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Obsessively designed to set new standards in quality, feel, simplicity & lifespan.
Obsessively designed to set new standards in quality, feel, simplicity & lifespan.
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Hard anodize colors

Short update backers. This time good news. 

Our supplier for hard anodizing could not match our colors or keep consistency between batches so we had to try some other suppliers. 

We found one who can do hard anodize in the colors we want, also as a bonus the coatings are slightly thicker. Which will translate into longer wear life. =)

That is all for now. We will bring you some more picture based updates soon.

Thanks for the support, Obtainium team. 


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    1. John Adams + Obtainium Creator on

      Olive color resolved =)

    2. John Adams + Obtainium Creator on

      @mike the process is the same, we just changed to a different supplier who is more able to do the colors we want.

    3. John Urquhart on

      Thank you for response. I have a tendency to be overly cautious. I am also eagerly awaiting this cause it seems to be a well thought out and constructed item. Again thank you for reply and commitment to your customers.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      Does this mean the olive colour issues are resolved?

    5. Rami Nasra on

      Glad to hear its been resolved. Quality is worth the wait. Keep us posted!

    6. Mike "TiMag Sheriff" Pilcher on

      So is the process for black and the other colors the same now? Instead of previously where the black took extra time?

    7. no refund on

      Can't wait!! New pics of the color would be sweet!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Chen on

      Great to hear the good news :), can't wait for the picture for the colours and getting the wallet, think I need to start a countdown calender soon

    9. John Adams + Obtainium Creator on

      @Jeremy, that is a hard question to answer. Not going to pretend I can predict the future. But if forced to guess, 20-40 days to a pocket near you.

    10. John Adams + Obtainium Creator on

      @John, this is a good news update. The hard anodize color problem has been our biggest issue and now it is solved.

      If we had of chosen to compromise on quality and durability we could have just used a standard anodize and got any shade of color we wanted. It would not have caused us any problems. But we wanted something super durable, a product that was not throw away item after a short time.

      It's the nature of new and innovative products, there are many unforeseen pitfalls between design and final manufactured product. People who have backed multiple projects on kickstarter I'm sure can give you the assurance that this is normal.

      We believe we are out of the woods so to speak. The color issue had been the only remaining manufacturing problem we have been facing.

      Obtainium wallets will being seeing the world as soon as is possible.

    11. John Urquhart on

      I am starting to get concerned!!! There seems to be many set backs and not much progress every update is this has gone wrong and but we are getting closer!!!

    12. no refund on

      What does this mean for wallet in my pocket time?