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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.

Pillars of Eternity

Posted by Obsidian Entertainment (Creator)

Update by Brandon Adler, Producer

After months of hard work we are happy to present to you with Project Eternity's BIG update. We have lots of stuff to go over, so let's get into it.

Teaser Trailer

Through the hard work of the Project Eternity team we are proud to present our first in-game teaser trailer.

Gameplay teaser. Click to view the gameplay teaser.

New Name

If you've finished the teaser (and you've finished it, haven't you?) then you know we have another big announcement. Project Eternity is now officially known as Pillars of Eternity. In addition to that, we have a nifty new logo courtesy of Kaz:

New Pillars of Eternity logo. The new Pillars of Eternity logo.

Backer Portal

Pillars of Eternity now has a new Backer Portal! You can visit it by going here.

First things first, let's get into how you manage your pledges.

Welcome to the Pillars of Eternity backer portal. To manage your pledge, click the link in the highlighted area.

In the image above you will notice a section outlined in a red box. Inside this box is a link to the pledge management page. There are actually a few different ways to get to the pledge management page (there is also a link on the top bar, for example), but this is the easiest from the home page. Click the link in the box and you will head to the pledge management page.

Pledge management page. From this page you can manage all of your pledges or link new ones.

The pledge management page is your first stop in collecting rewards. On this page you can do the following:

  • Review any pledges linked to your account’s email address.
    • Under the Your Pledges section we will list all of the pledges that are linked to the email address you have listed in your account. You can review these pledges and make sure that everything is correct.
  • Link an additional email address to your account.
    • You may have multiple pledges from multiple email addresses that you would like to associate with your account. By clicking the link in the Your Pledges section you can enter in another email address to link to your account. You will then be sent a confirmation email to the address provided. Once confirmed, any pledges linked to that email address will be shown under the Your Pledges section.
  • Confirm what pledges should be used for.
    • If you have pledged an amount equal to your selected tier on Kickstarter or PayPal the Backer Portal will automatically figure out what your pledge should be used for. On the other hand if you pledged an amount different than your selected tier level you will need to specify what the additional money or pledges were intended for. This can be anything from an add-on, to shipping, to a donation. If you need help you can select the option for Obsidian to contact you. We will contact you as soon as possible and get everything squared away. Keep in mind that if you choose for an Obsidian employee to contact you, your account will be locked until a representative has helped you. This is to prevent any incorrect selections.

Reward management page You can confirm and upgrade your tier on the reward management page.

Next, you will be taken to the reward selection page. On this page you will be able to confirm your reward selection by selecting the appropriate tier listed. If you are eligible for a tier upgrade, you can select one of those options instead of what you originally pledged. Don’t worry about the price differences, we will take care of that when you checkout.

Did you miss any add-ons? Add them here. If you missed any add-ons during the Kickstarter, you can add them here.

Did you forget to grab a Pillars of Eternity t-shirt during the Kickstarter? No need to fret, after selecting your rewards, you can choose any add-ons that you would like to add to your pledge. You will find everything from shirts, to mouse pads, to Chris Avellone’s novella.

Review your order. You can review your order before finalizing it.

Once you are finished choosing your rewards and add-ons, you will have an opportunity to review your order before checking out.

Fill out your shipping info. Fill out your shipping info, if needed.

If you have any physical goods, you will need to enter your shipping information.

Pay for any extra options. If you upgraded or added rewards, you will need to pay with a credit card or paypal.

If your pledge covers all of your rewards and add-ons you have selected then you just need to confirm one last time. If you have selected a more expensive tier or additional add-ons, then you will be prompted to pay with a credit card or a PayPal account.

Fill out any surveys. Fill out surveys for any in-game rewards.

For those of you that have in-game rewards that require your help (Credits, Memorial Stones, NPCs, Items, Inns, Portraits, Adventuring Parties, etc.) or add-ons that require more information (shirts), we have surveys for you to fill out. Just click on the link once you have checked out or go to your profile to find all of the surveys you are eligible for.

Filling out the surveys is as easy as choosing whatever you would like from the various selection boxes and filling out any text for in-game rewards. If you don’t have enough time to fill out the survey in one sitting, just press the save button at the bottom of the page. Your answers will be saved for the next time you enter the survey. Once you are happy with your answers, you can choose to submit your survey.

Congratulations! Your rewards are now confirmed and any surveys you have are filled out. All that’s left to do is check out the areas of the Backer Portal. You can find more information about the game, videos, screenshots, and wallpapers.

Stretch Goal Poll

We've always taken your pledges seriously and we remain committed to giving our backers every stretch goal you reached during the Kickstarter campaign. Budgeting a game of this size can be daunting, but we always remember the cornerstones of our pitch and the features you funded. Even so, there are two things we know a lot of you have asked for: more wilderness areas and more companions. Both of these are very time-consuming, but we understand why so many people want them. Because we've seen these requests more than a few times, we would like to ask the community if you would be interested in new stretch goals to fund additional development. If not, no worries: we're still going to deliver on everything you've backed. Please let us know your thoughts in this thread on our forums.

Interviews and Articles

That’s not all. We also have a plethora of new interviews with members of the Pillars of Eternity team. Check them out below.

That’s it for the update. The Pillars of Eternity team and the whole Obsidian crew would like to thank you for all of your support and help in creating the game over this past year. You can’t imagine how rewarding it is to get to work on this game with all of our Backers. Here’s to another great year!

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    1. dungeoncrawl on

      Went with an XFX Radeon R9 270x for $219 on amazon. That should do it I think.

    2. Missing avatar

      Quantomas on

      Are you planning to use the same dynamic zooming effects in the game?

      That would be cool for encounters and battles (probably adjustable by the player) and would resolve the problem that characters appear small. Having them lifesized from time to time will definitely enhance the emotional connection.

    3. Missing avatar

      descalabro on

      @dungeoncrawl, I'm still trying to figure out why Wasteland 2 have such hi specs considering the game's graphics are hardly a justification.

    4. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Why does it need a phone number for digital rewards...? I put all 0s.

    5. dungeoncrawl on

      Has there been any estimate as to how much gameplay this game is targeted to have? I'm hoping it's in the 80-120 that the old BG games used to be.

      Also, can we get some estimate as to the type of hardware specs we'll need? The Wasteland 2 beta is unlayable to me due to my rig. If I'm going to buy a Graphics card update, I'd like to make sure I'll be set for this game too.

    6. Matthew on

      Try as I might I just can't login to the new pillars of eternity site. I made an account but now it keeps saying my password is incorrect. I've changed it twice and it's still now working.
      And I second the horrible recaptcha's on that page, they must be the worst ones I've ever tried to read in my life.

    7. Silver on

      Great update! :D

      Also, moar stretch goals!1

    8. Randy Snow on

      Will there be a way to change the shipping address in the future?

    9. Allan Chong on

      Just want to leave note that the numbers captcha doesn't work..use the text one. Tried the numbers one over 10 times and none of them work. The text captcha works on first try.

    10. Missing avatar

      William on

      Nevermind; 50 attempts later, finally a success. I hate Recaptcha.

    11. Missing avatar

      William on

      Is there any anti-spam check other than Recaptcha? I'm terribly frustrated right now; every time I enter that garbled piece of crap they call text, I get a message saying that it was incorrect. I even tried using their audio thing, but it's as clear as listening to a walkie-talkie with zero reception and an ear infection.

    12. Kennan Ward on

      Still getting an error

    13. Yuoaman on

      I am also unable to login.

    14. Shaun Huang on

      The return of amazing character portraits! The 2nd one looks so intriguing. Great teaser all around.

    15. gandalf.nho

      Looking very nice, just the feeeling of Baldur's Gate

    16. Sir Chaox on


      Request: Can people who have a digital tier add on a t-shirt and pay shipping? Since I think the issue is the shipping, and I'd really like a t-shirt, but do not want the physical box for the game.

    17. Christian on

      *reads PC World article* No, not a thousand dragons! *gets D&D movie flashbacks* Nooooooo! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    18. John Madigan on

      Was just able to process my order a few minutes ago..

    19. Christian on

      The locations look so gorgeous! The only thing that I find a bit nagging is the fact that the beautiful painterly backgrounds and the modern 3D stuff don't integrate that well. I mean, look at the water in general and the pillars in front of the water in particular :/

      And the leaves of the bushes are strangely reflective, even though they should be 2D, not plasticy 3D.

    20. Porcupine on

      @Valery: don't tell me - you're using Firefox, right? And you're enrolled for HTML5 Youtube, isn't it? Well, "360 only" is your punishment for that. Courtesy of Google and Mozilla. Seriously though - it seems to be a recent trend that HD is ONLY available in MP4 (x264) format on Youtube - which Firefox helpfully cannot play - but not in WebM. Chrome can play that though - so you'll either need to watch it with an x254 capable browser, or opt out of HTML5 and use the crappy ole' flash player again... :)

    21. TangoBunny on

      I'm getting the error too.

    22. dungeoncrawl on

      I didn't see a T-shirt in there. Did I miss something? I saw an audio book and some other stuff but no T-shirt.

    23. Shaun Guth

      I can't finish the ordering - An error occurred processing your order. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact us.

    24. Sir Chaox on

      You can't add $8 right now? I think they will let you do a donation... :]

    25. Patric - Crusader of the Obsidian Order on

      I must have misunderstood the thing with the Obsidian Order. I thought it was if we added $8 OR got an Add-on. I only had $70 to give (unemployed) so with the $50 tier and $20 for the expansion I get no Obsidian Order membership. I guess I'm out of the order. :(

    26. fedsoatk on

      I managed to place the order after a few tries, not sure if it was because of the browser (eventually used firefox instead of chrome) or was the phone format that it didn't like...

    27. Matteo Orlandini on

      I can't log in or reset the password, i'm in kickstarter with My Facebook account.

    28. Sir Chaox on

      Read above at the "Stretch Goal Poll" part :D

    29. Patric - Crusader of the Obsidian Order on

      There are no more stretch goals. We already got them all with PayPal included. :) Or have I missed something?

    30. Sir Chaox on

      Anyone know if our new pledges will go towards the new stretch goals (when they decide to do this)?

    31. Missing avatar

      Monsta on

      Same here, an error occurs and I can't place the order.

    32. Patric - Crusader of the Obsidian Order on

      Hmm, can't place the order. I guess everybody are trying at the same time or have I made a mistake?

    33. Patric - Crusader of the Obsidian Order on

      Ah, it works better if you go through the Obsidian forums and log in. :)

    34. Patric - Crusader of the Obsidian Order on

      I guess I'm not the only one who can't get in to the site? :P
      When I try to start a new account it say the email is already in use but when I try to ask to recover the password it say that the email doesn't match. :/ Hope they fix it soon. :)

    35. Nick J. on

      @ Empirimancer re: animations. J E Sawyer was on the forums last night and mentioned that the animations are in an alpha state. So I'd expect a few more passes between now and release.

    36. Helena on

      same issues as others; I can't place my order either.

    37. Missing avatar

      Quantomas on

      Below the "Back Now" button that is.

    38. LordCrash on

      The database is kinda fucked up atm, according to OE. Give them some time to fix it, dudes....we still have weeks or months to finalize our pledges on the site. ;)

      BTW if you want to contact Obsidian you should head over to the forums.

    39. Missing avatar

      Quantomas on

      Absolutely worth watching the trailer in HD. It even makes a notable difference for the music as well -- HiFi stereo recommended.

      Thanks, Obsidian! Yes, put the stretch goals with a counter just below the pledge button on the backer portal, maybe it catches on.

    40. Gary M on

      Greg Davis said: "Hmmm Can't "place order".. when I try to , it takes me back to step 2 (Customer information) which looks valie. The error message is :

      An error occurred processing your order. Please try again later. If the problem persists, contact us."

      I'm having the same exact issue trying to add an additional digital download copy to my original pledge. Please update us when a fix is in place.

    41. Christian Rullan on

      Back site still not working

    42. Patric - Crusader of the Obsidian Order on

      Finaly we get to see some of the game and it looks great! Oh, I can't wait! And I'm so happy you keep "Eternity" in the title! :)

    43. LordCrash on

      2nd part of the RPS coverage:
      Check back tomorrow for the 3rd part with Feargosaurus! :P

    44. Will Baker on

      Sure hope the game is more bug free than the backer portal. I have no rewards showing at all. Tried the link email solution and nada. Reported it to customer support and we will see what happens.

    45. Missing avatar

      Empirimancer on

      About the choppy character and spell animations, I thought everything except the backgrounds were done in 3D? If so, what's causing the choppiness? Is it just low frame rate?

    46. Greg Davis on

      Hmmm Can't "place order".. when I try to , it takes me back to step 2 (Customer information) which looks valie. The error message is :

      An error occurred processing your order. Please try again later. If the problem persists, contact us. (I also used that link to leave a message). I have a screenshot(if that helps at all) but it looked like we could not post stuff like that in the contact us section.

    47. Jeremie Lariviere

      Very cool!

    48. John Vanderbeck on

      Hmm this is odd. Its the day after and the website is still not responding for me. I can totally see it going offline from the load, but that shouldn't be still going on.

    49. Missing avatar

      Empirimancer on

      If you can't recover your password or register, try recovering your password on Obsidian's official forums, then log in and you should be logged in the Pillars site as well.