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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping and Strategy Guide

Posted by Obsidian Entertainment (Creator)

Update by Brandon Adler, Producery Fellow

Hey, everyone. This is just a quick and dirty update for you on the backer poll we mentioned in our update from last week, some pics of the strategy guide, and news about PAX East. Our next update will come out in the next few weeks when we will discuss how backers can redeem their game from the Backer Portal.

Poll Results

First, we would like to thank all of our backers for taking the time to vote. It is very important to us that you are able to express your choice and voice your opinion about the shipping of rewards.

At close to 75% of the vote, it looks like shipping the physical rewards at the game's release and the game discs at a later date is the winner. This is how we will proceed with the shipping.

We realize that some of our backers have been asking about the possibility of selectively opting out of this choice and instead getting their items shipped to them all at once, multiple weeks after the game's release. We don't have an answer for this right now, but we are discussing the possibility with Paradox. Depending on the logistical realities we may not be able to provide this option, but we will explore the possibility. As for now, everyone will have their physical rewards shipped as soon as possible, and their game discs at a later date.

Prima Games - Collector's Edition Strategy Guide

We've been hard at work collaborating with Prima Games on the strategy guide for Pillars of Eternity. The folks over at Prima Games are not only working on creating the awesome Digital Guide for you backers, but will also be releasing a beautifully printed copy of the guide. Pillars of Eternity is a big RPG, and Prima Games is working to make sure that every inch of our huge game world is covered. The guide will include:

  • Main Quest: A comprehensive walkthrough of the main story.
  • Side Quests and Tasks: An easy reference to all side quests.
  • Atlas: Maps for all critical locations in the vast world of Eora.
  • Training: How to create a character and expertly assign points to attributes and skills.
  • Achievements, Secrets, and exclusive bonuses.

The guide will also feature a Thank You section. If you pledged at a tier that included getting your name in the game's credits, you'll also find yourself featured here! As an added plus, all physical copies of the guide will include an access code for a free digital guide, viewable on any connected device. If you missed out on pledging for the strategy guide, the Collector's Edition Guide is a great option for getting all the tips and tricks you'll need for your journey through Eora.

To preorder the guide, you can head here.

PAX East

The Pillars crew will be heading to PAX East to give a panel on March 7th. Josh, Tim, Adam, Chris, Shane, and I will be there to demo and answer questions about the project. If you are going to be there make sure to stop by the Albatross Theatre at 4:30 PM to check it out.

That's it for now. Talk to you folks again when we give instructions on how to redeem your game and rewards.


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    1. Josef Ferguson on

      No response to multiple emails. No response to direct messages. No response to comments on KS pages. Obsidian does not stand behind their BROKEN game! This is the last Obsidian product I'll buy.

    2. Missing avatar

      Quantomas on

      The round icon that shows the current action of a character is fine. It is still difficult to see how the bar with the dots is justified. You simply could remove that bar and instead have a circle around the border of the icon fill to completion. A black or colored circular progress bar that consumes hardly any screen space. With an option that allows the icon to be shown next to the characters or alternatively their portraits it would improve the aesthetics and the art.

    3. Bryy Miller on

      There was an area to do this in the Backer Portal. Also, as that is a reward that you obviously pledged to, it's kind of weird that you'd just now be having the "invasion of privacy" alarm bells ringing. Of course, if you DID put in who you wanted to be listed as, and are NOW complaining about it...

      Plus, it's just a name. Are you really concerned they might put your Kickstarter username in the credits section?

    4. Missing avatar

      Brian Calderwood on

      So the Digital Strategy Guide Add-On is just a digital copy of the Prima guide?

    5. Randy Snow on

      @Torolf you can add your first name. Or really if you want to you can write 'Aaaaaaa' or something.

    6. Missing avatar

      Peter Dedinski on

      One of my main concerns about two separate shipments is the possibility of having to pay import tax twice. If the shipping origin is USA, and destination is EU, there are countries that would charge import tax. I would have no way in explaining to the customs authorities what each of the shipments is and how much did I pay for it. I would end in customs authorities deciding what tax I would be charged for each of the two shipments. This is ridiculous. Please, find a way for having everything shipped in a single package.

    7. Paul Marzagalli on

      Question: does the PoE expansion take place concurrent w/the main story or after? Trying to time when I play the game.

    8. MadJo

      @Torolf, that I don't understand. If you didn't want your name on the game, then why pledge at that level? (I just checked it's only for people who pledged 100$ or higher and was specifically mentioned as perk with that pledge.)

      Also it's just your name, not your name, address, birth date, and SSN, etc.

    9. Torolf - Alchemist of the Obsidian Order on

      Will there be an option NOT to be listed in the credits? Some people view that as an invasion of their privacy, you know.

    10. Missing avatar

      Karl Malm on

      Try not to get jetlag from flying around so much to different cons!

    11. Ohad - Obsidian Order's Village Shaman on

      May I ask in what point do we choose whether we want our game on or steam? on that note, can you please explain all the "Tiers" you put in both Steam and Gog and what version each backer tier is getting? are we getting preorder bonuses? this is all so confusing....

    12. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Indeed 1 Digital and 1 Physical, however in personal Emails/Messages I've sent and received to Obsidian here a while back they re-assured me that the physical version would also be Steam redeemable - with this in mind it stands to reason that the Physical disc/Box would come with an additional digital Steam key for activation *anyway* (So my pledge is entitled to 2 Steam keys at the end of the day in any instance); so all I'm asking is if it would at all be possible to skip that whole second wave of shipping the Disc step entirely and just get the 2 digital codes sent at launch instead.

      Being an International Backer from Aus, the prospect of waiting months for shipping (Or even up to half a year from some past Kickstarter experience..) is something I certainly don't want to go through for the sake of the second copy of the game (Will be happy whenever the box itself arrives, no great rush on those goodies) This is doubly so since there is 2 of us here who split the cost of this tier with the very intent to each play at the same time on launch, and especially when it's only for the sake of a single key and disc - a disc of which we won't even touch or be using in our PC’s regardless. (Which seems to be the case for many people according to that Vote Thread forum..)

      It's just a win-win for everybody as far as I'm concerned, Obsidian saves money and hassle on a second wave of shipping + disc printing for those of us who wish to opt for this route, and we get our games immediately at launch rather than having to wait an arbitrary amount of time for one of them. I see no downsides for having this an opt-in choice perhaps in a survey closer to launch date or something.

    13. John Wundes on

      Great follow through guys! Thanks for the update. Can't wait to jump in!

    14. Missing avatar

      Fry on

      Does your tier include more than one digital copy? If so, you should be getting all keys when the game releases. If your tier includes 1 physical and one digital copy, as far as I'm aware that means you're only getting one digital key. The physical copy has to be installed from disc.

    15. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      Yay! Pre-ordered the strategy guide! I'm so glad to have that opportunity and can't wait to use it on my travels with the game...looks great guys! Thanks for providing the option to get it! So excited to dive into this!

    16. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Yeah I'm aware of the 1 digital key we are getting on the day of launch, a lot of these tiers however are for 2 copies of the game (mine included) and it would just be more beneficial for many of us if we could just get both our steam keys (Or gog, or whatever anyone else desires) at the same time in lieu of waiting for the disc weeks/months later.

      Many of us are merely backing at these levels for the nostalgic Box/Manuals/Printed Maps etc. but are still firmly rooted into the current digital age when it comes to the more preferred and intuitive method of Steam and digital distribution as a whole.

    17. Adam Thornton on

      How about giving an option to upgrade what you've backed to include the physical guide?

    18. LordCrash on

      Every physical backer will get a digital key at release day anyway.

    19. Kevin B. on

      @Nich Maragos

      Yes, you do. All physical tiers include a digital copy too. You can check it at the rewards section on the projects mainpage.

    20. Nich Maragos on

      Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but do physical copy-level backers (I was in at the $100 level) still get a Steam key so we can play as soon as the game comes out? That's my primary interest, much as I'll be happy to get the bonus stuff.

    21. Missing avatar

      descalabro on

      Shipping the physical rewards at the game's release and the game discs at a later date seems to me ridiculous. Making 2 shipments for 1 game is just absurd, and it very well reflects this obsession people have about getting everything as soon as possible, as if they couldn't wait.

    22. Azureblaze on

      As a collector, I certainly hope that you will allow us to delay the shipment if we would like to opt for that. I'd have to un-seal my Collector's box (assuming it will come sealed) to put the install discs in later, which defeats the purposes of a true collector.

    23. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      Wish the physical strategy guide had been on option in the kickstarter.

    24. Scott Woodbury on

      Thanks for the update. See you at PAX East!

    25. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      How about opting out of the disc altogether and just receiving 2 digital codes Like what was also suggested as a third option?
      Win for you since you don't have to do another wave of shipping, win for me and the (Actually huge amount of people who commented) that don't even have a disc drive or care about the disc anyway.
      I just want my 2 copies at launch and not have to wait.