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Take your best day...and your darkest moment...and multiply by a million. OF TWO MINDS puts a human face on bipolar disorder.
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Douglas Blush

393 backers pledged $34,610 to help bring this project to life.

Big news! And seven days to go!

Hello from Lisa and Doug...we're in the home stretch with seven days and counting here on Kickstarter.  We are so amazed at the response we've had from everyone...good wishes, great ideas and stories that have been shared...thank you all!  

We are thrilled to announce that OF TWO MINDS will world premiere at the Cleveland International Film Festival on March 24th at 6:50 pm!  Plus two more screenings and a filmmaker panel Sunday and Monday!  Cleveland is one of America's oldest and most respected film festivals, and we're especially honored to be premiering in the former hometown of our beloved friend and producer Kristin Chambers...this screening will be dedicated to her memory.  

Here's the link to the official page...and remember, anyone who wants to attend this gala premiere with us and meet lots of people from the film can get a pair of tickets along with lots of other great stuff by pledging the $1000 level!

There's lots more news to come...but now we're racing to the finish line.  We still have a ways to go on Kickstarter, and remember, we HAVE to get to our total goal in seven days, or we don't get a's like it all never happened!  So please continue to spread the word, join with us, consider adding to your pledge, and above all, know that we're all now making this film together, and that it will soon be playing around the country thanks to you!

All the best,

Lisa and Doug, OF TWO MINDS 

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    1. Creator Stacy Sims on February 23, 2012

      I will be there!!! So excited for you. Congrats.

    2. Creator Robert McFalls on February 23, 2012

      Congrats! Cleveland is a fantastic regional fest. Great audiences and they treat you well. Have fun.