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A dark but playful point and click adventure, hand-animated in glorious frame-by-frame 2D. Free DEMO.
A dark but playful point and click adventure, hand-animated in glorious frame-by-frame 2D. Free DEMO.
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TSIOQUE artbook - vote!

Posted by OhNoo Studio (Creator)


We'd like you to help us choose the cover of the Tsioque artbook.
Below you'll find 3 different variants. Choose the one you think works best and write "A", "B", or "C" in your comment below the udpate, or a PM if you wish.
We're always open to suggestions, and your participation in this little voting will assure us we've chosen the best design.

Thanks for your help! :)

Option A

Option B

Option C

As collectors ourselves, we know quality is key, and we treat the quality of our physical rewards seriously as well. Here are some photos of our previous artbook we printed for the launch of our previous game Tormentum:

Some details about the Tsioque artbook:

  • Hardcover
  • 9" x 9" (23 cm x 23 cm)
  • Minimum 64 pages
  • High quality, full-color paper
  • UV coating on cover
  • Every book signed by the creators
  • Wrapped in polyethylene bag
  • ...and very meticulously packed. You can be sure you will get it in one piece.

 Here's how it looks on video:

The artbook is available in reward tier $25 (Big-Eyed Imp) and above for a digital version and $150 (Hero Imp) and above for physical. For those hesitating, we encourage you to upgrade - it's still possible :)

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    1. Ian on

      I vote for B.

    2. Missing avatar

      _manuel_ on

      I would like Tsioque from B in the A background and letters.
      As there are others who like it too, I have made a mockup removing the warrior and cutting and pasting Tsioque with a drop shadow and it feels really right for me.
      I cannot unload it here and I don't want to upload it anywhere else (say imgur) because it is your IP. I you allow me I will do to create a "D" option :)

    3. Matthew Phillips on

      C works best for me, given how stylish it is.
      Close second for A, though, as it's hard not to love

    4. Missing avatar


      Option A

    5. Aderkhan on

      I prefer option B but option A is also good

    6. Chelle Destefano

      I like cover A the best

    7. Rukesh Patel

      Also love the way the title is written and laid out in 'Cover A' and how it doesn't need the prefix 'The Art of', which is self-evident.

      All the little design choices give the cover quite a minimalist, understated appeal.

    8. Rukesh Patel

      Cover A immediately grabs one as an 'art book'. The others could be about anything.

      The lighter color scheme not only looks classier and stands out, the whole aesthetic also goes with how the art actually gets made; in lots of light, sketched on paper.

    9. Kelley Hendrix

      Out of those choices, B is my favorite with C coming in second.

    10. Lamera

      Option B

    11. Carmen Marin

      I think I like A just a smidge more than B

    12. Christopher Flagg

      I love B

    13. Missing avatar

      Ross Thompson

      I prefer B, not sure how A even relates. C is decent.

    14. Dirk Hans on

      I'd go for "A"

    15. Mr.Monttu

      I will go with A. ^^

    16. Sean on

      A seems more appropriate for an artbook to me

    17. Jörn Huxhorn

      'B'. 'A' would be my second pick.

    18. Maxwell Horse on

      The ultimate might be if you depicted the main character as in "B," but it had the concept art aesthetic of "A."

    19. Maxwell Horse on

      It's definitely between A and B. B looks to represent the game more accurately, but A feels more classy.

      I'm going with "A," just because it's more unconventional looking.

    20. Missing avatar



    21. TrentJaspar on

      B by a longshot for me.

    22. Ed

      A, definitely.

    23. Matthieu Naud on

      I'm choosing B !

    24. Ibrahim Yildirim on

      A has a great cover design, however B explains Tsioque better, some combination of both would be better for me. Ermmm, arghh, ok ok i have to choose one, so i choose:


    25. Howard Kistler

      Cover A gets my vote. It's classy as heck, yet also dynamic.

    26. Saodhar

      I like variant A the most.

    27. 8 Bit Pxl Games on

      Cover A immediately got my attention. To me it says "art book" more than the others.

    28. Bulb Boy Team on

      B is Better, Beautiful and Breathtaking

    29. Dave Hopman on

      I like A the most.

    30. Missing avatar

      4LF4 on

      I like artbook C.