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Project Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Alex on July 11

      I finally received the game shipped the right way (gamebox padded by bubble wrap and shipped in the cardboard box), and while the shipping box did get banged up a bit, the gamebox inside was in perfect shape. This was shipment number 4 (original and 3 re-shipments), but I can finally say I'm very happy with this POE SE game box :)
      Thank you Obsidian/Paradox.

    2. Creator descalabro on July 6

      Just received my physical copy. All is in good condition. Thanks.

    3. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on July 1

      Hey all, we apologize for the lack of comments up here, but we are still reading your comments! That said, if you have any issues at all with the delivery of your physical disc (haven't received it yet/damaged box) please email us at and we will help you out!


    4. Creator Alex on June 29

      @Simon Kincaid
      I'm in the same boat as you, original shipment damaged and replacement even more damaged. I even specified the right way for Paradox to package the game when re-sending to use cardboard box and wrapping the gamebox in bubble wrap, and lo and behold, I get the replacement in the bubble envelope all over again.

    5. Creator William on June 27

      The documentary DVDs haven't been mailed out, right? Just want to make sure mine wasn't lost in the mail or anything.

    6. Creator Simon Kincaid on June 25

      I requested another physical copy of the standard edition because my first one had a damaged box due to being shipped in an envelope. Unfortunately, my second copy is also damaged because it was also shipped in an envelope. I really appreciate how accommodating you guys have been in sending out a second copy, but the envelope really is the problem.

    7. Creator Hüseyin Mert Erverdi on June 25

      I pledged for the $140 tier and I didn't receive a collector's edition box instead i just got a regular plastic dvd case for game discs? thats it. so where is the collector's edition box and the rest of the stuff?

    8. Creator Francisco Soares on June 23

      Just received my physical copy. Thank you.

    9. Creator manio on June 22

      Just received my physical copy, too. Discs and everything were included and fine. Greece also thanks you, Obsidian!

    10. Creator ClementXVII on June 22

      I received my game discs in Belgium today! Thanks Obsidian for giving your backers the opportunity to get physical discs!

    11. Creator Marcin Baran on June 18

      @Alan: there's a big update on March 25 (i think) that in depth explains how to redeem your game. I don't think they could make it any clearer than they did. As far as the main page I'm not 100% sure but i think it might be locked as soon as the campaign ends so they might not have an option to change anything afterwards. From my experience most of the KS games I've backed had a pretty good explanation updates on how and where to get the game.

    12. Creator Alan on June 17

      Can you please put on the front page of this kickstarter that the game is done, and a link how to collect our Steam keys? It seems like half the games I've kickstarted are an exercise in frustration in getting the Steam keys.

    13. Creator Marcin Baran on June 17

      ok found an interview that answers my question:P all backers who pledged for expansion get the whole thing:) Awsome can't wait!

    14. Creator Marcin Baran on June 17

      Would love to hear about the upcoming expansion a bit more in the next update. And if the backers who pledged for it will get only first part and will have to then pay for the rest or will we get the whole thing?

    15. Creator Marcin Baran on June 17

      ok I've just read more comments so it seems it is a bigger problem. Just everyone write them a message so they realise it's there and I'm sure a solution can be found.

    16. Creator Marcin Baran on June 17

      @Stephen and Matt: If your packages were destroyed during delivery just write to Obsidian (maybe attach photos) I'm sur they'll be happy to replace it with the new copy. In most KS project when that hapens there's no problem about that. Just contact them either through KS message system or some support mail on the Pillars of eternity page and I believe you should get sorted out. No need to spit venom here in the comments when it is something possibly easily fixed and was not Obsidians falut.

    17. Creator Matt Wheeldon on June 17

      Collectors edition gamebox is crushed and ripped along the bottom. Profoundly disappointed in whoever distributed this... Has taken the gloss off what was to date a really great experience.

    18. Creator tarasis on June 17

      Indoclone the cynical part of me agrees with you. Was splitting the expansion in two a way to get those of us who added for the expansion, to pay for part two? Depending on the actual size of the expansion I might not have an issue with that, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

      I do understand not letting backers know first though. E3 is a big thing, so getting stuff exclusively announced there is important, announcing here first would take some of the steam out of it.

    19. Creator Indoclone on June 17

      The expansion is divided into 2 parts or more?? So will the backers who have paid for an expansion get all the expansions or just part 1? If we only got the part 1 this is a VERY DICK move Obsidian.

    20. Creator T.J. Brumfield on June 17

      So an expansion has been announced but no update to backers about it?

    21. Creator Stephen on June 16

      I have boxed pc games from 30 years ago that are in better condition than what I just received in the mail. Thanks for nothing.

    22. Creator Victor Araujo on June 15

      I decided to wait til I get a physical disc before I play the game.
      Several months ago, I get a box... no disc.. Just a letter saying I'll get my disc later.
      I get my disc last week. Excited I finally get to play the game.
      I install the game, I try to run it.... and.... nope, error, fails to start.
      No help from tech support, still can't play the game.

    23. Creator Stephen "Stoibs" D on June 14

      Also I don't seem to have a Steam code version anywhere in my physical packaging despite being re-assured via PM and correspondence that the Physical copy would be Steam redeemable..

      This disc seems to only be some DRM-free thing.
      Jesus Christ what a mess..

    24. Creator Stephen "Stoibs" D on June 14

      Just got mine in Australia here.
      Banged up and scratched and dented all over.

      Last time I back at a Physical tier from this lot.. fuck me.

      Seriously was it so hard to bundle this in a protective box like Wasteland 2 did (Or you know, what basically everyone else has the foresight to do)?
      What's the method of recourse here..? Can we get a refund or a second one shipped out?
      Pretty fucking annoyed at the price paid compared to the product received and I'll certainly be voicing my warnings on the comments and around the place for whatever next kickstarter you run, warning people away from the more expensive physical options as a result.

    25. Creator Yazorius on June 14

      Hi ! I've recieved my box ! ^_^ Big parcel for my collector ! The box is wonderful ! Perfect for me. I'm SO glad ! One of the best Kickstarter campaign : marvelous game, keys for Steam & GoG, Beautiful box, all sent very fast. Yes, all is perfect. Thanks for all.

    26. Creator Glenn Morris on June 13

      Front box cover has three long creases, two small creases, and a bunch of random scratching.

      Came packed in a bag (yes, a bag) with hardly any air in the bubble lining on the inside.

      Pillars of Eternity is an important moment in the history of game development, but the condition of this box does not at all reflect that at all.

      Obsidian, I love you. Deeply.

      But please re-evaluate your partnership with Paradox for distribution of future titles. This can't have been the only affordable option.

    27. Creator Tommy Boucher on June 12

      My boxe is also crushed... Wow worst shipping ever...

    28. Creator Corey Coleman on June 12

      Is anything being done about damaged collectors boxes? I'm not very happy about how damaged mine was since it was shipped in just an envelope. It's pretty heavily crushed which is messed up for a collectors item.

    29. Creator Andrew Ferreira on June 12

      My box arrived with crushed sides... I'm thinking cardboard shipping boxes would have been a prohibitively expensive option? Take care.

    30. Creator Lik Chan on June 12

      Physical copy arrived and I yea, it's all crushed cuz they didn't bother using BOXES. Seriously guys, this is a collector's item, why did you cheap out on the that? Bubble envelopes, really? Argh!

    31. Creator Alex on June 12

      My game box arrived today and is also squashed a little on one side, but I'll live with it. But absolutely agree with Tazar that shipping these in paper padded envelopes is just asking for it to be damaged during shipping . On another note, but related to using paper envelopes, I got another KS game today in one, and it was damaged to such extent that they will have to resend me the box as well as the hard cover book that was inside the game box. These paper envelopes were not meant for these types of items.

    32. Creator Tazar Yoot on June 12

      Just received my incredibly squished box in the mail. Can't say I'm at all impressed with the efforts made in shipping, it was in a soft pack with no real protection. Anyone else with the same experience?

    33. Creator Jeroen on June 12

      just received my physical copy of the game (Netherlands), installing it at the moment.
      today we have nice weather, but I will start playing soon.
      already read that its a great game, excited to start playing soon!

    34. Creator Kennyrules on June 10

      I just finished the game, and I just wanted to pop back here and say it was absolutely fantastic. The most fun I've had on a video game in a long time. I couldn't have asked for a better ending. And I have never hated any one thing as much as the Adra Dragon. Well done!

    35. Creator barbarian_bros on June 9

      Finally got my collector edition last week (and with a signed guidebook that wasn't expected).
      Thanks Obsidian for the support and Paradox for the replacement ship.
      Now I wait for the game discs.

    36. Creator Muad'Dib on June 9

      Good luck and all the best for Chris Avellone who has left Obsidian.
      Thank you for a lot of wonderful games and characters.
      You will be missed.

      Hopefully we will see you at another games company.

    37. Creator William on June 7

      Got the game discs. Now all that's left is the documentary DVD.

    38. Creator mark on June 6

      Just received my game. Extremely happy and have already sunk many hours in to this.

    39. Creator Mike Shorey on June 2

      I never received my copy. How do I go about getting it?

    40. Creator Dawn_ on June 2

      I Played..71 hrs..never completed the game start over 4 times..I am gonna waste my life on it like i did with BG1&2..i shouldn't be happy..about it but i just am.

    41. Creator Grinsevent Wheresluggage of Sintropez on June 2

      @Justin I just got the same "completude" feeling in the end !
      I hope Torment will take it into account, in their '16 different legacies", they may branch it a little bit more ... who knows ?

    42. Creator Justin Vierra on May 31

      Finished the game (or at least finished enough for me since I still had content left if I wanted to do every side quest) at about 40 hours.

      Obsidian team, the ending is so great. When Mass Effect 3 ended and everyone complained about how lame the whole "red/green/blue" thing was, I didn't quite understand what the fuss was about. Well I understand now. You've really shown the difference between a "yeah game's over, turn the lights out" sort of ending and a truly reactive & comprehensive conclusion to your tale. Every RPG should have an ending this detailed and varied. Wow guys (and gals), just wow.

    43. Creator Steve Mack on May 30

      Still waiting on my box as well...

    44. Creator Scotty on May 25

      Those of us who paid the most are being treated the worst. I can't believe it's approaching two months after release and many of us still don't have our boxes. Don't ever pledge to Obsidian again, send them a message.

    45. Creator Tomba42 on May 24

      Is there a way to check if they are sending my game out?

    46. Creator Wolfgang Lange on May 23

      Hello! Mine arrived yesterday - I got the Collectors Edition of Pillars of Eternity with me now. Thank you! Wolfgang

    47. Creator garkham on May 21

      Hi @Yazorius. Here in Rhone-Alpes, I received mine about one week or ten days ago. After having discuss with Paradox for a replacement box. At the end, I dunno if I received the "normal" shipping or a replacement one. But go contact Paradox, they are amazingly friendly ! :)

    48. Creator Yazorius on May 21

      It seems that I'm not the only one who waits for his boxed version of the game (France, here). I imagine that the boxes are shipping for now. If someone have already recieved his parcel, please let us informed. Thanks ^_^

    49. Creator Wolfgang Lange on May 17

      Hello from Germany!

      I received in April the e-mail below, with the shipping of the Collectors Edition of Pillars of Eternity. I have problems getting in contact with the persons who sended the package. NOTHING arrived just yet. Can you help?

      Thank you

      We thought you'd like to know that we shipped your items, and that this completes your order.

      If you have any questions about your purchase please contact us at

      Please do not reply to this message.

      Your order was shipped via Royal Mail International Standard, and is estimated to arrive May 4, 2015 - May 6, 2015.

      The following item was included in this shipment:

      1 x Collector's Box for Pillars of Eternity

      Thank you for your purchase from Paradox Interactive!

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