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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.

Update #4 - Add-Ons (Updated Oct 11), Digital Tiers, and DRM

Posted by Obsidian Entertainment (Creator)

Add-Ons (Updated Oct 11)

Looking to customize your reward tier a bit? Add the following on to your pledge using the Manage Pledge button at the top of the Project Eternity Kickstarter site. When making an add-on you need to manually change the amount of your pledge when using the Manage Pledge button.

You can change your pledge as much as you want during the Kickstarter campaign, you will only be charged after the end of the campaign based upon what is listed as your pledge at that time.

Note: All add-ons require base pledge to be at the $20 tier and above.

Digital Add-Ons (Any Tier $20 and Above)

  • Digital Download of Expansion Pack +$20 (included in tiers $165 and above)
  • Digital Download of World Almanac +$15 (included in tiers $50 and above)
  • Digital Strategy Guide +$7 (included in tiers $80 and above)
  • Early Access Beta Key +$25 (included in tiers $110 and above)
  • Extra Digital Download of the Game +$25
  • Extra Three Digital Downloads of the Game +$60

Physical Add-Ons (Physical Tiers Only, $65, $100, $140, $250 and above)

  • Project Eternity Mouse Pad +$15 (included in physical above tiers $140 and above)
  • Project Eternity T-Shirt +$25 (included in physical above tiers $100 and above)
  • Obsidian T-Shirt +$25

For T-shirt add-ons, we will ask for the size that you want at the end of the Kickstarter campaign in a survey that will be sent to you in e-mail.

As a quick tutorial on how to add add-ons, goto the Project Eternity site on Kickstarter and then hit the Manage Your Pledge button. The reward tier you had already selected will still be selected and the amount will be in the big box at the top. All you need to do is add the dollar amount that covers the add-ons you would like to your pledge and enter the new total number. For instance, if you are at the $35 Pledge level and want to add one Digital Download, you would enter $60 as your total pledge. 

After the Kickstarter campaign is over, we will send you a survey that will let you explain how you wanted to additional money pledged should be used.

Update #4

Well you all did it, you helped us get to $1.6M and we now have a Mac version and are adding more story into the world.

We have also been listening and reading your feedback on Kickstarter and have some changes that are happening as soon as this update is posted. One thing we are not updating just yet are the stretch goals but don’t worry, those are going to get updated very soon. Oh, and we are putting a schedule together for updates that will include guest stars almost every day – Josh will be talking more about the design tomorrow (Sep 20), our unflappable CTO Chris Jones (architect of the Fallout and Arcanum engines) on Friday (Sep 21), and I think we will be able to squeeze one in from Mr. Tim Cain over the weekend.

So, what are those changes?!?

DRM-Free Option

You asked and we are delivering. In conjunction with GOG, we are going to offer a DRM-free version of the game for our Kickstarter Backers. When the campaign ends, you will be able to choose whether you would like a key from GOG or Steam. For our Mac friends, we are still working on a DRM-free option, since GOG does not currently support the Mac. Oh, and the great guys at GOG are having a special right now on all of the great Infinity Engine games (ends September 21st!) so check that out as well.

New Digital Tiers

We are adding a $50 and an $80 digital tier. The $50 tier will get you the digital version of the game, the soundtrack, the digital version of the Collector’s Book, a collection of wallpapers made for multiple resolutions and multiple monitors, high resolution concept art, a high resolution version of the map, and ringtones. For the $80 tier, you will get all of that plus a digital copy of the strategy guide, and a second digital download of the game.

New for our Collector's Edition Box Level ($140)

Lastly we want to announce that we are going to give our backers at the Collector’s Edition Box Level ($140) a little extra today and that is Beta access to the game! That’s just a little taste of what we will be adding into tiers in the coming days and weeks through stretch goals and the occasional random act.

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    1. Jaesun on

      So happy to see a GOG option!

    2. Missing avatar

      jordan wehde on

      It's your reward tier plus the addon. So if you want to get the game for a couple of friends as a gift, you can do so without getting one of the really big tiers or having to make multiple accounts.

    3. undecaf on

      140 here I come.

    4. Dren Sokic on

      Random acts? Can't wait to see what might come up.

    5. LordCrash on support!

      Time to raise my pledge.... :)

    6. Wintersong-Tempest of the Obsidian Order on

      Great news. :) Having numerous updates will be a sweet.

      Keep in mind that "only digital" people like me is also interested in being tempted by beta. ;)

    7. Christopher Kugler on

      If we pledge at a level that includes two digital copies of the game (a specific tier or via add-ons), can we get both the GOG and Steam versions?

    8. Andy MyHR on

      So is there going to be different reward levels for the Mac version? Or do we choose it once the KS is done? ThnX much for this!

    9. Missing avatar

      wskid on

      I might also bump to $140... beta access and the cloth map - sweet!

    10. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Awesome update. Thanks, guys!

    11. Dark Backer on

      nice update,what's with Paypal btw?

    12. John-Paul Caldwell on

      I am a bit confused by the addons.

    13. Missing avatar


      You need to update the 65 and 100 tiers since you've inserted new pledges that are now the "previous reward tier" for those.

    14. Missing avatar

      Laurent Dumont on


      Might bump it up to 140.