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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.

Update #13: 50K Backers Brings New Mega Dungeon, Stretch Goals and More! (PayPal Too!)

Posted by Obsidian Entertainment (Creator)

Happy Monday! We've reached 50,000 backers, and have a special reward for everyone. Details below. Also coming this week, we have more updates about the development and creation of the game. Tomorrow, Justin Bell will discuss the process for composing the music for our trailer video. On Wednesday, Josh will update with more details about the game's design, and we are going to unveil a awesome art piece that we’ve been working on.

Oh, PayPal is also coming on Wednesday!

The 50,000 Backer Reward

We are very excited to announce a reward to all backers that have helped us come this far. Today we are introducing The Endless Paths of Od Nua - a new dungeon experience for Project Eternity:

In the western reaches of the Dyrwood lies the Endless Paths, an ancient network of cobbled trails that wind through arches of dense overgrowth, twisting within the confines of a high castle wall as they make their way to the gates of iron-shuttered towers that jut forth from the interior.  In ages past, the towers rising from the gardens to pierce the canopy of the forest once marked the dominion of the castle's relentless, crazed builder: Od Nua.  But the courses of Od Nua's madness run far below the surface, stretching forever deeper into wandering catacombs and bone-cramped oubliettes unseen by living eyes for centuries.  The Endless Paths, as the old Glanfathans call them, cannot be walked by the living, but the storytellers say with certainty that many strong souls have found a permanent home beneath the grieving creator's estate.

Most else that is said and written of the place is fiction or conjecture, more likely to have sprouted from the svef-enhanced imaginations of bored and boasting mercenaries than from any seed of truth.  Hosts of lost souls that relentlessly stalk the living, cathedral-sized tombs overflowing with the restless victims of a horrific plague, lightless chambers sealing in the remnants of Od Nua's failed experiments.  Most legends converge on a common theme: that under the castle rest myriad forgotten vaults of death and darkness glittering with Od Nua's enchanted creations and the abandoned treasure of ill-fated interlopers. So great is the fear of the castle's denizens that even drunken and drug-cheered adventurers do not joke of setting foot on the paths, lest their souls join the eternal ranks of those that have gone before them.

The current plan is to make The Endless Paths with three subterranean levels, but it can grow larger with your help. For every 2,500 additional backers, the depths of Od Nua’s castle become deeper, which means one additional level will be added to the vaults. Continue to spread the word about Project Eternity, and let's see how big we can make The Endless Paths!

Crafting and Enchanting at $2.4 Million

We also have a new stretch goal at $2.4 million dollars to announce: Crafting and Enchanting!

Crafting and enchanting in Project Eternity will allow players to use objects and materials they find during exploration to both create consumable items like potions and scrolls as well as give their gear custom upgrades that can't be accomplished by other means.  This system is intended to be easy to use and very flexible, allowing players to customize many aspects of what they can create or alter.  Whether it's brewing basic potions from herbs and minerals commonly found throughout the world or upgrading a humble broadsword into a custom-named, magically-imbued weapon of distinctive and legendary power, we want to give players the ability to make it.  On the development side of things, we also want to make the system as data-driven as possible, allowing us to easily extend our list of recipes in the future.

Each stretch goal we hit not only adds new features to the game like crafting, but also makes the game larger by adding more content, quests, dialogue, and characters. Together, we've already added two new races, companions and classes, along with a player house. $2.2 million is very close which adds a new faction and region, and there are more exciting stretch goals planned if we make it past $2.4 million and beyond.

New Add-Ons

Additionally, we have two new add-ons for you:

  • Add an Early Access Beta Key for $25. The beta key is the same reward at the $110 and up levels, but now you can add it as an extra at the lower tiers.
  • Add a Digital Strategy Guide for $7. The digital strategy guide is also included in the $80 and up levels, but now you can add it as an extra at the lower tiers. This will cost more when we ship the game, so get in on the opportunity to save!

As a quick tutorial on how to add add-ons, go to the Project Eternity Kickstarter site and hit the Manage Your Pledge button. The reward tier you had already picked will still be selected and the amount will be in the big box at the top. All you need to do is add the dollar amount that covers the add-ons you would like to your pledge and enter the new total number. For instance, if you are at the $35 Pledge level and want to add the Beta Key, you would enter $60 as your total pledge. We’ll send you a fulfillment survey after the Kickstarter period is over and you can specify what you wanted to do with any excess monies added.

Thank you!

Update by Adam Brennecke and Josh Sawyer

FORUMS: Join in the discussion for Update #13!


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    1. fredgiblet on

      The endless dungeon is sort of a stretch goal, everyoen will get it, the backers coutner is just a size thing

    2. LosT_SouL_VL on

      Great stretch goals to come also I like the the add-ons.

    3. Tovarah - Weresheeptiger of Sin [DOoD] on

      I just want to know, will backers who back after the 50k mark still have access to the endless paths too? All in all though, Project Eternity is sounding more and more awesome each and every update!

    4. Missing avatar

      OHM on

      I believe it would be a good idea to release some more stretch goals already. Having that "carrot on a stick", before this kickstarter goes into its final days.

    5. Sadie on

      I had no idea crafting in RPGs was so controversial. Learn something new everyday, I guess.

      "If you can craft our own items, the pleasure to loot items will decrease too." I've seen this thinking a few times in the comments and it confuses me. Why would it do that? I love crafting, it's fun to custom make armor and swords, especially if I can also name them, and add enchantments I like. It's also super fun to bust into a dungeon and open everything and loot everything from the bodies of my fallen enemies. I've never thought, "Huh, well, why would I go into that cave of mystery and take down the boss in there because I can just go make my own cool armor." That's silly. I've course I'm going in that cave and looting everything I can possibly carry out, including weapons and armor, and enjoy every second of it.

    6. Jonathan on

      I wonder if Obsidian could tell us more about how they expect to run the Beta Access? What will it look like? How early will the access be? Do they anticipate people giving bug reports? I want to know more about the Beta access before I up my pledge. Thanks. Looking forward to it.

    7. Shaun on

      Now I find myself reminiscing about the crafting system in NWN2, the way you guys did enchanting to mirror the D&D 3.5 system was brilliant. I would love to see something like that in eternity.

    8. Paul West on

      I have to agree with the "choir"... the last thing I want is for crafting and enchanting to become ho-hum (let's crank out 10 more Axes of Doom to sell!). Challenging and somewhat time-consuming for the user as the rarity/value goes up. I trust you guys are thinking along the same lines. A surprise here and there wouldn't hurt either...

    9. Trevor Lewis on

      Crafting and enchanting is always one of those things that seems like it's done just a little bit off. Basic crafting should allow you to create goods that are equivalent to items a merchant would provide. Basic enchanting should allow you to create or modify basic goods to create a magical item that is slightly better than the non-magical version of the same item from a merchant. Crafting with higher *quality* materials should create a non-magical item that is slightly superior to the same item from a vendor, but equivalent to to an item crafted with lesser materials but enchanted. Enchanting superior items creates an item which is superior (x2) to the basic item. Now to further complicate things, only the highest quality materials can "hold" the highest quality enchantments. This means that to create the uber-powerful Flaming Sword of Nardzog you've got to A) have the recipe B) gather the base items C) refine the base items D) enchant the item. While it seems complicated it can be done in such a way that it doesn't throw game balance out the window. Particularly when the process is a quest line. (great idea btw Leaton)

    10. theAnton on

      Oooh, I like the sound of that. Go on a long and perilous quest to retrieve some exotic material and combine them to make a powerful magical artifact. The quest itself shouldn't be easily obtainable either, but perhaps you could find a parchment starting it in a deep dungeon somewhere.

    11. Missing avatar

      Leaton Chuter on

      IMO Enchanting should be difficult and involved, but extremely rewarding both in terms of flavour and mechanical benefits. Ie. a full quest line to retrieve the reagents to enchant a sword should not then end up with a "+2 sword of fire".

    12. Missing avatar

      Greenfr0G on

      And that little backstory just got me interested :P

    13. Missing avatar

      Greenfr0G on

      Mega Dungeon? Oooh, me like... :)

    14. Mark Fenrir on

      In my opinion, crafting and enchanting should be difficult tasks. Creating a potion on the go is a great feature, or maybe creating a fire arrow. Those are things that seem reasonable and quick. But adding a single damage bonus to a weapon should be a moderately hard thing to do.

      Things get out of hand when you have hardcore systems like Morrowind, but when it's just a fetch quest in disguise, it doen't work out for me.

    15. Missing avatar


      Will backers that select the digital strategy guide option be able to access it through steam as an option?

    16. Philomorph on

      As nice a feature as this would be, please don't make it as detailed and in depth as something like in the Elder Scrolls series. Obsessive compulsives like me end up spending waaaay too much time collecting reagents and fiddling with our enchanting and potions tables to see all the other great content :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      I never was much of a fan of crafting myself, as I find it hard to keep track of which ingredients are used for which profession, and it tends to clutter up my inventory. Storing components in a barrel (like in, say, Skyrim or Fallout 3 or New Vegas) is a bother since it's easy to lose track of what you've got, and juggling them from and to your character inventory is an outright chore.

      The big however here, /however/, is that I don't mind crafting in Guild Wars 2 at all. It has a special bank with unlimited space dedicated to crafting components, into which you can make deposits from anywhere. Deposited components can then be accessed and used at a crafting station.

      The challenge, then, is in *earning* the ingredients, and not in being an exceptionally patient manager of inventory.

    18. DCVer on

      I would be happy if this 'Crafting and enchanting'' includes various improvised weaponry and comes with pros and cons.

    19. Peter Jacob on

      Crafting? Sounds good as long as players don't have to grind out "skill levels" like World of Warcraft or such. Make crafting cool, not a time sink.

    20. Lantander on

      Yup, tailor made stuff will likely be too strong. So no backpack full of "sword that kills x, sword that kills y, etc. please

      I'd prefer if there were specific (and unique) items that could be made/crafted - by npc professionals who have the tools, time and skills. Things like consumables I can believe a player character cooking up more or less quickly (potions for example), but forging/armorsmithing just plainly takes a while - and interrupting your adventures for a month to fashion some dragonscale armor isn't what adventurers have time for usually.

    21. Missing avatar

      odintsaq on

      BG2+ToB and KOTOR2 are good examples of crafting.
      Both of them had you looking for the components, without it being farming, and making it fun and worthwhile at the same time. F:NV wasn't that fun, but not a big disappointment.
      Up till now all the things added with the stretch goal seem quite well thought and interesting. Especially the undermoun... sorry, the dungeon proposed.

    22. Dmitry Trembovolsky on

      Agree crafting only makes sense if there's smth unique that can come out, makes sense for just a few items in the game, where pieces can be achieved through quests anyway. And it definitely is not worth a Stretch Goal. I'd advise Obsidian to do a poll on this, similar way that Wastelands did on the palette for their first screenshot

    23. Josh Erickson on

      Just became a backer, so excited! Thanks for everything guys! One system I enjoyed that you might want to consider is the crafting system from Dragon Age 2 (One of the only good things in that game.) In a nut shell you don't use components, you find resources in the wild. When you find them, you pay a small amount (or nothing, depends on how you swing it) and then when you get back to your home base you can use that resource to craft. So essentially crafting is 'I've found 2 Steel deposits so I have Steel (Refined) available, plus I want to make a broad sword, so now I just pay a little gold and I can craft a sword."

      It's elegant, simple, and keeps people from carrying around five hundred mushroom caps in their inventory. :)

    24. Igor on

      the most unique and great enchanting&crafting (E&C) system was in old game "Master of Magic" by Microprose which was another version of Civilization but more fantasy like ( ), since then i haven't seen any good looking E&C system in RPG games. all of them lack something, sometimes you don't have skill to find an ingredient like Iron (Ore) for instance or sometimes the system is so complex that it makes it hard to use and u just abandon the idea. And i always like to grow blacksmith skill and enchanting, and i want to be able to make an ultimate armor/weapon or to make potions which significantly (+5 :) ) and permanently (for eternity :) ) grow main skills like strength, dex, int, etc, . Could you please share the details on what will the system be like? and will i be able to get to the GOD-like level if using the skill?

    25. Bryan Neubauer on

      I really hope they go with Baldur's Gate 2 style crafting, making it so you can re-forge legendary weapons that have been broken apart and the pieces scattered over time.

    26. Zombra on

      @Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan
      "Guys, don't freak out about the crafting. These guys made Fallout New Vegas Crafting. "

      I loved New Vegas, but its crafting system was a resounding failure to me. Why? Inventory management. Fallout 3 was already a game where weight:value ratio was the single most important stat, and sifting inventory to discard something every time I found a new item I wanted dominated way too much of my playtime. F:NV's crafting only exacerbated the situation by further encouraging me to packrat otherwise useless items.

      Ultimately, I ended up crafting like 3 or 4 things in New Vegas. Dealing with inventory limits in those games is just too tiresome.

      I repeat my earlier admonition: allow unlimited portage of crafting materials. Make *finding* rare materials the interesting part. If *carrying* them is the biggest challenge, there is a problem.

    27. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      Crafting if done poorly can really hurt a game. Loot becomes boring when you can craft equipment tailor made for your characters. When loot is boring, exploring is less exciting. Most of your gear needs to be found through adventuring, and crafting should only act as a supplement. Consumables are fine. Enhancements to existing items are good. But crafting an Adamanite +5 Flaming Scythe of Acid is bad. You think it is fun, but it isn't. It turns equipment into commodities, not artifacts of power to be found on great quests.

    28. Chris Birmingham on

      Considering the crafting systems implemented by Obsidian in the past, I'm not worried that they're just going to paste on an existing crafting system and have done with it, but I do agree that there have been some poorly concieved crafting systems in other games. That said, I don't expect anything like a grindy MMO-style crafting system will be used, because the whole point of those systems is to get you to sink more time into the game as more time equals more money for an MMO.

      I agree with a lot of the sentiments already posted, I'd like to see a system that allows us to make the odd item from rare ingredients and found pieces rather than become a production line for iron daggers. That said, a crafting system for low-level items would have been very handy during the iron shortage in BG1; it would have been nice to take all those broken swords and repair them (I know I was always running out of weapons in the beginning!). That said I agree with pharzon and others that the crafting system in BG2 was my favourite as you weren't just churning out generic equipment but scouring the land to create unique artifacts that were completely different to anything else you found. Combine that with a bit of logic from KOTOR and it would be nice to see a system that allows you to craft and improve your own item that gains legendary status along with your character.

      On another note from what has already been said, I expect crafting to come under the "non-combat" skills already mentioned, in which case I don't see a problem with crafting giving you the odd item that's a bit better than the usual equipment dropped by enemies if you keep your skill points in it maxed. If you choose to spend your skill points on crafting rather than persuade or sneak (for example) then there should be a benefit to doing so, in this case a bit of an improvement in your combat capability instead of the ability to avoid fights.

    29. Missing avatar

      pharzon on

      While I think crafting might potentially be a nice addition, I share the concern of many other backers. Crafting in BG2+ToB was unique, exciting and lots of fun. It didn't undermine the fun of exploring and looting - actually it had the opposite effect as you wanted to find the missing components for unique items.

      Crafting in, say, Skyrim was to be honest a game breaker for me. Relatively early into the game I was already wielding armour and weapons better than any that could be found- including unique items. At that point the game just didn't excite me any more. That is not to say that combat items and fighting are in any way the primary reason for me to play a game but on the other hand there has to be a reason to continue playing and exploring. That was always the case in games like Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment, Fallout etc.

      All this to say that it is absolutely crucial how you implement this. To me a poorly implemented version of crafting would not only be disappointing but potentially ruin the game.

      Oh and by the way: the dungeon sounds absolutely awesome (and much more in line with BG-style dungeons than the generic dungeons found in most modern RPGs).

    30. Maxime Pichon on

      Well, I don't think a crafting system will be good for this game.

      Crafting = Farm = and i'm not happy to farm in a solo game. And the game will be certainly too easy, except if the game will be really too difficult for people who will play without craft and enchant.

      Crafting is good for MMO or Monster Hunter, but in Monster Hunter crafting is the only way to have new gears and weapons so it's good for this game because Monster Hunter = Farm monster and Craft.

      If you can craft our own items, the pleasure to loot items will decrease too.

    31. Elciled on

      Hey dev guys, kind of unrelated but just wanted to say I upped my pledge from 20 to 65 (not looking for early access, prefer to go into it when the game's ready) and hope you take your time and don't get too ambitious with those stretch goals (which are really cool but not really neccessary imho). I have no rush to see this game out the door, I know some people probably don't agree and of course it's not that I don't really want to play it asap but, quality is all that matters and I don't mind if I have to wait a really long time for it. Just throwing that out there.

    32. T'hain Esh Kelch on

      As long as it doesn't turn out as generic crafting in most games, ie. de-compose an object to get a few random materials, and then stock them up, and create something.. It is so unfocused and not fun IMO.

    33. Ardent on

      I have too little experience to comment on crafting, other than that I don't want it overpowered.
      As for the inventory, I think a good way is to allow different things to take different size in your inventory, maybe combined with smaller bags that can hold a lot of smaller items. Say 8 sq for a greatsword, 2 for a dagger, 4 a potion-bag with room for 16 potions. Something like that. With both size and weight as factors (as in NWN1) you don't have to choose between a greatsword and a flower, you can carry heavier items if you are stronger, but you can't carry 15 pole-arms just because you are strong enough. For me, a well-though out backpack adds to the immersion of the gameplay.
      The Endless Path... sweet!

    34. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      Guys, don't freak out about the crafting. These guys made Fallout New Vegas Crafting. They have a lot of experience in making meaningful crafting in CRPGs :)

    35. Missing avatar

      adi1981 on

      I'm ok with crafting, but only when it'll be realized like the one in BG2, where you had to find unique loot that was spread somewhere over the world, and then you could craft it at Cromwell's or Cespenar's forge → But if it'll be possible to craft anything out of almost every loot that can be found in the world, then I'm against such crafting in game.

    36. Missing avatar

      Andrey on

      Crafting was done surprisingly well in Gothic1-2 and in Witcher1. It can add to the atmosphere if it's done well. And speaking of Witcher, elixirs in part 1 were a new word in RPG genre, making gameplay way more interesting. And a complete failure in part 2 the way they were implemented there..

    37. Tara Morrigan on

      Don't forget your extra $8 to join the Order, guys. ;)

    38. Missing avatar

      Mikhael Blackthorne on

      Crafting like KOTOR 2 not NWN2 please!

    39. Missing avatar

      azurit on

      would be cool to have Slovak or Czech translation :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Marcin Makowski on

      mod tools and mods support please

    41. Missing avatar

      Oscar on

      Is there going to be a printed/physical version of the strategy guide?

    42. Pierre, Endless Paths guide of the ∞ on

      what is "svef-enhanced"? Is svef a drink, a drug ?

    43. mayfaire - Obsidian Order Purseliberator on

      It's great how so many people think crafting should be exclusive to MMOs. Where do you think they got the idea for MMO crafting in the first place?

      As long as crafting isn't ridiculously easy, like it is in say, Skyrim, I'm all for it. It's ludicrous that my warrior can make iron daggers for her entire life and yet that makes her a skilled enough smith to forge dragonscale armour. I had to actually limit myself with smithing, otherwise I would have missed the orcish tier of armour entirely.

      Personally I think it should either go the way of skill-based crafting (like Neverwinter Nights), so if you want to craft you have to sink skill points (or whatever equivalent into it), or the root of super rare components to craft into super awesome items (like DA: Awakening or Mask of the Betrayer).

    44. Staticblast on

      Shades of Undermountain! The Endless Paths sound interesting...

    45. Tomimt on

      Personally I liked how crafting was done in Arcanum. It's there, but you don't have to use it if you don't want to. Instead you might have a companion who can do crafting for you if you just provide the materials. But usually I do end up crafting stuff, as the system was easy enough to use.

    46. Isaac Carr

      While I could be wrong, I do not think the good fellows at Obsidian would just "slap on" a crafting system. I do not imagine it is going to be some deep, life altering bonus, but as long as it is logical and [most important!] fun, I am all for it!

    47. Lantander on

      Of course there should be some effort in making magical items. D&D for example had it right - there you had to have a masterwork item ('the best an artisan can make'') before you could even think of going magical - and it wasn't cheap.

      On the other hand, a simple potion might be just a question of throwing the right shrooms, pure mountain water and some leaves together - plus of course the skill and usage charges for the laboratory equipment (glass was pretty expensive in the old times) .

    48. Ber on

      It's quite amusing reading the variety of responses to crafting and enchanting ... from 'I thought it was in the game already, it should be a given in an rpg' to 'crafting belongs only in MMOs why are you adding it to a single-player rpg', and from 'I LOVE it, yes please!' to 'horrible, I hate crafting please don't include it'. Talk about different expectations .... good luck Obsidian E.!

    49. Missing avatar

      Jussi Mustonen on

      Urgh well I really hate the absolutely half-witted crafting BS slapped on post-BG games so now I kind of hope this won't hit 2.4M and it can't be included. Even mildly enchanted stuff was so rare in BG1 it actually felt special and meaningful. Now I can make a magical shield from some board, a wolf pelt and some gems I looted off a guy? Yeah "yay" :-|

    50. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lundgren on

      Weird. Seems like my post dispersed. Anyway any time you give a player a tool the player gains more power and more ways to break the system. That is a part of the territory. Why a player that happens to know every dungeons and dragons publication can make a character that is waaay overpower for being a level one character. (Assuming of course she allowed to use everything.) So I can understand the concerns of people about crafting. But is like any other tool you give. Ether they benefit the player or there useless. More races makes the player more powerful. More weapons of course more powerful. And I could go on and on. In the end is not how powerful you are that matters. Is about making meaningful choices and having a challenge. And if crafting is complex then it can add a meaningful choice to the game and not be a grind. So I hope it will be implemented where we can get some creative flair in to the item creation process. I know I have always loved to create my own Artefacts in game. But make it a challenge and make it so it feels meaningful. Also to all those that are worried about game balance. By the very end pretty much all RPGs leaves you as a Demi-god and that part of what makes RPGs fun. Is the journey there that is the fun part. And if the game is set-up right one can even have it so that there extra challenge for those that have reach this level. The infinite dungeon and such. But in the end people do reach a level where all standard challenge becomes trivial or they will feel limited. I prefer a dynamic challenge system where player sets the bar rather then limiting players. And please avoid using a system where the monsters level with you. You will hurt the lesser skilled player and the more skilled player in the end by introducing the red queen effect.