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OHMS GamingBy OHMS Gaming
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pledged of $5,000pledged of $5,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, January 29 2012 5:59 AM UTC +00:00

"What if" scenario & Box Contents!

Posted by OHMS Gaming (Creator)


(Picture @ GenCon 2011 running demos)

    "What happens if the second project is not successfully funded?"  We have talked and debated over this topic long before launching this KickStarter (KS) project. Below are the highlights that will explain “the plan”. Lets start this off by saying HOORAY for achieving 20% funded in the first FIVE DAYS! That is just over $200 per day. Thank you all for your support!


Two KS projects?
    Yes. The funds from this project will be used for art – unless we achieve enough from this one to produce the game as well! The art we have thus far is “conceptual” and not intended for the final game. We have a list of artists that we have spoken to and gotten quotes from but cannot decide on whom to go with until this KS is completed; the more backing we get the better the art will be! But, good art isn't cheap and we will need a lot of it.

    At this point we have spent a great deal on the game and OHMS Gaming. We have investors and the founders have put in all the money we have... But all of that capital was utilized to get us where we are now. We exhibited at GenCon 2011 (our largest expense thus far) to test and demo (and market) the game on a massive scale. This priority preceded better art and focusing on production at that juncture because we want to ensure that Wasteland is a solid game.

Setting achievable goals...

    Our second KS project is obviously dependent on how this one goes; the more we get now (after a ceiling for our art budget), the less we will need for production. Before seeing how this goes we are anticipating setting our next goal (for the second KS) at $10k. These funds would allow us to do a limited print run of 100-200... That figure would cover enough games for all of the backers of this and the next KS.

    If this one is successful (thus we owe people games) and the next is not (we have limited funds with which to provide rewards) we DO have backup plans! No, they are neither nefarious nor would they in any way harm chinchillas.

How you could help!
    If you are interested in how to help us further, we are not too shy to give frequent updates... like the weather channel. First and foremost, if you are not a backer that would be a great first step. If you are low on funds, cannot (or do not want to) back us yet, or have already pledged then you can help by spreading our KickStarter project like the plague.

    We are doing everything we can to get this going... and are putting everything on the line to do so. Help is greatly appreciated and is fairly simple to provide. If you feel so inclined to help more than what was listed above but are unsure how to, please ask! We may be able to ship you one of our prototypes to play and demo in your area (with understanding that we need it back at this juncture).

Interested investors

    As was mentioned earlier, we have already had investments to OHMS Gaming. Nope... not enough to allow us all to quit our day/night jobs, but enough to help get us off the ground and out the door. We still have others that are really excited about what we are doing, how we are doing it, and the directions we intend to move in the future; but they want to see some amount of results first. For some of them it is seeing a completely finished and retail ready game and for others they want to see community support (a la successful KS). So if this KS is successful we may be able to drum up more funds in this area (call them Angel Investors if you like) as one way of providing the games promised. And there are also eager investors willing to help us out right now; but we wanted to do this KS first at least.

Ebay and Craigslist here we come...

    While this has already happened to get us where we are (having massive garage sales for multiple weekends back-to-back) it is not something we are beyond doing again. I, personally, am willing to sell almost all of my “toys” and what not to ensure that we meet our end of this arrangement should that become a necessity. That may not seem like an optimal solution to the potential problem, but we are that passionate about this.

    So this last part is entirely up to each individual should we find ourselves in that sad situation (because this whole discussion is about honesty, transparency, and exploration of our options). If we do not succeed in our goal for the second KS each backer has the option of either taking the limited run version (likely lower quality and significantly higher cost to produce) or holding out until we do produce the retail ready game... because it will happen.

    Again, each person that pledges for a copy of Wasteland will receive one, it is really a question of quality and time frame. If quality is more important than when you get it, then holding out would be best; and conversely the opposite would be true. The limited run version and retail version will be similar and will both contain at least a minimum (listed below) parts list. Optimally we aim to include everything we can into the box; including plastic pieces if we are phenomenally successful.

What's in the box?

(This was the prototype mat made for and used at GenCon 2011.  You can read more about those trials and tribulations in our blog; search for "Inside the Wastes")

    Below is a “minimum” list of what will be included with the game (and differentiations between each version). The optimum is listed at the top with the rest being minimum lists (mind you this is a LOT of pieces).  We are also working on other ways to simplify and cut down on some pieces, but the majority of the feedback we have received has liked everything we want to put in the box.

Optimum Retail Game

  • 65 Area Hexes
  • 12 Factions
  • 4 Resource Trackers
  • 150 Single Unit Chips
  • 50 Five Unit Chips
  • 10 Ten Unit Chips
  • 10 d6

CARDS (317)

  • 36 Visionary cards
  • 54 Site cards
  • 54 Event Cards
  • 54 Scout Cards
  • 54 Action Cards
  • 65 Area Cards

TOKENS (650)

  • 12 Outpost Tokens
  • 4 Settlement Tokens
  • 36 Visionary Tokens
  • 20 Vehicle Tokens
  • 40 Zombie Tokens
  • 20 Zombie Horde Tokens
  • 50 Fortification Tokens
  • 20 Faction Tokens
  • 80 Survivor Tokens
  • 60 Combatant Tokens
  • 48 Veteran Tokens
  • 40 Single Ration Tokens
  • 25 Five Ration Tokens
  • 15 Ten Ration Tokens
  • 40 Single Scrap Tokens
  • 25 Five Scrap Tokens
  • 15 Ten Scrap Tokens
  • 100 Area Modifier Tokens
Minimal Retail Game

(Same as above except where noted)

  • 37 Area Hexes
  • 8 Factions
  • 125 Single Unit Chips
  • 25 Five Unit Chips
  • 0 Ten Unit Chips
  • 5 d6

CARDS (223)

  • 24 Visionary cards
  • 27 Site cards
  • 27 Event Cards
  • 37 Area Cards
TOKENS (538)
  • 24 Visionary Tokens
  • 0 Area Effect Tokens

Limited Edition Prototype

    This one is will have literally as much as we can throw in it... The list will be similar to the optimal list above but will include some stuff cut from the game, stuff that may in expansions, and other goodies! We will also be including plenty of “extra” or “optional” rules for you to play with that are not in any other version right now. To top it all off it may include a blank play mat (like the other play mat but without hexes already on it). We really want this to be an AMAZING reward!

(Colored version [by yours truly] of concept art [by J. Walsh] intended to be a standee)


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