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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.

New Year Project Update

Posted by Obsidian Entertainment (Creator)

Update by Brandon Adler, Producer

Happy New Year!

Hello, everyone. Like everyone here at Obsidian, I hope you had a great holiday season and were able to gorge on lots of treats and good food. This week I am going to go over a bit about the new Backer Portal (please log in if you haven't already), give a general update about where we are in our production, and show off some of the cool things that are happening in the game. In our next update we will be taking a more detailed look at some of the classes in Eternity.

Backer Info

Just a reminder to all of our backers, if you have not done so already, please head to the Backer Portal and complete your order. All backers need to go through the process so they can receive their rewards - even those that only have digital goods.

To start the process, click on "Manage My Pledge Now" and click on the "Select Reward" button on the pledge management screen. From here, you may select the tier you backed (or upgrade to a new tier), select additional add-ons, fill out any shipping information, and file your surveys.

Also, please make sure you fill out your surveys as soon as you can. If you have an NPC, item, inn, or portrait the sooner you get the information to us, the sooner we can make sure it gets into the game.

If you are having any issues, e-mail us at and we'll help you out quickly.


As most of you know, we finished up Od Nua (our mega-dungeon) in our last milestone. I have to say, I think it looks pretty amazing. Currently, the area team is working on our second big city, Twin Elms, and it is looking just as good. Here, take a look for yourself.

Check out these ancient ruins near Twin Elms. Ancient Engwithan ruins near Twin Elms.

Without getting into too much detail, the Area Designers are fleshing out the end of the game right now and everything is really coming together. The area in the screenshot above looks like the perfect place for a big fight, huh?


Our character team has been cranking out new creatures and equipment.

We are almost completely through all of our A priority creatures. Soon we will be working on our B priority creatures and lots of equipment variations.

One of the creatures that was just finished to Alpha quality is the Cean Gŵla. These banshee-like undead are the spirits of women who died under particularly tragic or traumatic circumstances.

Take a look at the comparison images below.

Creature comparison images. In-engine and concept comparison of the Cean Gŵla.


Most of our UI has either been implemented or mocked up to an Alpha level. The interface that we would like to show you today is the character sheet, which shows character and party information. You can find lots of useful info on the sheet including various party statistics, your reputations with Eternity factions, and character stats.

Our character sheet UI. The character sheet has many useful player and party statistics.


Features have been going into the game pretty regularly.

We just recently moved to Unity 4.3 and, while this might not seem like a big deal, 4.3 has ushered in some long awaited features. Animation annotations, for example, were added to Unity. We can now call sound effects based on specific frames of animation. This makes things like footsteps possible.

A majority of our spells and abilities are in-game and usable. Josh has started auditing them and requesting changes for gameplay balance purposes. Tim has been quite busy with all of the small edits.

Strangely, one of our more minor features has gotten me the most excited. Just recently we have gotten the ability to set custom party formations and I am having a blast testing it out.


Have you been wondering what some of the Pillars of Eternity gods look like? Wonder no more.

Two concepts for Galawain and Woedica. Representations of the gods Galawain and Woedica.

Above you will see the representations of Galawain and Woedica, gods in the Eternity pantheon.

Woedica is known by many names including "The Exiled Queen," "The Burned Queen," "Oathbinder," and "The Strangler." Her domains include law, justice, oaths and promises, (rightful) rulership, hierarchies, memory, and vengeance.

Priestesses of the Exiled Queen serve as lawyers and judges in towns and urban centers, and the most prominent among them are advisers to kings and lords. They are of particular importance in the Empire of Aedyr, where by tradition, business contracts always require their endorsement. Her devotees are typically found in the upper classes, but any conservative person who longs for a vanished past will find a place in her faith. “When Woedica takes back her throne” is a common saying amongst her followers, signifying a utopian future when society will be properly ordered once again, and she will take her rightful place as ruler of the gods.

Galawain is patron of the hunt in all its forms, and he is honored by those whose occupations are concerned with pursuit and discovery. His faithful include frontiersmen, constables, treasure-seekers, explorers, and even scholars, many of whom wear his carved symbol – a dog’s head – around their wrist or neck. He is also protector of wild places and untamed wilderness, where the hunt manifests in its purest form as a daily struggle for survival.

That's it for this update. Make sure you head over to our forums to let us know what you think of anything you see here.

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    1. Silver on

      Nice work with the character sheet ui indeed. :)

    2. Ivica Lazić on

      And thank you for all your help. Lesson learned, now I made sure that nothing similar happens to me ever again.

    3. Ivica Lazić on

      Now I have to apologize for freaking out and being impatient while you were indeed trying to help me. Sorry about that. :/

    4. Chris S

      @Jim My concern would be the blanket agreement to let them share my data, including contact info, with other companies. I am NOT ok with this and I find your failure to understand someone having this position less than "amusing"

    5. Jim Chaney on

      I do find the privacy comments a bit amusing; you are willing to hand money to an unknown party in the *hope* that they will deliver a game to you a year later, but you are unwilling to tell them if you are a man or a woman? Ah well, no skin off my nose.

    6. Gavin Reading Rainbow KS backer! on

      I have had no problems and am completely happy so far. :) Sorry for rubbing it in. ;P

    7. Missing avatar

      Baroquen131 on

      Just a follow-up: (If I'm going to gripe, I'm certainly going to acknowledge help provided)

      Darren did indeed contact me to help me get things straightened out. I did manage to untangle my account problems and everything seems to be on track. So thanks for the help! I truly appreciate the effort.

    8. Missing avatar

      nathar606 on

      Thanks for the comprehensive reply. Obviously its easy to understand why a separate portal is useful for continuing to manage the pledges/upgrades etc - It would be great if the privacy policy can be updated to reflect your stance regarding the sharing of information, but thank you for confirming there would be an alternative.

    9. Obsidian Entertainment Creator

      @nathar606, Sorry for the hassle and I can address the legal stuff too.

      With respect to why we have a separate system, it's very much like Chris Olsen said. It came down to solving a number of problems:

      - How can we accommodate the thousands of PayPal backers we have because Kickstarter wasn't an option for them? Amazon/Kickstarter didn't service a number of countries that have lots of RPG fans.
      - How can we allow people to upgrade their tiers, and/or buy more addons? About 20-25% of people have upgraded since we put the site up. It was a very frequent request over the past year.
      - How can we get information from non-Kickstarter backers about the NPC's, items, taverns/inn's, etc., that they are designing for us without having to create a separate set of surveys?
      - A silly thing, but how do we get people their backer badges on our forums without all ~100,000 of them being done manually?
      - How can we get everyone their digital goods easily when the game comes out, and have a place where people can keep track of their keys?
      - How can we let people know the status of their orders?

      To solve all of those items, we decided to create our own backer portal that was built into the new Eternity site. It was really a call about how to keep things as efficient on our side as possible, spending as much backer money as we can on the game itself, and as little on things like support staff to manage pledges. (Everyone working on support right now is a dev [with one exception, Fionavar, who is our super awesome chief forum moderator :)] and we've been lucky that most backers have been able to get through everything on the site without needing help from us.)

      That said, use of the portal is not mandatory. We can still fulfill your pledge manually if you're not comfortable with signing up. I will confess that it makes it easier for us, but we want to make sure everyone is comfortable with the process, and I definitely respect your concerns.

      Regarding our privacy policy, your post is a good reminder for me to review this with the other guys here and our lawyer. As one of the owners, I have zero interest (in fact, I have negative interest by principle) in selling anyone's information or using this for any other purpose than to give you your rewards for backing the game and letting you know about our stuff. If you do decide to come to the backer site and are asked any personal information that you're not comfortable sharing and/or doesn't seem relevant to the pledge process, please feel free to put dummy data in there. All we actually need is just a way to prove your pledge belongs to your account, and that we can e-mail you to let you know stuff's ready for you when it is! (Once exception: If you upgrade, our payment processors might request additional information, but that's not needed by us.)

      I've added the privacy policy review as a task for me to follow up on.


    10. Obsidian Entertainment Creator

      @Ivica Lazić, I e-mailed you yesterday about your pledge. If you didn't get it and it's not in your spam folder, send me a message through Kickstarter here (I'll send you something there too.)

    11. Obsidian Entertainment Creator

      @Tobi, at the Backer Portal ( hit the Select Reward button and you can upgrade your pledge there. Hit Continue to Next Step and you'll be able to add on, well, addons. Hope that helps.

    12. Obsidian Entertainment Creator

      @Stefan Radermacher, are you still seeing that? It should be running fine here. If you are, maybe try clearing your cache (Ctrl-F5 / Shift-Ctrl-F5 in Chrome / Command-R)

    13. Obsidian Entertainment Creator

      @Baroquen131, ugh, I'm sorry to hear that. I'll PM you here and we'll get you straightened out.

    14. Obsidian Entertainment Creator

      @Ber, you're absolutely right! We need to let people know that they need to create an Obsidian account (or use an existing forum account if they have one) in more places. I put up some text on the log in page, and I think I should probably add a Kickstarter logo there to help draw attention. We'll also make that more clear in our future updates too!

    15. Obsidian Entertainment Creator

      @Cate Stuart Fagan, yep, same log in as your forums account.
      For Kickstarter backers who haven't yet created an Obsidian account, please do that first here ( and then when you go to the Backer Portal, you can link your Kickstarter or PayPal pledges.


    16. Obsidian Entertainment Creator

      @Kevin Kortekaas, are you still having problems? If so, e-mail us at


    17. Obsidian Entertainment Creator

      Hi everyone, apologies for the site being down when we launched the update. We had a very strange problem at our ISP and the site’s up - Come on down!


    18. Missing avatar

      sth128 on

      I see the witch from L4D and that girl from The Ring had a baby.

    19. Thomas Toledo on

      Looks wonderful! I love the blue glow of the Cean Gŵla. I have a feeling I will learn to fear seeing that glow in the distance....

    20. FightingFurball on

      Maybe that helps people who can't log in.
      I had the same problem. I couldn't log in on the first page after registering and activating the account.
      I left it about a day thinking might get fixed. But I got the same problem this time I tried to Log in and it didn't work. So I clicked the community field and went to the forums, realizing well you can't post if you can't log in, I wanted to leave but stopped when I saw the Login field in the forums. Thinking oh what the hell I used my Login there and got in. I also could go back to the first page and manage my pledge etc.
      Also don't forget You have to use your actual Accountname not your Email-address for the Login.
      Hope that helps.

    21. wenchwogg on

      I started salivating when I saw that character sheet. So hyped!

    22. Missing avatar

      Alister on

      That character sheet screen looks beautiful. Can't wait!

    23. frederic tarabout on

      Classic classy UI. Love it.

    24. Ivica Lazić on

      I tried sharing my Kickstarter account with support and messaged them using the same email I use now for Kickstarter...with no luck. :C

    25. Ivica Lazić on

      Looks like I'll have to pirate the game in order to actually get it.... because that will be easier than emailing support again (and again and again) because I can't remember what my email was (I used the same email for Amazon and Kickstarter). GREAT.

    26. Missing avatar

      theStormWeaver on

      I detect a lot of Celtic influence here.

      I approve :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Cutter on

      Haha! Rascal is a reputation level?! Please tell me there's a Scoundrel level!

    28. Wojciech on

      It's happening! Looks fantastic, can't wait.

    29. Ilias ThE RetrospecT on

      How can I confirm that the $30 left in my balance are for International Shipping ?

    30. Missing avatar

      Chris Olson on

      "The Site’s forums, various mailing lists, downloads, special offers, contests, registration forms, and surveys may request that you give us contact information such as your name, mailing and/or e-mail address; demographic information such as your age and gender; and personal preference information such as your tastes in video game platforms and gameplay. Information submitted at the time of submission will be used by Obsidian only as necessary for our legitimate business interests, including without limitation the improvement of our products, services and the contents of the Site. Obsidian may also share such information with our business and promotional partners to further those interests"

      Whole bunch of nope here. Not going to give out additional unnecessary information, particularly that which can personally identify me to advertisers. Also not planning on using the site for anything, so that's pointless as well.

      All I want is a direct download of the finished game as noted in the pledge tiers whenever it's done, not a requirement to sign up for additional sites, advertisements, forums, etc.

      Yes, KS has a shitty system in place for pledge management. Yes, it's a giant pain in the ass trying to arrange sending out codes to 73K+ people. Yes, it's still possible without all the other crap.

      So far, this additional information requirements seem to be par for the course for highly funded (video) games, even those that claim to be DRM-free. All it does is make me not want to back more video games on KS.

    31. Steve Dozniak on

      Looks absolutely astonishing. Awesome work, Obsidian!

    32. Olga Lampe on

      I have a question considering pledge management.
      Does the option "I want to buy addons and/or join the Obsidian Order of Eternity" means "Digital Download of Expansion Pack +$20 (included in tiers $165 and above)" or something else? because i donated 20 more bucks for this option...

    33. Missing avatar

      nathar606 on

      Thanks Matthew - I'd just reasonably assumed that I would get the rewards I'd paid for without any hoop-jumping. Even the privacy policy on the website suggests if I don't want them to pimp my details, I shouldn't be using the site! It's quite hard to legally define "legitimate business interests" so the privacy agreement seems to allow them to do what they like :)

      "The Site’s forums, various mailing lists, downloads, special offers, contests, registration forms, and surveys may request that you give us contact information such as your name, mailing and/or e-mail address; demographic information such as your age and gender; and personal preference information such as your tastes in video game platforms and gameplay. Information submitted at the time of submission will be used by Obsidian only as necessary for our legitimate business interests, including without limitation the improvement of our products, services and the contents of the Site. Obsidian may also share such information with our business and promotional partners to further those interests."

      "If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use the Site."

    34. Matt Trenton

      I just tried the backer portal and it worked just fine for me using Google Chrome.

    35. Mikel Muxika on

      @Matthew Farmery I don't mind giving my email for contact or something like that, but I'd prefer to avoid having to sign up to a web I don't know I'll be using. Nevertheless, I'd like to get an answer about @nathar606's and my query from OE directly.

    36. Chris S

      Backer portal still not working (403 Forbidden) even when linking from the web site.

    37. Matthew Farmery on

      OE backer portal is easy to do, you use your OE forum account, or your KS email, but the backer portal is a better way for OE to manage pledges, KS itself doesn't have a system in place to manage this, which is why a lot of studios that have used KS to get their game funded, usually have their own system in place. its a lot easier, as many games that I have backed have done this, as for OE own backer portal, its pretty easy to navigate. so you shouldn't have any problems, claiming your reward.

      like I said, KS doesn't have a good system in place to manage pledges, or give you the chance of upgrading your pledge, or confirm your shipping address, (if its needed) OE isn't keeping your reward, its safe, but you need to confirm it on their site.

    38. Missing avatar

      nathar606 on

      So.. even though I'm already registered with Kickstarter, if I don't register on the eternity site, you keep my money and I get nothing?

    39. Missing avatar

      Dombat on

      Nice update. The UI looks great and I love where you're going with the gods. The lore surrounding Woedica is interesting.

    40. Willem on

      Screenshot and UI screen looks awesome. Good work. The game is coming along nicely.

    41. Mikel Muxika on

      @Hassat thx, even though it seems as an unnecessary hassle for backers...

    42. Missing avatar

      Hassat Hunter on

      @ Mikel;
      Not Obsidian, but can answer that.
      Since they can't tell from here what the additional funds you have given above a pledge was for. If you go to the portal you can specify it so you get what you paid for properly.

    43. Mikel Muxika on

      Hi, why do we need to sign up to the backer portal to receive the rewards?

    44. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      Great update with a lot of detail available in the UI screenshot.

      Enjoying working out what all the acronyms represent and pondering how this may be manifest in the actual game.

    45. Otto T M Tormented Ninja of the O-Order on

      Does anyone else want to put a Predator head on Galawain?

      Great update btw good to see you are making such great progress.

    46. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      guys I need help - i want to upgrade my pledge but i can't find where i can pledge via paypal or buy credit. can someone point me to where i have to go? Clicking on "pledge now" ( just routes me to my backer profile.

    47. Missing avatar

      Dominik on

      Great work guys, loving the UI. The only gripe I have about it is that a lot of the attributes have their effects shown as percentile instead of the actual numbers.

    48. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      Those screenshots of the ruins and the UI are absolutely stunning. Beautiful. Seeing classic RPGs come to life with current technology makes me happy!

    49. Missing avatar

      Sergey N on

      Very, very pretty UI!

    50. Stefan Radermacher on

      I can only get 403 Forbidden.