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Help Odds of Survival release their debut album "You Will Be Rescued."

Huge thanks to all our backers for bringing us way beyond our goal! If you haven't yet pledged, consider that the limited edition posters, signed instruments, and discounted album price are all available only through this Kickstarter campaign. Our goal is to find as many listeners for this album as possible. Many thanks!


Three years ago, Scott Roy, Shawn Feeney, officerfishdumplings, and Altay Guvench formed Odds of Survival. With backgrounds in electronica, country, hip-hop, folk, modern classical, jazz, and death metal, we weren't sure what would happen. Through two years of collaborative exploration, we created something different than any of us expected. It's an 11-song album titled "You Will Be Rescued" that's been described as Doomgrass, Gothic Americana, and "Willie Nelson meets Radiohead - they get into a fight."  We're really proud of the result and excited to share it with you.

We recorded in marathon DIY sessions at our guitarist's house, each of us holed up in a different room (including the bathroom: see video). Starting with a classic foundation of guitars, bass, and a $100 drum set we bought the day we started recording, the project grew. Banjos and mandolins and musical saw. Organ, accordion, and melodica. Fiddle and cello and double bass. Piano and glockenspiel and mbira. Prayer bells, jingle bells, and barbells. Shaker and maraca and goat toenails, tambourine, tabla, and a Turkish tar. Stomps and handclaps. Cabinets and bowls and kitchen utensils. Garbage pails, a garlic press, and a pair of abused mini-kegs. Neighbors were angered, police were called, we persevered.

The final step in the collaboration was working with our close friend and incredible producer Tyler Wood. He mixed the shit out of this album.

"You Will Be Rescued" is a labor of love. We spent over $7,000 and countless hours to create it. We've launched this Kickstarter with a modest goal.  Pre-order here by Feb 25th 12pm PST to get the album at a 20% discount.  We hope you'll also consider supporting us with our higher level rewards. With your help, we can make sure this music reaches as many listeners as possible.

Our self-produced music video for "Running Wild," one of the songs on "You Will Be Rescued."

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We're aiming to release our album as soon as this kickstarter campaign successfully ends. However, there are different lead times for various digital distribution channels. We're confident we can release the album through certain channels, e.g., by the end of February, but may see delays into March for other online stores, especially if we have backers who choose the 'name on album credits' reward level.


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