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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.

Update #15: PayPal, Polish and Russian support, $2.5M/$2.6M stretch goals, new reddit Q&A, classes, and art!

Posted by Obsidian Entertainment (Creator)

In today's update, I'll be talking about new stretch goals and the "core four" classes. We also have some fantastic art for you that illustrates five of our adventurers engaged in some classic dungeon exploration. Other great stuff going on includes Tim Cain’s reddit on combat and you can now pledge with PayPal over on the Project Eternity Site.

And, for our Polish- and Russian-speaking fans - we are very happy to announce that distributors in Poland and Russia will be handling localization for these two languages, so we will be able to provide them without requiring a stretch goal!


First things first: our PayPal is now set up and ready to use! If you'd like to back the project using PayPal, you can do from the Project Eternity homepage at Obsidian:

Please note that pledges made through PayPal will not show up on our Kickstarter page, though we will count them toward stretch goals at the end of the campaign.

$2.5M and $2.6M Stretch Goals - Barbarian and Cipher, Adventurer's Hall with Party Creation

Since the days are counting down, we'd like to introduce two new stretch goals. As you'll read in a few more paragraphs, Project Eternity is currently slated to support seven classes. Our current roster includes fighters, priests, rogues, wizards, rangers, monks, and druids. We believe this represents the common core and several popular secondary classes that many players enjoyed using in the Infinity Engine games. We would like to use our $2.5M stretch goal to include two additional classes: the barbarian and the cipher.

Barbarians come from many of the more remote cultures found across the world. In the Dyrwood, they are commonly found among Glanfathan elf communities. They are distinguished from fighters by their recklessness, ferocity, and their predilection to substitute raw aggression for discipline. Barbarians are a challenge to deal with on a battlefield, though they are vulnerable to exhaustion if they don't pace themselves.

Ciphers are uncommon and often misunderstood individuals with extraordinary mental abilities. Like wizards and priests, they have many talents that draw directly from their souls, but ciphers have the unique ability to peer through the spiritual energy of the world to manipulate other souls. While wizards use complex formulae in large tomes and priests tap into the passion of their faith, ciphers are able to operate directly through the power of their minds... and yours.

But wait, we're not done yet! We've been reading a lot of feedback online about classes, companions, and party composition options. We want to give people the ability to build their parties as they like and we also want to allow people to experience the full spectrum of class mechanics. Companions go a long way toward achieving that goal while also providing a ton of reactivity in the world. Even so, we'd like to do more.

At $2.6M, we will add an Adventurer's Hall to the world. In the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood, adventurers and mercenaries from across the world are often employed as personal bodyguards, elite security, or salvage (plunder) teams that venture into the forgotten corners of Eír Glanfath. A lot of the folks who hang out as such places are robbers and miscreants, but reliable agents can be found and employed with a bit of patience.

What does this mean for you? It means that if you don't like a companion, or if you don't like any of our companions, you won't be cut off from having characters of their classes. Over time, you can build your own custom parties to play through the game. If you want a party of monks or all casters, this gives you the ability to do it within the game while still maintaining the pacing of the standard PC + companions play style.

And now that that's out of the way, let's talk about...

Classes: the "Core Four"

Classes in Project Eternity are meant to provide a general framework for character types. Different classes excel in different areas, but the framework can be extended and elaborated on in a multitude of ways to create characters with unique capabilities. If you see a fighter, chances are good that he or she is going to be able to take a lot of damage, but that's about all you can be sure of. If you see a wizard, he or she probably has some hard-hitting spells that can cover a large area, but his potential list of capabilities is vast.

If you want to create a wizard who wears plate armor and hacks away with a broadsword from behind a heavily-enhanced arcane veil, we want to let you do that. If your idea of the perfect fighter is one who wears light armor and uses a variety of dazzling rapier attacks in rapid succession, we want to help you make that character. So it's good to think of Project Eternity's classes as being purpose-ready but not purpose-limited.

To date, through our Kickstarter campaign, you have helped us fund seven classes. In our design, we started with the "core four" because they are the most broadly familiar and also some of the most versatile: the fighter, the priest, the rogue, and the wizard. To these four, you helped us add three specialized, but popular, classes: the ranger, the monk, and the druid. The design of each class has a solid, distinctive base set of abilities that remain in most builds, but will have a large number of optional specializations and alterations to give players a high level of flexibility in developing an individual character's particular style.

Though we are still early in development, we'd like to let you know the rough ideas on what the “core four” classes of Project Eternity encompass:

Fighter - Fighters are men and women trained to use a wide variety of traditional weapons in brutal combat. They are often put in -- or put themselves in -- harm's way and are built to take an extraordinary amount of punishment. Though not traditionally as mobile as the monk nor as likely to dish out individually withering attacks as a rogue, fighters are dependable and flexible, able to shift between a variety of attack modes that alternate between high damage, maintaining a strong defense, weakening opponents, and dealing harsh retribution to those who attack his or her allies. Some fighters build up arsenals of feints, knockdowns, and special attacks rather than rely on the “slow and steady” approach.

And while fighters are often thought of as being primarily melee-based, they can specialize in a variety of weapons, including bows, crossbows, and even firearms. They're unlikely to outclass rangers at their own game, but fighters can be almost as dangerous at a distance as they are up close. Though it may not look like it to see them in battle next to wizards and priests, fighters are just as able to tap into the power of their souls to devastating effect: accelerating their attacks to a superhuman speed, striking foes with such power that nearby opponents are knocked off their feet, and maintaining a phenomenal endurance that allows them to rapidly bounce back from even terrible wounds.

When they aren't locked in life and death struggles, fighters are, unsurprisingly, often quite athletically capable. Even so, it's not uncommon to find fighters who are stealthy and well-educated. Moving unseen and knowing how to get out of a jam can come in handy even for them.

Priest - In a world with many gods, there are many different types of priests. Though the majority of priests spend their time tending to worshipers or engaged in relatively peaceful pursuits, there are ranks of dedicated adventuring or mercenary priests who have turned the flame of their faith into a spark to ignite the power of their souls. Such men and women have found a divine link to their chosen deity, but their abilities stem solely from within.

Dedicated to spreading the news of their gods' dominions in the realms of mortals through their own deeds, adventuring priests thrust themselves into lethal conflict to prove their worth. Often trained to fight alongside soldiers of their respective churches, priests are capable in the fray (and near the fray, for those who follow less melee-oriented faiths), but their true power comes from their prayers, faith-inspired miracles that aid their allies and punish their enemies. These miracles range from combat blessings, weapon enchantments, and protective barriers to divine summons, sanctified wards, and crippling curses. In many ways, the prayers of priests have almost as much variety as wizards spells, though priests are restricted to invoking prayers that are aligned with their faith. Additionally, priests often specialize in the weapons, armor, and litanies of prayers most beloved by their church. Thus, the multitude of gods produces a multitude of different priests, each with their own unique array of abilities.

Most priests are church-educated and are widely versed in many types of lore. However, some priests get by on pure faith alone, having little knowledge of the world around them. Such battle priests often lean more heavily on their athletic abilities when they are in the field.

Rogue - Contrary to what their name might imply, rogues come from many walks of life. They are cutpurses, thugs, and courtesans but also aristocrats, diplomats, and personal guards. Often separated by station in life, they are united by their reliance on wits, speed, and subterfuge to achieve their goals. The way of the rogue is not to stand toe-to-toe with the biggest brute in the room and exchange body blows, but to glance away in feigned confusion and slip an unseen blade between the brute's ribs as he turns his attention. When a room explodes in a storm of fire, the fighters grit their teeth, the priests pray for salvation, and the wizards fumble to find a spell to protect them, but the rogues just... disappear. They excel at being in the one place where no one's looking, at kicking people when they're down, at taunting a foe into turning its back on the rogue's ally while he or she nimbly skips away, and at being just too damned slippery to pin down.

Whether they pack a pair of daggers, a fine rapier, a slim bow, a stubby pistol, or a brutish club, rogues haul a carnival of pain with them wherever they go. If their natural tendencies weren't dangerous enough, their affinity for skullduggery allows some talented rogues to tap into their souls to perform amazing stunts: fading from view in plain sight, briefly cloaking their allies in a veil of shadow, imbuing their weapons with a soul-eating venom, or even becoming so insubstantial that blades barely hurt them.

While rogues are known for their stealthy nature both in and out of battle, many of them are quite talented with machines and contraptions of all sorts. High-born rogues are often very knowledgeable about esoteric, while many low-born rogues are well-equipped to survive in the wild.

Wizard - Widely respected in most societies, wizards of Project Eternity are men and women of high education and extreme mental discipline, if not always outright intelligence. Wizards are sometimes called navigators of the mortal soul, charting out and practicing the precise ways in which “ordinary” people can unlock the power inside of themselves. Using their knowledge to truly spectacular ends, wizards rely not only on ancient practices but also their own research to propel them forward. Far from being occult or protected knowledge, most wizards' spells are just so incredibly complex and physically demanding that even practiced wizards cannot invoke them without the use of expensive, specially-enchanted tomes.

And what do the tomes contain? Instructions on ways to use one's soul to alter reality, to warp time around enemies, to make skin as tough as stone, to counter even the most powerful magic, to invoke balls of flame, bolts of lightning, gouts of acid, to conjure nightmares out of thin air. Truly, the possibilities open to wizards seem to exceed even those of what priests can call upon through their faith. And though any wizard may prepare several tomes, an inexperienced caster is not capable of channeling power through the log-thick, anvil-heavy, dog-eared grimoires of wizened archmagi. Such novices must alternate between more modest selections, relying on their less demanding spells and talents when they are unable to call upon their tomes.

Wizards are often assumed to be masters of occult lore. While this certainly applies to their knowledge of spells, many wizards are so narrowly-focused that they are ignorant of outside culture and history. It is also not uncommon for wizards to delight as much in mechanical curiosities as rogues. Because their powers make them targets in battle, a surprising number of wizards are quite fit, even if they aren't particularly strong.

That's all for our class update, but we wanted to give you a piece of art to show you examples of characters you may encounter (and adventure with) in Project Eternity. We hope you enjoy this fantastic painting from Kieran Yanner, and we have wallpapers of the art available in different resolutions.

1280x1024 | 1650x1050 | 1920x1080 | 1920x1200 | 2048x1536

Thanks for reading!

Update by Josh Sawyer

FORUMS: Join the class discussion and everything else in Update #15 in our forums!

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    1. Missing avatar

      matthias.klatt on

      Is there no longer the possibility to get a Steam Version of Project Eternity?
      I ask this question because both the boxed Copy Version on DVD and the additional Digital Downloadable Copy of Project Eternity is described as DRM free.

    2. Lantander on

      So if I understand the add-ons right, you just add the needed $ to your pledge and only after the campaign finishes you'll be asked what you actually want for that money?

    3. Missing avatar

      shani on

      @Noel Oh, didnt know. Thx.

    4. Samurai Salaryman on

      @shani cipher are psionicists pretty much.

    5. Missing avatar

      shani on

      How about psionics? I know, psionic isnt definitively from the "Core Four", but I`d love to see it in Project Eternity :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Tim Breen on

      Take my moneys! Beta Key and Expansion. Nom nom nom.

    7. Trister - OO's Tormented Master Wetboy on

      here's something i posted on the forums, and has a lot of infe coming straight from feargus himself:

      expansion packs are always thought about at this point in development i'd imagine. because the amount of ideas and such they have for games are so many that they just won't fit within time or budget constraints. however they are in no way going to be holding back anything they've promised, and they are going to be doing as much as they can. and it will be a whole/complete/long (think the old games length as what they're aiming for, or if you want a number 60+ hours (from a feargus comment a few days ago)) game. the expansion will not be worked on at all until after the game itself is complete (also from feargus), and they are funding the expansion themselves so no kickstarter funds are going to it at all (also from feargus). they're just saying that they are going to continue working in this world regardless of if it sells well immediately, as they have to by making this promise.
      all of that is from things in the comments, most of it from days ago. if need be i can get feargus to come in and post about this, or to give me a direct quote i can copy/paste (he offered this in the comments). so most of the concerns about this are really kinda founded on not having all of the information. really, we're getting what we want out of this. MORE of what we want, what with them funding the expansion out of their own pocket without a publisher and basically hoping that the game sells beyond the backers. it shows that they are serious about this being a continuing world. this is a good thing.

      hopefully that allays some of the concerns.

    8. Shaun Huang on

      I think this class write-up is very well put together and sound very promising. Very tempted to increase pledge again. However... judging from the comments, this write-up is only good for some of the fans, but for fans who seem to just skim (they just read the bolded words: fighter, rogue, wizard, etc.), they are not impressed. Maybe for updates, it could start with that dazzling abstract highlighting the cool ideas or the pitch for those who just want to skim, THEN going into detail for people who wants to read everything.
      ex: Instead of Wizard: (wall of text) Rogue: (wall of text)
      Maybe do: Twisting Fabric of Reality with Power of Your Soul (wall of text for wizard)

    9. Jonathan-Chevalier of the Obsidan Order on

      man, i just need to say i'm really excited to see a project like this and also can't wait to see what the future holds... i mean, i still love all the black isle classics, the troika lineup, and most of the obsidian titles (i'll admit i never completed NWN2). i can't think of anything else without sounding like too much of a fanboy, but yeah, i just needed to get that out of my system cause this sounds like an awesomely badass project.

    10. PANCZASU on

      I just hope that it isn't Cenega that's handling the localization. But from what Grzegorz wrote, I think we can have hope that localization will not be done badly (for a change, lol).
      Personally though, I don't really care since I plan to play this game in English anyway. Unless you get Piotr Fronczewski as a narrator of course ^^

    11. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      I dissagree with these being generic classes may be generic titles but we dont know for sure if there willl be kits sub calsses simisalr to baldurs gate 2 or how much customization etc each class will have, its not really about what they are called its about how fun they are to play and how different they are from each other, and im liking the options they have hinted at so far, plus we kinda know what we are getting with these classes even with their unique flavours etc, if they had gives us 9 names of things we hadnt heard of we would have no clue and that helps who?

    12. Missing avatar

      Grzegorz Koczyk on

      @Sakhar @Anthony Sizekh - not necessarily, we got some answers from Feargus on the main Kickstarter thread:

      1) On 1C/Cenega:
      Q: So I repeat - please, could you answer - would backers from Russia (and Poland, though I don't know details of their situation, but doubt that their distributors behave themselves better then ours) would have an access to original version, or do you lock us to our regional?
      A: We will make sure that the people we team up with do a good job. And, we've heard a lot of things about 1C now that will make us really ask them a lot of questions and require a lot from them - if we were to work with them. Not saying that we are working with them.

      2) On regional locks:
      Q: Could you clarify what is your general stance for regional locks on content ? Will Obsidian do what it can to make sure that we (backers from other parts of the world - Poland/Russia) have unrestricted access to English-only versions of (possible) further content (DLC/expansions etc.) at least ?
      I realise things like these can change a lot down the line (e.g. business takeover, debts, whatever), but it would help immensely with pitching PE to friends and still having a clear conscience.
      A: On the subject of regional locks - I don't think we plan on doing that unless there is some law that would require us to do so.

      Doesn't seem bad to me...

    13. Missing avatar

      Sakhar on

      "And, for our Polish- and Russian-speaking fans - we are very happy to announce that distributors in Poland and Russia will be handling localization for these two languages" - it's grim news because it means that cenega, the worst game publisher ever, will screw a translation. Why not a CDprojekt who made a brilliant translation of S:T?!

    14. Missing avatar

      Antony Sizekh on

      I'm not too worried about classes,as long as you don't go full D&D classic,and make room for improvisation.I'm more worried that the classes may overlap and not feel quite unique and fleshed out,so that one of similar classes will be always preferred over the others.

      Russian localization is good,as long as you don't let that distributors implement restrictions on price or version of the game(such as the latest Borderlands 2 debacle) in the local area.

    15. ReyVagabond on

      Yeah i dont like much the classes but still i hope they can do a good job making them all feal special and powerfull.

    16. Vincent Prescious Altieri on

      Battlemage, Trickster, DemonKnight, Assassin, and Monk FTW

    17. hayatoShingu on

      There are no possibilities to see also an italian translation?
      I can read and speak english and I play many games in english, but an italian translation would make me, and i hope others, much happier.

    18. Missing avatar

      jinnyroh on

      You have the chance to create a brand new IP, unhindered by the demands of publishers, and you come up with the most generic classes. If you want to have the core 4, fine, but at least give us novel classes as bonuses. The Cipher sounds amazingly clever and fits with your soul mechanics perfectly. On the other hand, the druid and barbarian are overdone nowadays. Please consider being more creative with class design.

    19. Vincent Prescious Altieri on

      I don't know about you but I always get exhausted after raging. As a matter of fact I was just raging at someone at work and I could use a nap. Or maybe cause I was up all night playing Dark Souls. Speaking of being up all night, how about at the 3 million dollar stretch mark you give your backers a week off from work so they can play your game. Would def up my pledge by like at least a hundred dollars.

    20. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      Hi guys, are you going to have choice and consequence in the game? I might have been spoiled on Baldur's Gate growing up, but I'd really like to see that idea - of having some control over your fate/destiny - make it into this game...

    21. Missing avatar

      leafspring on

      I too find the classes are sounding too generic. There is no given rule set, no publisher forcing standard stuff and yet we get the same old classes.
      And as a bonus? The barbarian - as if we didn't have enough of those guys already. Besides, a class, for me, is something you choose. You don't choose to be a Barbarian (or a Cipher for that matter) you either are one or not. It's more a kind of character trait.

      if you want to use the same old stuff, at least give it some new names so it doesn't feel as worn out. Especially wiz(z)ard and barbarian. I came to really hate these terms, they are so incredibly cheesy and boring. Call them Weaver and Berserk (which is something you choose to be), the Priest becomes a Disciple (of a deity), the Fighter is a Vanguard, as the only difference between them and the other fighters in the group(a.k.a. veryone else) is that they are usually the one sticking their neck out. Ranger is fine, as is Monk. Rogue becomes an Adept and the Druid is a Treehugger. Just kidding, Druid is fine. :P

      Certainly not perfect but at least it's somewhat different than the usual stuff.
      Anyway, I trust you guys to make the game intriguing even with the most ordinary classes. Just wanted to share my 0.02$ about it.

    22. Nick Hite on

      The "exhausted after raging" thing is why I have never played a barb in a PC game. It's fine in pencil and paper, but in BG or IWD you end up raging once, then you have to rest to get rid of the exhaustion, because it never goes away. It feels cheesy, screws up the pacing.

      If you insist on having an exhaust function on barbs, please at least keep it a short duration debuff.

    23. Missing avatar

      Lily Lau on

      I hope we end up getting the cipher class. Don't get me wrong, I love my rogues, but I'm really excited about the idea of playing a class I haven't run into before.

    24. Scott Gladstein on

      Hey guys. I know they are revisiting the old high fantasy concept and character classes can be implemented uniquely but I'd like to hear about that innovation. Not just “fighters hit things” and “barbarians rage”. It's almost become part of the norm of the genre.

      Example:one of the lines in Rouge says,
      “...glance away in feigned confusion and slip an unseen blade between the brute's ribs as he turns his attention.”
      Now if they told me I could do this (implying a social system and a duplicity mechanic) I'd would have mentioned it. Don't tell me the rogue is subtle. I know that.

      Totally psyched for psychics btw.

    25. tedd on

      also if you want people to have the same experience all classes should somewhat equal

      noone is going to play a fighter with weapons if rogue is better how about making a fighter able to carry heavier weapons like crossbows and rogue using bows relying on speed and accuracy perhaps

    26. Cruces on

      How comes noone makes bards any more? I find the jack of all trades master of none thing quite intriguing, certainly more intriguing than a stupid barbarian ): , cipher sounds cool though (:

    27. tedd on

      what about druids and warlocks and peeps of those type

      I am interested in irregular warfare

    28. Missing avatar

      Konstantin on

      Никому Не, Russian language is already there and is NOT a stretch goal anymore.

    29. Vincent Prescious Altieri on

      Plus the worst thing you want to do is make something different for the sake of being different, and then it just winds up a big bowl of suck

    30. Vincent Prescious Altieri on

      There is only so much you can do with types and classes/settings, etc. without straying from the classic formulae, which I am fine with, as long as it is done well and is somewhat original.

    31. Vincent Prescious Altieri on

      Rogues! :D Dual wielding please... nothing more kick ass then two swords.

    32. Thalon on

      BTW, I almost forgot: I'm italian and I don't care if PE doesn't come translated in my native language (I can still read and understand english to some degree), but I know different people (via web boards and other places where RPGs are the argument) here in Italy that are ready to pledge but will not until an italian translation is promised as stretch goal.
      I personally don't care, but I saw that italian reached the third place in the poll on your web board (after Russian and Polish that now will be included as "external translations"), so please consider that and add that language in your future plans: I think that you can easily obtain those tens of thousands of euros necessary to translate the game in italian from italian pledgers here.

    33. Thalon on

      Please create a page with the amount collected via paypal and link it here: it could be very useful to keep track of the donations and also stimulate them (and also to know how much in total is still needed to achieve the stretch goals).

    34. Missing avatar

      Konstantin on

      Hello folks! I have only 1 question so far. Will it be possible to create my own party, which doesn't include predefined characters? Let's say I want a party of 3 or 4 warriors with unique hair style and body type. Can I do that right from the beginning or it will be available only at 2.6M goal through Adventurer's Hall? Thank you.

    35. Missing avatar

      Adauli, Red Wizard of the Obisdian Order on

      @Robert I understand it so that there is a special building where you can go in andbuild your party members but the usual Party Members are still aviable. So you get both and can decide on your own if you whant the premade chars or make self some new.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Snow on

      Just make sure that all the companions out of the adventurer's hall are named Rolf.

    37. Robert Grosso on if the 2.6 stretch goal is made, then the previous companions promises will no longer exist in favor of the full party customization?

    38. Никому Не on

      Не. Лучше сразу за 140$.
      Всего на 40 дороже, зато коробочка и ключик.

    39. Никому Не on

      Если бы включили прямо сейчас ж Русский из коробки,то я бы моментально приобрел пакет за 100$.
      Но боюсь, не дойдет до 2.6... так что мы как всегда в пролете.

    40. Prokhorov Ilya on

      Спасибо мужики.

    41. norolim on

      Q: Backers form Poland and Russia would really like to know, if it is Cenega/1C that will do the translations. The problem is that most of their translations are described by many as bad or very bad. I expect the GOG version of the game will be available in English to all backers. How about the Steam one? Will it be region locked?

    42. Missing avatar

      Greenfr0G on

      Great Update, game specifics shapes up nicely .)

    43. Missing avatar

      Gienek on

      Thanks for localization! Great update.

    44. Missing avatar

      cordell melgaard on

      I just wanted to piggy back on a previous poster comments

      "Now, regarding wizards and the world of magic, there's one thing I've wanted to say for the longest time: Baldur's Gate II is, to date, the only CRPG I've seen that has dared to a) go all out with magical defenses vs. spells that strip magical defenses, requiring players to plan their way through some encounters rather than just blasting/chopping away and b) introduce contingency spells."

      I 100% agree with this. Most RPGs have a wide variety of spells but you end up using 3 or even less.

      Magic Missile x100
      Why is that you might ask?
      Well mostly it's because of weak AI that focuses too much on direct damage. There's no reason for me to use 90% of the spells I have, especially when something will be dead before it reaches me, aka BG1
      In those games if you had a party with 3 ranged characters, most fights were a joke.
      There was very little opportunity to use some fun spells.
      Please, I urge you to make the spells useful and not just taking up a spot in the spellbook

    45. Missing avatar

      Andrey on

      Russian localization? Thanks for the great news!

    46. Missing avatar

      Dice on

      I have a question:

      What sort of attention will you be paying to sound?
      I have fond memories of Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate's 'EAX' sound options that allowed for enhanced environmental audio including the sound of scree slopes, dripping water and rustling branches, which, in my opinion, added another layer of detail to the world that really drew you in as a player. Will there be something similar here or does this kind of thing come as standard in modern videogames?

      Ah well, just looking forward to this now. Can't wait! :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Cory McBride on

      Love the artwork. Absolutely stunning. My hat is off to you guys for what is shaping up to be my most anticipated game of the next few years. Can't wait to see more about it! Oh, and more artwork too!

    48. Missing avatar

      Petteri Kaakinen on

      ET3D, I'm a bigger fan of Torment than other old school CRPGS, yet I see no problem in what I just read. As has been said many times, it's more important how things are implemented than if they are super-unique. Just because the class is called a Wizard doesn't mean it'll be some derivative shit with no originality. It seems like Obsidian is giving the class system a lot of freedom . Same goes for the "generic " setting. It doesn't matter if the basics sound somewhat generic, it's what you actually DO with the world. I mean, The Witcher has a super-cliched fantasy world,but that hasn't prevented them from still making it really interesting.

    49. Jhonrock on

      @Alexspeed, the Priest class can be like a paladin, just focus the class evolution on the way of the paladin and you will have a paladin. This isn't a D&D based game, so, there's no D&D limitations to the class archetypes. As the update stated, i think a priest can be like a paladin if the player want it.

    50. Missing avatar

      Gavin on

      What's with the small flickers in the video. Are there hidden images or does the video just flicker? I can't seem to land on any flicker so it may just be video-related.