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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. garkham

      I already have read GOG documentation and already have an account. I just ask to have nothing to register on GOG when I receive my DVD edition of the game. And I'm sorry guys, I much prefer to install my game in 10 min after opening the box than to download it during 2 hours "steam-style".

    2. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Nice digital tiers! I might have to upgrade to one of those!

    3. Thomas Gonzales on

      Aw dude, I am torn! I want the $140 beta access, BUT I also want the $80 digital with 3 extra copies!? GARGH! lol SUCH a great update!

    4. Matthew Katcoff on

      I'm also wondering how the boxed version works as well. Is it just a DRM free installer, the installer plus optional Steam Key (or GOG key), or does it require Steam to play.

      Also, I'd love to see the option to add the cloth map (and maybe the softcover book) to the physical rewards. I don't care much for T-Shirts but would love to have the rest.

    5. Michael Matzat on

      Makeing people choose between steam and the DRM free version is silly. Don´t half ass this. Understand the times we are living in.

      Look at great stuff like the Humble Indy Bundle as a great example for today's gaming. DRM Free of the Site, Desura key, Steam Key. No one fears the missus of these keys and the pay what you want deal is working for a good reason. And the reason is - everyone can have anything digital for free theses days anyway - if you pay for something you pay for it because you do want to pay for it. There is no reason to fear that the extra codes will get soled on ebay, there is no reason to fear a DRM Free version because DRM it´s going to be cracked anyway.

      Your not giving us two (or three, and four) games if you give us Steam, Mac, PC and Linux in one bundle. Your giving us the option to play the game we payed for the way we want whenever we want were we want. - Especialy whenever is important enough... because, 20 years from now, which version is most likly to work? I´ed say Linux... right now i am using a Mac and i bet many others are on Windows.

    6. Poppy Appletree on

      It's incredibly difficult to get Infinity Engine games to work with multiplayer these days, and it seems like there have always been problems with it. If there is to be a multiplayer component, it should be simple to set up and not require hours or days of trial and error to try and work out why you can't play with your friends - we want to be playing, not constantly setting up to play.

      Also, LAN compatibility is a must. Mainstream developers are axing LAN compatibility more and more and ignoring what their customers actually want, forcing them to play via online servers which go offline a few years after launch, killing multiplayer for those who still want to play. By and large, the reasons for removing LAN are done for the same customer-unfriendly reasons as including DRM. As Obsidian is supporting a non-DRM model with Eternity, it should include LAN as standard.

    7. Ilja Savolainen on

      Also you might want to talk to a doctor about your paranoia. They just promised a GOG version, that's awesome! Enough with the tinfoil bullshit.

    8. Missing avatar

      cordell melgaard on

      bumping my pledge up for the beta access, I dont really have a problem with Steam since all my PCs are always internet connected. The map will be a nice item to look back at 10 years later :)

    9. LordCrash on

      @ Garkham: also allows his customers to make backups of their games after downloading. So you can legally store the installer files on your hard drive or on dvd. In case you order your game online with amazon or anthing like that, your name is also known by the distributer for paying management. It's nearly the same thing with If you don't believe me read the non-DRM points on carefully.... ;)

    10. Missing avatar

      Anon Nymous on

      Is it just a beta access or will the beta players become beta-testers as well? Maybe this is a dumb question though. What about folks that paid more than 140 dollars for the game?

    11. Mark Wallace on

      Upped my pledge from the $35 to the $80 Digital Only Tier option. :D

    12. Ilja Savolainen on

      I really REALLY don't miss having to install a game from 5 CDs, looking for the latest updates online and then finding a no-CD patch so I don't have to put a CD in the drive every time I want to play. But, to each their own of course.

    13. garkham

      I know, but I have to download it through an account, so my name is linked to the game. It's not absolutely DRM-free for me.

      My question is : with my beautiful boxed edition and my DVD, can I have NO link with GOG, like a real good o' DRM free game ?

    14. Tanglebones on

      Huzzah for beta access! I pledged at $140 on day one since a t-shirt & cloth map are going to be sweet... but it's also about the highest tier I can sort of afford, so I'm glad beta access got lumped in there! (For something *really* sweet, I could maybe go as high as $165... just... throwing that out there).

    15. Jaesun on

      Could we possibly get some Project Infinity Backer Icons for use an an avatar here? :)

    16. Evan Bause on

      I would love it if there was multiplayer like in baldur's gate. I play table top RPGs on a semi-regular basis, and half the fun there is the interaction with other people, sharing a story and having fun. I would LOVE to share one of your stories with my friends like I have baldur's gate.

    17. Benjamin Green on

      @garkham: You can download the game from GOG and burn it onto a CD to install elsewhere. It does not require an internet connection to be installed.

    18. Ilja Savolainen on

      Installing games from CDs. :D Oh man, that brings back memories.

    19. Missing avatar

      James Backlund on

      I know this Kickstarter is only a few days old, but I feel like I've been waiting for this game for years. I had many a happy out with Icewind Dale 2, and I am going to relish playing Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. I don't really have anything constructive to add to the discussion, but thank you, Obsidian, for attempting to realise my dreams of a new, quality PC RPG.

    20. garkham

      Hum. GOG is not so DRM-free for me, as I have to register my key.
      Is there any link with GOG when I get the game in the boxed edition ? Normally, a true DRM-free game can be installed directly with the CD and without any Internet connection. Will it be the case ?

    21. Ilja Savolainen on

      Dragoon wrote:
      "Thanks so much for the option. DRM really diminish the value of a game and I don't like that my ability to play games depend on something unreliable like the Internet."

      Argh, do people really believe Steam requires you to be online to play games? It's Valve, not Blizzard... The only "DRM" in Steam is that you have to install the game through Steam. Not that there's anything wrong with having a GOG version, that's awesome! Just wanted to clarify that, since it just isn't true.

      On a side note: most Steam versions of big name games actually have their 3rd party rootkit/malware type (Starforce anyone?) DRMs removed, since it just isn't needed (not that those work anyway even if publishes seem to think that). Steam already works as a "DRM" just because it's so convenient people can't be bothered to pirate the game. Granted, most(?) games have a one-time online activation on top of that, but it's not required by Steam.

    22. Laurent Maire on

      @GoodKnight I don't think anyone at Obsdidian is trying to say it costs $200,000 to add a race and character class. It's more that every dollar they get goes towards making their basic vision for the game all that much richer - extra artists / writers / animators etc to help make their game with more than just the bare basics. This is a fund-raiser after all. At the stretch levels they're just saying they're prepared to divert resources from the core feature-set to new ones. I'd agree with you they're a little on the dry side but have faith that every dollar pledged goes towards improving the quality and depth of the game regardless of specific features.

    23. Brian Vo on

      SWEET! Not having to go through Steam will be freaking amazing, thank you for listening!

    24. Eingradd on

      Aw yeah. Beta testing!

    25. Paul Ulrick on

      Nice, thanks for the GOG option! :D

    26. Mrjayeye on

      Might have to increase mine to the $80 tier....

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel Moe on

      I agree with Benjamin Green's comment about using the Humble Bundle store to distribute DRM free, cross-platforms versions of the game, and Steam keys are given out. You don't need to add it to the Humble Bundle deals, but instead use them to distribute the software like FTL recently did. Since I own both a Mac and a PC, it would be nice to be able to pick which platform I use to play the game, and not be forced to purchase two copies if I want a DRM free game.

    28. Missing avatar

      Nahn on

      Confirmation on DRM-free. Now you can have more of my money.

    29. Merin

      Brilliant! Again, well played Obsidian!

    30. Benjamin Green on

      @Spitfire: No I did not say the Humble Bundle, their team has a seperate store solution called the Humble Store that allows developers to sell their products at a fixed price.

    31. Matthew Farmery on

      awesome update and news, I may also increase my pledge, (damn you KS as you going to ruin me) but awesome news and good news on the GOG front,

    32. Missing avatar

      Svetlin Balcanski on

      DRM-free on GOG, many thanks from me as well !

    33. Missing avatar

      whizz on

      Any chance you might add a digital-only tier with beta access? Wasteland 2 had one if memory serves. I'd LOVE to have beta access, but I don't really need a boxed copy of the game.

    34. Missing avatar

      Spitfire on

      Just wanted to say thanks for the GOG option. Def increasing my pledge.

    35. Eero Salonen on

      And now I will own 5 copies ($100 tier and $60 add on) of this marvelous piece of bits. Why you ask, because I can :D. But truth is that I will gift add-ons to my friends who were too coward to but their money on the line.

    36. Missing avatar

      Spitfire on

      @Benjamin Green. You mean putting this game in a humble bundle?I think that would be a bad move on a new game. Many users would pay less then what the game is perhaps worth. There have also been some gripes about developers that have sold their games on the humble bundle.

    37. Missing avatar

      Cutter on

      What chance is there of an editor?!?!

    38. Missing avatar

      Kimuji on

      Incredible news! Thanks for the DRM free version of the game on GOG!

    39. LordCrash on

      @ IIzTrollin:
      If you want 2 digital copies for 50$ you have to stay in the 25$ tier and raise your pledge to 50$. But then you won't have the extras of the 50$ digital-only tier.

    40. Kenny

      @Daniel Nugent

      How could they disable DRM and still be on Steam? Steam IS DRM.

    41. Benjamin Green on

      You guys should've contacted the Humble Bundle team, they've got their own store solution that ties in nicely with Steam and other services while remaining DRM free and entirely cross-platform.

    42. Missing avatar

      Spitfire on

      @GOODKNIGHT. I totally disagree with you, except the DRM part. I love GOG. Planetary annihilation mostly added new game content.A lot of other kick starter backed games also added a lot of new content. The reason IE games are good in the first place was because the base game was good. There's nothing wrong with expanding the story, adding new races and factions. To me that will make a more deep and evolving game.

      After the Linux stretch goal is reached then I do think modding tools should start to be considered but I don't think there is anything wrong with the current stretch goals, except for maybe the player house. Hopefully its more like a class stronghold.

    43. Matt Nolan on

      Can we get a $100 tier with a cloth map (instead of T-Shirt)? Thanks! :D

    44. CVO on

      I have a suggestion for what it is worth. I loved how in the original baldur's gate you could visit almost every location on the main map with out having to wait. This differs from the second one and even the icewind dales which were just so damn linear! I loved being able to explore the world and then go back and do the story line as a god! I know you said it would be fairly open world so I guess I am just saying that I like that bit of the open world for what it is worth

    45. Armin Momtahan on

      @David Hmm yeah I guess I'll still go for the Steam option, the only flaw I see in getting it on Steam is that I wouldn't be able to access Steam if anything were to happen to my internet

    46. Missing avatar

      nx on

      Instead of a second copy of the game, can I get beta access at the $80 digital tier?

    47. Andrew Maddock on

      Steam has a tendency to not play nice with Macs. May I suggest that you make the App Store an option for those using a Mac?

    48. Archon on

      More digital tiers and DRM-free on ?! Time to upgrade !

    49. H on

      Great to see you working with GOG!

    50. Kyle Tamayo on

      @GoodKnight They may be expensive goals, but I'd hope they're so high to make room in case people can't pay and they get less funding than what the final number says. That and to help make sure that what is added on isn't something that's like "Oh, hey look what we added at the last minute", and instead something of a higher quality.