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Scan objects and rooms in 3D, play mixed reality games, and develop mobile apps with 3D vision. For iPad, yet hackable.
Scan objects and rooms in 3D, play mixed reality games, and develop mobile apps with 3D vision. For iPad, yet hackable.
3,515 backers pledged $1,290,439 to help bring this project to life.

It's amazing what can happen in a year.

Posted by Occipital (Creator)

Happy Anniversary (plus announcements)!

A year ago today, at 8:58AM PST, we took a deep breath, logged into our Kickstarter account, and clicked the big “Launch Campaign” button in our creator console. We had no idea what might happen over the following 45 days - or, for that matter, the following year.

Needless to say, we were overwhelmed with the Kickstarter community’s response on that first day, and we’ve continued to be amazed at what you have collectively done since our launch a year ago.

Since then, we’ve also endeavored to deliver to you, our backers, everything we promised we would: a beautifully designed, well crafted and highly capable piece of hardware; sample apps that let you explore multiple possibilities; and a well-documented, robust SDK that makes developing with depth on mobile devices simple. We hope that we’ve exceeded your expectations so far. And, with that said, we’ve got more for you.

Meet Calibrator.

Calibrator is a very important app for all Structure Sensor owners. This is the app that will find the precise alignment between the Structure Sensor and the iPad color camera.

Best of all, you can download it as of today on the App Store.

Once you connect your Structure Sensor and launch Calibrator, you're asked to move around and pause so that pictures can automatically be taken of the scene. After enough information has been collected, there is a final opportunity to refine the depth and color calibration before it's saved to the Structure Sensor. After going through the process once, the calibration will be used in all apps that use the Structure Sensor built with the Structure SDK. If you have multiple iPad devices, you can calibrate the sensor one time on each device, and the correct calibration will be selected automatically.

How does Calibrator work? Calibrator is an advanced application that automatically finds correspondences between the iPad camera and Structure Sensor IR camera. Thanks to the precise iPad brackets, most of the work is done for us, but there’s still precision adjustment to be done to compensate for tiny variation in assembly. Potential feature matches are automatically verified using computer vision and used as part of an advanced optimization that finds the exact offset between these two cameras.

What is the end result? Take a look at the two images in the screenshot below to see how Calibrator's precise alignment of the iPad color camera and Structure Sensor depth camera allows for a significant improvement in the quality of color textures on 3D models, for example.

What's next now that Calibrator has arrived? We're glad you asked! Because...

Color scanning has arrived.

Once you download and launch Calibrator, your iPad’s color camera will be precisely aligned to your Structure Sensor’s depth camera. That means you’ll be able to use the Scanner sample app and Skanect (via the Structure app) to capture objects, people and more in full color. What will that look like? Here are the first two examples:

A colorized full body scan with Skanect Pro
A colorized full body scan with Skanect Pro

Download the updated Skanect here.

Capturing an object with the Scanner sample app from the SDK:

 And now, with color enabled:

So when will color be enabled in the Scanner sample app and Skanect? As a matter of fact, updated versions of the Scanner sample app and the Structure app are already ready for download from the App Store today! Update your Scanner sample app and Structure app now.

What About Room Capture and SDK Update?

Calibrator has paved the way for the Room Capture sample app and the SDK update is also nearly ready.  Keep an eye out for another backer update coming soon after this one.

Video: Inside Your Structure Sensor

The Structure Sensor’s simple exterior hides a fascinatingly complex interior full of optics, processors, PCBs and more. We wanted to reveal some of the hidden design and attention to detail that collectively made the Structure Sensor possible.

Because you were the first to back the Structure Sensor, you also get to be the first to see the new design video. So, without further ado, we’d like to present the world premier of the new Structure Sensor design video:

Looking forward to another amazing year of progress. We're glad to have you onboard!

– The Occipital Team

Sample apps have hit the App Store!

Posted by Occipital (Creator)

If you’ve been regularly checking out our Software Dashboard, we’ve got exciting news for you: Three iOS sample apps for the Structure Sensor are available today for download from the App Store!

Here are the three sample apps you can download now:


The Scanner sample app lets you capture a 3D scan of objects or people, and then export that 3D model via email as an .OBJ file. Unlike Skanect & Uplink, the Scanner sample app lets you capture scans entirely on your iPad.

For now, 3D scans captured by the Scanner sample app are shape-only (no color).

Download Scanner on your iPad


The Viewer sample app shows you three side-by-side visualizations coming from your Structure Sensor and iPad combination. These are: 

  • Live view from the iPad’s color camera (top)
  • Live 3D depth view from the Structure Sensor (bottom left) 
  • Live 3D surface normals view from the Structure Sensor (bottom right)

Download Viewer on your iPad


The Fetch sample app is a simple augmented reality game. Fetch shows what is possible when games understand the world around the player. In Fetch, you control a surfing cat whose sole objective is to fetch power-up balls.

The game world in Fetch is the world around you - you simply use the Structure Sensor to merge the game world with the real world. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see that you can make the cat surf on top of things, behind things, and under things.

Download Fetch on your iPad

As noted during the Kickstarter campaign, these are samples, meaning they won’t include many of the features that you’d find in other apps.  They're simple for a reason – to open up the possibility for developers to extend them in new ways we haven't even thought of yet.  If you're a developer, you can find the source code for these samples in the Structure SDK, and begin to add features of your choice, and even release your own apps based on these samples.

If you’re waiting for the Room Capture and Ball Physics sample apps, please check the Software Dashboard for updates on when these will be available.

Thanks for supporting the Structure Sensor!

– The Occipital Team

A brand new app and community-made accessories for your Structure Sensor

Posted by Occipital (Creator)

Now that thousands of Structure Sensors are in your hands, we're starting to see the results of a lot of your creativity - beginning with the very first developer-created app, and more 3D printable accessories.

Introducing the Itseez3D app for iOS

We're very excited to join Itseez in announcing the availability of their new 3D scanning app for the Structure Sensor, Itseez3D. But before we go further, take a look at some of the sample scans - we think you'll agree that the quality of scans created by their app is astounding.

Perhaps the best news about the Itseez3D app is that it is available for! To download the Itseez app onto your iPad, just visit this link:

Itseez was one of the earliest developers to get started with the Structure SDK.  If you're working on a cool app that you want us to know about, reach out either on the forums or directly to the Occipital team so we can help make your app a success!

Community-Developed Accessories 

The Structure developer community has also been hard at work creating great new accessories that let you do more with your Structure Sensor. Here's a couple of our favorites:

Structure Sensor mount for iPhone 5/5s

John Biehler has created a very cool looking Structure Sensor case that lets you attach your sensor to your Apple iPhone 5 or 5s. It's available to download for free from Thingiverse.

Structure Sensor Lens Cover

Michael Balzer of SLO 3D Creators has created a few cool accessories for the Structure Sensor. Our favorite is this removable lens cover, designed to add extra protection to the Structure Sensor's hardened glass face during transit. You can purchase it for $10 from the SLO 3D Creators store. 

Michael has also designed a very cool quick connect bracket for the Structure Sensor, which you can see here

A Very Cool Kickstarter Project

Our good friends at Looking Glass have launched their own Kickstarter project, and we think it's worth checking out. Hologram 2.0 takes 3D scanned objects and prints them - with a twist.

Instead of using 3D printing, they use volumetric printing, where thin layers of lucite are layered one by one to create a clear cube with a 3D object rendered on the inside. Check out the example above, and then head over to their campaign to pledge! 

Oh...and did we mention that you can scan yourself, a friend or an object with your Structure Sensor and have Looking Glass do a volumetric print of it as a pledge reward?

Arriving Today: The Software Status Dashboard

As promised, we're launching the Software Status Dashboard today. The Software Status Dashboard will be a continually updated resource where you can check anytime to see the status of software promised both during and after the Structure Sensor's Kickstarter campaign. 

Please bookmark this page, and visit it anytime you'd like to see the status of Structure Sensor software you're awaiting.

3D Systems iSense Launch

As we mentioned in January, we have been working with 3D Systems to create their version of the Structure Sensor called the iSense. The iSense officially launches today, and is available for pre-order from 3D Systems for $499. 

Pre-ordered iSense units will be shipping in late July 2014 (after we've shipped all Structure Sensor Kickstarter units) and includes an iSense 3D scanning app, which will also be available for Structure Sensor owners to purchase soon!

Thanks again for supporting the Structure Sensor. We'll keep you posted with all the latest Structure Sensor news.

— The Occipital Team

International Shipping and iOS Sample Apps

Posted by Occipital (Creator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Thousands of Structure Sensors are shipping this month!

Posted by Occipital (Creator)

Countdown to Delivery

June has arrived - and, soon, so will your Structure Sensor. In fact, we wanted to make it even easier for you to track when your sensor will ship, so we did something unprecedented, at least as far as other Kickstarter projects we've seen — we created a personalized countdown page for every backer who is awaiting shipments (that means you!). 

Just visit the Shipping Countdown Page anytime to see where you're at in line. We're shipping between 20 to 150 Structure Sensors each weekday (Monday through Friday),!

What do we owe you?

In addition to your Structure Sensor, you'll be getting other great stuff too (for instance, a license for Skanect Pro). We wanted to make it easy for you to track the status of everything you're owed, so we created another personalized page so you'll be able to do just that. 

Once your Structure Sensor ships,pledge status page will be activated where you can see what you're owed and what has been sent. 

Important Emails are Coming

Around the same time that we ship your Structure Sensor, we'll also be sending you four emails:

  • A shipping confirmation email that includes your shipment tracking number
  • An email with your Skanect Pro license
  • An email with a quick guide to getting started with your Structure Sensor, as well as an invitation to the Structure Sensor and SDK Forums
  • An email receipt summarizing your pledge

These emails will be arriving from If you haven't yet added that email address to your address book, please do that now so these important emails won't get caught in your spam folder.

Occipital at Augmented World Expo 2014

Last week, the Occipital team was at Augmented World Expo 2014 to show off the Structure Sensor and its capabilities, as well as talk about some of the unique problems and solutions that went into its design. We even got covered in USA Today!

It was exciting to meet so many Kickstarter backers at our booth - and we're happy to say that everyone who saw the Structure Sensor in action said it exceeded their expectations.

Our CEO and co-founder, Jeff, also gave an in-depth talk about designing the Structure Sensor, with insight into many of the interesting choices we made during the design process. Watch Jeff's talk on YouTube.

Thanks for backing the Structure Sensor. We're excited that thousands of you will be receiving your Structure Sensors this month!

— The Occipital Team