Wasteland: A post-apocalyptic zombie survival strategy game!

by OHMS Gaming

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    1. Blair on

      They all look pretty cool but I like the simplicity of the first one.

    2. Chris Roberts on

      I like Cam and Shake, but if the animation can be slowed down to become in sync with the end of the name (ie, Cam zooming back out as the "n" and "d" are created, the shake lasting all the way to the end instead of ending at the "e," etc). Either slowing down the animation or speeding up the word would work out, as long as they are in sync.


      I like what you guys are doing here. Keep it up, and I super look forward to playing!

    3. OHMS Gaming Creator on

      Thanks Blair and Chris!

      The second and third clips were both "tests"... As it is animating anything smooth is a pain on my computer presently. We call her the "Beast", but apparently her fangs are getting a bit dull as of late. So, time for upgrades! 24gb of RAM here I come!!

      That is the reason for the odd timing (especially with the camera). Still... I'm new to After Effects, so I didn't have expectations that it would turn out as well as it did. :D


    4. OHMS Gaming Creator on

      Does anyone mind me taking this one off of "Backer Only"?