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$10,151 pledged of $70,000 goal
By Ocean Air Cycles - Rob Perks
$10,151 pledged of $70,000 goal

Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving. Here at Ocean Air Cycles we continue to be amazed and honored with the continued generous support of our backers and readers. You are the fuel for the fire that keeps us going.


I came across this quote the other day and was compelled to share it with you,

IMO we really do get better results with out wallets then at the polls. We have the power to shape our reality and influence others with our purchasing decisions. As you make your choices this weekend, I would be honored to have our rewards and Ramblers get your vote.

While you are here on kickstarter I would like to share a couple of projects I have found inspiring. Projects that I feel embody the spirit of the platform by taking a new twist on an art or design as well as the pitch and deliver something back that will change people's lives in fun, creative and inspiring ways.

Whooz - something as simple as a sticker made fun, and infinitely useful in a world of iGadgets

Folk Mug - Just because I like using jars as glasses, and this takes it a notch upscale in a simple home brew way that most people would rather just buy one, I will.

It takes a lot of hard work and courage to get to the point where you can put a kickstarter pitch out to the world. Not all pitches are graceful, but the honest ones will pull you in. Take some time and surf through the projects in categories that call out to you, there will be projects that resonate with you. Vote there with your dollars and you can change the world.


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    1. Ocean Air Cycles - Rob Perks Creator on November 22, 2012

      I like that one James, I am adding it too my list

    2. Missing avatar

      james pancake on November 22, 2012

      Ian Mackaye said it similarly: " Never mind what's been selling. It's what you're buying..."

      Happy Thanksgiving!