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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Randy Snow on

      it all worked out.

    2. Cheap Jeep on

      We've come a long way. :) Only couple weeks till release now!

    3. Missing avatar

      Karl Malm on

      Looking back, this was the start of something awesome.

    4. T. Rob Brown Photography & Writing on

      My apologies, I posted that in the wrong one.

    5. T. Rob Brown Photography & Writing on

      I work on a Mac. I play on a PC.

      There are two primary reasons I have a PC at home instead of a Mac (like at work). 1. I can build the PC myself, saving a lot of money, handpicking the best quality parts and specs (my PC I built more than a year ago has USB3 standard, while my brand spanking new high-end Mac at work still has old, and use the financial savings to purchase MORE games. 2. The game selection for a PC/Windows is far superior to the Mac/Linux choices.

      In my experience, Macs excel when it comes to desktop publishing, video editing, photography editing, and in lots of productivity. PCs excel in games (mostly because of the greater variety of games for Windows, the larger gaming community for PCs, and that by the time the Mac version of most games finally comes out a year later most of your friends will have beaten the game and moved on to something newer in the PC world). Also, the greater options of tweaks (such as overclocking, modding, more expansion slots, less proprietary issues, and quicker adaptation of new industry standards -- such as including USB3, SATA3, and other advances quicker than Macs, yes I realize there are other areas where Macs have advances that either never make it to PCs or are alternate and possibly superior features (the old days of SCSI come to mind), plus a wider array of gaming-related peripherals) make PCs much more tailorable for the needs of gamers.

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    7. Missing avatar

      DrunkAus on

      For the strategy guide you guys should team up with Piggyback Interactive, their guides are far superior to anyone else's on the market.

    8. Missing avatar

      terradonn on

      As long as they give what they already promised it's gonna be really good.

    9. Missing avatar

      Parmenides on

      Romance is fine, but that stuff gets overboard as of late for RPGs.

      I'm so excited for this. The funny thing is, the isometric part isn't what gets me excited. I'd be just fine with a real time combat system where "turns" (i.e. turn based) aren't obviously seen in the animations. Infact doing away with "turns" is all the better. Still excited for this no matter how close or far it is from D&D.

      A little voice acting key people is fine. Just don't spend half the budget on it and no need to get anyone famous. New Vegas was nice in that not everyone sounded like they had a radio voice.

    10. Missing avatar

      Markus Meirun on

      Please GOD. Don't flood it with retarded Pony References, or Reddit pandering, just don't. Please don't

    11. George Ramirez on

      I was wondering if there could be the possibility of companions having their own romantic interests in each other. What do you other backers think? The idea was it would add to the characters and interpersonal relationships among your companions.

    12. Missing avatar

      justin fancher on

      I would like to suggest that the game puts a heavy focus on the relationships of your followers, including optional romantic interests. I have found that the games that include this dynamic with a variable of choices and outcomes to increase "your" personal stake in the game and increase storytelling. I am an avid RPG fan. Past Isometric RPG games seemed not to have a very good follower/Companion storyline. I believe many others would like to see this implemented as well.

      A variety of titles have had much success in this department: Star wars:Knights of the Old Republic 1 &2. Mass Effect Series, the witcher 2 and Dragon Age to name a few.

    13. William Tucker on

      Please dont waste money on VA

    14. Ace Stapp on

      I like hearing major lines of dialog and companion banter but I'd rather see the money spent on gameplay. I would love it if players could easily create voice packs that contain dialog for one or more NPCs or companions, even dialog that was just non-voiced text in the main game. Just make the whole localization and dialog system transparent to allow crowdsourced translations and voice acting.

    15. Missing avatar

      John Higgins on

      Not having read through the other 211 comments, let me throw in my two cents: More side quests and details to add more depth to the world. Too often, RPGs feel like they're on rails because every play-through is the same because developers might not want to spend time on content all the players wouldn't see on a first-time play-through. Maybe make multiple paths to the main quest resolution without convergence of these paths -- or at least minimal convergence. In short, allow different players to experience the game in different ways.

      OK, that's a tall, maybe crazy order. But what the hell? This is Kickstarter, after all... and the money is still rolling in.

    16. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      Here is what Obsidian is thinking about voice overs in the game:

      So it's how I expected. The more money, the more content will be voiced. Since Obsidian are masters at dialogue and all their games had excellent voice over speakers so far, I am not afraid that they'll pick bad ones.

      It's also great to hear, that they won't limit themselves by the voice over option when it comes to interaction or depth. I guess everyone can be happy with this prospect :) The text will be rock solid, Obsidian quality dialogue and the voices, where they are applied, will be just as good, but they won't limit the options.

    17. Missing avatar

      SacredStoneHead on

      "you need to have some kind of audio visual package and voices beyond plain text"

      I disagree completely on this, yes, and that's no 'extreme talking'. I rather prefer a dialogue without voice acting anytime.

      First, because there's only few good voice actors around that can make it actually sound good (read again and you'll see I was not refeering to 1 or 2 people making the voice over, but 1 or 2 that actually do it well).

      Second, as I said, inevitably you will hear the same voices over and over again in such a huge game as Black Isle's classics if everyone is voiced over.

      Other thing to consider is that it's very annoying to hear everybody speaking English (or any other language you understand) in a fantasy world.

      When you don't have voice acting it's like reading a book, it leaves room for any interpretation of what language they're speaking, how they voice sounds, etc., and that goes away when you hear them actually talking.

      I understand my opinion is hardly as of the majority, as you said, "the majority of people will not be able to fully dive into the game simply because they are used to a higher standard", but I disagree because for me, voice over ≠ higher quality.

      Hail the interwebz.

    18. Missing avatar

      Scott Kneebone on

      I'm glad this medium is here for you guys to make great games. Hopefully this is the future when big game makers can make things happen through gamer backed funding.

    19. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      I know we are on the interwebz and it's so much fun to be extreme in a discussion, but what you just did is hardly "disagreeing completely". You like voice, where it works. I never said I wanted to have every peasant spill uninteresting mumbling, nor did I say that 1 or 2 guys should voice over half the game. That is your interpretation. I just said, that voice, applied with care, just what I expect of a professional studio like Obsidian, who voiced over dozens of games with success, is a good thing. Nothing more :)

    20. Missing avatar

      SacredStoneHead on

      Eh, I disagree completely.

      I prefer - a lot - a game where you don't have to hear the same darn voice over and over, and I'm about to see a game where not just 1 or 2 voice actors actually don't make all the lines sound like cheesy crap.

      Voice acting is somewhat necessary when you actually face the characters you're talking with, not true to a top-view game.

      So instead of voicing every damn dialogue, they could voice the important ones, such in the Fallout 1 & 2, because why the hell you want to hear a random peasant on the street speaking the same thing over and over, and with a familiar voice?

      That would be sound to me. I doubt we would see a thing like making a dumb character and the people altering their answers (like in Fallout 2) because of that in a fully voiced game.

    21. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      I can only give you an example from the German voice over industry, but here a voice actor gets a fixed 5 EURs per take. A take is a block of text, that he will speak in one run. Sometimes it's just two sentences, sometimes half a paragraph. A guy that speaks as the main character of a modern day Hollywood blockbuster will get around 2000-3000 for speaking the voice a WHOLE MOVIE. Voice acting is a true artform, but it really doesn't pay well.

    22. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      Voice actors, besides the Major Hollywood Stars are working for a fixed paycheck. They are often part of a guild and it doesn't matter if they are booked more often or not, they get the same as everyone else, with only very tiny differences.

      Also: This is the start financing of the project. This kind of money will not pay for the whole development of the game, all costs, all salaries. That kind of money is not even remotely enough to produce something like Planescape Torment today.

      They also have to think about the prospect of selling to more than just the people who backed the project on kickstarter. Kickstarter is meant to be start financing, not a "this is the only audience you are allowed to reach". They can and they will sell it on Steam or wherever and without voice acting they would fall behind even most indie games. Voice acting also rarely pulls down on the writing, since you don't write with "lines to record" in mind, you write good dialogue and make your game and very late in the process, you make the voices in one fell swoop. After all strings are frozen anyway. Voice acting just adds to the amount of planning and pushes a string freeze earlier in time. It will not dramatically change the way the game is written or made.

      Obsidian has proven with all their games, that they are absolute masters at dialogue, be it written or spoken through dialogue. Not sure if they are planning to do voice overs, but I am still a firm believer that in todays climate, you need to have some kind of audio visual package and voices beyond plain text, or the majority of people will not be able to fully dive into the game, simply because they are used to a higher standard. (even us older, more experienced geezers, that played games without voice in the past)

    23. Missing avatar

      irregularcog on

      I like that idea that Kim and Elciled put forth, maybe do some test footage of it

    24. Kim Harder Fog on

      I have to agree with Elciled about the voice acting, Make it like in so the first sentence the person says, and maybe when you hit a "milestone" in a conversation, that the person speaks, otherwise keep it to text.

    25. Cameron on

      @Scott, just because all the companies are falling all over themselves to hire Steve Blum and stupidly famous movie and TV actors instead of voice actors who expect a completely reasonable amount of pay doesn't mean that they all are. Voice acting is an insignificant portion of the budget for any company who doesn't hire famous talent. You ever notice how voice actors have a million things in their credits on IMDB? It's because voice-acting pays piddly.

    26. T. Rob Brown Photography & Writing on

      Why does that plot-sacrificing myth always go around about multiplayer? The writers create the plot. They are NOT the same people who design the multiplayer interface.

    27. George McMullen on

      @Scott Don't forgot that not all high-end voice actors are heavily famous and will expect high pay for it. There's a lot of wonderful and talented unknowns out there waiting to be found.

      That's not to say that writing can be excused in place of voice-overs. I still expect there'll be dialogue as brilliant as games from way-back-when like Baldur's Gate and Planescape: Torment, but hopefully some of the more important parts and characters will have at least some voice-overs to them

    28. BRUN0 cz on

      no dragons, elfs, etc. ... make it more like best rpg ever - planescape torment. thx :D

    29. Elciled on

      If any voice acting is done I think it should be only for the important or the first lines from NPCs/companions, because then I get a better sense of their personality but the following dialogue I can continue to read in their voices, internally (in my mind). And for PC commands (like "Kill them!" etc). Like some old rpgs did. I'd be fine with something like IWD2.

    30. Wendy Wolk Ryan on

      4 player co-op usually means plot gets sacrificed. Voice acting, story and ability to effect the world are most important to me. I would pay more for full voice acting.

    31. Baugi on

      Chris - nothing ruins a good game like bad voice acting. There is absolutely no way that they would be able to afford good voice acting with this budget. It's not gonna happen. Also, as I've pointed out more than once here, this is a company built on story, writing, and great characters. You can't have the kind of depth these guys were able to achieve even back in the 90's if you have to record every line of dialogue. Text simply provides more opportunity to tell a great story, and I think that's what the fans of Obsidian expect.

    32. Peter Jacob on

      I look forward to when Developers can crowd fund their entire stable of IPs and leave soulless Publisher factories like EA and Activision in the dust bin of gaming history. Thank you for helping to fight the good fight Obsidian.

    33. Chris Black on

      4 player CoOp and Voice Acting! This is what we need!

    34. Garrett Valdivia on

      Running a kingdom? Might be stepping away from the genre a bit :). The player housing would be enough for me.

    35. Gasmask Hero on

      I think you're being slightly disingenuous. Or maybe shell shocked. To have hit one of the biggest KS totals set in a matter of days and still with a month to go is astonishing.

    36. Lill-Beate Nymoen on

      :D and alot of seecrets and backtracking conversations. meaning, people could have more quests and such in a later stage too. Ohhh and i LOVED the LIMLIM, it would be cool having an optional pet, that could lv up if you really looked after it, but also have it not being invinvible, i kinda like it when the things you do really have to be thought about and that you feel you can't just walk through something with your eyes closed :D so in short. Depth, seecrets, dialougue, quests, and such is sweet

    37. Mika Patiala on

      Agree with David, having some lasting impact on the game play is important, like having that own keep or even running a kingdom or something (may be a bit ambitious; dreaming of having some strategy game element/mini-game sunken in to the game. ;)

    38. Missing avatar


      Good/great voice acting? Yes, please! Bad/mediocre voice acting? For the love of god no! I've turned down games simply for the fact that it had bad voice acting. On the other hand when it's done right it adds greatly to the atmosphere!

      The NWN2 castle bit was great. Also the "this happened because of your actions after you finished the game in the different parts of the world" of Fallout 2 was awesome.

    39. Alexey Cibinogin on

      editor will be great !

    40. Martin Seeger on

      COOP would be great.
      And if you'll make it DRM-free, i will tenfold my pledge!

    41. Aidan Fitzpatrick on

      yeah up to 4 player co-op would be amazing :)

    42. Missing avatar

      David on

      One of the things I passionately love in a game is the ability to make a noticeable difference in the world.

      I think it was NWN2 where you could upgrade your keep, choose to send patrols out into the world to make the roads safe, send your guards out to recruit more people or spend time training and upgrading their equipment.
      The ability to upgrade your house and have it confer a tangible benefit would be AMAZING as far as I'm concerned.

      I love the kind of gaming when it really matters, maybe the house gets attacked, maybe it's more of a keep than a house and the amount of effort you've put into it's quality directly affects how easy it is to stave off the attack.

      What would take a game from 'impressive' to 'amazing' for me is actually seeing a change in the world. If i help a village under attack...maybe I come back later and they've half repaired the damage. If I help one faction out perhaps they have sent out more patrols on the roads that may help me if I get into trouble.

      I've always enjoyed the 'help rebuild and run a keep' or 'help found a village' kind of quests as it gives me a real sense of 'home' and something to protect.

    43. Chris Black on

      CoOp and Voice Over FTW!

    44. LuckyLuigi on

      1.1 M $ like a boss o/\o

    45. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      There is a difference between "this is factually not necessary" and "I don't need it". So don't say voice overs are not necessary as a fact. You might not need it, but the majority of games have voice over and even the older Infinity Games had it (From Baldurs Gate on there were partial voice overs for main quests and those are really old games, that did not suffer at all from voice overs.). In a game like Arcanum the companions with voice over were the more interesting ones and the mood profited greatly from it.

    46. Sergio Giustri on

      EFIGS (english, french, italian, german and spanish) subtitles is required! I have pledged this project but i really hope to see my language because for my english is impossible to play en entire game! :)
      Please folks, let's hear it! If we are a lot of persons, the team will improve EFIGS support!!

    47. Missing avatar

      kdz on

      Soundtrack by Jeremy Soule. PLEASE!

    48. Zigmar on

      More quality voice acting please! People stating the voice acting is unnecessary, clearly don't understand how much it adds to a game atmosphere. Think for example of Fallout and how much "talking heads" NPCs were more memorable and engaging than a normal text-only characters. Of course it only applies if the voice acting is good. If choosing from mediocre voice acting and no voice acting at all - I'll also vote for no voice :)