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Project Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment. Read more

Irvine, CA Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on October 16, 2012.

Project Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.

Irvine, CA Video Games
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    1. Creator garkham 1 day ago

      Hi there ! I'm a little bit confused. Can anyone confirm me if the physical version of the game Prima guide will be included in some pledges, and from what tier exactly ? Thanks ! :)

      Other question (I forgot) : is the Collector's Edition somehow KS exclusive ?

    2. Creator Stephen "Stoibs" D 5 days ago

      +1 Allen
      Should be no conflict of interest now :)

    3. Creator Allen Holbrook 5 days ago

      GTAV PC release date moved to April 14th! Can't wait to play Project Eternity!

    4. Creator Constance - Chantress of the OO on February 22

      Oh god. It's been so long that I've totally forgotten what my pledge over my tier was supposed to be for. AAAAH.

    5. Creator Jason E on February 21

      Are backers going to get this earlier than the rest of the population? We deserve it after all these delays.

    6. Creator Jonny Hall on February 20

      Hi. Just wondering will there be a digital download for the pledgers who don't have a disc drive?


    7. Creator Michael Caldwell on February 16

      Ah, oversight on my part. I'm sure it'll go on sale at some point, especially if it is on steam. I'll get it then.

    8. Creator Paul on February 16

      @Michael there will be. There's an option in the pledge manager to get it when released.

    9. Creator Michael Caldwell on February 16

      There's an expansion...?

    10. Creator John GT on February 12

      I just completely lost track of everything here. I pledged $140, and added $30 for (I think) a GOG Wasteland 2. But not sure why I didn't add more for the PoE Expansion. Did the Expansion get included for free during some Update?

    11. Creator Alien Mole on February 12

      A thought on the whole 'physical release' thing: I don't care much whether the physical release is delayed, but I think I did read once that video games are less likely to be hit with extra customs fees (for people within the EU), and I'm not sure if the box would count as a video game with no game inside. Or are you shipping from within the EU either way?

    12. Creator Dave, Shadowrunner on February 11

      And also be sure to check out the Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter if haven't already... inching every closer to the $1 million stretch goal with 5 days to go.

    13. Creator Mieu OOoE|WoOS|AoUA on January 26

      "There's nowt so queer as folk"

    14. Creator KJ Phillips on January 24

      People have more faith in table top games that is why Exploding Kittens is ruling the day.

    15. Creator Mieu OOoE|WoOS|AoUA on January 21

      Underworld Ascendant - Coming to Kickstarter on February 4th

      If i dont see all the usual suspect on this one i will be very surprised, has my cash from day one! :)

    16. Creator Céline .S. Sauvé on January 16

      Congrats on the release date, folks. I'll be waiting for the DRM (hopefully GOG) key, though. I no longer have internet access at home.

    17. Creator Kenny on January 14

      It's irrelevant, he's not entitled to a refund anyway.

    18. Creator Bryy Miller on January 14

      Why? It has a release date now and is moving along nicely.

    19. Creator Derge on January 14

      My body is ready.

    20. Creator Chris Holt on January 13

      I would like a refund from my pledge. I have lost faith in this project and am no longer interested in supporting this.

    21. Creator RottenBrain on January 5

      @Tony Nap: It was postponed to "early 2015" which likely means that if everything goes according to plan it should come out within Q1 which is January - April. Considering there's nothing official yet, I wouldn't hold my breath for January. If I would have to guess, I'd say late February-early March.

    22. Creator Tony Nap on January 4

      when will the game come out, I hate to say it, but getting really tired of waiting

    23. Creator Fletcher Bonds on December 30

      Happy Holidays, Guys �.

      It's been a month since the last update. Any new news? Thanks!

    24. Creator lokiracer on December 30

      When will pledges ship? Mine was supposed to ship in April.

    25. Creator Scott on December 18

      I have been away for a while so finally have time to make an account and sign up for my awards and what not, but everytime I try and make an account it tells me to enter the security code, which I do, but it never works, any help on this?

    26. Creator PegasusOrgans-Graywalkers VIP on December 14

      Uhm, I've gotten almost every refund I have asked for from KS developers. Only two refunds outstanding, but they are legitimately scammers.

    27. Creator Cartigan on December 3

      "Yeah not the best communication over the last month or two.. probably spending all the time they can to polish the game and all that... but still.. if they have enough time to tell media and setup stuff on Steam.. you'd think they'd be able to throw us a bone..."

      This must be your first rodeo. Big name Kickstarters recognize Kickstarter for what it is - a way to separate a fool and his money. Like Rottenbrain said and James Taylor elaborated, Kickstarter is not a pre-purchase platform; it's an investment platform.. where the investors have none of the benefits of investment. It's a pre-purchase platform by way of an unsecured investment.

    28. Creator James Taylor on November 29

      @Rottenbrain: that is a good point. Also Kickstarters have NONE of the upside of investment. We share all the risk yet none of the reward. Our reward is clearly spelled out such as a discounted game, in game item, or other things.

    29. Creator RottenBrain on November 28

      @Céline .S. Sauvé what you linked to is the champion edition, which retails for $59.99 / €54.99 - it's not the "regular" version. The normal version, which includes only the game, is called the "Hero Edition" and it retails for $44.99 / €41.99. Both of those editions get the two pre-order items. Kickstarter backers will also get the pre-order items when the game ships.
      Furthermore, Kickstarter is not a pre-order service, it's a fundraising platform. You're not entitled to anything outside of what was listed at the time you made your pledge. You're not buying a game at a discount - you're funding a potential project with all the risks that it entails.

    30. Creator faeriehunter on November 22

      @Yazorius: The beta key is only included with pledges of $110 or higher (base pledge, not counting shipping and/or add-ons). People pledging less don't get a beta key unless they took it as a $25 add-on (they added $25 to their pledge specifically to get a beta key).

    31. Creator Yazorius on November 21

      @ Yves Prignon : same thing for me. No beta key, "No product available" in the "Product" section of "My account" settings in the backer portal. I just hope to not be forgot for the final product ... Perhaps my Pledge ($65 + $15 for shipping) is not good enough to have this key ?

    32. Creator Kenny on November 18

      Then I would message them, or post on the forum. You definitely should have it already.

    33. Creator Yves Prignon on November 18

      I don't received anything yet, the portal still indicate "No products available... yet"

    34. Creator Kenny on November 15

      You should have received your beta key from the backer portal... assuming you followed the instructions in an update some time ago, and signed up on the site.

    35. Creator light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on November 13

      Also.. when do we get the Beta keys? I paid for it.. so I guess it's coming soon right?

    36. Creator light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on November 13

      Yeah not the best communication over the last month or two.. probably spending all the time they can to polish the game and all that... but still.. if they have enough time to tell media and setup stuff on Steam.. you'd think they'd be able to throw us a bone...

    37. Creator Chris D'Andrea on November 13

      So Q1 2015 according to Steam. Love getting information second hand.

    38. Creator Céline .S. Sauvé on November 13

      Huh... Apparently if you preorder on GOG you get the soundtrack included for free...

      Aren't I glad I upgraded my pledge to include it?

      (I at least think there are still a few things that _mights_ still be exclusive to Backers. Like the Docume-- Nope that's included for free to! Quite a list of things included for free for that preorder...)

    39. Creator Torgo, Innkeeper of the Obsidian Order on November 12

      Not sure if anyone still reads these comments, but it's worth a shot.

      Not sure if any of you ever read choose your own adventure books, but I wanted to put in a good word for the Gamebook: Maelorum, Volume 2.

      Maelorum combines an excellent dark fantasy story where your choices actually influence the direction of the story as well as a pretty fun game within the book itself. I truly enjoyed Maelorum Volume 1 and the great thing is Volume 2 is a stand-alone story. The author really has poured quite a bit of work into making his products some of the best items I have ever received from a kickstarter to date.

      So while we are all waiting for POE, pick up the gamebook Maelorum Volume 2. Truly the best of both worlds. Reading and gaming all in one.

    40. Creator Curtis on November 12

      Just learned about the new trailer on Gamebanshee - why wasn't there a backer update about this?

    41. Creator Storm Blade on November 12

      And no comments, still, about since that "fantastic" update 86.

      They are too good for us, maybe...

    42. Creator Travis on November 12

      How come non-backers get their keys first? heck how come the backers are the last to know anything going on, from the delay, to the per-orders. Do they just stop caring once they had our cash? The backers beta tested for them for free, and believed in them form the start. Guess we know how much Obsidian actually cares about their hard core fans.

    43. Creator beardpick on November 12

      Of all the games I have kickstarted, Obsidian is the worst about putting out information to every other outlet before posting anything to the backers.

    44. Creator Álvaro Magalhães Neto on November 11

      So any word when/how will we get our keys for steam or whatever platform?

    45. Creator Darkangel on November 11

      According to this page backers do get the pre order items:
      "Already a Backer? You get the pre-order bonus items for free!"
      Hoping the next update clarifies how/when we get the keys on our platform of choice.

    46. Creator T.J. Brumfield on November 11

      So people pre-ordering the game on GoG get two exclusive items?

      I'm hoping assuming that backers count as pre-orders as well.

    47. Creator Jalister - OOoE / WoOS / SoSR on November 11

      I would still be happy if this is released by April 2015. Buying on Kickstarter isn't a pre-order with a guaranteed release date. I chose to back Obsidian because I believe they can make a great game with minimal bugs when given the time to polish a game. Publishers used to be a necessary evil, but these days publishers are making boneheaded choices that are turning many of us away.

      I was just looking at the screenshots on GOG. The game looks so good that if it doesn't play well I'll just look at it.

    48. Creator PegasusOrgans-Graywalkers VIP on November 9

      KJ Phillips BULL#%%, tons of great games have come out of Kickstarter. You're just another crowd funding hater who jumped on the hate bandwagon. Truth is, plenty of triple A 20+ million dollar games get postponed, but most of the time, we don't hear about it. You see the project from the ground level and use a completion date based on a much smaller fund amount as justification for your spurious attack. Learn something about the games industry first, THEN state your opinion. I imagine it will be quite different.

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