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"Squad" recreates the rigors of modern combat in a visceral environment where teamwork and communication are necessary for victory.
"Squad" recreates the rigors of modern combat in a visceral environment where teamwork and communication are necessary for victory.
4,458 backers pledged CA$ 434,805 to help bring this project to life.

Boot Camp: An Introductory Series - 5 - Medical System

Posted by Offworld Industries (Creator)

Hope ya'll are enjoying E3!

Squad isn't in attendance, but our recent announcement that we will be at Pax Prime is keeping us (and hopefully you too!) excited and working hard on getting a super hot playable version of the game for the public to see in late August.

In other news, don't forget our Project Reality Map Remake vote over on the forums. You have only less than a day now to cast your vote, so register and vote now!

Welcome once again to Boot Camp, an introductory series aimed at explaining to you, the backer, about the BASICS and MECHANICS of what makes Squad the game it is.

A MEDICAL SYSTEM REFINED through 10 years of gameplay history. A revival system balanced to make medics and casualty evacuation an extremely critical part of the game, and with features like dragging coming to Squad, saving your buddy in the midst of battle is an experience like no other.”

But what does that mean? How does our Medical system work? What role do Medics have on the battlefield? 

The Medic, Casualty Evacuation & Reviving

Medics are a lightly armed role, kitted with a service rifle, a compliment of smoke grenades, a limited amount of medical supplies and a reserve of field dressings. Their primary job is to keep the squad in working capacity by treating the wounded and reviving friendly soldiers that have been Incapacitated. The medic is the only role capable of bringing soldiers up from the Incapacitated state.

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When You Get Hit

Getting hurt on the battlefield is an inevitability, but how you and your squad manage your wounded is key in prolonging combat effectiveness. Below is a simple flowchart on what happens, and what measures your squad-mates can take to ensure you make it through the round in (hopefully) one piece.

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 The medic needs to stabilize and treat the casualty until he is back on his feet, at which then the soldier is put into a Wounded State.

The Wounded State & Casualty Collection Points (CCPs)

After being revived, a soldier is put into a wounded state. You will continue to function as normal, but will receive a penalty in stamina, an increase in weapon sway as well as being much more likely to be outright killed next time you are incapacitated. You are still capable of putting up a fight, but you are not as combat effectiveness as a replacement who is fresh and hasn’t been incapacitated before.

To take you out of this wounded state, we are including a tech structure with FOBs called the Casualty Collection Point (CCP). Players have the option now of falling back to the nearest CCP and be brought back to full strength. The analogy here is that the wounded has been evacuated and a replacement has come to the front, incurring no penalties to the team. 

Doing this gives the squad with wounded options, whether to press on at half-strength, or call in transport and evacuate the wounded so they can return to the front at full strength. It also gives pause to the squad, and if they are taking this many casualties then a change in strategy or tactics can be thought through.

That wraps it up for the fourth session of Boot Camp! Next time we will delve into Vehicles and Combined Arms Warfare, what that means and how Squad will handle such a powerfully game-changing feature.

Till then, Offworld Out.

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    1. Missing avatar

      aidrokside on

      Hey guys, I love the project, might I just notice, that on medic patch you use wrong symbol. Rod of Asclepius is the symbol of medicine and you have used Caduceus of Hermes.

    2. Offworld Industries Creator on

      @ everyone - Testing will be a big part of making these things work. I agree personally the CCP may end up being a little too time consuming but if it doesn't work.. we will simply change it!


    3. Missing avatar

      WebCole on

      @Von^Snoe I have to agree, the CCP system sounds like it might end up disrupting the flow of a round. It also seems like it would give a fairly significant defenders advantage and perhaps lead to a turtle-heavy metagame where aggression is not super viable. It depends how its handled obviously, but I am wary of it given the information at this time.

    4. Missing avatar

      Roman on

      I suggest you could make an ambulance vehicle, that can provide full recovery, must be operated by medic and a driver and heal for example one person at time. Because I think you get shot, and falling all the way back to nearest FOB is nice idea, but in real it will make the front line less fun. just suggestion :) thx for reading

    5. Missing avatar

      Von^Snoe on

      The only part im worried with is the CCP system. It feels like a game mechanic that easily risk turning into an annyoing chore that will disrupt gameplay more than it adds. I am highly sceptical about that part but wont rule it out completly since i haven't tried it yet.

    6. Mainfold on

      Will the different factions have different levels of IFAK's? Like how for instance Norwegian troops have more stuff in their IFAK's than US troops do, but just slightly.. and Insurgents would have more crude first aid kits (if any at all).

      Would be neat to have those minor differences in faction IFAK's, especially if there are maps where different factions cooperate, and one of the factions cooperating would have maybe better firepower, but another faction was better equipped for medical support etc. Just a thought.

    7. George Panoiah on

      This sounds too good to be truth ... oh wait, This is truth :D

    8. Missing avatar

      Cpl.Veld on

      Really like the dragging idea, in PR you are screwed and just a lifeless body on the ground waiting for a epi pen!

    9. Offworld Industries Creator on

      Thanks for feedback.

      We have a combat medic on staff and he is working us through making sure giving yourself a patch is at least somewhat realistic.

      Testing will of course be the final decider! cheers!

    10. Missing avatar

      Cmbelite-FR on

      Great stuff. However I don't really like the fact that we are able to stop the bleeding ourself for two reason:

      * in a realistic way it's hard to treat your self when wounded, of course it might depend on where you have been hit and the soldier mental strength.

      * I think it might encourage more lone wolfing. Personally I think that only medic and squad mate it even a teammate could stop your bleeding thus encouraging more teamplay.

      Please don't take this as a blame but as a suggestion :)