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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator vlahka about 20 hours ago

      Scratch that, was on the wrong page. Was wondering why the page count was different.

    2. Creator vlahka about 20 hours ago

      Was there a whole bunch of posts that just got deleted?

    3. Creator Philip Nicholls about 22 hours ago

      @Tomba42+ Obsidian I backed the CE version and got my T-shirt, mouse pad, postcard and soundtrack CD add on in the post. But no CE box? Im in the UK so I knew it would be slower. But why is it not all shipped at once? Are they just keeping hold of the CE boxes (Unsigned) until they get the discs now to ship at once, or should I expect another shipment of the empty CE box and then another with the disc?

      Either way I don't mind, I just want to make sure that I am actually getting a CE box, cus it seems odd to ship the t shirt, postcard and mouse pad separately as they are part of the CE tier :/.

    4. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 2 days ago

      @Tomba42 - If you got a regular version of the box, we sent the "other stuff" out first and then the box will be shipping soon. We ended up waiting to get 1.04 on the disc.

    5. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 2 days ago

      @Gavin - Thanks! There were some challenging times, but it's awesome to see how much everyone is enjoying the game. -Feargus

    6. Creator Gavin 2 days ago

      I'm 41 hours into the game and I still no where close to being done. I genuinely can't believe you rockstars pulled all of this off with the budget we cobbled together for you. This is more than what I'd hoped for piled on top of more than I'd ever imagined.

      At first, I wasn't sure I could go back to isometric games again. But it just fit like a glove from the start. Thank you for actually delivering. I love it.

    7. Creator Chris S 2 days ago

      Thanks. I guess I already registered with website but I totally forgot. When I logged in I see I still need to pick a platform lol.

    8. Creator Joe 2 days ago

      @Chris S - I think you just need to register on their website to get your key. Be sure to use your kickstarter email address. Then use "manage my pledge" from the drop down on the upper right.

      It's a fantastic game so GET ON IT! :)

    9. Creator Tomba42 2 days ago

      stupid question, but I bought the physical game copy plus CD and other stuff, and somehow I only got a t-shirt in the mail. Is the other stuff coming separately? Did I fill something out wrong?

    10. Creator Chris S 3 days ago

      I forgot that I backed this awhile ago. If there some way I still get my reward still somehow?

    11. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 3 days ago

      @Char - Done! :)

    12. Creator Char Aznable 3 days ago

      Dunno if it's your guys thing but the guy who made the Pathfinder ACG (Mike Selinker) has a new kickstarter up:

    13. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 4 days ago

      @Euan - :) Hopefully mine was pretty clear, I put "Feargus" on a lot of them because my full signature always feels almost (ok being honest - is) unreadable when I sign boxes. -Feargus

    14. Creator Euan Robertson 4 days ago

      Delighted to say that Hermes have delivered the package in one piece!

      Now, is there a guide somewhere as to which signature is whose? :)

    15. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 5 days ago

      @Martin - That's great to hear! Thanks for backing us. -Feargus

    16. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 5 days ago

      @Alex - I don't think there is any difference between the Strategy Guides. The Guidebook Volume One is not a strategy guide and is more of a campaign source book like you would find for a Pen and Paper RPG. Here's a link that shows the first 11 pages - although I'll admit that it's not that helpful. :) The pages right after those 11 have a ton of cool content and descriptions of the world.

    17. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 5 days ago

      @Lucreto - Can you send an e-mail over to They will look into it and find out what happened. If you had pledged to a tier below the $100 Tier, then you wouldn't have been included in the credits.

    18. Creator Martin Norland 5 days ago

      Loving the game! I'm really glad I put my faith in you. Also, can't wait to get my hands on the signed CE :D

    19. Creator Lucreto 5 days ago

      I just looked at the back of the digital guide looking for my name and it was not there. I did a search as well and got nothing. Did I miss a survey or something?

      I logged on a few months ago to get my rewards sorted but I didn't see a name option. Slightly sad now.

    20. Creator Alex 5 days ago

      Speaking of game guides, what is the difference between Collector's Edition Strategy Guide Hardcover (green) vs. Hardcover (brown) (besides the book color) and the Guidebook Volume One?

    21. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 5 days ago

      @Benji - Great to hear! Hope you are enjoying everything. -Feargus

    22. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 5 days ago

      @ClementXVII - Thanks! And, we are totally thinking about doing more volumes of the guide / source book. Not working on them yet, but once the dust settles from the launch we plan to figure that all out. -Feargus

    23. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 5 days ago

      @Euan - If there are any issues with it, please contact us over at We are catching up on all of our support e-mails, so we should be able to get back to you pretty quickly.

    24. Creator ClementXVII 5 days ago

      Big thanks from Belgium, got the Big Box in the mail today :). I am amazed by the quality of the package content! The game guide says "Volume One". Are there more to come?

    25. Creator Benji Sun 5 days ago

      thank you from Hong Kong, got the shirt today!

    26. Creator Euan Robertson 6 days ago

      A little perturbed to find that my signed collector's edition of the game has been despatched via Hermes - I know they're cheap, but they're also notoriously poor couriers. I'd gladly have paid a few quid extra to use a decent firm! Here's hoping it arrives intact... needless to say their useless tracking site only has a single entry on it even now, two days after being told "(Please allow 24-48 hours for the tracking number to be recognized on the carrier website.)" in the despatch email:

      11/04/2015 13:48 Order Generated

    27. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on April 10

      Hi Josef, I just sent you a message. If you're running Windows 32-bit, please check out the following post: It has some advice for folks experiencing crashes, including how to set your system to allow for more memory usage by the game. -DM

    28. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on April 10

      @Josef - I'm sorry about that. I will have someone contact you directly today.

    29. Creator Josef Ferguson on April 9

      Still no response to the (now) six emails I've sent to about this broken f*cking game.

    30. Creator Andrey on April 8

      The game is absolutely amazing, thank you guys! This is exactly what i wanted. It is SO beautiful, I cannot believe this! Looking forward for your next kickstarter project! :P

    31. Creator Scott M. Bruner on April 8

      I am now about 12 hours in the game - and I just wanted to say how unbelievably impressed I am with Pillars of Eternity. Seriously, I was pretty sure this would turn out great, but...this game has wholly surpassed my expectations. I think this is the best RPG I have played since Morrowind.

    32. Creator Daniel Markovic on April 8


      Love the game (especially the story and artwork) and really glad I backed this project! You really captured the essence of what made old games like baldurs gate great. But still, built upon that and made a really great experience.

      Keep up the good (and hard) work!

    33. Creator Josef Ferguson on April 7

      @Obsidian Entertainment
      I have done that. Three times now. I've never heard back from anyone.

    34. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on April 7

      @Josef Ferguson - If you don't mind, could you e-mail us at They will get back to you to help you figure out what the problem is. You can also try our Tech Forums at

    35. Creator Muad'Dib on April 7

      @ Bryy

      Hopefully i didn't offend those people who complain about a joke but want to commit or support genocide for calling them lunatic bigots.

    36. Creator David How on April 6

      @Obsidian Just wanted to comment and say THANK YOU!
      Really enjoying the game. Definitely going to do another play through (or two) after I (eventually) finish it.
      Thanks for a terrific game. :)

    37. Creator Bryy Miller on April 6

      That you instantly call the people offended by this lunatics and bigots astounds me.

    38. Creator Josef Ferguson on April 6

      Still f*cking broken. How do I get my money back?

    39. Creator Muad'Dib on April 6

      Excellent. So I am virtually invincible IRL.

    40. Creator ThomasN on April 6

      Mr. Horseshoe: Get a larger interest group. Find something which looks like killing children or animals in the game, or pedophilia (I have not played it as far), or.. wait.. I played it as far.. here goes:
      Beer has "+1 damage reduction for 300 seconds", which clearly is only a positive effect. I as Australian-minded human take great offense in it, and in our country this is illegal. I demand you change that. I'll sue you!

    41. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on April 6

      Haven't gotten a key yet? Have you logged into our backer site? If not, please try over there at

    42. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on April 6

      @Backers - We are going to do a better job of answering questions over here, so feel free to post comments. You can always talk more about the game on our forums ( or get a hold of us directly at

    43. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on April 6

      @Scott M. Bruner - We should have an update on that at the end of this week, or early next. Brandon and I talked about it last week, and we wanted to get version 1.03 on the disc. So, that's what will go out in the box.

    44. Creator Mr. Horseshoe on April 4

      Hey Obsidian, the taking of life offends me greatly. I demand that every instance of killing be removed from the game!

    45. Creator Scott M. Bruner on April 4

      Hey guys, any news on the boxed versions? The manual would be so handy to play the game. with.

    46. Creator Joe on April 4

      Being offended is part of living in a free society. I find it very frustrating that game developers are putting themselves in a creative box - trying to appease people who are offended by most everything... If this trend continues, it's going to be a dull, grey, awful world to live in...

    47. Creator Krystal Henderson on April 4

      Thank you for an amazing game and working with the backer to remove a tasteless transphobic "joke".

    48. Creator Markytheoz on April 4

      Fuck these cowardly appeasers, lets see their next KS get anywhere near this shit.

    49. Creator ParasiteX on April 4

      @Muad'Dib I agree that they shouldn't have given this any thought to begin with.
      But i quite like this outcome regardless. As the new jokes ridicules the SJW idiots that made a fuzz of this in the first place.
      So i prefer to see this more as a win than a loss.
      All SJW managed to accomplish is make themselves look even more insane. So i guess congrats to them for that?

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