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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.

Update #26: One Final Stretch Goal

Posted by Obsidian Entertainment (Creator)

And here it is...

$4m Stretch Goal - Enhance the Whole Game

OK! After much team deliberation we have one final ultimate stretch goal. At $4.0m we will be enhancing the whole game. We will use live instrumentation for the soundtrack, add developer in-game commentary, and use every dollar between $3.5m and $4m to enhance the game. Also at $4.0m Chris Avellone will be forced to play Arcanum.

We are streaming live now on Twitch and UStream. We will be playing board games, answering your questions, and having fun!

Thank you everyone!

Update by Obsidian


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    1. Gerardo Uribe on

      Best stretch goal!

    2. Cristofer on

      Psh, Arcanum is a must-play anyway! Can't believe force is necessary.

    3. Brook Grewcock on

      Couldn't you do live instruments anyway?
      Music is a large part of the play experience in any RPG and with such an amazing project it seems a shame to not get an orchestra in to record the music.

    4. Missing avatar

      Santiago Lamelo on

      4.0 million is enough for cooperative?.

    5. Thunderkleize on

      No update to the mega-dungeon?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      Well shit, I already upped my pledge to what my unemployed self can handle, and you guys are making me want to pay more? Why do you do this to me Obsidian?

    7. Missing avatar

      JediaKyrol on

      Oh man...I love Arcanum...but still forcing Avellone to play it is hilarious. (Also I have to say...I read the newspapers every time I came into a town to catch up on events...never figured out how that reporter saw me do stuff in ancient ruins noon else had been in in centuries would be awesome for some kind of proof that you are changing the world like that to happen in PE)

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason Moyer on

      What did Chris do to deserve such punishment?

    9. Adam Crump on

      Just tossing an idea out there but how about adding in the ability for people to run a progressive server, with a tool kit. Let people run there own little multiplayer world of the game too.

    10. Peter Kocurek on

      "We will use live instrumentation for the soundtrack" - I've expected, that it will be automatically.
      Do you remember an epic instrumental soundtrack in Baldur's Gate by Michael Hoenig? Epic game NEEDS epic soundtrack :)

    11. Starfox72 on

      @willie : yes this campaign has been greatly handled, text-book like. Updates every day, exciting challenges, art and so on. Kuddos.

    12. Obsidian Entertainment Creator

      Developer commentary is similar to what Valve does in their games. It's completely optional, but it's fun to do a replay through the game with commentary turned on.

    13. Sempavor - Bandit of the Obsidian Order on

      @Epsilon right! And he must play it by using a low intelligence character, since he said that loves this type of characters! XD

    14. Missing avatar

      Faark on

      Thats a stretch-goal! :D

    15. Aoyagi Aichou on

      Live instrumentations? Oh wow, that should have been one of the lower stretch goals :( . Also I'm broke now. xD

    16. Floyd H. Lockhart III on

      lol@Chris Avellone
      Dang, wish I had a spare million...

    17. Missing avatar

      David Kristoffersson on

      > Also at $4.0m Chris Avellone will be forced to play Arcanum.
      Shut up and take my money!

    18. Missing avatar

      Greg Joynson on

      Why exactly is Arcanum a forfeit? Not played it in a loooong time...

    19. James McKendrew

      @Kimberly Burgess - I totally misread that to say, "has to run around with fun bags all the time..." and I'm thinkin', "This is a different kind of game than I originally thought, apparently..."

    20. Russ Mitchell on

      A toolset would be a very welcome addition. Moddable is nice, but let the community dig into the engine to tell its stories, and you give the product long and lasting legs.

    21. Missing avatar

      Frank Brannan on

      Make Chris stream his Arcanum play (or record it like Tim Schafer playing his old games on the doublefine adventure)

    22. Sam on

      Yeah Chris playing Arcanum must be preserved for future generations
      And for us when we want to laugh at what we caused

    23. Mads on

      $500K to watch MCA play Arcanum? Totally worth it :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Krystian Szczygieł on

      Yes Avellone playing arcanum ! Go People He don't know what he is missing :)

    25. ZDreamer on

      I am very happy with this decision. All previous goals were great (especially last two) but it's enough, just making game better is a good way.

    26. Missing avatar

      Zaxth - Weresheep of Sin on

      Chris Avellone should stream or youtube his playing Arcanum, else it has no meaning.

    27. Missing avatar

      Chris Allen on

      What do you mean forced to play Arcanum, that game is amazing he should feel delighted to play it!!

    28. Dennis Daugherty on

      Do we get to decide if he has to play Tech or Magic track?

    29. Wojciech on

      Dammit, I misspelled Chris with Christ. Not a big mistake, though.

    30. Maggie Evans on

      In my opinion this was the best approach. I believe that there is a good chance this goal won't be met due to how late into the kickstarter it is. I think that had you put another extra content stretch goal chances are it wouldn't have been met and if it was cool enough (which to give you credit it would have been) it may have only served to show gamers what they just missed out on.

      This way if the goal isn't met it will be a shame but not in a way that is likely to have players they missed out on something.

    31. Willem on

      HAHA @ update 26, awesome update. C'mon everyone, make Chris play Arcanum! But yeah, great post Obsidian, nice one about the live orchestral score and the enhancing of the entire game. After some thought on the matter, I agree: rather use every single extra dollar to polish and add depth to the existing content/dialogue/story/characters (which of course may translate into more content itself) than adding big sweeping extra features/content promises. Simply put: we trust you that with every single dollar given to you the game is becoming a deeper, more awesome RPG experience in the vein of the IE RPGs. Make us proud Obsidian and congratulations on the most successfully video game Kickstarter, the campaign was brilliantly handled and the end result reflects this!

    32. Alexander "Xan" Kashev

      GO ARCANUM. But promise us it'll be recorded as a YouTube LP.

    33. Kevin Middleton on

      ^*can't wish I could edit my posts.

    34. Nurse Aenima on

      Make Chris play it two times in a row, once as a mage, the other playthrough as a technology user. Tie him into a chair as well.

    35. Trister - OO's Tormented Master Wetboy on

      chris should have to record it and show us him playing arcanum. ;)

    36. Wojciech on

      Fuck Eternity, Christ HAS TO play Arcanum.

    37. № 22 on

      So I'm guessing you don't actually expect that to happen within the next five hours.

    38. Kevin Middleton on

      Are you counting Paypal donations too? I assume we'd be pretty close if yes. Still though, $340,000 in 5 hours. Not saying it can be done, but setting the goal to 3.8 million might be a little more realistic.

    39. IchigoRXC - Zerth of the Obsidian Order on

      Anyone who has been paying attention knows 3.6Million was the stretch goal for MCA to play Arcanum ;)

    40. Missing avatar

      Arkeus on

      He should stream the game of Arcanum.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jeremiah on

      Chris Avellone hasn't played Arcanum? Thats it I'm removing my pledge.

    42. Missing avatar

      Matei-Eugen Vasile

      "Chris Avellone will be forced to play Arcanum" - you also need to both stream it and record it and post it online for posterity:D.

    43. Chris Ephekt on

      Next reward tier should be making Chris blog his experience while playing Arcanum ;)

    44. Tom D.B. on

      "at $4.0m Chris Avellone will be forced to play Arcanum". This alone makes the $4.0M stretch a must! =)

    45. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      Chris Avellone should be forced to play Arcanum regardless. The stretch goal should be that he has to play it twice ;)