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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.

Update #16 - Reward Updates, Combat with Tim, Mods, and the Mega Dungeon Grows!

Posted by Obsidian Entertainment (Creator)
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This week we announced our Mega Dungeon, our base classes, the cipher and barbarian classes as stretch goals, and the Adventurer's Hall as another stretch goal. We are coming up on our final week of the Kickstarter, and we have exciting stuff planned for you in the coming week including new rewards, a special inside peek into Obsidian, and a first look at Project Eternity.

Exclusive Backer Pet, Hardcover Books for $250 and Name in the Game for $500!

At the $50 tier and up we have an exclusive in-game pet for you! The pet is optional and will not have any in-game function besides being a quiet companion that will never leave your side. We are looking for ideas on what the pet could be, so let us know what you would like to see in our forums.

We have great news for $250 and up backers! We are upgrading the Collector's Book at the $250 level to a hardcover at no extra charge. The Collector's Book is a full-color book that includes concept art, our monster manual, information about the campaign setting, and a special behind the scenes look at the making of Project Eternity.

Additionally for our $500 backers and above, we will let you put your name and a personalized message on a memorial stone in game. Your unique message will be encoded into Glanfathan runes, and can be decoded using a unique in-game ring. It's a way for all of us to remember your large contribution to Project Eternity.

Tim Answers Your Combat Questions from Reddit

Kaboom asks: Hi Tim! I'm curious how the close combat in P:E will turn out. Will the melee of P:E encompass stuff like reach weapons, opportunity attacks, flanking, grappling, charging, prone/standing-modes and so forth?

Tim: Yes, we are looking to include many of these features into our close combat system. Specifically, opportunity attacks and flanking are definitely in, as well as charging. We're not sure about reach weapons yet (we need to figure out if that attribute on a weapon will be worthwhile enough in combat and will supportable with the appropriate UI), and while we will support prone positions, you won't be able to attack while prone because the animations involved are too different from attacks while standing that we would have to make every animation twice, once for standing and once for prone. This limitation also means that grappling abilities will not be included. There are too many new animations needed and special case limitations that apply, e.g. how does a human grapple a centaur or a dragon or an ooze?).

Tim answers more of your questions in the video and the text version is on our forums. Also check out the Project Eternity reddit group.

Mod Support

From Neverwinter Nights 2 to Fallout: New Vegas, we've enjoyed supporting the mod community, and we are continuing that with Project Eternity. It is awesome to see how you extend the worlds we make.

To make getting mods easy, we are excited to announce that our friends at the Nexus will be the official spot to download Project Eternity mods once the game is released. They have been a great host for mods for our past games, and we want to continue the trend with the Project Eternity Nexus. Check out the Nexus Network at

Our plan is to release our file-format information and expose as much of the data in the game as possible for you to extend and edit. We traditionally do not "hard-code" numbers so that our designers, and you, have the power to easily change and iterate on RPG data. We also plan on releasing localization tools to let communities around the world create localized versions for languages we are not translating Project Eternity into.

As we get more familiar with Unity during production, we will be extending Project Eternity even more for mod makers. Look forward to announcements in the months ahead as we make further progress and can provide you with more information about tools and mod support.

The Endless Paths Grows!

We've passed 52,500 backers! The Endless Paths of Od Nua Mega Dungeon continues to grow larger! The next level will be added at 55,000 backers. Thank you for helping us to spread the word about Project Eternity!

Kickstarter Comments and Kerfluffles!

Lastly, if you haven’t been attending all of the fun in the Comments section of our Kickstarter, you’re really missing out on some fun conversations. From the Obsidian Order of Eternity representing in full force, to one of our favorites, the Kerfluffle Marshmallow lady, Spring Barnickle, who asks:

Hmmm... how many marshmallows indeed. Beware paladin-types... beware! Until next time...

Update by Tim Cain and Adam Brennecke

FORUMS: Join the discussion on Update #16!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Carole on

      I was hesitating to increase my pledge to include the expansion...Then I saw the artwork and i increased straight away. It is just beautiful and it reminded me so much of the great time I spent on baldur's gate! Thank you so much for sharing this!

    2. lokiracer on

      You need to add the pet to the packages.

    3. Benjamin Doyle on

      I would like to see gameplay and see if it look like Baldur'sgate or Fallout Tactics.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alex D, Obs. Order Assistant Rock Keeper on

      GoodKnight -- I hate facebook too. But I can't give them any more of my money, so I'm happy to have them suggest easy ways for me to help them. Have you thought about that?

    5. Missing avatar

      GoodKnight on

      I'm sorry but it feels like a gimmick to me.. This is content that they can add without us pledging more so they should just add it.. Isn't it enough we are making this game happen?

    6. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      The link between facebook likes and money is that it's free marketing for them - and marketing normally costs money. They can save money by having us market it for them - money that can then be spent elsewhere.

    7. Missing avatar

      GoodKnight on

      What is the connection between Facebook likes and how much content we get in the fing game?????
      What each like is = $?
      I thought only $=$... I'm really not liking where this is going Obsidian..

      "For those of you that missed the announcement over the weekend, we will be adding another level to the Mega Dungeon if we hit 20,000 Likes on the Obsidian's Facebook page. We are getting close to halfway there!"

    8. Missing avatar

      ResoLite on

      "As someone donating more than my reward tier requires, and who is hardly "rich" by any stretch of the imagination, I heartily disagree"
      Hats off to you if you have indeed pledged significantly more than the reward tier you're taking! However while you're riding around on that righteous high horse (possibly justifiably depending on your donation!), you should note that at the time of writing the ratio of $ to backers is roughly $2.43 mill / 54k backers, which gives an average of 45$ per backer. Taking into account the generous folks donating at the 1k, 5k, and 10k tiers, this doesn't speak to many people like yourself donating without taking the exclusives. Realistically, it seems exclusives are almost a necessity to get the KS donations flowing. Not that there's a problem with this; the guys at obsidian have come up with great options for exclusives, and the KS backers are throwing their support behind the project. It's all good! :-)

    9. Missing avatar

      Madao on

      Quote: "Our goal is to allow casters to contribute to combat in a way that is more substantive than hucking sling stones without always needing to chew into a per-rest resource. Additionally, we want the caster's higher level spells to be reasonably powerful but also a strategic resource for the player to manage."

      If this is the case - then it would be nice to have some sort of queue for spells. So that it's possible to assign the casters to cast like 5-6 spells in a row and not pause game every "round" to cast a spell that does, say, 10 damage.

    10. Missing avatar

      Stephen Keating on

      I'm sort of hoping that stuff like grappling is included in the game. Actions can fail, and making it impossible to grapple non-humanoid creatures sounds like a solid plan. I'm also not too big on the pets idea, exclusive or otherwise. It can fit into the game lore for a character like Minsc or whatever, but it seems a bit odd to have them unless there's a specific reason for them. The "you have a pet, because you donated" seems like a weak idea. I'm with those who would rather see those resources spent on improving combat and making encounters more open-ended.

    11. KinnArchimedes/@Bland_Boy on

      I've currently splurged for for the 250 tier and am considering going to the 500.
      My question is, how long are messages allowed to be on the runes in the game?
      Cause if.its allowed to be as long as a page, I'd probably put one of my many poems on a rune.

    12. Matti Mustajärvi on

      I hope there are abilities that allow you to enter combat prepared. So that you could for example choose a grimoire of your liking before engaging a bunch of acid gurglers if you notice them before they notice you.

    13. Mark Bosomworth on

      "We are looking for ideas on what the pet could be, so let us know what you would like to see in our forums."

      Easy - Hamster - "Go for the eyes, Boo!"

    14. Missing avatar

      Gorbag on

      In case someone has not seen this on the homepage (it's kinda obscure):
      "Oct 7 - New Backer Goal - 20K Likes for Obsidian on Facebook adds another level to the Mega Dungeon."
      C'mon people, we are 54K here and it's for the good of everyone. Besides, its free and takes no time.

    15. Missing avatar

      Mihir-Pirate King of the Obsidian Order on

      I'd like to know if there will be an Add 'X' option for the novel by Crhis Avellone. Really want to purchase that, but not much interested in the digital fun pack :)

    16. Sempavor - Bandit of the Obsidian Order on

      Pet?! I want a Teddy Bear! Please give me a soft Teddy Bear! :D

    17. Missing avatar

      John Bravos on

      I think you should make quite a few options available for the pet at the beginning of the game. Maybe as many as ten. Either you choose the pet or based on your chosen back story the game selects one for you. You should have multiple options unless you want to greatly develop a specific animal's connection to the main character. In that case though the pet should be made available to everyone.

      I also want to chime in and say that it shouldn't matter to everyone that they give more content to higher reward tiers. I mean if you don't want to pay the extra money for it then don't. Even if you don't plenty of people will. In that case woe is you. They get to enjoy the pet and you don't. Unfortunately as a result the game gets more funding, more stretch goals are achieved, and everyone benefits. That is except for you. You don't get the pet. Except the game gets better. There's that. But I guess that's not good enough for you. Oh well.

      I just want to point out that this isn't the same as pre-order important content (at least as far as they described). Most publishers these days will make parts of what should be the main game available for pre-order, special edition, or DLC and then pocket the money. This is not the case in this game. You are given a rather unimportant addition in the game. The money is then put into the game to make it better. Win-Win.

    18. Jamas Enright

      I'd like a pet, but currently at a lower level and aren't too interested in raising that... be nice to have as an add-on option for $X (where X is small), but I can see that this might be a very limited take up.

    19. Missing avatar

      Greenfr0G on

      Oh, and as a pet, I wanna cat, or cat-like creature (lion, etc.).

    20. Missing avatar

      Greenfr0G on

      Brilliant contribution from Spring Barnickle! I wanna see that Kerfluffle marshmallow in the game!!! And angry birds as weapons in Wasteland 2!

    21. Missing avatar

      Woden on

      "If these exclusives weren't offered, no-one except rich philanthropists would pledge anything more than the amount needed to secure a copy of the game."

      As someone donating more than my reward tier requires, and who is hardly "rich" by any stretch of the imagination, I heartily disagree.

    22. Craig Janssen

      I would agree that the pet should have some add-on trait or ability. Vanity pets aren't enough for me to increase my pledge for only that. I think there is plenty of other things at the $50 level to make it worth it to me.

      I have seen pets used in DDO, and for the costs it was not a value add for me.

    23. Missing avatar

      ResoLite on

      I find it perplexing that so many commenters are getting so riled up over the pet addition. A non-communicative bonus animal npc is hardly essential game content guys. If you want it so desperately, just shell out the extra $25 or whatever to secure yourself one. For those saying something along the lines of 'a pet isnt worth the extra X thousand dollars in donations! OMG such a rip off!', you should remember that the additional funding will go toward the game's stretch goals. The whole point of additional donations at this point is to increase the size and scope of the game.

      As to the ethics of offering exclusive content to higher paying backers; the whole KS donation tier system is based around this. People donate significantly more money to get access to exclusive, but non-essential content. If these exclusives weren't offered, no-one except rich philanthropists would pledge anything more than the amount needed to secure a copy of the game. Lower donations = less money = less game content. Pay for the pet & other extras and help the game realise it's stretch goals, or stick with the base copy of the game and miss out on what is basically a vanity item. It's a simple and reasonable choice, and really not worth all of this whining!

      ANYWAY: My vote for the pet goes to a cat. Oddly, I can't ever recall having a pet cat in a fantasy RPG before, possibly due to not having played enough of them. Let my wizard have his cliched feline companion! I shall call him fluffy.

    24. Missing avatar

      someone on

      Why can't you give everyone the same content from the get-go? Special ingame items, achievements, and pets are the kind of pre-order stunt bad publishers get blamed for, please remove them.

    25. tedd on

      whats up with the pets?

      either have them or not

      if anything it should be at $50 you get a custom pet or something

      and how about making the pets give you some sort of trait bonus or something like charm or whatever

    26. Kelvin P on

      Except when it's "exclusive" content that has no actual effect on gameplay other than being a character accessory, is there any harm being done? Especially in a single-player game?

      It's not like people are being locked out of story content, they just don't have a decorative pet.

    27. Missing avatar

      Conan on

      I don't think non balance effecting content is a huge deal. I think mod support is. Thank you so much!

    28. Missing avatar

      Qaz on

      As many have already pointed out, please reconsider exclusive in-game content. Exclusive pre-order bonuses are a perfect example of what is wrong with game industry these days. As you said yourself:

      "But, it's been almost impossible to get funding through traditional methods for a game like this. The great thing about Kickstarter is that we can go directly to the people who love to play RPGs as much as we love to make them. Plus, we don’t have to make compromises with a publisher. We make the development decisions, we market the game, and we don't have to answer to anyone but you – our fans."

      So why do you have to start acting like the publishers?

    29. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      hawk... hawk hawk hawk... god dammit it has to be a hawk

    30. Missing avatar

      Sujit on

      I am so happy about the mod support.

    31. barbarian_bros on

      @Obsidian : "We are upgrading the Collector's Book at the $250 level to a hardcover at no extra charge"
      Any chance to see the Softcover Collector's Book come back in a lower tiers? In the $140 'Collector's Edition Box' ? or in an intermediate $160-180 tiers?

    32. James McKendrew

      No effect on game play? It'd have to be a cat. Could absolutely be helpful, but, meh... Can't be bothered... (Good kitty.)

    33. David Tucker on

      I'm so happy for you guys! You have one of the best jobs in the world and now you can all make the game you want! Not to mention so many people believe in you the dream gets to keep growing!

    34. Umar Doerr on

      a unique cosmetic pet for backers only sounds fun enough, if only as a TY from the about a magic carpet? havent ever seen something like that in a game yet.

    35. Corpselocker on

      I feel that you guys have hurt some of your possible fundraising. I got in the first day at the $20 level. I'm interested in some of the other goodies now, but 'loss aversion' is keeping me from stepping up. I recommend you create 'add-on' items.

    36. Peter Jacob on

      If you guys really wanted the dungeon to be endless, put a scaling randomizer in that thing. Games like Disgaea had some wicked infinite random dungeon goodness going on.

      Pet huh? How about a weasel? The lil' buggers can be anywhere from cute to vicious and all carnivore. It can give you puppy dog eyes and eat rats at the same time. Reasonably fits in a pocket/backpack too.

    37. Scorchy on

      If it was a 28 floor dungeon I'd slit my wrists by level 12 or so.

      Durlag's Tower and Watcher's Keep were only 4 and 5 levels each and they were great. The entirety of Diablo 1 was only 16 levels.

    38. Dime on

      I may get some flak for saying this, but starting the counter for the Endless Path at 50k is kinda weak. By now there would be 24 floors if the other people counted.

      If you look at other Video game projects for technical comparison, the dungeon will likely only reach 7-8 floors. The Ouya is the top cash project in this section and it only had 63k backersAnd according to Kicktraq, most of that was in the first days with two days of spikes during the last week. And if you look at Double Fine Adventure on Kicktraq, they got 83k, but again, most of that was in the first days and then a two day spike in the last week. In both cases, the spikes were about 10k people. That would be four floors to this project.

      I realize 27-28 floors might be a pain, but since this is a stretch goal, if you start the count from after the $1.1 million funding goal, then the starting point would be about 22.5k people based on the kicktraq for Project eternity. Then the Endless Path would be around 15 floors currently. It's still a bit of work, but it's more reasonable to the contributors since the count would start when the stretch goals started instead of when the idea came to mind.

    39. Damien Swallow on

      The only thing I want for the pet... is NO DOGS.. Dogs are so over done as the 'sidekick/pet'. Yes everyone loves dogs, (well maybe not cat people) but the fact of the matter is they are in a fantasy world, they have a plethora of magical and non-magical creatures to choose from, heck even the 'normal' things.. making the pet another dog would just make it like every other fantasy game in existence, make it something different, something interesting, not something every game has added on because dogs are easy. I want interesting, not easy. in short.

      No Dogs. Please. Thank you.

    40. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Very good to see you're doing what you can to allow mods.

    41. Troy Chastain on

      As what you can cast how many time, I vote skill level defaults. If a spell is 4 levels lower than your top tier of spells, it cane be cast an unlimited times. 3 lovels lower takes 10% or your mana or something there abouts. So on and so worth. Friendly fire sound vety dangerous but well worth the stratagy involved.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ragnar on

      Great to hear about mod support!

      However, in-game pets? Really? It just feels like the vanity pets you'd get in WoW, which are worthless fluff. Is there really not a better, more game improving activity, for those people who would be making the pets to be doing?

    43. Silver on

      Very nice update, great to hear about the modding support.

      @Ham Wizard
      For those who will have the game on Steam, sure, but I'm pretty sure there'll be some division there.

    44. Flipp the Bunny on

      Steam Workshop would be cool. :)

    45. Tom the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Launcelot on


      You seriously lowered your pledge to a pet-less tier to avoid an OPTIONAL pet? Do you think you might be taking this a bit too seriously?

    46. Paul D on

      Another great update, thanks ...
      A pet Marshmellow perhaps ...

    47. Missing avatar

      Emeraude on

      @David Tuart

      Made consider the opposite actually, lower my pledge to a pet-less tier. But given the general reaction I do find I'm in a minority.

    48. Greg Buchanan on

      Would there be any chance we might have Steam Workshop support for the Steam version at some point? It's a really really really convenient way of finding new mods and installing/managing them without hassle and would be much appreciated if at all possible in addition to your other mod source.

    49. Missing avatar

      David Tuart on

      If the pet makes people want to raise their pledge up to 50 dollars then i'm all for it. After all the more money we raise now the better the game will be on release.

    50. Missing avatar

      Baudolino05 on

      Hi, Tim, I'm glad to hear you guys discarded the awkward Vacian system (we all know it works fine on p&p RPGs as much as it doesn't in videogames) and what you're proposing as an alternative sounds really interesting to me; maybe a little bit too complicated but definitely interesting.
      Anyway, have you guys ever played the indie-RPG Frayed Knights? If you haven't, I strongly suggest you to give it a try. To me Jay Barnson did a great job to make spell and overall resource management fun in his game, and he did it in a smart and neat way. Maybe it could be inspirational ;)...