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Take control of two kids as they battle through their nightmares in this new multiplayer Hack-n-Slash for iOS/Android/PC/Mac!

Take control of two kids as they battle through their nightmares in this new multiplayer Hack-n-Slash for iOS/Android/PC/Mac! Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 7, 2013.

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Update #1 · Apr 11, 2013 · The Long Road Ahead

Update #2 · Apr 17, 2013 · Map Editor Progress

Update #3 · Apr 30, 2013 · Are we a freemium casual catastrophe? No.

This a very important update. Since we launched this Kickstarter, we've received quite a few comments from people mentioning (sometimes rather harshly) their concern that Dream Jumpers looks like an overly-cute freemium game filled with annoying IAPs that charge you $12 every time you hit the pause button.

We made the mistake of not addressing this in our video but instead including it in our FAQ which is hard to find. So, right now, let me be very clear... Read the full update here. 

Ryan Christensen - Programmer - Ryan has been a developer and software engineer in the industry for 10+ years making games, apps, tools, web services, APIs, systems and full cycle products for agencies + game studios. Ryan has been the lead programmer on over 20+ shipped titles with a majority on iOS/Android. At 2XL Games, Ryan worked on Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup Pro, ATV Offroad and 2XL Snocross which was shown onstage at the initial iPad keynote. Recently, Ryan has been doing indie development for drawlabs game studio, developing Dream Jumpers for Odity and SupaSupaCross for SupaSupaGames.


Darkspire Films - Designers - the twisted minds behind the award winning machinima group, Darkspire Films, is leading the creative team on Dream Jumpers - injecting humor and weirdness whenever possible. DSF are best known for their comedy series, Matchmaking.

Matchmaking Episode 9 - Travis

Matchmaking Episode 13 - No Scope Was Involved

Mutton Chops of Power: The Lightning Beard


Johannes Helgeson - Artist - Johannes has done work for Gameloft and is Co-Founder of the 3D action MMO, Milmo.


Flavio Hoffe - Artist - Flavio has 10+ years of experience contributing to both comics and games. Last year he worked on the incredible Diablo 3 cinematics.


Disasterpeace - Composer - Disasterpeace performs his music regularly at big events like PAX East and Indiecade, and was invited to speak about interactive audio at GDC 2012. Most recently, Rich wrote the music for the 2012 IGF Seamus McNally Grand Prize winner FEZ.


Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson - Composer - Jimmy, also known as Big Giant Circles, is a BAFTA-nominated music composer. Jimmy co-composed the score to BioWare’s blockbuster sci-fi epic title Mass Effect 2 with Sam Hulick, David Kates, and Brian DiDomenico under the direction of lead composer Jack Wall. The score received numerous awards and nominations, most notably the 2011 BAFTA nomination for Best Original Music.


Concept Art House - 3D and Animation - CAH is a company of professional artists and industry veterans with offices in San Francisco, California and Shanghai. The senior management team has over 40 years of collective industry experience with clients including 2K Games, Blizzard, Odity, Disney, EA, Hasbro, Lucasarts, Sony Online, Upperdeck, Viz Media, White Wolf Publishing, and Wizards of the Coast.

Dream Jumpers is a brand new isometric hack and slash game for iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Take control of either Jaime or Norah, two kids who have fallen asleep while reading a stack of adventure books, as they journey through their dreams battling hordes of nightmarish zombies, fire goblins, aliens, cloud pirates and robot dinosaurs.

As you progress, you're automatically thrown from one dreamworld to the next. Each time you travel to a new location, the difficulty increases and you're given a new set of enemies to fight and weapons to wield.

Survive the enemy onslaught as long as possible, complete quests, achieve new high scores, climb the leaderboards and collect heaps of shiny gold along the way to unlock new costumes, weapons and more!

Gameplay & Features

Gameplay is a mixture of Diablo-style hack n’ slash combat, infinite runner map progression, action RPG leveling/loot mechanics, with deep puzzle game components set in a surreal cooperative universe. This isn’t just another casual hack n’ slash for mobile! Gameplay will be constantly evolving with new characters to meet and armor and weapons to unlock.


  • Randomization - randomly generated environments makes each playthrough feel unique - with new characters and events popping up all the time.
  • Graphics - a gorgeous mixture of 3D and 2D environments convey a dark storybook quality.
  • Editor - the DJ editor allows you to drag and drop game assets and design/create your own environments. Save maps and share them with the community. When players download your map, they’ll be given the opportunity to vote it up or down. Highly rated maps are played more often.
  • Dream Jumping - inspired by the level-hopping mechanic in Monster Dash, maps will randomly change during gameplay. This creates unique challenges and keeps things exciting.
  • Gameplay - heart-pounding Diablo-style action has you fighting horrific monsters, racking up points, and collecting mountains of gold.
  • Approachable controls - a simple run and attack control scheme allows anyone to pick up and play.
  • Puzzles - most mobile games out there don’t embrace easter eggs or hidden content for players to find. We love that kind of stuff! So, we’re including some interesting puzzles to solve and it’s up to you to find them.
  • Multiplayer - seamlessly team up with friends or others for a whirlwind of collaborative goodness.
  • Music - Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson (Mass Effect, Black Ops 2, Impostor Nostalgia) and Disasterpeace (Fez, Shoot Many Robots, Bomberman Live Battlefest) have created a killer soundtrack for the game. Full of cinematic swelling, crashing symbols, and emotional cowbelling. Check out some of the tracks below:

Choose your character class!

Play as Jaime, if you'd prefer to smack, club and slash with melee weapons, or Norah, if you'd rather blast, zap and blam with ranged weapons.

Discover Strange Dreamworlds!

As you play, you'll automatically shift from one location to the next. You may find yourself in a foggy 18th century graveyard, aboard a magical floating pirate ship, or maybe even a futuristic jungle.

Battle Nightmarish Creatures and Bosses!

Dreams aren't always about cute bunny rabbits and unicorns (we're not the only ones who dream about that stuff, right?). Jaime's and Norah's dreams are filled with terrifying creatures that grow in power the longer you play, creating new challenges and making the game more difficult as you go along. You may even need to defeat a boss from time to time!

Wield an Arsenal of Imaginary Weapons!

Vanquish foes with an assortment of melee and ranged weapons -- swords, axes, baseball bats, assault rifles, shotguns and more. You can even upgrade them with magical properties to make them more powerful.

Unlock Tons of New Armor and Gear!

Grab coins and customize your character with awesome new armor sets and clothing. Dressing your character in certain outfits can even result in some pretty epic genre mashups. For example, you can fight aliens as a cowboy like Daniel Craig!

Unleash 7 Destructive Powerups! Bend Time, Shapeshift, and Cast Dark Magic!

Outnumbered and on the brink of death? Fear not! Shatter Mystery Crystals to gain special power-ups that will give you an edge over your opponents. A few that you'll discover are:

Astral Projection - summons a spectral warrior to fight at your side.
Frightening Bolt - fires out a burst of ghostly green energy, causing enemies to flee in terror.
Delta Wave - casts out a powerful shockwave, killing all enemies within a radius.

A Universe Full of Secrets and Puzzles!

This is not just a mindless hack n' slash game! Lurking beneath the game's apparent outer surface, lay shadowy secrets waiting to be unearthed by a clever few. What will you discover?

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”― John Lennon 

Kickstarter is mind-blowing! Very few times in history has there been a platform like this that truly empowers individuals and enables them to support creative projects that would otherwise crumble and whither away. We've been doing our best to fund the game ourselves because we truly love the concept and believe in its potential, but it's been difficult since our funding is so limited. On top of that, we've had to take on side jobs to support ourselves which eats up a lot of our time. With help from the Kickstarter community, we can maintain creative control as well as invest all of our time into the project to get it out by the end of the year. Believe us when we say that we feel incredibly fortunate to be given this opportunity to share our ideas, our passion and our excitement with you.

Where the money is going.

Every penny is going towards new content for the game. We have some characters, enemies, environment assets, and items finished but we need a lot more of all of those things to really bring the game to life! So, the three main areas of focus are:

1. Environment art - we need more art assets to make the worlds more detailed and beautiful. 

2. Enemies - we want to increase the number of enemy variations - melee enemies, flying enemies, ranged attackers, unique bosses.

3. Music/Audio - we want to beef up all of the sound in the game and feature unique music tracks depending on what's happening in the levels. 

*Higher tier backers will have their names highlighted with color.

$10 Rewards

$15 Rewards

$25 Rewards

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$50 Rewards 

$70 Rewards - Best Value 

$100 Rewards

Please add $15 for international shipping. 

$250 Rewards

$500 Rewards

$1500 Rewards

Please add $20 for international shipping. 

$2000 Rewards

Please add $30 for international shipping. 

$5000 Rewards

Join the Community!

We're super excited about this game and we want to hear your comments and questions. We're a talkative group and, with your feedback, we can make Dream Jumpers even better!  So, please, we invite you to:

Risks and challenges

Although we’ve partnered with some incredible talent for music and content creation, our core team is still very small. There are currently three of us working on Dream Jumpers - investing our own personal savings and time into the game while supporting ourselves via contracting work on the side. It’s definitely a passion project and is something that we dream about doing full time depending on the amount of help that we get through Kickstarter (which would speed up development A LOT!)

Because of this, and because this is our company’s first commercial title, we’ll be hitting a few snags along the way. But first, let’s talk about where we’re at right now and go over all of the challenges that we’ve tackled so far.

We currently have all of the major systems in place: movement, combat, UI flow, level jumping, and AI. We have some basic 2D artwork in place which has allowed us to construct some rough environments for testing. Music is covered and audio has been started. All of the initial character/enemy models are finished as well as the weapons and costumes. We also have 2 player multiplayer (which was one of the bigger technical hurdles) successfully running on our servers.

Now, for the challenges. Multiplayer needs to run really smoothly to be effective. Especially on mobile devices. Even though we have it running, there’s still some work that needs to be done to ensure that there are no connection issues or hiccups when players pop in and out of each other’s games. Frame rate issues are also a potential challenge. Everything is being built in Unity, which is a powerful engine, but we want players to be fighting dozens of monsters at once. To achieve that, we really need to focus on the programing side to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our programmer (Ryan) has dealt with these issues before, so his experience is a major + in this area.

The last major challenge is one that’s pretty common - getting the game out on time! The industry is notorious for underestimating dev time, so we apologize if we miss our late 2013 launch goal. We’re working our hardest to make that date but there are always unforeseeable complications that can arise and we refuse to release anything before we’re happy with it. We’ll keep everyone in the loop about how things are going via frequent updates, etc.

So, all the help we can get is much appreciated. Thanks everyone!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Nope. You can purchase gold but it's not required at all to play the game. We don't believe in locking features away from players or making the game unplayable without IAPs. So, in short, there are IAPs but they're way out of the way and the game can be played fully without them.

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    All previous rewards + the legendary Star Sabre and Smolder staff - exclusive in-game weapons just for backers.

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    All previous rewards + t-shirt (choose between 4 versions: Jaime and Norah, Goblin, Zombie, or Robot Dino) + Journey to the Dreamverse: A Metaphysical Guidebook written by Sebastion Windrider.

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    You get all of the previous rewards shipped to you in a custom designed Dream Jumpers reward box (includes fancy stationary, a hand written thank you note from the team, and a big red bow) + your name will be added to a gravestone in the Grim Graveyard level + your name in the credits in red.

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    The $2000 reward + tell us about a dream that you've had and we'll craft a custom level, enemy, and weapon around it + your name in the credits in gold writing.

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