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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.

Update #22: Q&A with Tim, Cooking?, and Avellone Trolls You!

Tim's Q&A

This week's Q&A is a little different. I spent some time reading the questions that people were asking in various Project Eternity forums, including our Kickstarter comments, our Project Eternity Facebook page, the RPG Codex forums, the reddit Project Eternity group, and our own Obsidian forums. I have picked five questions to answer, one from each of these forums, and I have answered them below. For each question, I have included the forum poster who asked it, along with his original question text.

Let's start with Facebook.

Ockert van der Westhuysen asks...
Will back for psionics. Any hope?

I think you might find our cipher class to your liking, since their method of using "magic" is quite different from wizards and clerics and is instead tied to mental abilities. They feel a lot more like psionic abilities from earlier D&D editions. You can read more about the cipher class in Josh's update #15, which you can read here:

Wise Emperor asks
Is there any confirmation that Eric Fenstermaker will be involved in PE? Obviously it would be cool if yes.

Eric is currently working on another project at Obsidian, but there is a good chance he will move over to Project Eternity when that first project is completed. Until the Kickstarter campaign is over and we know the full scope of the game, the assignment of particular people to it will not be completed.

Obsidian forums

rjshae asks...

Back in the BG series, experience growth was relatively slow and it felt like an accomplishment to reach a new level. Since then, D&D v3.5 rules came out and level up began to feel almost like a cheesy accomplishment that didn't require much effort. That has become the trend in modern games: leveling up after every few battles. I have to wonder how this will be handled in PE? It sounds like Obsidian wants to return to the style of the BG series, which would seems to entail a return to slower level progress. If they do allow a more rapid level up, I hope they tone down the power growth rate so that lower level monsters remain a challenge for longer periods.

We are working hard to make Project Eternity revive the spirit of the older IE games, and this includes making leveling up an important accomplishment, one that makes your character feel substantially more powerful afterward. I agree that frequent level-ups make the event feel less special, so we plan to space out these events over the course of our storyline. The first few level-ups will occur relatively early in the game, but the pacing of the subsequent level-ups will be much slower.

For people who enjoy level-ups, they are free to use our Adventurer's Hall to swap out new companions frequently, so they are always leveling up new characters to use in later parts of the story. For people who aren't sure what character classes they will want to have available in the end game, it's always nice to have the choice of having all of them.


Stephen P asks...

After seeing this screenshot my anticipation for the game has spiked considerably, but it left me with a few questions. I understand the 2d portrait background concept, but will there be any overlapping animation with the river to make it appear flowing, even if the actual image doesn't move? The same question for the flowers? trees? will wind be simulated somehow?

We will certainly be adding animations to our backgrounds. The trees should sway, there will be birds or butterflies or insect clouds, depending on where you are, and the water in rivers and waterfalls will flow. We are using a rendering technique similar to the one we used in Temple of Elemental Evil, where the background is a pre-rendered 2D image and the characters and some props are 3D objects. This gives us the advantage of exquisitely detailed environments without the polygon cost, along with lots of animation without the memory cost that 2D sprites would entail.


Mirokunite asks...

Will there be low intelligence/charisma dialog?

Yes, we will have these dialogs. They are a great deal of work, since it means writing two versions of every dialog in the game, but I am sure that our wonderful writers are up to it. I really want these dialogs too! I find it fun to replay the game with a low intelligence character, just to see how the NPC's react to my slow-witted attempts to help them.

And there we have it! Five questions answered from five sites. Again, thanks for your support of Obsidian and Project Eternity. There are just a few days left before the Kickstarter campaign is over and we enter full production of this game, and we are all very excited about the prospect of working on a classic CRPG again!

RPG Eats!

Do you like to eat? Do you like RPGs? I am going to give out my favorite RPG themed recipes to all of our backers! The Project Eternity Cooking with Tim Recipe Book will contain 10 delicious recipes in PDF format. Enjoy the good eats while you play Project Eternity when it's released!

Troll Portraits by Chris Avellone

Chris Avellone has graciously volunteered to draw a custom troll portrait for you to help raise additional funding towards our last stretch goal target of $3.5m for Big City #2. Chris will number and sign the portrait, write a humorous message to you, and a print will be physically and digitally sent to you. This is a limited run of 30 at a $750 tier (includes all the goods in the $500 tier), so get in quickly.

If you are above the $750 tier and would like a custom troll by Chris Avellone please contact Obsidian and we will work with you.

Adam is currently live streaming all day long today at UStream. Join in on the fun and watch him play Icewind Dale II. We also hit 60,000 backers! Again, one more level to the dungeon is added!

Update by Tim Cain

FORUMS: Discuss Update #22 in the Project Eternity Forums


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    1. WostClassic on

      I never quite got Arcanum and I want C.Avellone to tell me why.

    2. Dylan Bryan-Dolman on

      On Reddit, Avellone said that he would play Arcanum at $3.6 million. Now all of a sudden it's changed to $4.0 million.

      This backpedaling is a shameless betrayal of his colleagues and his artform, and it must not be allowed to stand.

      ARCANUM AT 3.6
      ARCANUM AT 3.6
      ARCANUM AT 3.6

      The fans demand it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Lars Møller on

      I totally agree with Sashh above - Christ really SHOULD be forced to play Arcanum! :D

    4. Wojciech on

      Can't wait for Cooking with Tim

    5. Missing avatar

      Greenfr0G on

      Thanks to listening to us and not taking questions exclusively form reddit :) I like the answers alot! Honestly, I´m seriously hooked on PE more and more :)

    6. Paul D on

      A recipe book, awesome, so I know what I need to prepare before sitting down to ay of immersion :)

    7. Nameless1 on

      TIM I would trow you my money and myself for a kickstarter funded new rpg on vampire tm.

    8. AndonSage on

      The images for RPG Eats and Troll Portraits are just showing red X's at this point in time.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tom Edington on

      Obsidian: You want everyone to like the facebook page, but have not yet connected your Facebook page to your Kickstarter. This is at the top right of the page under the total where it says, "Has not connected facebook"

      I'm in for $250 and my wife is in for $65. Can't wait! I also want that dungeon to be freaking ginormous!

    10. ßöbby Frühmann on

      Is there any way I can add a cloth map to my $20 level order?

    11. Missing avatar

      Travis Morse on

      Tim, I think there's an opportunity regarding your comments about XP/level up pacing that satisfies both schools of thought. Level up frequently, but attach compelling bonuses to every third or fifth character level. These could be feats or whatever, but it does make the journey to those specific milestones weightier while also having frequent level ups in between.

    12. September Abraxas on

      I hope you have a second Kickstarter for the sequel to this game, if a sequel is planned. Also, plans should be made on what happens if some people do not contribute as much as they claim they will. Finally, I hope to see merchandising for this game -- a dice and books role playing game, a manga series, a LARP, an official fan club and fan club magazine, jewelry, dolls, and maybe even a series of theme restaurants.

      Also, you might want to change the name of White March -- how about The Snowmarks. Just a wee suggestion there.

    13. Bryy Miller on

      If the PayPal hits $100k, that'd be nice.

    14. Dirk Schlobinski on

      Haha, looking forward to the cook book ^^

    15. Peter Jacob on

      Per above: "leveling up new characters to use in later parts of the story" I hope you don't mean that players will have to change out party members and grind individual levels for each person; as opposed to xp evenly spreading to all characters in or out of party. That sort of shift-change grinding is a part of the old-school that is NOT missed.

    16. Alan Villarreal on

      come on 3.5!!!! we are closing in 3m!

    17. Missing avatar

      Mariusz Kowalski on

      Slow leveling up! WooHoo! Ever since the Gold Box era I've loved the sense of accomplishment and disproportionate feeling of power one gets when you double your HP of a level 1 mage going from 4 to 8 and getting those extra two spells to cast! Now every game seems to have you end as a level 50-60 juggernaut with every level giving maybe a 1-2% increase in power so that you barely notice it and leveling becomes more or less just something to keep the 'achievement unlocked' kiddies feeling like they've been rewarded for every second fight. Fantastic that it's going to be back like ye olde days!

    18. Jos Ewert on

      Your images that are hosted on AWS always show an "Access Denied" error instead of a picture. ( also those in previous updates ). Can I get a picture to watch?

    19. Missing avatar

      Alan Beall on

      Everyone that jumped in for $20 at the beginning should up their pledge by at least $5. That will allow for more people to get in at the $20 level and pust us closer to $3.5 Million. I did my part to the detriment of my bank account!

    20. Don Reba on

      Low-intelligence players speaking like low-intelligence players: "I bent my wookie." :)

    21. Stewart "Zoot" Wymer

      Kinda wish I could get one of the Trolls - after all, it's kinda my nickname! Must be the extra long arms and looming size ...

    22. Павел Галякевiч on

      "Will there be low intelligence/charisma dialog?"

      I really hope that there is will be no any inscriptions in large letters - [PERSUADE] or [BLUFF], like in Fallout 3 or NV. And no color phrases like in Mass Effect. Cause this casual s**t kills dialogues in RPG - you don't need to read text at all, just click at the "blue" phrase (or [INTIMIDATE] line), and look what happens next.
      Let us remember the Fallout 1-2 (or Planescape) - even if you has 200% in speech skill (or 20 cha), you needed to read ALL lines in dialogs, you needed to think about every line, not just mash buttons.

    23. M D on

      Ah, the codex, that haven of sunshine, positivity and balanced fairness.

    24. Missing avatar

      Auxilius on

      I'm not sure about this approach of level up. It's also fun to gain some new points and wonder for hours where they would be best spent. But with few levels, you kind of lose this possibilities.
      I'm sure there is a middle ground between the KOTORs games where at this end you had all the powers and Temple of Elemental Evil, when you barely have 10 levels for your characters.

    25. Missing avatar

      CT on

      @Chris Black; It's single-player only.
      @Jack Green; judging by the interviews (and some of the KS updates), they consider character/companion interaction to be very important, which means you'll see something closer to BG/BG2 than ToEE, as far as companions are concerned.

    26. Obsidian Entertainment Creator

      Hi everyone - we are going to get this update edited to better explain how the Trolls work. We just need some help from Kickstarter to get it updated.

    27. Chris Black on

      Will there be a CoOp or any Multiplayer? :-)

    28. tedd on

      I am really hoping for a game like Knight of the Old Republic II

      except without bugs and missing plotholes

      KotOR2 was so much better then the first if you forgot about the plotholes, bugs and unfinished stotry

      it had a dark story and awesome character development along with exploration and your own ship

    29. Viggo on

      I wish I could afford a drawing by Chris D:

    30. Saber-Scorpion on

      Can't wait to run into the inevitable giant red troll in Project Eternity.
      I have a feeling he won't scale to your level...

    31. Jack Green on

      I hope you go the BG-route for sidechars, ToEE might have been a great game, but every character in my party was a nameless freak without personality so I couldnt get into it.

    32. Hardeep Singh on

      oooooooo, but where's the picture of the next dungeon level though :o I always love seeing those

    33. Missing avatar

      Alexandre on

      (Well, that's very fun also if you know his character ^^)

    34. Missing avatar

      Alexandre on

      That's very cool for the low INT/CHA dialogs!

      One of my favourite line in Baldur's Gate 1 is from Edwin, when you first encounter him in Nashkel with such a character:

      "Me Edwin, me powerful wizard! Dynaheir bad, you kill! Stomp once for yes, twice for no."

      I really didn't expect that, knowing the usual dialog, and found it very funny ;).

    35. Sempavor - Bandit of the Obsidian Order on

      Funny, it seems that Tim uses my own wallpaper.

    36. Missing avatar

      Matei-Eugen Vasile

      RPG Codex trolls are getting mainstream: MAJESTIC INCLINE!

    37. olpika on

      A bunch of recipes by Tim Cain? You're really bringing back some found memories here.

      Good luck for the final days of this campaign!

      (Also, where do Tim gets all his cool t-shirts?

    38. Missing avatar

      Tobias on

      That dungeon really is getting impressive.

    39. Chris Bustamante on

      Hey look! 60k+ backers! New mega dungeon level!! :D

    40. evdk on

      Oh god, the Codex brand is going global.

    41. Brian Vo on

      more RPG eats I see! Looking forward to those!

    42. Andriana on

      I can't wait to have those recipes. :D