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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.

What's Next? Stretch goals and an update from Obsidian

Posted by Obsidian Entertainment (Creator)
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We are excited to announce the first stretch goals for Project Eternity!

1.1 million, Base Goal – Achieved!
Base game includes three races, five classes, and five companions. We have ideas for these, but we want to hear your opinions on what you'd like to see. Stay tuned to Kickstarter, our website, and our forums to join in on the conversation.

1.4 million, New Playable Race, Class, and Companion!
Expands your options for character creation and adds a companion of the new class.

1.6 million, a Mac Version of Project Eternity and The Story Grows!
We've listened and we’ll make a Mac version of the game at this tier. We're also going to add a new major storyline along with new quests, locations, NPCs, and unique loot (special histories everyone?).

1.8 million, New Playable Race, Class, and Companion!
The options grow for your main character and the roster of your motley crew expands with the addition of a new companion from the selected class.

2.0 million, Player House!
Get your own house in the game that you can customize, store equipment in, and where your companions hang out, or, as the elves say, "chillax".

2.2 million, a new Region, a new Faction and another new Companion! And, dare we say it... ? LINUX!
Great news, everyone! For the Tarball Knights of Gzippia out there, we'll be adding Linux support!
Also, the world of Project Eternity grows in a major way with the inclusion of a whole new faction and the territory it holds. This adds new NPCs, quests, magic items, and hours of gameplay. And yes, you got it, another companion.

2.4 million and beyond! Coming Soon!

We've been listening to your feedback, and have the following announcements:

  • DRM Free: We are looking into it! Please check back for updates.
  • Digital Only Tiers are coming!
  • PayPal is coming asap. Please be patient!
  • New $5k Tier. We are looking into a new $5k tier since it sold out so quickly! We are looking into equivalent alternatives.

Thank you fans!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lundgren on

      Oh and a great reason why a lot of Unity game do look poor is simply because Unity is so easily accessible unlike a lot of other developing tools. When you have a tool which everyone could theoretical get access to then you will also have a lot of stuff made with that tool that is of less the stellar quality. Just compare the range of flash games or java games out there. You find a lot of low quality stuff out there. Lot more then the high quality because is accessible. But there also a lot of good games out there made with those tools. So do not look at the low range of the unity scale. Look at the high range and demand the same quality from a professional developer.

    2. S.D. on

      Oh.. and I'm pretty excited to see what the new stretch goal is going to be at $2.2M, taking the old spot left by Linux support.

    3. S.D. on

      Yeah! Great news on the Linux front (update 6), as that got me on board. I'm really happy to see that you agree with us that Wine is for drinking, not driving!

    4. Archon on

      So another update with a great news and now we have a tease for the week-end.
      Any countdown around ? :D

    5. walkir -Obsidian Order ot Goat Kn. Cmdr. on

      Just joining in: No DRM and no consoles of any kind, please. And keep the isometrics, I already have heard people going "if only this was first person°...

    6. T. Rob Brown Photography & Writing on

      I work on a Mac. I play on a PC.

      There are two primary reasons I have a PC at home instead of a Mac (like at work). 1. I can build the PC myself, saving a lot of money, handpicking the best quality parts and specs (my PC I built more than a year ago has USB3 standard, while my brand spanking new high-end Mac at work still has old, and use the financial savings to purchase MORE games. 2. The game selection for a PC/Windows is far superior to the Mac/Linux choices.

      In my experience, Macs excel when it comes to desktop publishing, video editing, photography editing, and in lots of productivity. PCs excel in games (mostly because of the greater variety of games for Windows, the larger gaming community for PCs, and that by the time the Mac version of most games finally comes out a year later most of your friends will have beaten the game and moved on to something newer in the PC world). Also, the greater options of tweaks (such as overclocking, modding, more expansion slots, less proprietary issues, and quicker adaptation of new industry standards -- such as including USB3, SATA3, and other advances quicker than Macs, yes I realize there are other areas where Macs have advances that either never make it to PCs or are alternate and possibly superior features (the old days of SCSI come to mind), plus a wider array of gaming-related peripherals) make PCs much more tailorable for the needs of gamers.

    7. T. Rob Brown Photography & Writing on

      The problems with NWN2... I blame on publisher Atari, not on Obsidian Ent. ... Atari was having financial issues and was pushing all of its D&D licensed products out the door earlier than they should have, just to get quicker turn-around on its cash flow.

    8. Missing avatar

      Frank on

      I'm actually kinda hoping for a basic multiplayer especially if it's on steam. Not much, just a toolset and basic multiplayer functionality so that a modding community can make persistent worlds (like nwn2). Doubt if it'll happen but it'd be a nice bonus.

    9. Justin on

      Steam has it's place, but I'd like a DRM free version as well. When I buy games I always check vendors to see if there is a DRM free version and I buy that one over Steam. I don't like the idea that I have to prove I am me just to play a game. If I upgrade my graphics card I have to get a special code emailed to me and enter it in to prove I'm not a pirate. Steam has offline mode, but I have found that if you don't go into offline mode while logged in offline mode does not work. So if my internet goes down for 3 hrs (like my shoddy cable company loves to do every other week) then I am unable to play any game I own on Steam.

      And please don't get me started on their tech support! Every time I have had to contact them it's like pulling teeth. They treat you like your an idiot, they don't listen to what you've written down as to your problem. Only generic copy pasted responses. The most help I've gotten from them, and this was after 14..... 14 emails, spanning 3 weeks, as to why Spellforce 2 suddenly stopped loading, was: Either re-install for the 3rd time or this game must not be compatible with your hardware. The game worked the day before I wrote them. I had to grab a copy from GoG and it worked just fine.

      Smaller vendors who support DRM free software also have better support for customers. Not just copy pasted responses and hope you go away so they can keep counting their millions. Besides, don't you remember a time when you owned a game and you played it? DRM means they own the game. You pay the privilege to be allowed to visit their place and play their copy of the game. I understand that the masses see no problem in this and Steam is the largest game distributor for the PC and the best way to be seen. However, I don't think DRM is the ultimate solution. I would still rather own my game and play it when and where I want.

    10. Missing avatar

      Johan on

      whats so bad with steam? i mean you really dont need to pick your eye out to use it. and it will always be there.

    11. Entrena on

      I´d get the steam version. Just saying.

    12. Vincent Prescious Altieri on

      Please don't require Steam. PLEEEEEASE.

    13. Missing avatar

      PiratePete on

      @Samuel Molina Covaleda

      Steamworks is fine, I was mostly referring to things along the lines of Diablo 3 or Assassins Creed. Ideally there would be a Steamworks version of this game and also a version.

      You know, just like what The Witcher 2 did. :D

    14. fredgiblet on

      My bet would be more around 10%

      Hopefully Valve will see fit to release sales figures once they get a AAA title with simultaneous release.

    15. DeeK on

      Yep, I think we can agree that the Linux game market is untested, although I do think that the Humble Bundle figures give a peek into the possibilities of it. Any claims of how good it will be is only speculation. So, in the spirit of speculation, I claim that Linux will be around 20% of the market when the Steam client is released. This is based on the Humble Bundle figures, and also the idea that the Linux market is comprised mainly of computer enthusiasts, with a high percentage having a gaming background. The majority already having a Windows partition for games, but will start purchasing games for Linux, when the opportunity arises.

      I'm confident that the Linux stretch goal will be reached easily. In fact, I believe the end figure for this project will be around 2.5-3 million. Should end up being an awesome game, especially with that amount of funding.

    16. Ber on

      @Adarsh ... I am a big fan of branching plots and moral choices too, but we can do better than 'Good vs Evil'. I'm hoping for something more in the direction of the Witcher series where you have to make decisions between sides/positions but none of them is entirely in the right or entirely in the wrong. It's much more interesting!

    17. fredgiblet on


      I expect that branching story and multiple endings are part of the basic design.

    18. Missing avatar

      Draek. on

      I am curious what are the stretch goals past 2.4 million, because at this rate its really making waves.
      I hope they add branching main story lines \ multiple endings \ Multiple major story archs, besides the main plot line.
      What I would love is Dynamic city growth which can be influenced by the player, and option of being evil or good in the plot.

    19. IcyDeadPeople on

      Personally, I have no problem with Steam DRM, but would love to see some official mod tools for the game!

      Hopefully in a future stretch goal?

    20. Minsc&Boo on

      As long as the lore is simple, believable, has no waring factions and unpronounceable Tolkien. I shall be happy. I value a well told, tight engaging story set in a larger breathing world (think blade runner) more, then a party of hero's blindly dashing into danger because, well just because.

    21. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      In 10-20 years I have no doubt that there will be an easy way around the DRM methods that are present today. However, I do agree in DRM-free anything since punishing your loyal customers makes no sense, especially since any persistent pirate can get around it anyway.

    22. Missing avatar

      redeicarciofi on

      Please: NO multiplayer and NO DRM

      Thank you! :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Ilja Kocken on

      Could you guys please be more specific about your vision of the game in the next update? Right now all I've got is that it's an isometric RPG with magic that is quite common but not overused. I backed you anyway, but I'd really like some more info on what you plan to make? For example: What sort of races will there be? Will you go the standard dwarves, elves orcs route or what's in the making?

    24. fredgiblet on


      As I stated before I don't consider the Humble Bundle to a good metric given the nature of it. When Steam hits Linux and there's a AAA title released at launch on all three platforms where the sales figures for Linux make a up a notable amount, THEN I'll buy the argument that Linux users are a valuable target audience. The Humble Bundles only prove that there's plenty of Linux users will to pay below retail for games. I expect that if you looked at the total sales for games in the Humble Bundles (not just the Humble Bundles themselves) that Windows users would make up more than 65% of the profits.

    25. Missing avatar

      Cath on

      Please don't waste time or funding on DRM (and I'm including Steam in that much as I like Valve as a company) I'd like to be able to open up my copy 10-20 years from now and not have to jump through the DRM hoops to get it working. Good luck and here's to reaching your stretch goals.

    26. Missing avatar

      Britt LeDe on

      So, I'm a little specific in one of the biggest things I like in RPGs; Skill Trees. I LOVE complex skill trees that give you plenty of options for how your character grows. I would really be excited to see each of the classes having multi-tiered skill trees with branching paths.

    27. Aura on

      I see the stakes have gone up since yesterday.
      - From “good riddance” and “screw you” we’ve moved to implying that everyone wanting the game DRM-free is actually a pirate that wants to make it available on torrent sites on day one.
      Interesting how this reflects the way publishers treat paying customers all the time.
      FWIW, it’s about trust and respect going both ways; people are asked to shell out almost two years ahead based practically on the reputation of the developers as there’s almost no information on the game. I’d say it’s only fair that they return the faith and respect.
      As already mentioned, CD Projekt RED and ‘Witcher 2’ are a fine example, especially if you factor in the surprising move by 4chan to defend them.

      - As for Linux & Mac users, I’d like to point out that the PWYW model has proven that those are the folks that show the most appreciation for what they get, i.e. they averagely spend a lot more than Windows users, especially the Linux ones. So, even though they represent about 1/3 of the total purchases of a Humble Bundle, they definitely don’t represent only 1/3 of the proceeds. And that’s something most Kickstarter gaming projects seem to know and make use of (i.e. take advantage of).
      More open/ cross-platform gaming can only benefit both developers and gamers, especially under the crowdfunding model. Check the relevant thread on the Obsidian forums ( – member Desmond makes a good point (post #14).

      Re: QA – well, Project Eternity IS their golden opportunity, if they do it right within their timeplan then everybody can happily keep blaming the publishers for Obsidian’s poor reputation on this. If not…

    28. Bourdon Jordan on

      We want french translation

    29. Missing avatar

      Naeem Badrudeen on

      "Tom Meyer 40 minutes ago
      Jesus christ. These suggestions/requests are all over the place. I can't even imagine trying to accommodate 5% of them."

      Quiet you!

      Make one of the classes Batman. I gave you 20 dollars and therefore own you Obsidian!

    30. terrisus on

      Glad to see that at least some notice was taken of people's feelings about having a game - which is already full-funded up-front, with a guaranteed amount of money being provided - being laden with DRM for those very people who provided the backing.

      Of course, "we're looking into it" isn't "we're providing it," and so I'm keeping my donation at $1 until there's actually a tier which is officially offering a DRM-free version of this game, at which point I will gladly significantly up my donation to one of the actual tiers, since the ideas behind the game itself sounds great.

    31. Missing avatar

      Harry on

      No THANK YOU for listening to what Core RPG gamers desire... Seriously we are completely ignored by every other gaming company.

    32. Tom Meyer on

      Jesus christ. These suggestions/requests are all over the place. I can't even imagine trying to accommodate 5% of them.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jakob on

      Please, Obsidian say something about tha languages! German fag here! (^_^)

    34. JC Stefansson on

      I do think a co-operative multiplayer feature would be a nice stretch goal. I personally like the idea of a house, but what good is it if I can't have my friends over to see how much better mine is than theirs?

    35. Missing avatar

      David Nielsen on

      I have to admit I am not at all excited about the house feature, it feels a little "Second Life" to me, aside that I am happy with the stretch goals. Like I said in previous postings, I don't see how portability is such a big deal if you pick good technologies such as Unity which will allow deployment on multiple platforms from the beginning. I wish more kickstarter projects would acknowledge that this is an expected feature and to have to bet on a project significantly exceeding it's funding request to even play the game is a bit dicey.

      Regardless, here is to hoping for a great game. I still hope that Chris will see the light and release it on the iPad eventually. I hear that Baldur's Gate has been adapted with great excellence to that platform and I greatly look forward to buying the upcoming Enhanced Edition (which will be the.. 4th time I buy BG.. once on CD, once on DVD and once on, I have a problem I know)

    36. _Journeyman_

      Well, "look into it" actually means nothing, as it maybe means that they're looking for a digital retiler suitable for this purpose; maybe is only a placebo to keep users quiet. So until they announce something anyone can think anything.

    37. d4rkie on

      I would suggest Humble Store from the Humble Bundle guys for distro. Faster Than Light just used their new service and they can provide all 3 platforms copies as well as keys for Steam and Desura (maybe other services as well)

    38. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      Yeah, about translations, open up the text files for us so that even Elven and Esperanto can be included someday. X )

    39. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      @theansaname Please, check again.

    40. Missing avatar

      theansaname on

      If Linux had good driver support people would use it. It doesn't so we don't.

    41. Vladimir Lenin on

      DRM-free + Linux + Mod Tools = I don't need any other games.
      How about "Josh Sawyer embarasses himself by singing Justin Bieber songs" stretch goal?

    42. Missing avatar

      Kimuji on

      Bethesda + Tim Cain, wow seems like the old good BlackIsle! This game can't go wrong so what can I for... ah yes I know:
      - Make it DRM free, I'll get my digital copy of the game on Steam and honnestly I'm not totally happy with it, why not GoG?
      - Make it happen on Linux, that would not only be good for Linux users, I believe that the game industry must free itself from Microsoft's (an Apple) influence. If they don't, I fear that in a few year they'll be totally dependent of their decisions, I don't want developpers and publishers having to pay a "tax" (because that's what it is) to MS or Apple for the right to develop a game on a PC or a Mac. PCs don't belong to Microsoft, it's a free platform, it must stay that way.

    43. Missing avatar

      cordell melgaard on

      Veli, I don't really care who's fault it is, just make it better. If it wasn't Obsidian's fault then maybe they need a new Publisher or a new QA dept. However, if you lookup all the Obsidian games on Wikipedia, most say the same thing "the games were released too early" This is under the game titles, which you get to by following the Obsidian wiki page, so maybe they need to add the publisher in each of those cases as well. The point is, we are at the crucial time in development where we can stress the enhanced QA cycle for this game, what better way than to have a closed Kickstarter Beta where the true fans can find all the issues before the game is released.

    44. Smashmode - Bring Back MST3K on

      Do people not understand that QA is the job of the publisher? Blame Bethesda For that Bug Filled mess.

    45. Missing avatar

      Veli-Pekka Kujala on

      It seems that I have to point out to those, who say Obsidian games are buggy (which I do agree to some point) that you might want to do some research why for example KotOR 2 was as buggy as it was on release.

      Also, I'd like to point out that Brian Fargo (Wasteland 2) has said not too long ago in a interview that QA is almost always publisher's job. So... yeah. Of course I want Obsidian do as bug free game as it is possible now more than ever but when you but blame on someone, make sure you are pointing the right person (or in this case company) first.

    46. Missing avatar

      cordell melgaard on

      Yes Matt, since I do not see a way to edit my post, if it wasn't clear, I would love one of the stretch goals to be a longer QA or Beta cycle. Trust me, waiting to release a less buggy version of the game will actually make you MORE money in the long run due to word of mouth. I have already told many friends about this game and I heard the same thing from all of them "I will wait until the first few patches before purchasing the game" It would be awesome if this game came out with a "10" rating and the words "Polished" upon release.

    47. Matt Roberts on

      I agree with Cordell. Please do not release this game until it is ready! NWN2 was pretty bad, in my opinion. It was really clunky and buggy. My girlfriend and I played about 10 hours together before we go frustrated and quit.

    48. Missing avatar

      Sebastian on

      Eagerly awaiting news of a NO-DRM version before pledging money to this kickstarter.