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The Holiday Bike Drive gives bikes to 500 under-privileged kids each year. This film will tell the story of the people who make it happen.

Over 1200 people volunteer for the Community Cycling Center (CCC) each year, providing their time to further the CCC's goal of empowering people in the community through bicycles. Being one of those volunteers for the last 4 years, I have witnessed too many truly good stories of selflessness to not tell them. This project is to create a documentary film on the CCC's Holiday Bike Drive program. The film will tell the story of the many people who donate countless hours to get 500 under-privileged kids their first bike.

My plan is simple. I want to let the volunteers tell their stories themselves, both through on-camera interviews and also through time lapse video. The time lapse video is a good way to show truly how much work goes into the Holiday Bike Drive. The film has been story-boarded and will use a voice-over narrative style when appropriate.

I began shooting video in December of last year. So far, this project has been self-funded. I decided to create this Kickstarter project so that I could add a more professional touch to this film. The kids receive their bikes at a large event the second week of December. I would like to have the means to rent several different cameras, lighting equipment and sound equipment to capture the event in a professional way. I would also like to spread the word about the CCC by applying to have this film screened at several film festivals, starting with Filmed By Bike here in Portland. Each film festival has an entry fee, some as much as a couple hundred dollars.

This film will generate many times the amount of this Kickstarter project's goal for the CCC. By donating to this film, your donation may be doubled or tripled when potential donors see it, then open their hearts and checkbooks to the CCC. All of this helps kids stay fit, stay out of trouble, have something positive in their life and to see a the kindness that is in their community so that hopefully someday, they can give back as they received. Why do bikes for kids matter? Here's a quote from the CCC's website:

"Bicycles aren’t limited to recreational uses; a bicycle can be a means to outdoor activities, sustainable transportation, independence, and self-reliance. In a nutshell: we believe a bicycle can be much more than a toy."

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