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Scan objects and rooms in 3D, play augmented reality games, and develop mobile apps with 3D vision. For iPad, yet hackable.
Scan objects and rooms in 3D, play mixed reality games, and develop mobile apps with 3D vision. For iPad, yet hackable.
Scan objects and rooms in 3D, play mixed reality games, and develop mobile apps with 3D vision. For iPad, yet hackable.
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    1. Occipital Creator on

      @Blake and @Ted - please contact support *at* structure *dot* io. All of our Kickstarter units were fulfilled over a year ago.

    2. Missing avatar

      Blake Chang on

      I haven't received my product. Please let me know what's going on?

    3. Ted Apple on

      Since 2556 why didn't I get the shipment yet?????

    4. Occipital Creator on

      Richard - the iSense is based on the Structure Sensor, and we manufacture it for 3D Systems. Thanks!

    5. Richard L Hobbs on

      Anyone seen this? Seems to be identical

    6. Bill Gertz on

      Gent's I've missed your Emails, since my DynDns farmed out my Email forwarding service to DuoCircle. Could you please get in touch so that we can get the unit sent?


      So sorry to have missed you E-mails.

      Kind Regards,


    7. Occipital Creator on

      @johnMW - We've reached out to you by email with additional information on completing your order. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help!

    8. johnMW

      where's mine?

    9. Occipital Creator on

      Hello Mike,

      Please contact our customer support at structure *at* occipital *dot* com for assistance.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mike Lim on

      I haven't received mine either... no updates no notice... what is up with that???

    11. Occipital Creator on

      @Toshio - we shipped all rewards a few months ago. Please contact our customer support at structure *at* occipital *dot* com for assistance.

    12. Occipital Creator on

      @fuad - we'll have an update soon. In the meantime, you can visit for more info!

    13. Toshio Yamashita on

      Hi Creator,
      have you shipped the Structure Sensor to backers?
      But I've not gotten yet. Could you check my Shipment?

    14. Missing avatar

      Fuad Abri

      Any estimate date for iPad Air 2 bracket?

    15. Occipital Creator on

      Hi Peter,

      If you haven't done so already, you can retrieve your Skanect Pro license at our pledge confirmation website. You can access that at


    16. Peter Kuo on

      Have you guys sent the license for Skanect Pro to backers who contributed $329 and above? I don't remember receiving mine. Thanks!

    17. Occipital Creator on

      @William: The included (free) apps are really just "samples" to demonstrate the capabilities of the sensor, which is our actual "product." I recommend using 3rd party commercial software, like Skanect or itSeez3D, for higher quality results.

    18. William Ir on

      Ok, have the istore apps, but they don't let me save scans as files. Also, the apps seem to be much less functional than the campaign led me to believe it would be. How can I get an accurate scan and save it in a format I can push to a 3d printer or into a modeling program?

    19. Missing avatar

      Gijs on

      Because I no longer need to use the structure sensor, I'm offering my structure sensor for sale, the device is hardly used so it's in mint condition (including ipad air bracket). I'm based in the Netherlands. if you're interested, please leave me a message at gijs *at* studiogijs *dot* nl

    20. Missing avatar

      Brian Cooper on

      apologies 'several objects..."

      I uploaded the stl files and pictures here:

    21. Missing avatar

      Brian Cooper on

      Hi Antonis,

      I have printed several object that I scanned with the structure -- I'll post links later today. The meshes all needed considerable TLC to slice properly. The objects that translate best in my opinion are medium sized stuffed animals -- no sharp edges. Trying to scan and print things with a lot of shape detail doesn't work very well -- resolution is ~4-6 mm, so a lot of detail is not picked up. I was hoping to be able to capture things like broken brackets and handles so I didn't have to draw them up to print replacements, but the resolution is not fine enough to do this.

    22. Missing avatar

      Antonis Kyriacou on

      Hello to everybody!
      Has anybody 3D printed an object that was scanned with the structure sensor?

    23. Missing avatar

      Fuad Abri


    24. Occipital Creator on

      @Fuad: We are currently designing a bracket for the iPad Air 2. The existing bracket (for the iPad Air) is *not* compatible. The sensor itself is compatible but, without a precision mounting bracket, the sensor cannot be calibrated. Without calibration, color/texture cannot be synchronized with the mesh.

    25. Missing avatar

      Fuad Abri

      Hi will the structure sensor support the iPad air 2.

    26. Tyler Benster on

      Loving the Structure! Question: is it technically possible to support iPhone 6 and/or 6 plus with the full iPad feature set? If so, please make this happen!

    27. Laird Popkin

      What units does the 'scanner' app use? I scanned some things, and they files come without units, and they are clearly not inches or mm. Are they in feet?!

    28. Occipital Creator on

      @Ozan - We haven't heard of that error before! Can you contact us at our customer support email (structure *at* occipital *dot* com) so we can see what the issue is? Thanks!

    29. Occipital Creator on

      @Gabriel - no, that is not normal. Nearly all Kickstarter backers have received their pledges. Please send us an email at structure *at* occipital *dot* com so we can help you out. Thanks!

    30. Occipital Creator on

      @Otsdesign - thanks for your feedback. The Occipital team put in quite a bit of time and effort to deliver a Room Capture sample app that goes above and beyond what was described during the Structure Sensor's campaign: "Room Capture: Easily capture a 3D model of a room by simply spinning around with your Structure Sensor and iPad. Then, tap any two points to retrieve distances." Of course, the best feature of the Room Capture app is that it is available as sample code in the Structure SDK. If you have iOS development skills, you should be able to easily create your own version that includes some or all of the features you'd like to see. Thanks!

    31. Ozan Ertug on

      I'm so excited to hear about the room capture but unfortunately I were not able to install the app. I can find the app and try to install it but it doesn't work. Do you have any idea what might be the cause and solution?

    32. Gabriel Eiras Villa on

      Hello, i am still waiting for the delivery. Is it normal?

    33. Missing avatar on

      @occipital. Can we get an update on the real apps that were demoed to the backers? The "sample" room app is cute, but so far not what I expected nor what was demoed during kickstarter campaign. With the sample app you can only stand in the middle of your the room and create a rough 3D model. Campaign Demo image shows measurements in feet. Campaign Demo video also portrayed a sharp edged room model, useful in CAD programs. Where is the app that can scan a furniture sized object (also demoed in campaign)? Sample room app Measuring is ONLY in metric? Not useful for me. I need imperial measurements fast in my work. Please advise if Occiptal will deliver an app that was promoted for backers. Anyone out there developing apps for CAD or Sketchup would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

    34. Occipital Creator on

      @Christos - if you have a Hacker Cable, you can charge your Structure Sensor via USB. Otherwise, contact customer support at structure *at* occipital *dot* com as you can now order a replacement AC adapter.

    35. Missing avatar

      Christos Pollatos on

      Oh no... as I haven't used the Structure Sensor for about 2 months waiting for the room capture, which was the intended use, I am missing the charger... And it's out of battery...

      Any ideas?

      Specs regarding Volts and mA along with the connector type in order to try and find a suitable charger..?

      Incredible... Rooms capture is finally here and I've thrown away the charger...

    36. Amir Soltani on

      @Mike, Paypal and Amazon is one of your easiest way to ship internationally. I've backed 100 projects here and received over half of them, from all over the world. Some people pack them in their home with the help of friends and some have a big office and warehouse, and some are fulfilled by shipping company (in volume). I think if you have the demand it is worth the efforts.As Darren said Kickstarter is one of your good options. But at any rate please make it available internationally as I want one (or have to make one myself!).

      The latest room capture is great. However, a fit-to-view button is missing from the scan page as when you lose the model it's hard to position it back in the view.

      Also... perhaps some day we can scan moving objects with tools like Structure Sensor:

    37. Darren C on

      @Mike, how about if you put in on kickstarter. Perhaps it will help to generate the volume to get volume pricing from the shippers. Also more international backers will get wind of this innovation to drive up interests.

    38. Occipital Creator on

      @Chris - it looks like you never completed your information on our pledge confirmation site. Please contact our customer support team at structure *at* occipital *dot* com so we can help you get your Structure Sensor. Thanks!

    39. Occipital Creator on

      @otsdesign - You should download the Room Capture sample app and make the conversion to inches / feet! It would be a fun way to get your "feet" wet with the SDK.

      Mike - Thanks! Awesome early scans with Room Capture.

    40. Mike Balzer, founder slo 3D creators on

      Hi this Mike (4eyes). I am looking forward to working with the latest SDK and 4eyes (THANK YOU OCCIPITAL!). I especially find the room capture app appealing since it maps actual textures onto the mesh. Currently I am able to use 4eyes to capture detailed textures and overlay them the very basic mesh captured in this app. Result similar to itSeez3D without having to send it to through the cloud for processing.

      Next batch of 4eyes lens system going out Tuesday of next week and still looking at how I am going to ship these internationally. If anyone has any ideas how to inexpensively, reliably and expediently and collect payment without being gouge by PayPal, please email me at



    41. Missing avatar on

      Sample room capture app is fun. Slow and wonky around furniture, especially ones with voids. The suggestion to "throw away your tape measure" is not valid for me in USA. The app only shows metric. Need a "units" preference fix asap.

    42. Chris Lim on

      Just out of curiosity, how can I check if my sensor has been delivered as I have not received mine?

    43. Occipital Creator on

      @jeff - sorry for the delay, as our customer support is not open over the weekend. It looks like we're taking care of you now. If you need anything else, please let us know. Thanks!

    44. Missing avatar

      Jeff Zipfel on

      I sent an email, but have not heard back from anyone. I sure would appreciate someone to contact me. Thanks

    45. Missing avatar

      Jeff Zipfel on

      I sent an email, but have not heard back from anyone. I sure would appreciate someone to contact me. Thanks

    46. Occipital Creator on

      @jeff - please send a message to structure *at* occipital *dot* com so we can help you troubleshoot. Thanks!

    47. Missing avatar

      Jeff Zipfel on

      HELP. My sensor will no longer charge. I plugged it in for several hours twice over the past two days and the amber light will not go out. Also, it will not charge off the iPad. Finally, many times it says to connect the sensor even though it is connected. Who can I talk to to get this resolved.

    48. Occipital Creator on

      Thanks, @amir - and we'll have more good news soon!

    49. Amir Soltani on

      Very good update and your hard work is paying off!

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