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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Steven Kilpatrick on

      I totally missed the follow ups, but let me say that you guys make good points, and it's a breath of fresh air to stumble on an old conversation that was handled with intellect and respect.

    2. Joshua Rodman on

      Moreover, if obsidian *chooses* to use the DRM on steam, they are choosing to insult those who decided to give them money up front.

    3. Joshua Rodman on

      Steam is not DRM. When it was introduced, one of the goals was DRM, for Valve's own software.

      However the use of Steam's DRM for third party software is 100% optional and there are many titles on steam that do not use the steamworks DRM.

      Thus at present, Steam is a digital store/channel, that also comes with optional services (eg achievements, chat) that and optional DRM. Steam is not DRM.

    4. Missing avatar

      Vernalex on

      Thank you so much for the DRM-free option.

    5. Missing avatar

      GawainBS on

      I'd really like an official explanation on this and the question that the extra shipping costs should be included in the pledge or not.

    6. Missing avatar

      Antony Shanks on

      Ah, so to add on the Almanac and the expansion I'd bid my tier +$35 and reply to their email?

    7. Patrick Watson on

      No if you want the beta key you just add $25 to your current pledge,unless your current pledge includes it already in which case you don't need it..After the kickstarter has finished you will get an email from them asking what the extra $25 was for you then tell them it was for Beta etc and they add it to your stuff.

    8. ReyVagabond on

      I realy want the beta key and im currently in the 35 braket, so if i want the beta key, i have to select the 35 braket and have a pledge of 60?

      is that so?

    9. Missing avatar

      Peder Reiff on

      Maybe I'm mistaken, but it looks to me like the reward is automatic for putting in the requisite amount above your base pledge, so for being a in a digital-only tier, if you put in $25, you'd get an extra digital download, an expansion pack, digital almanac, digital strategy guide, and early access beta key. If you only put in $20, you'd get everything except the extra download and beta key. Again, I'm might be mistaken in how I'm reading this, and it's really unclear to me whether the additional downloads for the $25 and $65 tier would also include additional downloads of the expansion pack.

    10. Missing avatar

      GawainBS on

      Same problem here: I can edit the amount, but I don't find any option to select which extra's I'd want.

      The shipping cost for physical tiers will be in ADDITION to my pledge, right?

    11. Missing avatar

      Jack Skellington on

      Ok I see where you can add more money to your pledge, but for the life of me, I don't see where you actually choose the add-on that you want for that extra money.

    12. Obsidian Entertainment Creator

      @Antony To add an add-on, you hit the Manage Pledge button and make sure the reward tier you want is still selected. Then you add the amount of the add-ons to the what is in the Pledge Amount manually. So, if you have the $35 Tier selected and want to add the Strategy Guide, you would make sure that $35 is still selected and then enter $42 in the box.

    13. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      We can add $20 for the expansion if we're paypal backers right? Under the Add-on's list on this page it only has the strat guide, beta key and three pack listed... :S

    14. Missing avatar

      Antony Shanks on

      How do you indicate which add-ons you wish when adjusting a pledge?

    15. Constance - Chantress of the OO on

      I think you should update the "How to do an Add On" to let people know they'll receive the info AFTER the pledge drive so they know THAT is how it all works. I can see I wasn't the only one confused as to how the Add Ons were going to be claimed.

    16. Obsidian Entertainment Creator

      Hi Jesse - you need to manually update your pledge. Add the total of your add-ons together with your tier and enter that total. Thanks for the support!

    17. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      I opened the "Manage Pledge" window. I see the pledge I selected. I do not see anything related to add ons or a way to add the add ons. Tried Firefox in Ubuntu 12.04 and the default browser on a Galaxy Nexus (4.1.1).

    18. Steve Ward on

      ok can someone explain to me about the add on's? Here is what i did i was at $35 then i bump that up to $50. So how would i add a ad on? Is it just automated when you bump up your pledge?

    19. Missing avatar

      snidely on

      How about a cloth map add-on? I'd trade the soundtrack, ringtones and wallpapers in a heartbeat for a cloth map to be included in the standard box.

    20. Missing avatar

      elfkerben on

      Thanks, it was to easy to understand. :)

    21. cichy on

      There is no option for expansion. You just change the amount in your pledge, that's it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Krosk on

      Will you consider making a box version of the expansion pack ? I'd love to have it as a box version, but I will pay 20$ for the digital version if i'm sure there won't be a box version.

    23. Missing avatar

      Martius on

      Well you have only to add 20$ to your pledge right? I would add that for expansion but i dont know to mess anything up.

    24. Missing avatar

      elfkerben on

      I have no option for the expansion addon, is it removed?

    25. Missing avatar

      borovnica on

      Added 20$ for an expansion... Now I'm just interested how do I select which add-on I want :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Nil on

      Changed my pledge now +20$ for the expansion. That's a pretty good deal.

    27. Chawanat Nakasan

      The surveys, as my experience tells me, are issued after the funding succeeds.

    28. Rafał Gąsiorowski on

      Simmilar question here. My base pledge is $35, I've entered $42 to add $7 hintbook. Now I want to add expansion pack, so what I did was keep base pledge at $35 and entered 62$ as total pledge. But where is the survey about the extra money distribution?

    29. Missing avatar

      James Perez on

      It sounds like you can pre-add the digital expansion at a cost of $20 to any pledge between $20-$140, (as $165+ have it included in their rewards). However the Kickstarter pledge page does not show that option. I am currently pledging $80 and would like to add the $20 expansion. How???

    30. HS on

      To all those above:
      There will be a survey at the end asking you what the extra money you paid is used for and all that stuff (like if you want a Steam or GOG copy etc.)

    31. Nelson Tavares on

      Ditto. We were directed to "update 4" but this is very vague on how to add the add-ons.

    32. Tate McInnes on

      As with those above - how do we pledge for the expansion given it's only for a limited time? (If its a "do it after the campaign" assume that's not outside the limited time) Also just confirming it's possible to get the expansion if pledging for a physical tier under $165 (I.e $140, plus the $20 for the expansion).

    33. Missing avatar

      PizzaDragon on

      I've added $20 to my pledge to cover me for the expansion, but I don't see any way to select add ons from my manage my pledge page. Do I just wait until the campaign finishes and then choose to distribute my pledge so that that extra $20 covers my expansion as intended, or is there some way I can lock that in before the end of the campaign?

    34. Missing avatar

      John Lymberis on

      For clarification, if I want the expansion and the early access beta key, I would add $45.00 to the total price?

    35. Missing avatar

      emptybook on

      Thank you for answering my questions. :)

    36. Rafał Gąsiorowski on

      I agree with showler, expansion as an add-on option would be welcomed :)

    37. Obsidian Entertainment Creator

      @emptybook At the end of the Kickstarer campaign you will receive a survey that will let you go over how you would like your pledge distributed.

    38. Missing avatar

      emptybook on

      I have a few questions regarding add-ons:
      How do you know what people have asked for: is there a script set up to recognise tier + $x = extra automatically? Or is it manual, and come April 14, will I need to email and say?
      How do you differentiate between the two $25 options? Or do you get both?
      If I edit my donation amount, will it still show me as a backer to the tier I picked?

    39. Missing avatar

      showler on

      Any chance of the Expansion being added as an add-on?

    40. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      I want a map. Can i have a map? What do i have to do to get a map other than draw one myself? Can I have a big map? How much for big map?

    41. Missing avatar

      starsweet on

      @Adam. Thank you for the post about your response. I was about to start panicking!

    42. Codipherus on

      So I did the $35 reward but pledged $67 for the 35 reward, a beta key and a dig strat guide... how do I specify that?

    43. Missing avatar

      Adam Wojtowecz on

      @Iesha Dover figure out what add-ons you want and simply add their dollar amount to your pledge. Later, you will receive a survey via email that will allow you outline what add-ons you would like.

      I just received an email response to my question about this.

    44. Missing avatar

      Adam Wojtowecz on

      In regards to the add-ons, how will you guys know I want an early access beta key as opposed to an additional digital download copy? I didn't see an option to specify my add-on and the add-on "tutorial" doesn't address this possible mix-up. Thanks.

    45. Iesha Dover on

      I'm a bit confused about the addon's listed above. The reason is at $25 you are suppose to get a digital download. So if I were to add $25 to that is would be $50 and then I'd get two downloadable copies? of the game? But then at $35 you have listed all the previous rewards plus soundtrak and collector's book. So in you example of adding $25 making the total $60 that person would then get two copies? of the game plus soundtrack and book, right?

    46. James Home on

      I will be using GOG. :)

    47. Andrew Jackson on

      I love all of your games, and wanted to give to this project the moment I heard about it. Unfortunately, DRM scared me off. I just donated $50 due to the fact I'll be able to get a DRM free version. Thank you for not treating your fans like criminals.

    48. Alexander Sirazh on

      What Fionavar wrote: "Really dont see a reason to waste money on translating the game, hopefully it wont be too much. Rather just want more content, since that would benefit everyone and not just the people who cant speak english, which frankly cant be that many. I guess as long as alot isnt wasted on it, its fine."

    49. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Weber on

      Thanks for replying, I had misread the statement as them intending to add something like SecurRom, not that their original intent was to distribute via Steam.

    50. Riggo on

      Just wondering why the $80 dollar tier doesn't get the VIP forum badge and special thanks in the credits? It is effectively the $100 tier without the t-shirt, Boxed edition of the game and the shipping costs needed to ship the physical game. It seems to me that the $80 tier is contributing more to the bottom line of the actual game and not towards rewards.