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"Squad" recreates the rigors of modern combat in a visceral environment where teamwork and communication are necessary for victory.
"Squad" recreates the rigors of modern combat in a visceral environment where teamwork and communication are necessary for victory.
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Boot Camp: An Introductory Series - 6 - Vehicles Vehicles VEHICLES!

Posted by Offworld Industries (Creator)

Welcome once again to Boot Camp, an introductory series aimed at explaining to you, the backer, about the BASICS and MECHANICS of what makes Squad the game it is.

COMBINED ARMS WARFARE. Join a tank crew, be an unstoppable force in a CAS helicopter with your co-pilot or even run logistics and build fortifications, there are many ways to make your mark on the battlefield. From grunts to motorcycles to APCs to attack helicopters and everything in between, we offer gameplay systems that make multilayered teamwork enjoyable and rewarding without the need to join private communities.”

But what does that mean? How do vehicles serve to augment a Squad’s battle capabilities? What kinds of vehicles are we to expect from Squad?

What role do Vehicles play in Squad?

There are three distinct roles that Vehicles play on the battlefield. 

A lot of vehicles in Squad provide a combination of the three, in varying levels depending on what class or type of vehicle it is.

 Easy enough?

Ground-based Vehicles

Ground-based vehicles are vehicles that spawn at the Main Base, and serve to support the team, or lead the charge throughout the battle. Vehicles in Squad depending on their type will spawn at different intervals, and when lost on the battlefield, will incur a hefty re-spawn timer and loss in team resources (tickets), thus carrying more of a value to the team.

Almost all ground vehicles require at least 2 players to crew and to maximize its efficiency, usually in a Driver/Gunner configuration. Depending on how heavy the vehicle is, the player will need to adopt the specialist “Crewman” kit role in order to operate the vehicle.

Heavy Ground-based vehicles like APCs and Tanks are often equipped with powerful optics and Thermal Infrared imaging, giving them a great observational advantage and range over infantry units.  

Below is a chart of ground vehicle types you will encounter in Squad.

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Air Vehicles

Air vehicles are also vehicles that spawn at the Main Base, and are an incredibly specialist form of vehicle that is vulnerable to ground fire, but are typically highly maneuverable and can drastically change the way a battle plays out. In addition air vehicles are not at the mercy of the terrain and are often used to surgically move in and suppress enemy units in the form of Close Air Support. This requires close communication and coordination between ground and air units.

All air vehicles require at least one dedicated pilot to operate. The player will need to adopt the specialist “Pilot” kit role in order to fly the vehicle. The pilot is lightly equipped, often with just a sidearm, but there will be cases where the pilot can survive the downing of their aircraft and can live to fight another day.

Resupply and Transport by air is often the fastest way to move troops and supplies around the battlefield. However there is the ever-present danger of Anti-Air units of which all pilots need to be aware of, and it is there that communication and proper scouting of danger zones is critical in their survival.  

Below is a chart of air vehicle types you will encounter in Squad.

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That wraps it up for the sixth and final Boot Camp session! We would like to thank everyone who has kept up with this series since its inception. Down the track we will be producing more of these to explore lesser known, but nevertheless key areas of the game in detail. Stay tuned!  

Till then, Offworld Out. 

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    1. Offworld Industries Creator on

      @enraged - That is correct

    2. EnragedPlatypus on

      @Gerstenbrot Think I heard that they plan on putting all the stretch goal items in the game even if they don't reach those specific goals. Reaching the stretch goal will supposedly just influence the speed at which they get implemented into the game.

    3. Missing avatar

      WebCole on

      This whole Boot Camp series has been pretty great, nice to see it will continue. :)

    4. Offworld Industries Creator on

      Patience my friends.. it won't all happen at once! hehe..

    5. Missing avatar

      Gerstenbrot on

      Are those vehicle in the game? I mean helicopters and the russian army are (and probably will be) not unlocked stretch goals. And I doubt that the insurgents / non US team has tanks / APCs? How do you want to archive this? Team US vs. US? Sorry for asking, but I'm just curious ;) Keep up the good work!

    6. Rykane on

      Awesome, I'm loving the look of the vehicles. I can't wait to flip a vehicle and have my squad mates chastise me for it.

    7. IWI-GALIL5.56FA on

      Badass!!! Bout time we se some vehicle action! :)

    8. Offworld Industries Creator on

      What is listed is general roles and types, both of those helicopters would be classed as Transports.

    9. Mainfold on

      No Chinook's or Mi-8's?