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Obsessively designed to set new standards in quality, feel, simplicity & lifespan.
Obsessively designed to set new standards in quality, feel, simplicity & lifespan.
715 backers pledged $88,867 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Eddie on April 21, 2016

      Wholey cow, I'm still on my original obtainium AND bridge set... Minus a few dings and dents, it an awesome Wallet, wished the retail was so high else I'd buy another for when my current one dies.

      Top notch wallet, one of my best investments =)

    2. Lars on May 21, 2015

      @dana LOL on you...

    3. Missing avatar

      Dana Topley on May 9, 2015

      never received my wallet, please help!

    4. Missing avatar

      Julio Esteban Barranco Galaviz on October 13, 2014

      Guys, by far this is the finest wallet I've ever had. I've had in the past mont blanc, tag heurer... Even some wallets from kickstarter, looking for the best wallet. This is the one. It's great!! Congrats

    5. Mohammed Seyfi on May 31, 2014

      Hey guys,

      Can I get an update on when I would be receiving my wallet?



    6. Adnan Raja on December 16, 2013


      My bridge jus broke around 3 weeks ago.

      My wallet was lying on the desk and when I picked it up in the morning the bridge was broken.

      Please advice on what to do.

    7. Mike "TiMag Sheriff" Pilcher on November 3, 2013

      Mohammed, send a direct message to them.

    8. Mike "TiMag Sheriff" Pilcher on November 3, 2013

      Naoki, I'm not sure how long they are "supposed" to last. Mine are doing just fine as far as I can tell. But you can buy replacements at the hardware store too. O-rings are pretty easy to get, and easily replaced, as long as the bridges don't get lost before the o-rings are replaced.

    9. Rami Nasra on October 30, 2013

      5 months into using my awesome wallet on an everyday basis and no issues (besides the loose hinges). Still loving it and looking forward to the next design (?)

    10. Mohammed Seyfi on October 20, 2013

      Hey Guys! I am still to receive my reward. Can I please get an explanation to why? Thanks

    11. Naoki Funahashi on October 20, 2013

      Thank you Mike. They had already been broken off when I noticed it. And I totally forgot about the spares I received.

      My question is how long will they last in general?

    12. Mike "TiMag Sheriff" Pilcher on October 20, 2013

      The o-rings came off? Or they broke?

      If they came off - I would say put them back on!

      If they broke - I would say use the replacements they gave you!

    13. Naoki Funahashi on October 13, 2013

      I have used my wallet on once a week basis since arrived a few months ago. I really liked it and the moment when other people see me use it. However, there is one problem. When I was going to take my wallet out to use after weeks of unused period, I found both of the o-rings had broke off while I did not put anything in the wallet. It's just my wallet was on the desk (apart from sunshine) and apparently o-rings suddenly went dead. Could you advise why and what I should do without them? Thank you for your support.

    14. Michael Lee on October 5, 2013

      I've never received my wallet! Is there a problem with shipping???

    15. Mike "TiMag Sheriff" Pilcher on October 4, 2013

      Its quite unfortunate the hinge loosens over time. Mine hasn't yet, but I try not to open it much. I'm not sure thats the way to go about using a wallet... doing your best not to use certain parts of it.

      I wonder if the hinge could be reworked somehow. Something you can replace or tighten over time. Tiny o-rings maybe. I'd prefer a tighter hinge if it meant it wouldn't permanently lose its stiffness.

      I wonder if something can be done to fix what we currently have. Or if anything is even in the works with Obtainium.

    16. Missing avatar

      Chen on September 22, 2013

      Hey guys, loving the wallet so far, just wondering if you could make a video on how to install a new bridge, been wanting to change mine for a while.

    17. Eddie on September 22, 2013

      Hey Guys,

      So after about 3 months of daily use, the hinge has finally given up on its ability to hold and no longer stiff such that it will hold at any angle when opened. The Obtainium still works fine and all and i'm still using it, just that the hinge has broken in and now so relaxed it no longer holds.

      I'm still on my first o-ring and bridge, holding up pretty well.

      great stuff guys

    18. John Adams + Obtainium Creator on September 21, 2013

      Hi Jeff,

      Yes we have had a batch of cash bridges that have had a manufacture defect and we have since changed our manufacturing process. We plan to have a batch of the new bridges in the next 2 weeks. Please send us an email us at with your shipping information so we can send you out a new batch when they arrive.

    19. Jeff Czapla-Myers on September 19, 2013

      Hi guys, I just had my first o-ring break, and upon inspection I noticed that the bridge is also cracked down the middle (but hasn't broken). Are the bridges covered under warranty?

    20. John Adams + Obtainium Creator on September 15, 2013

      Hi Viki, yes it is real laser etching and not any kind of print. It is true its a much brighter white color than it shows in our photos. Since then we have increase the power of the laser etching. We found on the lower power settings the lower contrast was make the text not look so good. The white color is created by aluminum oxide. The laser is cutting through the hard anodize coating through to the aluminum underneath. Oxidizing it. Aluminum oxide is a white color.

      We would never print something on the wallet that could easily wear off.

    21. Chris Guerin
      on August 14, 2013

      I've been using my Obtanium wallet every single day from the moment it arrived a few months ago (can't remember the exact date) and it has been an absolute joy to use.

      The quality is superb for a wallet like this, and it's made even more special with my name etched into the inside. It's those things that make it count.

      The simplicity is ingeneous for something of this quality, and it really shows in the end product. Which makes me glad to have gotten one of the limited edition versions.

      Also, a point of their support base, which has so far been great. They were able to get back to me less than four hours of my initial email, and have worked out a solution which will allow me to keep using my wallet until they recieve more stock.

      Big props to Luke from Obtanium who has helped me out on this one :)

      You can be certain that I will be using this wallet for a long time to come.

    22. Missing avatar

      on August 5, 2013

      Guys, GUYS!

      This product is amazing! Loving the style, feel and change to the old leather warrior.

      One thing I would be keen on and pay for in a future edition is squared edges on one side of the wallet, I need to carry business cards on me and the rounded edges put a stop to that idea is a giant hurry.

      Thanks again!

    23. Chris Miller on July 25, 2013

      Sent DM a few days ago. Please advise when it will arrive.

    24. Mike "TiMag Sheriff" Pilcher on July 24, 2013

      No problems with the bridges yet... but theres some rubbing going on in the inside at the hinge. Two pieces are rubbing together, revealing some raw Al.

      I would imagine the bridge problem has to do with the o-rings loosening up.

    25. Missing avatar

      Gus on July 24, 2013

      is anyone else finding the bridges arent lasting? mine are ok if they are full the whole time, 3 cards in each side, but now the cards are loose unless there is some cash in there as well as a buffer.

    26. Lars on July 24, 2013

      Awesome job guys! I got the black with my name and number laser engraved. I love the feel of the wallet, and I find myself taking up the wallet, opening it up and closing it again - just because I love how it feels in my hand and that sophisticated "clap" sound by closing it.

      Also, A BIG PLUS for putting a smaller amount of the value on the package, which decreased the custom fees and taxes significally. In Sweden these fees are outrageosly high, so really appreciated this gesture.

    27. Missing avatar

      Peter Sartori on July 23, 2013

      Received mine yesterday- it's everything I'd hoped for. Love the feel of the hinge, all of my cards fit in there and it still closes up flush, and the finish is clean and consistent (but begging to be broken in).

    28. Missing avatar

      Nikolai on July 19, 2013

      sent a dm. please let me know when it will arrive.

    29. Chris Miller on July 15, 2013

      Fingers crossed wallet finally arrives this week...

    30. Steve Pappas on July 14, 2013

      Sleek, smooth, and sophisticated are terms that come to mind for the Obtanium!

      Makes me want to Obtanium more :-)

      Got the olive green, and the finish and color are, in a word, outstanding!

      The Obtainum is one of many favorite KS rewards!

      Would like to encourage the team to consider the hinge some more for future versions.

      . . . spring loaded . . . ratcheted . . . washers and tensioning hexes / torxs screws . . .

      Anyone have any ideas?

      Know this has been discussed before, but his is a cool design challenge for a great product!

      Just sayin'

      Thank you John and team! Great work!


    31. Missing avatar

      Nikolai on July 13, 2013

      Just got mine. amazing wallet. it's even better than expected.

    32. John Adams + Obtainium Creator on July 12, 2013

      Hey everyone.. all kickstarter wallets have been shipped out as of July 10th. Sorry we are travelling at the moment with limited internet so shipping notices haven't gotten out this time around. But rest assured your wallet is on its way!

    33. Missing avatar

      on July 11, 2013

      Same for me too!

    34. Missing avatar

      Nirav Mehta on July 11, 2013

      Hey Obtainium I also havent received mine either...any chance we can get an update please :D

    35. Missing avatar

      Richard Jones on July 10, 2013

      I was just wondering if my wallet had been sent yet?

    36. Missing avatar

      Hugh on July 7, 2013

      Hi John and Obtainium team, i was just wondering about the status of my wallet please.

    37. Philip Burgess on July 7, 2013

      Got mine a few days ago - a KS LE Black - and am 100% happy. Early days in terms of proper testing etc, but I'm impressed with the look & feel - my family & buddies all like! Moreover, the information and updates from Obtainium throughout the KS campaign were all met - there were no surprises!

      I think this is great and will absolutely recommend - the overall design is excellent. Wish I'd also got the one-off key-ring - perhaps that could be a part of the next Obtainium project?

      (And yes - it's just lovely to hold & play with: although that was probably not the point.........)

    38. Mike "TiMag Sheriff" Pilcher on July 5, 2013

      I fear the day mine is completely loose. I don't open it a whole lot, so maybe itll last longer... but if it happens to you in only 2 months, its only a matter of (short) time. Even though I try not to open it when using it... I do tend to catch myself playing with it.

    39. Rami Nasra on July 4, 2013

      Having used my wallet for 2 months now, here's my only comment: The hinge has come very loose and now the wallet just claps; you're forced to shut it quick and with force otherwise it'll slip out of your hand since there is no longer any resistance.
      Apart from that, I absolutely love it and will continue to keep using it. =)

    40. Vicki H.
      on July 4, 2013

      I just took a closer look and inspection of my wallet, and I believe I owe Obtainium an apology. Upon more careful examination, it looks like the customization part of the wallet is indeed etched into the wallet, and NOT printed on top as I originally thought. The text engraved on my wallet does appear brighter than how it looks in the project page photos, but it's possible it may have to do with whether the etching or color anodizing was done first, as, if I may hazard a guess, it may be the original raw titanium color showing through in the etching on my wallet versus the anodized color on the photo wallet. (And the font used in my wallet is different than the one in the photo, which further led me astray in thinking the 2 processes used to create them were different too.) Either way, I was wrong in all my statements below regarding the not-so-good of my wallet, and for that I am well and truly sorry and offer my sincere apologies to the Obtainium team.

      The good news is: I am happy and pleased with my wallet now. :) Thank you, Obtainium!

    41. Vicki H.
      on July 3, 2013

      Received my military-olive KickStarter special edition Obtainium wallet yesterday and was quite excited as I got the box and realized what must be inside. Thoughts on the final product in hand:--

      The Good:
      -Great packing. Appreciate the sturdy double-layer-corrugated cardboard box it was shipped in that ensured its arrival safe and sound, rather than a bubble envelope that can rip and tear and have its corners smashed in and have all this mirrored on the product inside (happened with more KickStarter projects I've backed than I'd like).
      -Very nice packaging inside: like the attached-lid design of the box, the gloss-embossing on the lid, and the custom cut-out foam cushioning on the inside that further helped ensure the wallet arrived at its destination in the same shape it left its source in.
      -Thanks for the usability guide with coupon code and 2 stickers included inside: appreciated!
      -Like the label-tag around the spare o-rings that help prevent them from getting lost in the box and the specs and installation guide info on the tag; shows a thoughtfulness I appreciate. :)
      -Very much like the smooth finish and subdued color of the wallet: sleek, quality feel without being tacky or gaudy. Absence of any sharp, rough, or excessively hard points or edges should make it comfortable to carry and less likely to damage clothing or skin, as well as easy for cards to slide in and out. Also like how the surface doesn't seem to pick up much fingerprints or other smudges.

      The NOT-So-Good: (similar to Benjamin Tait's concern)
      -My main disappointment (and it's significant to me) is the so-called "laser engraving"/"laser etching", which was specifically referred to as such not only on the project home page and reward tier description, but also in Updates #8 & #18. I'm no engraving or laser expert, but I thought that means something is burned into a surface with an actual laser, so that it's sunk lower than the surrounding surface, akin to being carved in. What I got instead was something that was obviously printed on the surface top in white ink (or paint or whatever it is), which I have little doubt will be rubbed/scratched off in short time and will be far less lasting than true engraving would be. I can feel the printing sticks out from the surface of the wallet rather than sunk in, which means it'll be subject to more wear and friction than its surrounding and therefore will wear down and come off. This is fundamentally different enough from what was described as "laser engraving" or "laser etching" that I can't help but feel duped in a kind of a 'bait-and-switch'. The photo of the KickStarter only edition on the home page and Update #3 does not look like what I have--the engraving in the photo looks fairly lighter/duller than the bright white printing of mine, suggesting what was in the photo was actually engraved into the wallet surface and not the same as what I have. In fact, I doubt if a laser was used to get the printing onto my wallet at all. If I had known this is the kind of "engraving"/"etching" I would have received, I would not have chosen this pledge tier. And, I dare say, this kind of customization is not on the same level of quality that this wallet is touted to be.

      I would very much be interested in, and appreciate, hearing the Obtainium team's response to this, and why what was promised in this aspect is not the same as what was delivered.

    42. El Drijver on July 3, 2013

      I finally received my gold Obtainium wallet and man is it awesome. I say "finally" only to emphasize my own anticipation, the production process of this Kickstarter project had a great pace considering everything that needed to be done.

      My biggest worry would be the size, it's still hard to imagine how big it would be and I wasn't so desperate as to create a cardboard mockup to reflect its size at an earlier stage :) I got a thin leather wallet just about half a year ago, with no coin pouch, so I couldn't really imagine the Obtainium would end up as a smaller alternative, just more rigid and pretty. Turns out it actually is smaller! Stacking cards on top of each other apparently does bring that much of an advantage over having individual slits/sleeves/covers etc. This was a welcome surprise. I'm also a back-pocket kinda guy and the shape and size make it comfortable to wear all the time, it feels fine when I sit down with no chance to take my stuff out of my pockets.

      The color was another big worry. I ordered mine before black was an option, so I had sort off decided that gold was the one for me: why not show off this bad boy? When black was introduced though, damn that seemed like a nice option. On the other hand, all my gadgets and gear is already black, maybe this should be the thing to stand out. I'm glad I stuck with it, the gold looks great. It has a sophisticated look to it, not a gaudy one. In dark lighting conditions it creeps more towards brown, but with subtle highlights of bright gold and yellow-ish white along the edges and curves, very classy. The texture is just like a Macbook or iMac, shiny but with a fine grain. It does not look matte, it looks like a restrained sort of shiny which does not show finger prints at all.

      The overall build quality seems great so far. As stated in earlier comments, I agree the hinge movement feels exquisite. I did not take anything apart, but the cash bridges feel like they're made of a very stiff and rigid plastic. Time will tell if this turns out to be the best option ( referring to the cracked bridges and i'm curious if this turns out to be brittle over time).

      Side note: I did notice I wasn't able to scan my public transport card while the wallet was closed. I will try more thoroughly soon, but it seems to successfully block RFID (can't remember this was mentioned anywhere).

      I have been eyeing a lot of wallets since the hype for slim/metal/no-cash solutions has been growing over the past few years. In the end, this this was the only one that impressed me enough (I had to ponder it for some time, to be fair). Obtainium made some unique design choices and trade offs, which seemed fuelled by proper (and maybe ballsy) engineering. This engineering shows throughout the entire design and construction of the wallet. The more I look at it the more I discover. It seems the Obtainium wallet is a culmination of delicate design and engineering touches like why the cash bridges are not aligned opposite each-other (to save room) or how some corners have graceful swooshes and curves that fold neatly into a grand smooth shape when closed. I think most of these things will go unnoticed for the average user, but it's nice that there's a wallet for those of us who do.

      I wholeheartedly agree with the general motto not to add stuff because it will eventually break (like a locking mechanism). So I really feel this could be my wallet for a long time. Overall this is a great project and event hough it might be an expensive wallet, it definitely seems worth it at this point :)

      John, Luke, Anders and Craig (forgive me if I spelled any of your names wrong), pat yourselves on the shoulder for a job well done. I hope this little endeavour will be worthwhile for you guys!

    43. Missing avatar

      Felix Schueller on July 2, 2013

      Just got mine! Special Edition in black. Absolutely awesome!!

    44. John Adams + Obtainium Creator on July 1, 2013

      Hi Ken and others, if your bridge cracks its a manufacturing defect. Sorry. This has happened to a small percentage of the bridges so we did not realize it at first. If you experience the problem just let us know an we will send you a new set.

      As the plastic swirls inside the mold its cooling and forming weld line in the center of the bridge in some cases. This is the worst place for a weld line and the reason it can cause a crack.

      We think the solution is to use a different plastic mix that is less susceptible to this problem.

    45. Missing avatar

      Ken Sekiguchi on June 29, 2013

      Just managed to open the box and take a look at my wallet. I noticed a few issues. One, the cash bridge has a small crack down the center, right between the O and B. As only one side has this, I assume its not supposed to be there? Second, there are slight swirl marks above and below the two ridges- are these just from manufacturing?

    46. Missing avatar

      Nirav Mehta on June 29, 2013

      so if i had the black it should be coming soon?

    47. Mike "TiMag Sheriff" Pilcher on June 29, 2013

      Got mine today! Having to sign for it, got to spend some quality time with the cute mail girl! Haha. Can't wait to use it tonight and make some use of it.

    48. Missing avatar

      Andy H.
      on June 29, 2013

      Got mine too and looked great as well. Going to take it out for a spin today to test to see how well RFID blocking works...

    49. Mark Pomell on June 28, 2013

      Hi, I have just received mine and i'm very happy great product guys!! very happy its a very cool product!! well done, I need another one!!

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