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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Kamendae about 4 hours ago

      I've just opened my CE box, and I have a question on the guidebook. Inside the front cover, there appears to be something (about the size of a dime, odd-shaped), pasted under the blue-green paper. Is this a printing error somehow, or some kind of easter egg? I really don't want to cut the lining open if it's just an error, but I don't want to leave something nifty hidden... anyone else have the book and can comment?

    2. Creator Allen Holbrook about 5 hours ago

      Loving the game!! But I have to ask, for wizards why is chill fog, a level 1 spell, in every way better than curse of blackened sight, a level 2 spell? Chill fog is so good it trivializes content. Foe only AOE blind and damage dot over wide radius, while curse can blind your party, and the AOE is smaller and no damage dot...

    3. Creator Obsidian Entertainment about 5 hours ago

      @Chad - Glad you are enjoying and sorry that you got that bug. We never had it happen internally before launch, so it's been a very hard one to track down. Adam has put in a fix for it, but it still needs to be checked by our QA. Hope to have it out in the first update.

    4. Creator Obsidian Entertainment about 5 hours ago

      @Davinh - I think many have been delivered, but not all. If you don't hear anything by Friday, can you e-mail us over at They will look into it for you there.

    5. Creator Chad Swenson about 8 hours ago

      Currently waiting for a patch for the Raedric's Hold crash, but I've put in 14 hours in the last 3 or 4 days, and I'm enjoying it immensely! Awesome RPG.

    6. Creator Davinh about 10 hours ago

      Are all the physical box games delivered by now? 'Cause, um, mine isn't.

    7. Creator Obsidian Entertainment about 12 hours ago

      @Hans - I'll put that into our issues database. I have a feeling there is already an issue for it, but just in case. -Feargus

    8. Creator Obsidian Entertainment about 12 hours ago

      @Jekadu - Oh, and about the CPU requirements, I don't remember that being the issue. I just think it didn't get looked into for BG1. I don't remember totally why though. -Feargus

    9. Creator Obsidian Entertainment about 12 hours ago

      @Jekadu - The compression issue is that the maps in the Infinity Engine used a strange system where each 64x64 pixel square had it's own 256 color palette, but the whole map was rendered at 16-bit color. That let each square take up less space, since each pixel was represented by 8-bits rather than 16 or 32. However, there wasn't much compression put on top of that, which was done with BG2. Now, the main reason for the lots of CD phenomenon is just that CD's only held about 750MB, plus we couldn't fill up each CD completely - we couldn't have files go across CD's since we didn't want people to have to change CD's in the middle of a load or a level. That give a bit more info? -Feargus

    10. Creator Obsidian Entertainment about 12 hours ago

      @Zachariah, @EurekaBe, @Hobbes - Thanks for the kind words about the game, and thanks so much for backing it! -Feargus

    11. Creator Zachariah Gibson about 12 hours ago

      I just wanted to say... I've been playing this game since the weekend and it is phenomenal. Sooo fun. The story is all that I wanted. I've been really wanting to play a true story driven rpg for a long time now and this really hits the spot. Great job!

    12. Creator EurekaBe about 14 hours ago

      talk about addictive : started playing around 8pm, i only thought of looking up from my screen when the birds started chirping around 6 am... good thing i'm unemployed!

      best game i've played in the past decade!

    13. Creator Hans Watts about 16 hours ago

      Hey, love the game, but I have a tiny request. When you inevitably start patching this, can you please put in a toggle that lets the voiceovers and cutscenes continue to play audio when they are not the focus of my multiwindowing. I love the sound work, and don't want to miss it because I tab over to Skype to answer a friend in text.

    14. Creator Hobbes about 17 hours ago

      Just finished my first playthrough. Thanks for this amazing game!
      Cannot wait for the expansion ;)

    15. Creator Jekadu about 18 hours ago

      I've actually been wondering about compression. Was the bottleneck during the '90s existing compression technology or the desire to keep CPU requirements low? Games back then shipped on a lot of CDs...

    16. Creator SinoSamba <(-'.'-)> 1 day ago

      Got my signed CE shipment today, all in order :) Will never open it! It is now nicely displayed on my shelf.

    17. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 1 day ago

      @swi7ch That is very strange. Can you also e-mail us over at about what happened? Thanks! -Feargus

    18. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 1 day ago

      @Rivfader Can you e-mail us about at If you pledged at the $100 or more tier, they will find out what went wrong and get your credit into the next update of the game.

    19. Creator Rivfader 1 day ago

      My name is not in the backer credit :(

    20. Creator swi7ch 1 day ago

      Hi there! Loving the game, but when I received my package today the mouse pad was not in the box even though it appeared on the included invoice slip.

    21. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 1 day ago

      @Jekadu I think we can go farther. We'll roll back the disc compression in Baldur's Gate 2 and go back to the original little to no compression that came with BG1, and ship Pillars of Eternity 2 out on 13 CD's. :)

    22. Creator Jekadu 2 days ago

      Guys, you messed up big. Like, really big.

      How can you call this an Infinity Engine successor without constant disc-swapping? For shame, really. Taking care of half a dozen discs per game was half the experience.

      (Oh, and the game is pretty good. Like, really good. I am having lots of fun when my depression allows it!)

    23. Creator Keith Rome 2 days ago

      Started playing it last night. This is a really enjoyable game! I especially love the detailed storytelling!

      I was also surprised by how detailed the combat system is. Not in a bad way - just took a little getting used to.

    24. Creator manio 2 days ago

      Playing the game and every moment is a revelation of my older self to the glorious era of RPGs. This game literally takes me back at the golden ages of Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights. Thank you so much guys for giving us those years , thought to be lost for ever, back!

    25. Creator Gavin Reading Rainbow KS backer! 2 days ago

      Why would you have to buy the game if you backed it? Just go onto the Backer Portal, for which I signed up over a year ago and double-checked it multiple times in the last 3 weeks to make sure all was well with my account, and retrieve your key.

    26. Creator Skwarciak 2 days ago

      So I have to buy the game on Steam although you got my pledge and I was promised to get a copy of the game?

    27. Creator Simon 2 days ago

      I didn't have much time to play yet, but so far I really like it!
      I am so happy that the game is not too demanding on hardware and that I am actually able to play it on my laptop from 2011 (HP EliteBook 8460p) running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
      Thank you Obsidian!

    28. Creator Gavin Reading Rainbow KS backer! 2 days ago

      Fucking. Awesome. Game.

      Rewind/Fast-forward through credits, slo-mo/fast modes both in and out of combat, single-button action cancel, whole-party sneak attempts, combat system designed around real-time w/pause, extremely wide gamut of difficulty settings, modern screen resolutions, ability to re-map "select all" to mouse button 4, real sentences for doing that reading thing, complete lack of "follow sparkles to next quest objective", option for "ignoring you now" every time some random Jack or Jane accosts you for dialogue, and... the Cipher.

      Congratulations, Obisidian. You just rolled a 20 on finding the path of CRPGs from Baldur's Gate 2 to 2015.

      Now sit down, Bioware, before you hurt yourself again. Let Obsidian show you how it's done...

    29. Creator Tory Republic 2 days ago

      I'm having a lot of fun with this one. Great job!

    30. Creator gnodab 2 days ago

      This is why kickstarter is such a great platform. FTL, Divinity Original Sin, Wasteland 2, Shadowrun... I don't even buy games anymore, I commission them :) And now POE, from my first impression, might be set to exceed all! Thanks for the awesome job guys!

    31. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 3 days ago

      @Michalejack and @Philip Konczak - Thanks for the kind words! We'll see what the mainstream game industry has to say, plus we might have some interesting news very soon as well.

    32. Creator Michaeljack 3 days ago

      Rave reviews, #1 on Steam...Is this going to be so big that the Mainstream game industry sits up and takes notice?

      And on a more personal note...Amazing work guys, I knew it would be good but I couldn't imagine just how great this game was going to be!

    33. Creator Philip Konczak 3 days ago

      congrats guys on a fantastic rpg. You have given one of the best kickstarters i have had the chance to pledge on thank you and good luck with the final release

    34. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 3 days ago

      @Rick - I'll put an issue in to make sure that we check all the multi-screen setups again. We do have an issue in for the "caged" option not working consistently under certain circumstances.

    35. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 3 days ago

      @Claus - I'll pass on your comments on the score (thanks for them!) to Justin Bell our Audio Director who put the score together, recruited other people at Obsidian to play instruments, and then pushed me to get a real orchestra to record it. -Feargus

    36. Creator Claus Bo Christensen 3 days ago

      Fantastic. Brilliant. And whoever made the music score for this game, you deserve a medal. You deserve a hug from one musician to another.

    37. Creator Justinian, Judicious Dropbear of the OO 3 days ago

      Obsidian, congrats on delivering an absolutely fantastic game. I'm about 15 hours in and having a blast - a true modern classic.

      The overwhelmingly positive reception must be doubly sweet because not only did you pour your SOULS into this game, but it represented everything you couldn't do under a mainstream publisher, but wanted to all this time.

      I hope you're revelling in your well deserved success and I'm looking forward to more great RPGs in the future!

    38. Creator Rick 3 days ago

      To players running on lower end graphics cards and having issues, PoE is running at around 40fps on my ancient GTX460 768MB with no issues (though the card is running at max temp of around 90*C as it usually does with new games).

      Just to add it to the reports here, there seems to be an issue with the cursor escaping its cage on multiple screen setups. I'm using mid-click for now but it would be nice if this could be addressed in the next bug-killing pass. Thanks!

    39. Creator Falkon Swiftblade 3 days ago

      Cool, According to https: // POE had 38,000 simultanious games going on at once on steam today, on the first weekend of release. I'd say that's pretty good. :)

    40. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 3 days ago

      @Kevin A Swartz, MD - That is a very good question. I just asked Darren (the god of the backer portal) and he says your tier comes with two different versions the Royal and the Hero (which is what is shown). If you want, you can have them both on Steam (although that might strange), or you can have one on GoG and one on Steam. Your choice.

    41. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 3 days ago

      @Cheffydo Thanks for the kind words! And, the programming team is in this weekend working on the things that are getting reported. -Feargus

    42. Creator Kevin A Swartz, MD 3 days ago

      In my Account Settings -> My Products

      There are two listings:
      1. Kickstarter Hero Edition
      2. Kickstarter Royal Edition

      I know that when you generate at key (for GOG or Steam), you can only do this once. Since there are two items listed, does that mean I could generate ONE key for EACH of these listings? i.e. one on GOG and the other for Steam?


    43. Creator Cheffydo 3 days ago

      Just forced myself out of the game to eat and drop a note here. Well done! I'm enjoying this quite a bit. There are some bugs, but the ones I've seen so far are pretty minor and hopefully will be corrected in short order.
      This sets the bar pretty high for the Torment guys to try and get over. It's a great time to be an old dude who loves these types of games.
      9/10 Would Kickstart again.

    44. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 4 days ago

      @VkBest Apologies for your experience with the FPS on the Mac Version. We are going to continue to optimize. In the next update there will be an option to turn off Anti-Aliasing, which we hope will increase performance. Please try to reduce the resolution for right now. I get pretty good framerate on my Surface if I go down to 720p.

    45. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 4 days ago

      Anyone who is not sure where to get their key, please start at Thanks! -Feargus

    46. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 4 days ago

      @wrathematics - We should have some updates on the expansion pretty soon.

    47. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 4 days ago

      @Nemesis7884 - Apologies for our site not being accessible. I had thought we had it up pretty consistently. Please message us or send an e-mail to if you are still having problems.

    48. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 4 days ago

      @João - Just to apologize here as well, sorry for your name not showing up correctly. We will get it fixed in the game. I know how it feels. -Feargus

    49. Creator Obsidian Entertainment 4 days ago

      Hi Everyone - if you have anything wrong with your pledges or with the game. Please contact us at There is forum for technical help at

    50. Creator Rene Lorentzen 4 days ago

      I just realized that I hadn't been paying attention.

      The last couple of days I have been reading about pillars of eternity and almost bought it on steam.

      Now I just hit me that it's this game...

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