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Scan objects and rooms in 3D, play mixed reality games, and develop mobile apps with 3D vision. For iPad, yet hackable.
Scan objects and rooms in 3D, play mixed reality games, and develop mobile apps with 3D vision. For iPad, yet hackable.
3,515 backers pledged $1,290,439 to help bring this project to life.

Apple's New iPads, new SDK feature, and our stretch goal!

Posted by Occipital (Creator)

Apple's New iPads and the Structure Sensor

Like us, many of you were eagerly awaiting Apple’s new iPads – and Tuesday’s press event didn’t disappoint. The new iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display both include a number of significant design and component updates that bring the iPad family to new levels of performance.

That’s great news, as the Structure Sensor was designed from day one to easily adapt to future versions of Apple’s tablets, and to take full advantage of their ever-increasing levels of performance.

And, if you want to use your Structure Sensor with the new iPads, there’s great news for you, too. We’re making sure that every backer that wants to use their Structure Sensor with the new iPads will be able to do just that from the day they receive it. Here’s how:

  • Lightning Connector – Because the new iPads use the Lightning connector, your Structure Sensor can connect to them immediately with the available Lightning cable.
  • A7 Processor – The new A7 processor in the new iPads lets apps that use the Structure Sensor work even faster than before. In fact, in our tests with an A7-equipped iPhone 5s, we found that the new A7 processor delivers a 1.8x increase in speed on apps for the Structure Sensor versus the A6X processor in the 4th generation iPad!
  • Attachment Brackets – Most importantly, we’ve kicked off the design process to create new attachment brackets for the new iPads. We estimate that these new brackets will be ready to ship in February 2014. For backers receiving sensors with estimated February/March delivery: attachment brackets for the new iPads will be available for delivery at the same time as your Structure Sensor.
    If your Structure Sensor is slated for November/December delivery: we're going above and beyond. If you want to use your Structure Sensor with either of the new iPads, we’ll send you a 3D printed bracket in November or December.  Completely free. We're doing this because we want you to be able to get started with Structure Sensor right away.  And that's not all.  We will also ship you a final precision bracket for your Structure Sensor when they’re ready for delivery – at no extra cost.  

New SDK feature: Wireless streaming 

There are already a number of great Mac and PC apps for 3D sensors, and we're sure many more will become available in the future. With that in mind, we wanted to build something that would make the Structure Sensor easy to use with apps that aren't necessarily on mobile devices. So we've created a great new capability into the Structure SDK: wireless streaming.

When you connect your Structure Sensor to an iOS device, you’ll be able to walk freely while wirelessly transmitting 3D data and images from your Structure Sensor to a nearby PC or Mac. How cool is that? Check out our video demo of this useful new feature:

It's stretch goal time!

It’s here – our stretch goal has finally arrived! If we can surpass $1,250,000, we’ll become the 6th most funded Kickstarter Technology project ever. Backers, here's your stretch goal - help us get to $1,250,000, and you’ll get the following awesome reward for FREE:

Stretch Goal Reward: One FREE Skanect Pro License (usually $129)

If you’re familiar with 3D scanning, then you know that Skanect is one of the best 3D scanning applications available today. Until now, Skanect has been available for use with the Microsoft Kinect, PrimeSense Carmine and ASUS Xtion 3D sensors. And, now, with your help, it will be available for use with the Structure Sensor as well.

A pro license for Skanect costs $129. But, if you help us reach our stretch goal, and you’ve pledged to receive a Structure Sensor, you’ll get one Pro License for FREE. If you already have a Skanect Pro License, you can gift your additional license to a friend.

If you’ve chosen the Structure Sensor Hacker Kit, you can use the USB Hacker Cable to connect the Structure Sensor to any compatible computer and use it with Skanect. If you plan on using your Structure Sensor with an iPad, then the new streaming feature (shown in the video above) will make it easy to stream to Skanect.

$170K to go for the stretch goal, and only 6 days left! Help us make it happen!

To help us achieve the stretch goal, please help us by telling your friends and family about our campaign. Visit our share page for an easy way to share the Structure Sensor on Facebook and Twitter:, or send them a link to our Kickstarter campaign:

It's great to have you onboard!

–The Occipital Team

History of Occipital, Structure SDK, and more

Posted by Occipital (Creator)

Occipital and TechStars

It’s hard to believe it, but it’s been over five years since Occipital was founded in 2008. A big part of our journey was joining TechStars for their second ever class of startups.

Since then, TechStars has continued to have a profound effect on our company. We thought you might enjoy the above video that talks about how we assembled an important part our team via the TechStars network.

Developing with the Structure SDK

The Structure Sensor has been designed from the very beginning to be an awesome platform for developers. After all, we’re software developers too, so we wanted the Structure SDK to reflect our own developers’ wish list for hardware platforms.

For the full story about developing with the Structure SDK, take a look at our developer page and sign up for our developer mailing list. For the shorter story, however, here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect if you plan to develop for the Structure Sensor using the Structure SDK.

Low-level sensor access

How low can you go with the Structure SDK? How about down to the raw data, so you can create whatever you want, however you want? We're giving you access to the same raw depth feed and low-level sensor controls that we used ourselves to create the demo apps that will ship with the Structure Sensor.

 High-level APIs and sample code

If you’d rather start where we left off, we’re shipping a set of high-level APIs with the Structure SDK. These will include sample code for the demo apps that will ship with the Structure Sensor: Object Scanner, Room Capture, Fetch and Ball Physics.

Xcode and App Store

 If, like us, you once built your apps on top of 3D sensors meant for game consoles and desktop PCs, then you know how hard it is to not just build an app, but to find an audience for it too. With the Structure Sensor, we’re providing a framework for Xcode so you can start developing instantly. Better yet, you’ll be able to deploy your app on the App Store for instant access to one of the largest audiences of mobile users anywhere!

Developing on other platforms

If you’re not into Apple, we’ve still got you covered. The Structure Sensor will be available with open source drivers for Android, Windows, Linux and OS X (and, for more information about developing for Android, please click here). It will also support most applications and middleware that has been created for OpenNI. Finally, the USB Hacker Cable and our 3D printable bracket starter (.zip file, 274kb) lets you easily attach the Structure Sensor to whatever platform you like.

3D object scan output

We’ve gotten quite a few requests for new examples of 3D models created with the Structure Sensor’s Object Scanner demo app. We took some time last week to scan a variety of objects big and small, smooth and rough, simple and detailed. Take a look at these sample scans below, as well as the original objects themselves.

Kickstarter projects we support

We're excited to be one of the first accessories designed to work with iOS devices with the Lightning connector, so it's always cool when we come across another! The EverDock is a beautifully crafted aluminum dock that is compatible with many devices, including both 30-pin and Lightning-equipped iPads and iPhones, as well as Android phones and tablets. It's got less than three days to go on Kickstarter, so check it out before it's too late!

We'd also like to give a shout out for a Kickstarter campaign being run by our friends at another great TechStars company, Ubooly. Ubooly turns your smartphone into a plush, furry interactive toy for education and fun. You have a little over a week to back them, so head over to their project page now to take a look.


– The Occipital Team

Scanning in Color, iPad Rumors, NYC Museum Exhibit, New Reward Level, and Stretch Goals

Posted by Occipital (Creator)

Color scanning? Yes.

One of the things we’ve been working on with Structure is accurately pairing depth images from our sensor with the high-resolution color camera on the iPad. Why does this matter? One reason is color object scanning – we can use the images from the iPad as color textures for 3D scans. This is still under active development, but here’s an early look.

Check out the model here.

iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 rumors

For those of you who use iOS devices, you have likely seen rumors of Apple’s announcements of the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 perhaps as soon as this month. We’re excited about this for a few reasons:

  • New iPads will certainly use the Lightning Connector, which means the Structure Sensor can be plugged in right out of the box.
  • We’ll be standing in line to get new iPads so that we can develop and test new attachment brackets right away. Backers who have selected a tier that includes an iPad bracket will be able to switch to newly designed brackets at no additional cost (more details after we’ve begun development).
  • Historically, iPads have been as fast or faster than iPhones released around the same time. If the new iPads come with the A7 processor that’s in the iPhone 5s, then you’re in for blazing fast Structure apps!

Shapeways & Occipital at the Museum Of Art & Design in NYC

If you’re in NYC this fall, visit the Museum of Art & Design to experience the possibilities of 3D scanning and 3D printing in person! We’re joining our friends at Shapeways to participate in a new exhibit called “Out of Hand: Materializing the Post Digital.” We’re adapting our Skanect software to power the 3D scanning part of the exhibit. Of course, we’re working on ideas to use a Structure Sensor in the exhibit as well!

Visitors to this interactive exhibit will be able to have their bodies entirely scanned, and can then get a 3D printed model of themselves either from a Formlabs printer in the exhibit, or via the Shapeways 3D printing service.

The exhibit will run from October 16th, 2013 through April 2014. Read more about the exhibit on the Shapeways blog.

New “Fashionably Late” reward tier

While all of the early bird specials are gone, today we're announcing that we've been able to create a new reward tier for those who would still like to get a Structure Sensor at a lower price, but are willing to wait a bit longer to get it – the Fashionably Late Special.

This tier is available at $330 – nearly the same price as the Early Bird Special. The new tier includes the same rewards as the Early Bird Special, except that for these we are targeting a ship date of March 2014 for these units, which is one month later than the standard Structure Sensor reward levels. This allows us more time to improve manufacturing efficiency.

This new tier is available today. If you want to shift your pledge to a Fashionably Late Special, please hurry, as this is a limited-quantity reward tier.

Stretch goals?

We are officially working on an awesome stretch goal that we think you’ll all love! We’re still working out the details, but expect more information in an upcoming backer update.

Thank you again for your support – and please continue to help us spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign by sharing the campaign link ( or sharing a news article.

– The Occipital Team

Our First Public Demo, Plus iPhone 5s and the Structure Sensor

Posted by Occipital (Creator)

Thanks to you guys, we’re 7 full days in and over 7X our campaign goal! Now we’re hard at work getting the Structure Sensor ready and into backers’ hands. 

First public demo of the Structure Sensor 

This past week, we were invited to show off the Structure Sensor to over 400 attendees at the September 2013 Denver New Tech Meetup. 

Curious to see how it went? Watch this 4-minute clip of Jeff, Vikas and Kai demonstrating 3D scanning, augmented reality gaming and indoor mapping with the Structure Sensor:

3D scanning with the new iPhone 5s 

A few of us at Occipital were in line bright and early last Friday to get our hands on the new iPhone 5s. And, while we don’t officially support the iPhone 5s, the Structure Sensor is still able to stream data to it via the Lightning connector. We were excited to see how the iPhone's new A7 chip performed with the Structure Sensor using the Object Scanner demo app. Take a look at our test to see just how fast it is: 

Conclusion? The A7 is amazing for realtime 3D scanning. If upcoming iPads have an A7 chip, they’re going to be awesome too. 

Spread the news

Want to see what the press has to say about the Structure Sensor... and help us spread the word at the same time? We've created a special page that lets you do exactly that! Check out the articles, Like your favorites, and instantly become the coolest backers on planet earth (to us, anyway!): 

Messages, comments and more 

Our team is working hard to respond to your messages and comments. If you haven’t received a response yet, don’t worry – we’ll get to you as soon as we can. 

Thanks for your support, 

 - The Occipital Team

Wow - you guys ROCK!!!

Posted by Occipital (Creator)

We hit our funding goal of $100,000 in only 3.5 hours! This means a lot to us - we’re floored and humbled by your support.

We’re a small team, but we’re working hard to keep up with all the messages, comments, and emails.  If you haven’t heard from us by tonight, we’ll be getting back to you tomorrow.

Two big launch day updates for you guys.

1. New reward level!

We were blown away by reaction to the $329 Early Bird Special, but some backers wanted to know why we didn’t have an early bird special for the Structure Sensor Complete Kit (which comes with the optional USB Hacker Cable).

We think this is a great idea!  So, a few moments ago we added a new limited tier, Early Bird Special - Complete Kit at $359.

But we haven’t forgotten about our existing backers.

  • If you backed us at the $379 Structure Sensor Complete Kit level, you can change your reward level to get the new early bird discount.
  • If you backed us at the $349 Structure Sensor for iPad or Structure Sensor Hacker Kit level, you can upgrade to a Structure Sensor Complete Kit for only $10 more by changing your reward level to the Early Bird Special Complete Kit (until they run out).

If for some reason you hit a snag trying to change your reward level, please message us and we’ll take care of you.

2. T-shirt upgrade.

Some of you have asked if you could get a T-shirt at the higher pledge levels ($329+). Good news everyone!  If you’ve pledged at $329 or more and you would like to receive a T-shirt, simply add $10 to your pledge ($20 outside the United States).  

We are overwhelmingly grateful for the support we’ve gotten from our backers.  We couldn’t have gotten this far without you!

- The Occipital Team