posted by Old Growth Ales (Creator)
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So bring your floaty things and river lazin stuff! As you know it's gonna be a scorcher but we've got a river, cool drinks, and shade.

Its here! Thank you event this saturday.

Posted by Old Growth Ales (Creator)
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