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"Squad" recreates the rigors of modern combat in a visceral environment where teamwork and communication are necessary for victory.
"Squad" recreates the rigors of modern combat in a visceral environment where teamwork and communication are necessary for victory.
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Boot Camp: An Introductory Series - 4 - Base Building & Deployables

Posted by Offworld Industries (Creator)

A reminder to all our backers, we are holding nominations for the Project Reality map remake on our forums here. Don't forget you need a forum account to submit your nomination!

Welcome to Boot Camp, an introductory series aimed at explaining to you, the backer, about the BASICS and MECHANICS of what makes Squad the game it is.  

PLAYER-DRIVEN SPAWN-POINT AND BASE-BUILDING, which makes the front-lines of every match a unique experience. Players who prefer to construct rather than destruct have the capability to build fortifications and strong points for the team, and often play as important if not greater role than the ones doing the shooting.”

LOGISTICS AND RESUPPLY SYSTEM, realised through your team's network of player-placed Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and Rally Points (RPs) to support your front-lines. Whether its ensuring a clear path between your main base and your forward bases, or risking the gauntlet and delivering supplies by helicopter or truck, a supply system controls what weapons are available at your Forward Operating Bases, and even how much you can fortify your spawn points. Defending friendly and eliminating enemy Supply Lines, FOBs and RPs become just as important as putting troops into the Objective Zones on the map.”

But what does that mean? How do the respawn mechanics work? You can actually build bases in this game? What does that entail?

Spawn Locations

There are 3 places where you can spawn in Squad.

Each have their own unique purpose and utility. Rally Points (RPs) are useful in maintaining squad cohesion as they can be placed in locations relatively close to the front and be up and running without any form of supply. They work extremely well in a pinch if a squad has taken some losses and needs to regroup.  

Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) are the bread and butter means of reinforcement as they allow the entire team to spawn within their walls. Placing them however requires a degree of coordination with logistics and also a limited number of them can be placed around the map.  

Finally the Main Base (Main) is where both sides start at the beginning of the round. Spawning at this location is nearly instant and all vehicular assets spawn here as well. However by virtue of the game, the Main Base usually is the furthest point away from the front, so unless you have a means of transportation the walk back to the action is going to be a long one.


Deployables are structures that Squad Leaders and Engineers can deploy within the construction radius of a Forward Operating Base. These structures require other soldiers to construct them, thus setting up a FOB is not a solo act. 

Deployables are divided into 3 categories - Fortifications which are defensive cover options and measures like sandbags, razor wire and trip flares; Emplacements are weapons platforms like heavy machine guns and anti-air batteries; Tech Structures are used to expand the functionality of a FOB, so necessities like ammo dumps, armories to change kit roles and a casualty collection point to take in wounded (more about this in a later Boot Camp).

In addition you will be able to upgrade the Radio Hub to access higher level deployables and weapons. This will allow particular FOBs to become serious defensive and fire support assets on the battlefield, if enough logistical support is provided to them.


Logistics are a critical part in maintaining the FOB system and supplying troops on the battlefield. Aside from delivering ammunition and reinforcements to squads in the field, players running logistics either by land or air are necessary in maintaining and upgrading Forward Operating Bases.  

In addition, transport vehicles like APCs and transport helicopters play a key part in the mobility of a squad and factor in greatly when planning an assault or bringing in reinforcements to hold a defense.


That wraps it up for the fourth session of Boot Camp! Next time we will explain the bare bones of our Medical system, and helping the survivability of your squad.

Till then, Offworld Out!

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    1. Offworld Industries Creator on

      @saobh. - only upgraded version. Level 3 outpost comes with a donkey powered vodka pump

    2. Missing avatar

      Saobh on

      Just wondering if the Russian hesco-barrier guard-post thingies will come with bottles of Vodka cases or if those only come with the upgraded version ^^

    3. Offworld Industries Creator on

      Yes its pretty fun stuff. Can't wait until its finally incarnation.. I have no problem playing fulltime engineer!

    4. 'Yngvald' aka HannesFury on

      Excited to hear the supply and construction system is getting some new love

    5. George Panoiah on

      Smells to me like best military FPS ever created OMFG.

    6. Offworld Industries Creator on

      @mainfold - this is already in the deign document and partially implemented but not ready for the big time yet. ;)

    7. Mainfold on

      Would be cool if the hesco-barrier guard-post could be "upgraded" to be those multi-level hesco-towers. So you could start out with a basic essentials FOB, then upgrade strongpoints to floored towers, entry gates etc.

    8. John Richard on

      Oh yes. Teamwork. Logistics. Is it too good to be true?

    9. Missing avatar

      SprintJack on

      As a frequent transport pilot from BF2:PR i find this bootcamp update VERY exiting! So many great addiction to the supply system. I can't wait to see what you guys can come up with next :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Mikkel Holm Abrahamsen on

      Awesome update! I really enjoy the FOB / logistics aspect of BF2: Project Reality, I am so excited to see it return AND be expanded greatly!

    11. Missing avatar

      Sam Cozens on

      Best Bootcamp update yet! Really shows what Squad will be about...Teamwork.

    12. Missing avatar

      ObeseLobster on

      Awesome update! Really curious what you got up your sleeve with the Medical system now since there is a "Medical Facilities" upgrade.