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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
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    1. Epsilon Rose on

      There are some really good changes on this list, particularly the disappearing item fix and the option to not have the NPCs auto-leveled.

      That said, I have two question: Has the ineffective hit notification/pause bug been fixed yet?

      Also, I think I heard something about the game possibly getting a turn-based mode. Do you have any idea when that update will hit?

    2. Jeremie Lariviere


    3. veritanuda on

      @Jabberwok Not sure it does. I keep seeing Hirelings Paid but when I look at the list they are unpaid and I have to fire and rehire them again. Weird.

    4. Christoph Zürcher on

      Impressive changelist. 32 hours in and I just love the game.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Does this patch fix the issue of Stronghold hirelings being permanently listed as unpaid? Didn't see it in the changelog, but maybe it was too minor to list...

    6. nadeem on

      thx finally it fix the water reflection issue on my ubuntu

    7. Chris Skuller

      Another fantastic update guys. You added some much needed features.

      So... is it too early to start talking about expansion packs and sequels?

    8. Bryy Miller on

      A+. Starting my PotD Expert run shortly.
      Because f*** Trial of Iron.

    9. Foxtratocaster on

      Hey team, thanks for the update, many of them were a must. Now, here is one of mine, how about a "camera always centered on the controlled character" button? I've looking for that and there's nothing at all.

      Also, I'm having problems with remapping some keys, such as the highlighting interactables on the landscape, cos even if I put it on any of the ctrl or Alt it won't work.

      And one more, I've had to use the IE mod for customizing my HUD, because the default one doesn't get my standars (the character portraits are by the corner, like punished facing the wall, and I want them closer).

      I reckon the main reason of my complaints are formed from my experience playing PoE on my laptop, with no other mouse than the finger one, and I'm looking for smarter ways to play it without frustating more than necessary.

      Lots of thanks team, I have near to 10 hours on my record and all of them have been enjoyed. I know this is not the best kind of game for people with not much time, but sod it, I was looking forward to find a real old-school RPG with not outdated mechanics and yet rewarding like the old D&D games. Keep rockin mates, you're brilliants.

    10. Richard Boulanger on

      @bjarke: The GOG Mac update is now working :)

    11. Richard Boulanger on

      @bjarke: The GOG update is on their site. However, will not install on the last version of the game.

    12. Zach Haugen - Merchant Guild of Valoria on

      Thank you for fixing the Sanitarium bug!!!!

    13. alcaray on


      A day or two. As you already know.

    14. Missing avatar

      bjarke on

      So if you installed via GOG this update won't be available for weeks, or?

    15. Vincent Prescious Altieri on

      Looks great guys! Any way you can add an option to disenchant or remove enchantments from weapons so you can put different ones? Accidentally added a few things and I'm not able to remove the Fine enchantment to upgrade to Superb as a result that the slots are all full. Thanks!!!

    16. Zheng Kai - Kung Fu Master of ∞ on

      I want 1.06 disc:(
      And 1.05 have a new bug: can't display Asian characters correctly.