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A dark but playful point and click adventure, hand-animated in glorious frame-by-frame 2D. Free DEMO.
A dark but playful point and click adventure, hand-animated in glorious frame-by-frame 2D. Free DEMO.
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Posted by OhNoo Studio (Creator)

Time to go big.. Here comes...


As of now, everyone choosing the new BIG FAT IMP ($89) reward tier and above will get TSIOQUE in a big - and stylish - oldschool box. Big game boxes need to make a comeback, and we're spearheading this noble idea right away! :)

Let's see what you'll be getting as part of the new reward tier:

What do you think about the BIG BOX? Let us know in the comments!

Remember, the BIG BOX is also home to a plush mini imp. Get your own personal minion now! This is the real deal, not some yellow tic tacs in suspenders - this dark servant will selflessly protect your desk for life.. and perhaps beyond.

Since there's just so many goodies in so many reward tiers - and they just keep multiplying - we've updated our reward chart in order to help those who start losing count of all the goodies in a tier they're interested in.

That's a lot of goodies, isn't it?
And that's STILL not the end of it!

Sharing the Kickstarter love:

A procedurally generated high-fantasy RPG adventure with turn-based tactical combat and epic story full of dangerous encounters with all kinds strange people and creatures.

We've even been given a sneak peek of such an encounter. Tactical combat indeed, poor thugs could never know they're facing the wrong way.

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    1. Radek Janiszewski on

      Nice idea, especially for collectors !

    2. D-Boy

      That is a great-looking box! A wonderful addition to the excellent goodies available through this campaign. Thanks for the added generosity!

    3. Patrick on

      Big game boxes DO INDEED need to make a comeback, and this is one fine example, awesome!

      I was wondering if the plush imps could maybe be considered as add-ons (perhaps from tiers that already have one upwards)? I would love to be able to 'army-build' these guys!

    4. Howard Kistler

      Love the box! Glad I'm at a tier that includes it, as it brings back a lot of happy gaming memories seeing a big physical box stuff with goodies. Thank you!