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"Squad" recreates the rigors of modern combat in a visceral environment where teamwork and communication are necessary for victory.
"Squad" recreates the rigors of modern combat in a visceral environment where teamwork and communication are necessary for victory.
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Boot Camp: An Introductory Series - 3 - Strategy & Level Design

Posted by Offworld Industries (Creator)

It's time for another episode of Boot Camp! Before we jump into it, we're sitting on over 146% funded, with over 2 and a half weeks left to go! In addition, we will be holding the Project Reality Map Remake vote over on the forums starting June 10th, so sign up to take part!

Welcome once again to Boot Camp, an introductory series aimed at explaining to you, the backer, about the BASICS and MECHANICS of what makes Squad the game it is.

OPEN, EXPANSIVE LEVELS. Most of our maps will come directly or be heavily inspired from real world locations through Geographic Information Systems (GIS) satellite data, where authenticity and total tactical freedom to roam will always be part of the game.”

What does that mean? Maps with Total Tactical Freedom? How does strategy come into this at all?


Maps in Squad can range between 1.5²km (2.25km²) to 4²km (16km²). To give you an idea..

This large-scale approach was taken to make vehicular travel a necessity to go from point A to point B, as well as stressing the importance of well-placed spawn locations and Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) to maintain your front line.

Advance & Secure Game Mode

The core game mode of Squad that we will be launching with is called “Advance & Secure”. Teams compete to capture objectives in a linear path.

Capture zones often are strategic points on the map with a countless numbers of approach options, so defending highly contested positions requires lots of coordination, clear means of reinforcement and some kind of fortification.  

Maps are being designed with as much replayability as possible, while minimalising the benefit of map memorisation. Upon the start of each round, the capture points and attack routes will change.

How to Wage War

There are 3 main things a team’s Squads need to be doing while in the field, either SECURING new ground and routing the enemy from their positions; SUPPLYING the front lines with troops (via transportation) and additional supplies; or FORTIFYING positions with deployables using supplies and defending the objectives.

In this manner there are a wealth of roles a player can take up within a Squad, and within the team as a Squad. Want to make the next Great Wall of China out of sandbags? You can. Want to be a hard charger and take your squad into the thick of the action? You can. Want to drive around the battlefield, pulling troops to where they need to be? You definitely can.

Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Objectives

There are 3 things you can actively do as a combatant -

The secondary and tertiary objectives in Squad are completely dynamic as it is entirely dependant on how the opposing side structures its bases and supply lines. This stresses the importance of battlefield reconnaissance and intelligence, either with scouting parties or UAVs.  

That wraps it up for the third session of Boot Camp! Next time we will be explaining our approach to Base Building and the importance of Deployables. Get your shovels out, gentlemen!  

While we have your attention, check out these videos from our youtube partners, taken from our recent playtesting sessions!


Share these media pieces with your friends, point them back to this Kickstarter page, and of course, keep an eye out for future updates to the project on our social media below and on the forums!

Till then, Offworld Out.

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    1. George Panoiah on

      This game looks godness can't wait to play...

    2. Missing avatar

      PiggyWiggyPwn on

      Does this mean that if you guys make a 1:1 scale map of the bin laden mission, I can do the mission and kill him myself? :DD

    3. Offworld Industries Creator on

      Thanks Mainfold! We're clearing that one up right now.

    4. Mainfold on

      Might be an idea to not call it "4km squared" if the map is actually 4²km, rather than 4km². 4²km (which would be 4km wide and 4km tall) would be 16km² (16 square kilometers). This is bound to confuse some people, making them think the maps are smaller then they actually are!

      Would just suggest clearing that up.