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A dark but playful point and click adventure, hand-animated in glorious frame-by-frame 2D. Free DEMO.
A dark but playful point and click adventure, hand-animated in glorious frame-by-frame 2D. Free DEMO.
A dark but playful point and click adventure, hand-animated in glorious frame-by-frame 2D. Free DEMO.
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    1. OhNoo Studio Creator on April 1

      Hi there! Happy Easter! Here is a small update about the project. All physical rewards for the backers are ready to send. The game itself is 99% ready. We have got all animations/backgrounds/and code. We are making constanly minor changes and improvements. We are still waiting for delivering rest of the music and sound effects from Ed Harrison. Without sound/fx we can't move forward with the game. We hope that we get this situation solved soon. We did not make an official update becouse we prefer to share more positive news with you then that. Once again we apologize for the delay and please stay tuned.

    2. Dirk Hans on March 31

      What's the reason that you don't answer even when you were logged in?

    3. Matthew Phillips on February 12

      Your continued efforts to make this game the best it can be are hugely appreciated! Getting the survey is filling me with fresh waves of hype

    4. Jeremie Lariviere
      on February 12

      yay, got the survey!

    5. Necro Ionut on December 23

      cant wait ^_^ dont rush it we want it to be a succes :D

    6. Gabriella Creighton
      on December 18

      Thanks for keeping us up to date! That's what matters. :)

    7. OhNoo Studio Creator on December 8

      We're working tirelessly to give you the best game we possibly can. As expected, closing in on the end of production brings out demons and ugly things previously well hidden. While we squash them, we put most of our effort in music and sfx - a cinematic dynamic soundtrack is really no easy feat, but we assure you you'll be quite happy with the result. Just a little more patience.

      Yes, we are delayed. But it's all for a greater purpose. We aim for the premiere somewhere between Q1 of 2018 and when it's done, leaning more towards the first one.

    8. xlynx on December 5

      2018 then?

    9. Paskarl (k0SH) on November 12

      "on finishing the game"

    10. Del M
      on November 8


    11. Chris Chen
      on October 26

      Tormentum: Dark Sorrow is on GOG!
      Any chance of getting a GOG key for $29+ backers, please?

    12. Missing avatar

      NeonJuggler on October 12, 2017

      Whatever happened to "But expect the update soon"?

    13. Missing avatar

      NeonJuggler on October 9, 2017

      Hi, it's been a while since last update? Anything new to say on the project?

    14. OhNoo Studio Creator on September 12, 2017

      Everything is on the right track. We're working diligently on finishing the game and hence no response. But expect the update soon.
      Meanwhile, visit our profiles on FB and Twitter.

    15. Dirk Hans on September 8, 2017

      Hey guys, When can we expect the next update? Or at least any small news here in the comments??

    16. Paskarl (k0SH) on June 9, 2017

      Steam page updated: 'Release: LATE 2017'
      What about a backer update?

    17. Vas on May 31, 2017

      It's been four months. What has been up? We getting closer to having our game yet?

    18. Conrad Yonosenada
      on April 6, 2017

      Is there an update? Haven't heard from you guys since last year...

    19. Necro Ionut on April 5, 2017

      Im super excited to play it so take your time and do a good job :D

    20. Syrius de Goratrix
      on April 4, 2017

      Hi there! How is it going? :)

    21. Kelley Hendrix
      on April 2, 2017

      What happened to the bi-monthly updates?

    22. Grinsevent Wheresluggage of Sin on March 31, 2017

      Hi there. Still kicking it forward ?

    23. Vas on February 18, 2017

      Are you guys going to be showcasing your game at E3 this year?

    24. OhNoo Studio Creator on January 24, 2017

      Hey Kat, we have a small delay, the game is still in developing, you can read more in our last update:

    25. Kat Tastrophy on January 24, 2017

      Please let us know the current status of the project and if your Studio is still operational.

    26. Missing avatar

      Chris S
      on December 19, 2016

      Any updates, guys?

    27. Missing avatar

      NeonJuggler on December 13, 2016

      Eagerly awaiting another update... Please tease us some more!

    28. Paskarl (k0SH) on December 5, 2016

      I want to play it!
      And I want the shiny big box!
      Did anyone said 'now'? ;-)

    29. Missing avatar

      Christian on November 22, 2016

      Any News about the release date?

    30. Dirk Hans on November 10, 2016

      Hey guys, any news about the project?

    31. June on August 19, 2016

      @creator I know the release isn't this fall, but could we get another update sometime? Need more imps vs. Tsioque :)

    32. Howard Kistler
      on August 10, 2016

      This is still one of the most anticipated games for me that I've backed here. Looking forward to the next update!

    33. Paskarl (k0SH) on July 31, 2016

      Still on a October release??

    34. Ultra Magnus
      on June 2, 2016

      Good on you guys for delaying the game a game only launches once and I would much rather wait for a wonderful experience than a frustration filled unfinished mess keep up the good work guys so far so wonderful

    35. Draelin
      on June 2, 2016

      Thanks for the update, really aprecciated!

    36. June on May 26, 2016

      Yes, it would be nice to hear how things are going :)

    37. Draelin
      on May 23, 2016

      Anybody here anymore?
      A little insight into the projects development would be a great thing!

    38. Grinsevent Wheresluggage of Sin on March 15, 2016

      It is really quite, even if it is normal, it is scary, like a little girl in a Dungeon

    39. Vas on February 16, 2016

      @Howard Kistler Don't worry, it's common for video game kickstarters to go quiet for long periods of time. Until it hits May or June, then we can worry about it being too quiet.

    40. Howard Kistler
      on January 11, 2016

      Hmm, I messaged the creators but no word back yet.

    41. Howard Kistler
      on January 4, 2016

      Been a bit quiet here for a while. How about a new update for the new year?

    42. Missing avatar

      on December 24, 2015

      any updates? @@

    43. Vas on December 10, 2015

      when the game is done, are we just emailed the download link or steam key?

    44. Matthew Phillips on September 25, 2015

      My Tormentum key! Thank you! I've been aching to play this for the past few weeks. And just in time for the weekend too :)

    45. Vas on September 18, 2015

      Any chance on getting a Wii-U port? Like, having the Wii-U gamepad work as the touch pad for the point and click and hold all the options? Or maybe a 3DS?

    46. Ullus on September 12, 2015

      Congrats on beeing funded!

      Now to wait...

    47. SkyGoblin on September 8, 2015

      Congratulations, guys! SO looking forward to this! :)

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