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Take your best day...and your darkest moment...and multiply by a million.  OF TWO MINDS puts a human face on bipolar disorder.
Take your best day...and your darkest moment...and multiply by a million.  OF TWO MINDS puts a human face on bipolar disorder.
Take your best day...and your darkest moment...and multiply by a million. OF TWO MINDS puts a human face on bipolar disorder.
393 backers pledged $34,610 to help bring this project to life.

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      Julie Muller on

      I got your email and filled out the form. But when it came to the "done" button, it didn't do anything. It could because I have an ipad. I love it, but sometimes there are little glitches.
      Here's my info:
      Julie Muller
      852 Jefferson Ct #2
      San Mateo CA 94401-2277
      Please email me to confirm

    2. Missing avatar

      Julie Muller on

      Any idea when you'll be sending out DVD's, etc?

    3. John Loll on

      Doug and Lisa,
      Thank you for your latest Update #16. It's so important to get physical rewards into the hands of the generous backers, but it also should be noted that "thanks and honorarium" credits have already been added to the film (I saw them myself at the LA screening). I'm looking forward to working with the backers in the days ahead.

    4. Douglas Blush Creator on

      Hi Julie, thanks again for all your support. We had a meeting with our producer and talked about media contacts and how to bring the film further out to the world...she wanted us to tell everyone in our network that because we may have some real chances to get the film to TV and distribution, we have to make sure everything gets cleared by her before posts go out (to websites, organizations, news outlets, etc). We're absolutely going to get in touch with all the NAMI chapters you've contacted when we have Bay Area screenings (right now there are no definite ones, but we're trying really hard to have several soon). She just wants to be sure we have a clear message to the media. You can bet you'll be one of the first to know when we have a Bay Area screening, but for now, we don't have official dates to tell those NAMI chapters yet. Coming very soon, we hope!

      The Kickstarter campaign is finished for now, so there's no big need to post it to big websites or FB pages anymore, but our new main website,, has the trailer and all the latest information. If anyone asks about the movie, definitely send them that way!

      Again, let us know what you find out there, and if you see a good opportunity to put the word out about the film, let us know where that is and we'll run it past our producer to make sure it's a good idea...then we can really get the word out!

      We hope to see you there at a screening soon!

      Doug Blush

    5. Missing avatar

      Julie Muller on

      Thanks for getting back to me. Aim so excited about this!

      The NAMI organizations I've been in touch with (San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Contra Costa, Marin and Sonoma) are very interested in your film. They would like to know when/where the screenings will be so they can put the information in their newsletters and on their websites.
      Also, I'm wondering if backers will get first crack at tickets seeing that Los Feliz sold out (yay!)
      And yes, GE is General Electric. I jumped the gun when I saw a "top ten" list of Kickstarter projects on Buzzfeed. I thought "Of Two Minds" should have been on it. So that's why I posted it on their FB page, not thinking it was just tech-related movies. Dopey me.

      That's it for now. Keep up the good work

    6. Douglas Blush Creator on

      Hi Julie,

      Thanks for all your support, it's really awesome. Do you have our website so you can see when the film is coming to the bay area - which I hope is soon. Here it is:
      Also, GE as in General Electric?

    7. Missing avatar

      Julie Muller on

      Sorry to be a pest. GE FB took down my post. Oh well...silly me

    8. Missing avatar

      Julie Muller on

      Not sure if GE FB page was best place to post. Obviously, they're on the tech side. I am so excited about the film, I didn't think it through. I guess they can take it down if they want. Sorry if this causes any trouble!

    9. Missing avatar

      Julie Muller on

      Hi Lisa
      Me again! I want to let you know about some of emails and FB post plugging the film.
      I've emailed all the Bay Area NAMI offices and NAMI California. Here's what I've sent ( with slight variations):

      I HIGHLY recommend the "Of Two Minds" trailer for your website. Once you watch it, you will know what I mean.
      I have bipolar I disorder and every second rings true. This is amazing, since what we see in entertainment and the media is sensationalized and often, inaccurate.
      Please watch this trailer. I know that people with BPD and their family and friends will find it incredibly valuable.
      Or at least a mention online and in your newsletter.The full-length film will be screening in the Bay Area soon. I am so excited! It will be brilliant

      Also, I just posted on the GE FB page. I didn't know they are behind Kickstarter
      I will let you know if I get any feedback

    10. Douglas Blush Creator on

      Hi Julie,

      We hope so - we're trying for sure. We'll keep you posted. Thanks, Lisa

    11. Missing avatar

      Julie Muller on

      NYC and LA! That's fantastic!

      Will the film be coming to San Francisco?

    12. Missing avatar

      Julie Muller on

      Thank you, Lisa, for your quick reply. There are countless examples like this as I know you are aware. Just watched the trailer again. Haven't seen it in a bit. It hasn't lost it's power. In fact, it hit me even harder. I guess knowing that people will see your movie now gives me hope. Maybe more people will understand and feel compassion for us with BP.
      I can relate to every single word they say. Thank you all so much for this gift of love!

    13. Douglas Blush Creator on

      Hi Julie -

      My initial impression after reading the article - which is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek I guess, based on the other stuff that journalist has written - is that there are no shades of gray - you're either certifiable or you're "normal," whatever that means. It seems like pretty lazy research - finding one expert to comment on something and that makes it so. Not impressed. Thanks for sending it - it's informative to see what's out there - and scary.

      Thank you,

    14. Missing avatar

      Julie Muller on

      Just wondering what you guys think about this article in Reader's Digest, "Are you normal or nuts?". This is the cover story and I find it hurtful and (as usual) uninformed. There is a box that is not on the website that covers the "upside of being a little nuts". Including "mild bipolar disorder" that says "when they're manic, they've got an exuberance that's really great, and they can think outside the box".
      Am I being oversensitive or is this just another case of minimizing psychiatric illnesses?
      I wish all "journalists" could see "Of Two Minds". Maybe I'll email her the trailer.

    15. Douglas Blush Creator on

      Thank you so much, Kimmie - we can't wait for you to see it. Best, Lisa

    16. Kimmie Kenyon Pitcock on

      Congratulations! So excited your goal was exceeded! This film is going to be amazing and I can't wait to see it! What you both are doing is incredible. Thank you!!!

    17. Douglas Blush Creator on

      Nia, Sheri, Patty, Nic and everyone...THANK YOU! We can breathe again here! Now on to finish the film for the premiere!

      Lisa and Doug

    18. Missing avatar

      Nia Andrade on

      Congrats! So happy to see this funded. Can't wait to see the film.

    19. Missing avatar

      Sheri Reed on

      Congrats guys. The preview for the film looks great. I can't wait to see the entire film. You Rock!!!!

      Sheri, Jack and Taylor

    20. Douglas Blush Creator on

      THANK YOU ALL...this has been just amazing! And it's not even over yet...spread the word on closing day! How far can we take this?

      You've all made this a great experience!

      Doug and Lisa

    21. Missing avatar

      Patricia Mintz on

      Congratulations, Doug and LIsa, what wonderful news! Have a great show in Cleveland and I'll look forward to the film coming to California.



    22. Nic, Dave, Nick - Painted Brain on

      Congrats, well done and deserved. Love, Nic

    23. Adrienne Moore on

      333 Backers and 43 hours to go, with 30,105 in and 2,295.00 left to bring in. My heart is with you guys! I know how important this film is and how many lives it will touch! Never stop believing and see the GOAL, it's almost there!!!!! XOOXOXOXXO

    24. Douglas Blush Creator on

      Thank you, Lori - your support means so much to us. We're really looking forward to getting it out there - excited for you to see it. Lisa

    25. Missing avatar

      Lori Olson on

      Can't wait to see your documentary. The trailer is so moving. Thank you.

    26. Douglas Blush Creator on

      Thank you so much for your support, Nia - we so appreciate it. And thank you for helping to spread the word. Lisa

    27. Missing avatar

      Nia Andrade on

      Such a great project, wish I could donate more. Will share your link on FB! Best of luck.

    28. Douglas Blush Creator on

      Hi Julie,

      We agree that bipolar has become a term in the lexicon to describe things that don't begin to express what this is really about. That is one of the reasons why we're making this film - we really want to put a human face on this issue.

      Thank you so much for your support and for your thoughtful comments. Lisa

    29. Missing avatar

      Julie Muller on

      Thank you so much for making a film about bipolar disorder. I have BP 1. I am sick of seeing the illness misrepresented on TV shows like Dr Phil and others. The word "bipolar", like "schizophrenia", has even crept into the vernacular. It is used flippantly and ignorantly, with no thought of the devastation it creates in people's lives.
      I hope "Of Two Minds" gets lots of exposure. People need to be educated about what bipolar disorder really is.
      I can tell from the short clip that this a great film. I really appreciate the work you and your co-creators have done.

    30. Missing avatar

      Margaret Lin on

      Thank you for this wonderful film. You will succeed just as those of us who are Bi-polar are managing to succeeding daily. We have to, we have much to live for. We must step up and each do our part, if not monetary, then by spreading the word. If the stats are right, there are millions of us as and our affected families. I've got your back!

    31. Douglas Blush Creator on

      Gabi, THANK YOU! Please post the link and tell your friends! We can make it with your help!

      Doug and Lisa

    32. Tom Putnam on

      Congrats on the launch of your Kickstarter campaign! We are exited to be backers!

      - Tom Putnam & Brenna Sanchez aka Team BURN