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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
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    1. Missing avatar

      TheWayneAdams on

      Please let there be a companion that is terribly xenophobic, that would be brilliant. Better yet, an overly violent bro-tier companion.

    2. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      @László Stadler I have more faith in this team's communication skills than that one...

      For me "pull[ing] a Shadowrun Returns" means promising DRM-free and then finding the most technically correct way to offer it. And not because you had to change things in production, but because you *knew all along and decided that you'd get more money by being misleading*.

      But back on topic, I love discovering the secrets of various companions, though those who try to dictate what is and is not acceptable for my character to do are quickly dropped by the wayside.

    3. Jazz on

      Awesome update. I was up in the air over whether to go wizard, paladin or cipher for my first playthrough, but all the talk about how the cipher really fits the soul theme and it being their own brand new class has helped me decide on playing one straight off now! And to pick up the NPC cipher for my party too for Cipher duo chaining good times!

    4. Laszlo Stadler on

      A question: You are not going to "pull a Shadowrun Returns" on us, are you? You both are using the Unity engine but Shadowrun Returns has a ridiculous lack of savegames. I just lost about 30 mins of gameplay because it did not autosave

    5. Missing avatar

      Derpdragon of the Obsidian Order on

      This update was more than I expected. A very good read. Thanks!

      Time to watch Arcanum the Abridged Series. :)

    6. Chris Py on

      Very happy with this blog. Companions are very important to me in your games.

    7. Silver on

      @Nicholas Russell
      Err.. what? Maybe you should actually look into what Kicking It Forward entails.

      "Any project creator that puts the URL on their Kickstarter project page is agreeing that they will put 5% of their finished product profits back into other Kickstarter projects."

      First, it's 5 %. Second, that 5 % gets distributed between all the games they want to support. The money needed doesn't exponentially increase with each game they want to promote.

    8. Nicholas Russell on

      Unless they somehow got the ten percent profit from Eternity to pay for all of these games that they are regularly "kicking it forward" I have some severe doubts that they even know what the words mean.

      Excellent update overall though.

    9. Shaun Huang on

      Everything sounds so good. Also happy to read that companions will have unique interaction with the world.

    10. FightingFurball on

      Since they kicked a turn-based strategy game forward I will drop this one too:

      It looks quite interesting and they have quite a bit of assets already.

    11. Matt on

      @Pontus Broden Svensson I think what they mean is that you will be introduced to all of the companions before you are half way through the game. If you do misplace a companion, or want to swap for any reason, you ought to be able to return to their 'hangout' and recruit them. This is the way it worked in Planescape:Torment and B-Gate.

    12. Inwoods on

      I always hogged all the xp for myself in Dungeon Siege 1. Solo is so much fun when the party is flat, but companions that I can get emotionally involved in are the best.

    13. Missing avatar

      Pontus Broden Svensson on

      What if someone in my party dies, there will be no one to pick up after half the game??

    14. Silver on

      Nice update, it's good to see you've found time to play Arcanum between all the projects you're involved in.

      In dev speak dungeons commonly also include stuff like castles and old ruins etc., not just underground pathways.

    15. J. N. on

      I'm very pleased with all the companion goals. Having a deeply interactive team is definitely one of the things that makes me enjoy certain RPGs more.

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    17. Missing avatar

      Losse on

      Thanks for the update and Warmachine looks freaking awesome! Thanks for the heads up on it.

    18. Missing avatar

      mindx2 on

      For those complaining about "dungeons"... have you actually played Baldur's Gate I/II? Not to mention, did you read the description of this game before you pledged? Can't wait for this DUNGEON-CRAWLING game!!!!

    19. Vince Vazquez

      Another fantastic, and thorough, update for Project Eternity. Oh, and thanks for reminding me of Warmachine Tactics - it looks fantastic, but it kinda lost for me personally this month, since I already backed the (also fantastic looking) Legend of Iya and Rivendale from Black Forest Games (they of Great Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams). Even with Reminders on, it's hard to keep a bead on every promising Kickstarter project out there, y'know?

    20. Black_Hand on

      yes! i really hope that youre going to nail the sweet spot with companion introduction. not handicapping the later introduced characters. mass effect suffered for that and dragon age as well with a couple of small exceptions. coming to think of it, this issue is pretty common in bioware rpgs :X.

    21. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      A lengthy update but very much worth the read. From MCA's excellent piece, I got a deeper understanding of the full gamut of NPC design, which only increased my appreciation of all the hard work that devs put into making games.

      If this post represents only a fraction of the effort that MCA has put into his PE and TToN NPCs, they are going to be standout companions and ones that could rival those of Mask, BG or even the original Torment.

      Great post!

    22. Steve Dozniak on

      Will there be some cross-references, however subtle, between Eternity and Torment?

      And hey, shout out for Satellite Rain! erm.. Reign!

    23. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      I love the drawings (and the concepts) - great update, thank you!!! I'm gonna watch arcanum now - always very funny!!

    24. Maciej Stańczyk on

      László Stadler, I think the same. Hope it won't turn out like Planescape: Torment, where dungeons were really the biggest problem of the game.

    25. Missing avatar

      Gorbag on

      @László Stadler: Well, there are those 15 levels of mega dungeon and that's unlikely to be the only dungeon in the game, so I guess this accounts for a "good chunk" ("dungeons" being a general term for any underground areas like crypts, caves, cellars, sewers, you name it). There are also two big cities and at least some wilderness areas to explore, so I guess it will be balanced. It won't be Daggerdale by any means, if that's what you are concerned about.

    26. Rinu on

      And I forgot - I like the attached drawings a lot; pretty cute :). Please, keep them coming.

    27. Rinu on

      Challenge mechanics sound awesome. Very refreshing idea.

      On the other hand, focus on dungeon exploration is... well, I kind of expected it with these "Let's make 20 level dungeon!" goals but can't say I'm happy about it.
      They feel like a chore and I always look forward to get out of them to finally get "the real experience" instead of fluff. I hope that Tides of Numenera won't have them as much because it was one of great things about its spiritual predecessor. A lot of different, unique places, not cellars painted by ten different colours.

      Thanks for the large and informative update! :)

    28. Laszlo Stadler on

      "A good chunk of the game is dungeon exploration" Really? As in how much? Until this point I was extremely positive about Project Eternity but I really don't like dungeons. I was hoping for a lot of natural (green, trees) and city areas.

      I never understood what was so interesting in dungeons. The huge dungeon is one thing but other random dungeons all over the world is not really believable for me.

    29. erik on

      Thanks for the update, Chris. Great doodles!

    30. Christoph Zürcher on

      One hell of an update, thanks. Already backing Warmachine: Tactics.

    31. Christian on

      What, no Kicking it Forward shoutout to Satellite Reign?

    32. Shiroco-Librarian of Unwritten Tales 542 on

      Part of a good week are Project Eternity updates ;P How I love those and how badly I want this game >.<

    33. Ron Dippold on

      Updates like this are why I backed the game in advance. Of course now I'm jonesing for the game. Hopefully Shadowrun can get me through this!

    34. Merin

      Great update, Chris. Quite the read! VERY informative!

      Thanks so much!

    35. WolfDC on

      Loved the comics. Hope the game is also full of humor.

    36. Paul Andersen on

      Wow. Detailed. Thanks.

    37. Cory "silentdante" Smith on

      awesome update and awesome Kick It Forward, warmachine is fantastic.

    38. Jables D Brew on

      Good on ya, Chris. Thanks for the update! And for playing more Arcanum ;)

    39. Missing avatar

      Markus Rechberger on

      Great Read, also the drawings are absolutely fabulous xD loved them

    40. Missing avatar

      Lucas on

      Awesome Update Chris! Thank you