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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Malte Mb on

      Did you already backed a projekt with the 5% ? I recomend hurry up and spend 30 k for m.o.r.e. and 30 k for origin-The flood is comming.

    2. DuckHuntPro on

      I too would feel demoralized if I was working under the tyrannical fist of M. Bison and Shadowloo....

    3. Missing avatar

      Greenfr0G on

      I have no word for this update, other than - speechless (in a good-shocked-way) :O

    4. Missing avatar

      Josh Solomon on

      I must say, I am a little concerned that Obsidian seems to have fallen under the dark umbrella of Shadaloo.

    5. Onno Berfelo on

      Well kickstarter is an investment platform so we should indeed expect to have a return on our investment. Investing is all about gaining a benefit. The whole system is an alternative for the regular banking system.
      It isn't odd for people to expect more than their money is worth in return, it is what drives this system. I pledged $80 Project Eternity for four digital copies of the game, This offers in my eyes the best return on my investment. Obsidian needs this investment because they need money now and not 1.5 years. That is why people should be able to the tier price versus the prices of the items of the tier when the game goes gold.

    6. Björn Fallqvist on

      I agree somewhat with undecaf; even though I'm really excited about all the goodies at different tiers, let's not forget that we're not actually "buying" anything, so any comparison of collector's edition price to retail price for other games is not very good. We are funding the game, and getting some nice stuff as thanks, that's it. We're not buying anything.

    7. undecaf on

      Is the mentality here seriously that people are buying the swag (and aggressively haggling for it) rather than supporting the game to get better (and counting that as the core point of pledging and as part of the reward)?

    8. Elfwyn on

      Concerning WL2 - there were calls to make the upper tiers (>140) more attractive and since physical goods are really expensive to produce WL2 is perfect for that. Also there might have been a condition on the placement of WL2, since their project will lose many potential customers if their game is included on a cheap tier with thousands of backers.

      Concerning the add-on: I think Obsidian has enough time left considering to turn this into an add-on for 20-30$ or add it to other tiers.

    9. Anios Selindar on

      "only digital"...humpf, really too bad.
      I would love to fund the expension/WL2. But not if i won't have the previous physical goodies i pledge.

    10. ThomasN on

      "not being funded by this Kickstarter"... umm... yes it is?

    11. Lost-brain -Obsidian Order Dark Goddess on

      Wow. With the 165$ tiers, the expansion cost 35$ ! I hope this an "mistake", 'cause there is no way that I'll pay much for an expansion than the base game.

    12. Starhowl on

      Regarding that Wasteland 2 alone just costs $20, I'm not willing to pay $165 for this package. I'm gonna stick with $57 (including the digital strategy guide for $7) and unless there won't be an add-on option for the expansion - not gonna happen, for sure.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      This has probably been said already, but to people who are worried about the scope of the project, and citing previous Obsidian products, I would argue that this situation is a bit different than most or all of those. The company is not beholden to a publisher or a release date in this case, and would be working with their own IP, and I assume their own tools, instead of using someone else's engine and being reliant on them for QA, as was the case with New Vegas.

      Obviously, everyone wants a completed product, and it does sound very ambitious. However, an isometric RPG has the potential to be orders of magnitude more expansive than many modern games for the same amount of work.

    14. walkir -Obsidian Order ot Goat Kn. Cmdr. on

      Okay, so the high tiers have one digital copy less now. Still, the expansion would be a goodadd on for the one download that's still included.

    15. Missing avatar

      Christoph on

      Ja hey,
      well, i really like the idea of getting a "real" expansion for this game shortly after launch, and i would be more than willing to pledge for that... say another 20 dollars, but a jump to 165? For a game i - and most certainly most of your hardcore-backers here - have already pledged (i mean Wasteland 2!)?
      So please offer just an add-on option to add the expansion to the existing pledge or put it on a lower tier (like 100)...
      Otherwise, keep up the great work, looks exciting!

    16. Vince Vazquez

      I'm honestly getting a little worried now. I mean, I love you Obsidian... but you're Obsidian. You always, always, ALWAYS seem to bite off more than you can chew when you make a game. Stuff like KOTOR 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, Fallout New Vegas, Alpha Protocol... they ALL suffer from lack of polish and unfocused design in places.

      It's great that you want to give back to the fans funding Project Eternity, but personally, I'd much rather see you guys focus on delivering a really great core game than start announcing 18 extra races and dungeons and expansion packs already. Jeez. Not to mention, you still have South Park to deliver. Don't gloss over that little project - I'm really looking forward to that one too!

      Just stay focused on the core game here. And deliver the very best product you can. That's what matters now, and until the day that game ships. Everything else is just an extra.

    17. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      no wait, he double-posted? then I mean his last three posts! the Aloth and the "Gents"-one :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      What Marcin Baran said. I already backed the Wasteland 2 kickstarter, so getting an extra copy of it is not really much use to me, although I am interested in the expansion. If there was an option to have the expansion as an addon I would be quite interested in pledging more money.

    19. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      what Alex Cooksey said (his last two posts)

    20. Seez - Tormented Snarkmaster of the OOoE on

      The Aloth is better than you at everything!

    21. Missing avatar

      Marcin Baran on

      I think that offering the DLC as an add on for a set price might result in bringing more money than just setting setting a new 165$ tier. Personally (as a 20$ backer) I'm not inerested in investing that huge ammount of money but if i could just add 10-15$ to my pledge and get the game and the expansion later on I don't think i would hesitate and there is probably more people from the lowest tier that would be willing to do the same.

    22. Missing avatar

      Alex Cooksey on

      Love the pic of Aloth by the way - some very natty tailoring

    23. Missing avatar

      Alex Cooksey on


      While I completely understand the drive to raise as much money as possible, you're asking us (and I think we've delivered and will continue to deliver) to help you make the best game you can. Why not just get on with it and focus on that rather than making plans for an expansion already. Realistically only 2.7% of the people who packed you to this point are willing to stump up that sort of cash and you've rather alienated 97.3% of your backers with this move. Make the game and try to make it as fantastic (and bug free) as you can with the money you reap from the kickstarter. We'll be pretty forgiving on time-scale too, but until you have a proper game launched (and hopefully making you lots of money from the non-backers) I think it's a bit presumptuous to be considering expansions.

      All the best

    24. Matt Clemson

      I'm currently in at the $140 level; while I'd be tempted to upgrade to a tier that includes the expansion content, jumping to $250 (plus international shipping!) is a bit steep. Are you planning to throw in an add-on version of the expansion?

    25. Missing avatar

      Keyser on

      I don't get the criticism.
      1. Obsidian receives funds from Kickstarter and makes their game with it.

      2 They plan(!) to make an expansion with the profits from said game. Instead of keeping their plans secret like they would have had to with any other publisher-funded game, they are open about it and announce it now. This is the most natural thing in the world and frankly hugely in our interest as RPG fans. Developers usually have to work on more than one project for the simple reason that not all employees are needed equally during all stages of development, and laying off 20% (or however much it may be) of your employees during one stage of development and rehiring them later is just nonsense. The fact that they choose to put their faith in the game and us old-school RPG fans to the extent that they've commited to filling that secondary development slot with an expansion for the game is frankly a pretty big present to the fans.

      3. The expansion comes out. If you backed at a high level, you get it for free even though none of your money went towards making it. For the rest of us we get the option to buy more old-school RPG material if we so choose. If the franchise is a financial success: Congratulations, we have just established an old-school RPG brand untainted by publishers and given the developers who made it some independence.

      I honestly fail to see how this is anything but a win-win. The people who are complaining sound like they would have rather been lied to about the expansion. As long as no money from Kickstarter goes to it (which it won't as has been confirmed repeatedly) the end-result is the same.

    26. Michael Matzat on

      Slept a night on it. Still think it´s a terrible idea to announce an expansion before the game even has a finale budget. Still think cutting the people that put trust and money in your hype and allow you to keep 100% of the eventual revenue of is big big step in the wrong direction for crowdfunding.

    27. manio on

      Nice, it really warms my heart to see people who worked together are still in touch and remain friendly despite now been in different companies, something to remind us that not all are "only business" and strict IP policies and crap. Cudos to Brian !.

    28. S.D. on

      Hell yes!! WL2 is a great add, just be sure those that pledged up for that are able to give it away... you better believe a large number of your $170+ backers are also WL2 backers, either by KS or Paypal "slacker backers". Way to go Fargo, lending a hand, like a BOSS! It's not like WL2's publisher can say no ;-)
      Also, thanks for Kicking it Forward, guys, mad respect here, from backer of *many* KS projects. I've seen first-hand what the Kickstarter movement can do to add rocket fuel to someone's dream project, and it's incredibly generous of you to bring that full-circle. Because you *know* some of that good will has gone your way in making this all possible.
      Regarding the expansion pack, please ensure it will be Linux compatible like the core game. My people have been screwed by platform-bound DLC in the past. It's a bad effing deal, and I know that others would be put at ease to know that. At the same time, you might as well clarify for the worry warts above me on this update thread that the expansion will be made available for everyone to purchase, when it is ready, and that the reward here is simply a pre-order/download of it, upon readiness.
      Lastly, regarding Aloth, above... damn, for a scrawny dude, he certainly looks like one bad mofo!!
      Keep it real, Obsidian dudes... \m/ !!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Lee Stoneman on

      Awesome! you had Axel Foley working for you in 1983.

    30. Freak_Lord on

      Yeah, I'm also in for the CE (also backed for my signed Wasteland 2 CE)... but the expansion set? It would be great to be able to add some money to get it with the CE.

    31. ET3D on

      Thanks for supporting Kicking it Forward.

    32. John Lucian Vanek on

      damn it.. I want the CE box, so I ordered 140+ $20 shipping
      now a new digital tier with 165 & expansion pack??...god..why do you give me a choice i cannot decide...?
      don't really need wasteland 2 since I pledge one already...
      but the expansion sounds good....#!^&$!%@&#
      can we have an option with extra money to get the new expansion pack?..:/

    33. Jonathan Krarup on

      @Marneus Then one gets another copy for a friend, I'd wager :) Or you could of course just choose to upgrade because you want to support the game more, or to not upgrade if you're happy with the level you're already at. The extra stuff doesn't have to be for everyone :)

    34. Marneus on

      What if one already kickstarted Wasteland 2???

    35. Silver on

      Nice update, even more stuff to look forward to.

    36. M D on

      To put it another way, Kickstarter is not that different to a pre-order system. Not even the highest hyped games like Diablo 3 make all their sales from pre-orders. There are people who will not buy games until they've sited reviews, and people who'll never set foot on kickstarter but who still love rpgs. If you want a concrete example, FTL had a huge amount of people throw money on it as a pre-order in its kickstarter. Despite that, a few weeks after release it's still currently 7th in sales on my Steam's Top Sellers tab. There's always sales after the pre-orders are done, sometimes quite healthy ones if word-of-mouth is positive. These are the sales that fund the expansion.

    37. Missing avatar

      Bryce on

      Hiro - They'v'e explicitly stated they will self-fund the expansion including profit from sales of the base game. My question is, can they fund it even if the sales are terrible?

    38. M D on

      @Bryce - Obsidian know how much their rpgs sell for, dating back years and years ago to when their staff were in previous companies. By promising an expansion pack they're showing their confidence/faith that they will sell copies well beyond what they've 'sold' to kickstarters.

    39. Hiro Protagonist on

      @Ben. If you only want the expansion/Wasteland 2, then it would be better to buy them when they come out. The extra $110 from $140 to $250 is not for the expansion/Wasteland 2. It's for the extra physical stuff that is included. The Expansion/Wasteland 2 is a free bonus.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      Is there going to be a way to add the expansion/wasteland 2 from the $140. I want the physical goodies of that tier but do not want/have the money to spend another $110 to upgrade to $250.

    41. Hiro Protagonist on

      @Bryce. The kickstarter funds have nothing to do with the expansion. When the expansion is released, you buy it. The funds come from the sale of the expansion. There's no conspiracy theory here. In the grand scheme of things, only a very small number of people will be getting the expansion for free.

    42. quicktooth - Angel of the Obsidian Order on

      I humbly add my voice to making the expansion a buyable add-on. I can't necessarily affor to up my pledge to the next level (I'm at $140), and I really want the physical-copy-of-game stuff. BUT I might be able to get the expansion! So please let me get it as an addon!!

      As for Wasteland 2; I'm loving what I hear about it- all of it. I'd buy that too if I could (missed the kickstarter drive)!

    43. Missing avatar

      Bryce on

      Dan - Well the reason I'm concerned is this model hasn't been tested yet. There are no guarantees that the fanbase for a game like this is much bigger than the initial backer pool. I trust in the developers to make a great game that I will enjoy, but I do not trust that it will earn $$$. In that case, where does the $$$ come from for funding the expansion if not the KS fund? Does obsidian have a big piggy bank to entirely fund an expansion in this situation?

    44. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      It would be great to see the expansion as an add-on for a set price, similar to what the Kerfluffles lady, Spring Barnicle, was doing with her marshmallows. I think that it would be most beneficial to your more cash-strapped backers who have say, already backed Wasteland 2 and marshmallows...

    45. Merin

      Expansion should be included in a new tier for the not digital-only donators. $195-$200 tier could be the $140 tier plus expansion (and possibly Wastleand 2, if those two are really tied together.)

    46. Tate McInnes on

      Guys I would increase my pledge if the expansion was included for a non-digital pledge, I want that shirt! currently sitting at $100 and mulling over Beta at $140 - expansion would mean I'd be more than willing to put in more, but again, would like that shirt. Also agree with previous posts - I'd say a majority of backers would be the same backers of Wasteland 2 - not going to increase demand much, but is a cool idea. Also agree would be great if inXile & Obsidian did team up for something, that would be unreal!

    47. Crosmando on


      So when are Obsidian and InXile going to merge and become the next CRPG super-studio? (kidding)

    48. Missing avatar

      nin on

      I agree with Streamer. I already gave $100 to Wasteland 2, so I don't really need another copy. $140 isn't spare change for most folks (at current pricing, that's over the cost of two major new releases), so it's a little disappointing to hear that more content will be out 6 months later, and will have to be purchased separately.

    49. Mark Fenrir on

      "No DLC" is one of the best things I have seen announced on this page. Yes, a true expansion pack, like Dragon Age: Awakenings, instead of piles of damn horse armor. Please keep this promise really close to your hearts, guys, even if the game ends up selling like mad.

    50. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      Bit disappointed that you're announcing the expansion now. That should have waited until after the game's release, when you were looking to continue the story with the same characters between release and a sequel. But hey what do I know, I just comment on Kickstarter.