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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire - $3M in Funding! Last 4 Days! Return of the Space Pig!

Posted by Obsidian Entertainment (Creator)

This is a quick update to let everyone know that we have hit $3M over on our campaign on FIG. If you have not checked it out yet, we would love for you to come over and see what we have been doing over there. Oh, and no pressure, but the FIG campaign comes to an end this Friday, February 24th at 5PM Pacific Standard Time (1:00AM GMT February 25th).

Companion Relationships Added!

Now, when we hit $3M we hit a Stretch Goal, that gave us companion relationships, something new for Obsidian. However, Obsidian's Design Director, Josh Sawyer, was good enough to explain what relationships mean for Deadfire in Update 13 over on FIG.


Tyranny Coupon Added to All Tiers

Thanks to our friends over at Paradox, every tier will now come with a coupon for Tyranny. One for 33% comes with the $29 tier, while a whopping 50% off coupon will come with every other tier above that. They can be redeemed on Paradox's website for a Steam code after the campaign is over, they can be used for any version of Tyranny you would like, and they will be good for three months.

Return of the Space Pig

This was just announced. We are adding a pin of your friendly neighborhood Space Pig to the $149 and above tiers, and a plushie of our little blue friend to the $500 tier and above as well. Here's a sneak peak at the pin.


New Ultimate Digital Tier

We've been getting asked to add in another digital only tier. What we came up with was the Ultimate Digital Tier at $65 that adds a high resolution digital map of the Deadfire, a bunch of new wallpapers, ten high resolution pieces of concept art, some Deadfire phone backgrounds, a new Pillars of Eternity 2 novella, an omnibus of the original Pillars of Eternity novellas, and a deluxe digital version of the Deadfire soundtrack including unreleased tracks from The White March.

Not too shabby!

Fulvano's Voyage

We are also following Fulvano's Voyage of discovery as he makes his way through the Deadfire. Fulvano has already discovered four new locations that are now being added to Pillars of Eternity 2. His very last one was a new dungeon below The Drowned Barrows when we hit 25,000 backers. He's now off to find his next discovery at 26,500 backers, and he'll find a new one each time we add another 1,500 backers from there.



Thank you all for all your support through our Kickstarter and with all your kind words after Pillars of Eternity shipped. It's been an amazing ride!

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    1. Ber on

      @cursedseishi and the others replying about Fig:
      Thanks for the replies. I have read a number of articles about Fig, and tried to watch some videos (although I struggle to get through many of the ranty videos on subjects like this). I get that Fig is probably not going to make anyone an amazing return, unless the game is a breakout success, and is risky.

      But consider these two options for handing $1000 to a game dev to make a game you're excited about: 1) pledging, you get to help design an item, some cool merch, and a half dozen copies of the game, or 2) fig 'investing', good chance of getting your $1000 back in a few years, and maybe some more too. When fig investment is viewed as loaning a game dev $1K to be returned if they're successful, which as far as I can tell is fairly realistic, that's an option that I like the sound of and I expect would appeal to many others too.

    2. Sebastian TR on

      @Dahoon - If you find 'the rest of it spam' you could've unsubscribed after the game shipped?

      I personally thank Obsidian for this update - as I missed the FIG campaign start ,and fortunately found out about it through the Kickstarter email - and am about to support their new endeavour that looks fantastic. I'm not a huge FIG fan one way or the other - but I will support Obsidian.

      If you did not want potential PoE2 news , why did you stay subscribed to this campaign for over a year after PoE shipped ?? Unsubscribe from this campaign and relax :)

      Why does FIG cause so much angst ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Karl Malm on

      To the people complaining: There have been a total of 2 updates in regards to PoE2 on Fig here. Steam also pushes these kinds of things for other projects, because it is newsworthy. Nothing is stopping you from ignoring these updates. And letting people know about the project here is not unethical.

      Backing on Fig for 179 bucks at the moment. Probably going to back it on their backerportal once that comes up again, too.

    4. just jase yeah on

      Theres a lot of Codextears itt, I bet you turds still play the game

    5. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      Found PoE to be extremely underwhelming and never finished a playthrough.. Combat fluctuates between dull and frustrating; too many trash encounters and when you occasionally have a difficult fight (i.e., boss fight) the frustration from terrible pathfinding and stupid AI kicks in.

      Just my two cents.

      If Obsidian ever does a dialogue heavy CRPG with turn-based tactical combat I'd be interested but I just don't have the patience to deal with awful RTwP combat any more. Hopefully Tim Cain / leonard Boyarsky will get to lead a project together. Or let Josh make that Historical RPG I think he's mentioned before... But I just can't get excited about another fantasy RPG with boring / bad combat.

      Just my two cents

    6. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the update!

    7. Andrew Tuckett on

      Characters still seem boring. Combat mechanics are still philosophically like Pillars 1. Pass

    8. Jabsloth on

      Agreed. Posting on one site to try and take their customers and their money to your site is really poor taste.

      If you decided to leave Kickstarter, then leave Kickstarter.

    9. Daniel

      I'll buy it at some point through a steamsale. I'm not going to back the sequal.

      Yup. That's the kind of guy I am. and knowing steam, I will get to know about it even without being told through updates on this. So I agree that ads for other projects on a different site I will never use is spam.

    10. Thalon on

      Nothing against you guys, but I think the same thing I thought when the guys at Inxile used KS to advertise their campaign for Wasteland 3 (on fig like yours): I think that advertising a campaign on a competitor platform is an unpleasant and inappropriate thing.

    11. Dawn_

      Regarding Fig i mostly agree with what cursedseishi said. More could be added..but i don't want to launch a debate on this. I'd like to talk about Tyranny which i bought and was a huge disappointment (to me). You don't really have choices or they don't really affect the game in the end that much..and it's the map are crazy small! It's not a bad game but i wouldn't recommend anyone to buy it at this price for me 20$ is a good price for what it is (it's an honest advice).

      I enjoyed PoE which was a great experience and i'll likely will play PoE2 but to be honest i wasn't that much impressed by the game to throw 150$ at it as a pledge..for round 2 or even 29 $ i'd rather wait a good sale on it..or maybe a monthly bundle. Even though i feel in my bones that Torment will be the biggest disappointment to me this year.

    12. Brys on

      One thing about it, Fig's comment sections are at least less of a dumpster fire than gaming Kickstarter projects.

      If you don't want to get updates from Obsidian through Kickstarter anymore for whatever reason, you are more than capable of turning off notifications through the Notifications settings menu. Plenty of people appreciate them and your personal issues with Fig are just that - personal.

    13. Shiroco-Librarian of Unwritten Tales 542 on


      Fig is worse then ks. There is no denying it. The platform isn't as developed as ks is and investing is a bad deal but if you are just backing a game it's the same as ks. I trust obsidian and really liked PoE1 and I'm excited to get a sequel. Therefore I'm backing them again as a normal backer. I'm sure that I get my rewards from obsidian.

    14. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! This time will wait for the game release on GOG.

      But will we see all digital stuff included in Royal Edition?

    15. Missing avatar

      cursedseishi on


      I can't speak for others, but my personal distaste is that FIG isn't as consumer-friendly as people are thinking... especially when it comes to the Investment model they have been throwing about. FIG itself is a shell company, and any investments made to a project through it are all but essentially worthless, given how the cuts end up working out in the end. If the site or project happen to fold suddenly, you also aren't given any protection and ability to recoup said investments because the money is given to yet another company under the same umbrella as Fig.

      There are videos out there that explain it all much better than I, but frankly they do far less than even Kickstarter does to protect people and their money. Claiming they've yet to produce a failed project is worthless, given how they've intentionally selected, boosted, and bent rules to ensure projects could succeed... going so far as doubling or tripling the allowed 'investments' just to get a project to it's minimum goal. The fact they rely on a singular project a month harms their bottom end as they were--and still are last I heard--hemorrhaging money, and the platform only exists still given how they've still had funds to shovel into its operations.

      It also doesn't help that, considering the individuals on the board profiting from the site itself, that they put themselves ahead of potential indie developers. Every project hosted on the site has had some major name or label attached to, and that isn't touching on if it's been something from the head studios themselves.

      For all the issues I have with Kickstarter, I'd sooner take the site that will give the small time startup a chance to try and fail over the site that will crap on ten of them while propping up one of their 'stars'.

    16. Hoplite Platypus on

      @Dahoon - Regardless of the crowdfunding platform, it's common practice for a creator to post an update to inform backers of their next project. Especially when it's a direct sequel from a trusted developer who produced an excellent game the first time around!
      I would be bummed if I'd missed the fact PoE2 campaign, whether or not it's being run on KS, was happening because Obsidian decided not to update us.

    17. krayzkrok on

      @Dahoon You don't speak for everyone, and I do appreciate being reminded about the sequel given how good the first one was. If it really gets your goat, turn off notifications for this specific project in your account settings.

    18. Ber on

      I genuinely don't understand the hate for Fig. Kickstarter is great, but Fig seems to match Kickstarter in providing the rewards-for-backing concept, and their alternate investment model seems fantastic for those who have faith in Obsidian and spare cash, but no desire for bling.

    19. Paul Marzagalli on

      Hey, this showed up in my feed this go-around! Hope this draws in some of those still unaccounted for 70k backers of PoE1!

    20. Shiroco-Librarian of Unwritten Tales 542 on


      This was already asked an answered from Feargus in the Fig comments. Apparently Paradox is only providing codes for Steam in this case. I guess that obsidian tried to get a deal with paradox that included both platforms but wasn't able to and settled for at least the steam codes.

    21. Missing avatar

      Dahoon on

      I did not sign up for "99 fig facts" or PoE2 news. This is about kickstarter and PoE 1. The rest is spam. Kickstarter should shut you down on here. Stay on Fig.

    22. alcaray on

      1) I don't participate in any project that gives Steam a monopoly on another game.

      2) I was kinda disappointed in the first PE.

    23. MWoody

      While granted, it's a young site, Fig has yet to produce a single failed project. My Kickstarter failure rate is in the 15-20% range, I'd estimate. Until they give me reason to do otherwise, I'll continue to support both.

      More to the point, thanks for the coupon! I've been looking to try Tyranny at some point, once I get a hold on my backlog.

    24. Dablue

      @Jinx : someone didn't get their hug today. /hug

    25. Missing avatar


      I might consider picking this up if you have pre-orders on your site with similar offers. I do not support FIG.

    26. Jinx on

      Might have backed had you not chosen to use fig. I refuse to spend money on that misleading piece of shit platform. It doesn't make it better that your CEO is part of the board. Now please stop pushing out these update asking to back on another platform.

      You wanted to use your own crowdfunding platform. So use it instead of abusing kickstarters system to try to poach backers.

    27. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Yeah, I have to agree with Shane-o there. I'd much rather have the discount for the GOG (aks DRM-free) version of the game.

      I won't use a STEAM version of it.

    28. Shane-o - WoOS on

      Damn shame it's a Steam code offered and not a GOG code (I do realise this is because of Paradox) Can anything be done about this?