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Take your best day...and your darkest moment...and multiply by a million.  OF TWO MINDS puts a human face on bipolar disorder.
Take your best day...and your darkest moment...and multiply by a million.  OF TWO MINDS puts a human face on bipolar disorder.
Take your best day...and your darkest moment...and multiply by a million. OF TWO MINDS puts a human face on bipolar disorder.
393 backers pledged $34,610 to help bring this project to life.

Join us on our new film...THE S WORD!


Hello to everyone who made OF TWO MINDS possible...the film has now played to hundreds of thousands of people across the US and Canada, in places like the U.K. and South Africa, and for two years was a top documentary on Netflix!  We've had packed screenings in theaters, schools, treatment centers, community groups and much more, and many viewers have told us that it changed their lives.

Now, we're aiming even higher, taking on a topic that seems so difficult, yet is so important - suicide.  With our new film THE S WORD, we are opening up the door on suicide survivors, who've lived for the most part in silence until now, about how to move beyond suicide attempts and loss, and help prevent suicides in the future.  The film is in production, and it's full of life, tears and laughter, in the same way that OF TWO MINDS broke open the dialogue on bipolar.

So join us on this new journey, pledge any amount you can, and please share this link on all your social media!  We can't wait to show the world THE S WORD!

All the best,

Lisa and Doug


OF TWO MINDS DVD is on its way - May 14th!

Hi from Doug and Lisa, and the whole OF TWO MINDS crew here in Los Angeles!

We are very proud to FINALLY be releasing the Of Two Minds DVD (we've been waiting just like all of you!), as well as the digital and cable video-on-demand versions on Tuesday, May 14th.  This is THE OFFICIAL RELEASE from Docurama/Cinedigm, a top distributor of documentaries and independent films, and we're incredibly excited to get the film to an even bigger audience during May, National Mental Health Awareness Month.

And at last, those of you who were at our DVD award level or above will be getting the first copies of the DVD in the mail, just as soon as our giant box arrives from the distributor!  We are really excited about this DVD release...we were able to add the maximum allowable amount of bonus material - OVER AN HOUR - and even include a completely new short film that's only going to be on the DVD!  If you'd like to purchase additional copies for others, or buy one yourself, the DVD is available on Amazon, or directly via this link:

We're also incredibly proud to announce that we have won the 2013 Prism Award for Best Documentary Feature, at an amazing ceremony in Beverly Hills honoring excellence in mental health-themed film and TV.  We have other exciting news coming this summer, including being selected as the KEYNOTE FILM for the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) National Convention in San Antonio, as well as the NAMI California State Convention!

Lots more screenings, special events and other news will keep coming at our Facebook page:  and our website:

Again, the film has come this far because of all of you.  Thanks again for being a part of this journey.


Doug and Lisa


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OF TWO MINDS on tour, and DVDs coming AT LAST!

Hello to our OF TWO MINDS family...we've been ridiculously busy with the film over the last several months, touring across America (and now Canada) and polishing the final version of our official DVD release master!  It's finally coming, for real, and we are thrilled about how it's all come out (and THANK YOU for your patience!).

The DVD will officially be available and in people's hands in mid-May, but pre-orders are open NOW.  We've partnered with one of the biggest documentary distribution companies in the world, New Video/Docurama, to handle the sales of the DVD, as well as making it available on iTunes, cable television video on demand, and much more.  

What makes the DVD very special are our bonus features...over ONE HOUR of additional material, including a completely new short film made from an amazing event we filmed in Toronto, Canada!  If you were one of our supporters who donated at the DVD level and above, you will be the FIRST ANYWHERE to receive pressings of the full DVD!  

If you're interested in pre-ordering the DVD for yourself or as a gift, here's the link to purchase a copy (please feel free to share it!):


We have many upcoming screenings coming up all through the spring and summer, in cities and towns as diverse as Tucson, AZ...Skokie, IL...Toronto, Vancouver and more across Canada...Colorado Springs, CO...Charlottesville, NC...Helena, MN...San Antonio, TX...just to name a few. If you're interested in bringing OF TWO MINDS to your city, university or organization, and to see all the latest news, screening locations and updates, visit our main webpage at

and our Facebook page at

You can contact us through either site if you have any questions, want to say hello, or haven't received your other non-DVD Kickstarter rewards yet.  Apologies to anyone still waiting, we'll fix it, just drop us a line!

Thanks again for your great support, and watch for lots of updates on our sites...


Doug and Lisa


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Hi OF TWO MINDS fans...a QUICK message to remind everyone to please VOTE and SHARE the link below to help us bring the film to the amazing ArcLight Theater in Hollywood and help get great attention for the film!

Voting on Facebook takes only a few seconds, and we're SO CLOSE to qualifying for a spot in the fest...we only need less than 100 votes to take the lead of the whole thing, AND we only need to finish in the top five in our category!  Please use the checkbox next to our trailer (in the Social Issues section) to vote, then the SHARE link to pass it on to your friends on Facebook...remember, if ALL of our Kickstarter family votes, we WILL win!  But the vote ends Sunday the 14th...tomorrow/today, depending on where you're reading this!

(and don't forget, a "Thumbs Up" vote for our trailer on YouTube counts also!  Here's the link):  

Thanks again for all your support...and we'll have some really great news about the DVD and more coming soon!

Doug and Lisa,


Like us on Facebook:

Final days to VOTE for OF TWO MINDS!

Hello again to our OF TWO MINDS family!

A very quick plea to all of you...if you haven't already, take just a moment to VOTE and SHARE the link for OF TWO MINDS to win a spot in the ArcLight Documentary Festival!  We're in a tight battle to be one of the top five vote-getters and get a huge screening in Los Angeles...if all our wonderful donors vote and SHARE this message, we WILL win this!  We're including the detailed instructions below...THANKS AGAIN for your amazing support!

Feel free to pass the following on to EVERYONE in these last few days of voting - the contest ends this Sunday the 14th!  

OF TWO MINDS, the new award-winning documentary on bipolar disorder, has just been accepted as a finalist for the ArcLight Documentary Festival, and now we have to get everyone to vote for us to get to the final stage…showing at the amazing ArcLight Theater in Hollywood! If we're in the top 5 vote getters in our category, WE SCREEN and could win the festival grand prize!

PLEASE VOTE for us at the link below, and then also "LIKE" our trailer on YouTube (that counts too!). If we can get the extended community to vote, we can win this and bring the film to a big audience in Los Angeles and help the film get even wider attention!

This link takes you to the voting page on Facebook…we're called OF TWO MINDS, in the "Social Issues" section. Vote for us in the check box, and use the "Share" link to pass it on!

They're also counting "Likes" on YouTube…if you go to the page, click the LIKE button ("thumbs up") under the video…this counts as a bonus vote!

Feel free to send this out as far and wide as you can, post on Facebook, email, anything…we've also set up an official Facebook page just for the film that has all the info:


Thanks again,
Doug Blush and Lisa Klein,


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