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You're gonna be a star, and you'll tread on anyone to get there! A ruthless game of band politics and selling out to the man.
You're gonna be a star, and you'll tread on anyone to get there! A ruthless game of band politics and selling out to the man.
371 backers pledged £15,301 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Big Man Murph
      on January 27

      Come on guys, it's almost been 3 months without an update?

    2. Joe Sutherland on January 19

      Hey! Congrats again. Are there any updates? It'd be fantastic to know how you're getting on with the project.

    3. Original Content London Creator on December 14

      Hi, thank you! Surprisingly long recovery period for us after the campaign ended, it really took it out of us. We've done all the supplementary artwork, and now we're waiting for some samples from manufacturers. We wanted to do an update when we had something to take pictures of, but maybe we should just go ahead and post one. Nice to hear from you!

    4. Missing avatar

      LeonardQuirm on December 14

      Hey OCL - congrats again on making the funding, and looking forward to the game! How's the first month post-Kickstarter gone?

    5. Sam Ballard Collaborator on November 4

      Thank you so much everyone! You've made it all possible!
      We'll post an update soon with all our next movements!

    6. FatPob
      on November 3


    7. Alfie Dennen on November 3

      Amazeballs!! 'grats guys (:

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrea Andonian Griffiths on November 3

      Great news!! Congrats! ��

    9. Missing avatar

      Siebrand Mazeland on November 3

      Congratulations on passing the funding requirements, guys. Well done!

    10. Emmeline Pui Ling Dobson on November 3

      'Grats on passing the finish line with such a nail-biting closing performance!

    11. Big Man Murph
      on November 3

      Thumbs up guys. You've finally 'Made It'.

    12. Kim on November 3

      Congratulations guys!

    13. Behrooz 'Bez' Shahriari on November 3

      Many congratulations on funding! You've done amazingly well!

      All the hard work and all the spectacular stand seem to have paid off! ^_^

    14. Rachel Dobbs on November 2

      @Original Content - thanks!! Have just upped my pledge to include the Entourage expansion (the patches are irrestable). I've enjoyed playing so far. In our first game, we were being a little too nice to each other I think, overly welcoming on the tours, and one player whipped up a fan frenzy under our noses and won by a mile, hahahahahah. Next time, we'll just be more savvy! I'm really into the theme and artwork, and look forward to getting it back to the table soon for another round of all-in-tour-haggling... Fingers crossed that that last 10% comes flooding in in the next few hours... BEST OF LUCK!!!!

    15. Original Content London Creator on November 1

      Hi @Rachel!

      We can do you the expansions separately - pick the lowest tier and pledge £10 (NSFW), £12 (Entourage) or £20 (both), and leave a note for us about which you want. Price includes postage.

      How have you been getting on with the game? :)

    16. Rachel Dobbs on November 1

      Hi guys - I already have the base game (I bought it at UKGE, because it looked SO ACE!!). I'd really like to give you another £10 for the Entourage expansion to add to my existing game... is there any way I can do this??

    17. Original Content London Creator on October 14

      @Michael: That's the danger of being so ahead of the curve! I wouldn't worry too much - it's not a game where different card backs matter much.

    18. Michael Botterill on October 13

      I take the new branding means new card backs, which means the expansions won't be comparable with the copy I got from the UK Games Expo :-(

    19. Kristian
      on October 10

      Great news! Thank you so much!

    20. Sam Ballard Collaborator on October 10

      Thanks! Don't worry, we've become aware of this issue and are in the process of rebranding right as we speak. We should have a new brand by the end of tomorrow.

      Sure! See you there!

    21. Kristian
      on October 9

      Your game looks great, but it's clearly violating Dan Smith's copywrited Battle of the Bands - The Card Game. I bought my first copy of Battle of the Bands in 2013, though I believe it was first published in 2001. I trust that this is an honest mistake, but you need to re-name your game (for your own benefit too, confusion in the market is good for no one). Please do the right thing.

    22. Missing avatar

      ElKobold on October 7

      @Sam Ballard
      Well, you might visit ours then ;) 6-A123

    23. Sam Ballard Collaborator on October 7

      @ElKobold - We won't have a booth, but we'll be in the crowd and contactable!

    24. Big Man Murph
      on October 6

      Should be some good Spotify Playlists for this one! :P

    25. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Rasely Frohling on October 5

      Very much looking forward to playing this, and my son is as well!

    26. Missing avatar

      ElKobold on October 5

      @Sam Ballard
      What's your booth number?

    27. Sam Ballard Collaborator on October 5

      @ElKobold - Yes, we'll be at Essen! Let's meet up and play!

    28. Missing avatar

      ElKobold on October 5

      Are you guys gonna be at Essen?

    29. Sam Ballard Collaborator on October 5

      Thank you everyone! You've all been so swift! Let's make this happen!!

    30. Chris Keating on October 5

      Kick out the jams!

    31. Mat Morrison on October 5

      Rock + table top gaming.

      How is this not going to be the best after dinner game ever?

    32. Adrian L. May on October 4

      I've had a chance to play a preview copy and I must say it's an incredibly well-designed game full of a rich narrative of your growing and struggling band that is casual enough to be played at a party or deep enough for each player to build their own persona.

    33. Joseph Mcarthur on October 4

      This game looks epic!

    34. Haplo Schaffer on October 4

      Oh, my god, this game looks so epicly amazing. You totally need to back it up, seriously. :D

    35. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Steel on October 4

      Also the embroidered patches look amazing, if only I could afford to be fan-ified.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Steel on October 4

      I saw one of the review copies being played earlier this year and it looked like allot of fun, a good mix of skill, tactics and chance, not to mention the graphics are really awesome! Super excited to get a copy myself and start coming up with bands to take my kazoo on tour, because everyone loves a punk kazoo band with a smoke machine right :D

    37. Tatiana Alisa on October 4

      Super pumped for anything devised by the mad geniuses of Original Content London.
      It's gonna be sex bob-omb!!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Daniel Schlemann on October 4

      Yay. It's finally here on Kickstarter!

    39. Missing avatar

      Alex Williamson on October 4

      Excellent - I'm signed up for this aesomeness, but you're missing the "Motley Crue" edition. The Platinum pack with an extra bottle of JackDaniels and a couple of lines ;-)

    40. Sasha Garwood on October 4

      Looks great you guys - looking forward to it! :) x

    41. Missing avatar

      Crispin on October 4

      Looks great!

    42. Stephen Ritterbush on October 4

      I look forward to seeing this idea realized! I love the innovative way of making game pieces out of things you can use outside of the game, such as clothes. It gives me a few ideas, so thanks for the inspiration!

    43. Missing avatar

      Tom de Grunwald on October 4

      Can't wait to play! (And I'm a gonna try that tshirt on for size, you just watch me)

    44. Missing avatar

      Aisha Brady on October 4

      I've seen this game go through various stages of development - from when the board was just a chalk outline, all the way through to it making it onto the t-shirt - and I'm so excited to get the real thing!

      The artwork is absolutely beautiful, and the gameplay is genuinely fun; I don't play a lot of tabletop games, and I find the large rulesets many of them come with a bit intimidating, but this is so easy to pick up and play.

      Looking forward to seeing the expansions, and leading my psychedelic gospel band (they're big in Japan...) to sold out world tour victory once more ^___^

    45. dan smith
      on October 4

      The name of this game is owned and trademarked by me and you are using it unlawfully. Please cancel this campaign and rename it. Your funders will understand. If you do not, my lawyers will contact you before this campaign is over. I'm not against you or your game, only in the use of the name I rightfully own for my game that has been around for over 16 years. I just KS the latest edition in August, it's surprising you weren't paying attention or even searched the name online for it's use.

    46. London Board Games Company on October 4

      Looks epic! Can't wait to get ours

    47. Jeremy Hogan on October 4

      Whaaat? The board is a t-shirt! You have badges and embroidered patches! GENIUS.