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Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
73,986 backers pledged $3,986,929 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Scotty 6 days ago

      Those of us who paid the most are being treated the worst. I can't believe it's approaching two months after release and many of us still don't have our boxes. Don't ever pledge to Obsidian again, send them a message.

    2. Creator Tomba42 6 days ago

      Is there a way to check if they are sending my game out?

    3. Creator Wolfgang Lange on May 23

      Hello! Mine arrived yesterday - I got the Collectors Edition of Pillars of Eternity with me now. Thank you! Wolfgang

    4. Creator garkham on May 21

      Hi @Yazorius. Here in Rhone-Alpes, I received mine about one week or ten days ago. After having discuss with Paradox for a replacement box. At the end, I dunno if I received the "normal" shipping or a replacement one. But go contact Paradox, they are amazingly friendly ! :)

    5. Creator Yazorius on May 21

      It seems that I'm not the only one who waits for his boxed version of the game (France, here). I imagine that the boxes are shipping for now. If someone have already recieved his parcel, please let us informed. Thanks ^_^

    6. Creator Wolfgang Lange on May 17

      Hello from Germany!

      I received in April the e-mail below, with the shipping of the Collectors Edition of Pillars of Eternity. I have problems getting in contact with the persons who sended the package. NOTHING arrived just yet. Can you help?

      Thank you

      We thought you'd like to know that we shipped your items, and that this completes your order.

      If you have any questions about your purchase please contact us at

      Please do not reply to this message.

      Your order was shipped via Royal Mail International Standard, and is estimated to arrive May 4, 2015 - May 6, 2015.

      The following item was included in this shipment:

      1 x Collector's Box for Pillars of Eternity

      Thank you for your purchase from Paradox Interactive!

    7. Creator Scotty on May 14

      Okay "Any day now" was 8 days ago. This is the longest wait I've ever had to wait for a game, after it was released, in my life. Not interested in a digital key, I pledged the 65 dollar tier so I could enjoy an old school experience installing from a CD and reading the manual. I'm sure many who played the IE games back in the day can understand why that's a joy.

    8. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on May 13

      @Yves - I'm not sure right now, but it will be soon. I'll talk with the team tomorrow, to see if we can't get everyone a more precise date in the next update. -Feargus

    9. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on May 13

      @david - When you get a chance, log into our backer portal at If you have any problems, please message us here in Kickstarter or e-mail us over at

    10. Creator Friedhelm König on May 12


      Yes the game is available and has been for a few weeks. Check the older updates to find out how to get your steam key. If you pledged for a disk, I understand, Obsidian is in the process of shipping those

    11. Creator David on May 11

      I don't understand what is happening here. I am an early backer of this game. Is it out?

    12. Creator Yves Larochelle on May 10

      Hello again. Thanks for the response on the discs. Now, as for the shipping of the physical goods (box, manual, etc.) to Canada, when is the "target" date for shipping ? Thanks!

    13. Creator Ber on May 10

      Ah yep I see. I went digging and found it in Update 17, a brief mention that there will be an expansion. Cool! Yeah I agree that was a pretty crazy promise back in the Kickstarter, but it seems the game has worked out really well for Obsidian so an expansion is probably a really good move now.

    14. Creator Bryy Miller on May 10

      An expansion was a reward tier. While I personally think that was rather foolish of them, it seems like they are making enough to do it.I expect to hear more at E3.

    15. Creator Ber on May 9

      I just watched the Making of Documentary, very cool. At the end there was pretty enthusiastic talk of expansions and sequels - awesome! Is this all we know on the subject so far, or did I miss some other announcements?

    16. Creator Bryy Miller on May 8

      I spent so much time thinking I *could* do Triple Crown that I didn't stop to think *should* I do Triple Crown. Restarting my 1.05 run on Expert PotD.
      Go to your profile section of the Obsidian website.

    17. Creator Ryan Phillips on May 8

      Hi guys! Just wanted to say I love the way this turned out! My favorite thing is probably the complex battle Priests and Ciphers have to apply their buffs and debuffs in such a way as to turn the tides of battle in their favor. Thanks so much!

    18. Creator Anmol Nagpal on May 8


      I have not received a copy of the game, I pledged 25$.
      How do I get Steam access to the game?

      Thank you.

    19. Creator Tory Republic on May 7

      Thanks for delivering a fun game! Just beat it last night.

    20. Creator Nori on May 7

      Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for this AMAZING game! Been having so much fun with it. First RPG I've played for a while and it got me to fire up another RPG so now I'm juggling too many. But it's all good. :)

    21. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on May 6

      @Yves - Check out the comment I just made to Edward.

    22. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on May 6

      @Edward - The discs should be going out any day. We'll make sure to let everyone know the minute they are shipping. Also, just in case you didn't know, you can go up on our backer portal and get a key to play the game.

    23. Creator Yves Larochelle on May 6

      Hey, I'm in Canada, should I receive my "physical" good soon ? what's the latest on the discs ? Thanks!

    24. Creator Philip Nicholls on May 6

      are there any updates on when discs might be sent out? Also will these be sent from the US or Europe? just wondered if us in the Eu might get them early :)

    25. Creator Edward Pfister on May 6

      Well I don't see it in the "Products" section. I will send you an email with the details. Thanks for the prompt response.

    26. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on May 5

      @Edward - You should have an extra key of the game in your account in the backer portal. If you don't, feel free to message us here in Kickstarter or e-mail us over at -Feargus

    27. Creator Gambler on May 2

      @Obsidian - Thanks for the fast response, you guys are awesome!

    28. Creator Edward Pfister on May 1

      Was just looking over my rewards ($100.00) and saw that I get the previous tier and that is supposed to include an extra copy of the game. I cannot find this extra copy anywhere. I have everything else though. Am I misunderstanding this? If not how do I get the extra copy?

    29. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on May 1

      @Sketchy - Have you had a chance to login to our backer portal at ?

    30. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on May 1

      @barabarian - Can you e-mail us at Someone will help you work it out.

    31. Creator Sketchy on April 30

      I just realized i never got my copy/code, can someone please reach out to me on this?

    32. Creator barbarian_bros- Cayne Corp.Shareholder on April 30

      My signed box is on his way back to england... the delivery agent did not let a 'delivery fail' card in my box... and the 'parcel force' web page only said 'adressee to collect' without further informations.
      Actually the 'parcel force' customer service is quite reactive and gave me the 'local' (french) delivery service they used : Global Logistic Service, as well as the internal GLS parcel number.
      The bad news is that the GLS agent let the parcel in a local shop, which held it until... yesterday. As I didn't come to take my parcel away, it was sent back to the sender yesterday in th mornig... Of course I got the informations yesterday in the afternoon.
      So the parcel is on its way back to Paradox UK... and Paradox Customer's Service is still silent.

    33. Creator Su Sinodan on April 29

      Just recieved my signed box! WOOT! Thank you Obsidian!

    34. Creator barbarian_bros- Cayne Corp.Shareholder on April 29

      Can't get my Signed Box, because Paradox used 'Parcel Force Worldwide' to deliver it to France... but the Delivery Agent couldnt reach me (I was at work), did not thing I could need the usefull informations of the 'delivery failed' card he was supposed to put in my mailbox.
      So now i'm struggling with Paradox and 'Parcel Force Worldwide' customers service.
      Why didn't you use 'Royal Mail Small Packets' ? They never failed to deliver me (or they let the parcel at the Post Office, 50 meters away from my home).

    35. Creator Grinsevent Wheresluggage of Sintropez on April 28

      @Obsidian but your communication is always top notch ^^

    36. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on April 27

      @Muad'Ib - One quick update is on the documentary. We did announce that we would be delivering it after the game came out. However, it is going out past the date I originally thought - my apologies. It will be available soon. We were reviewing the final cut that we got last Wednesday or Thursday (last week).

    37. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on April 27

      @Gambler - For the normal boxes, those are getting sent out very soon (this week?). We delayed them, so that they could get a final updated version of the game. Version 1.04 is what will be on the disc.

    38. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on April 27

      Hello everyone! If you received a blurry map and would like a replacement, please contact

    39. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on April 27

      @Philip and @Muad'Dib To start off, sorry about the blurry map. I didn't know about it until last week. It seems like a number of the maps that got sent out were blurry. The production sample we reviewed and approved was not blurry. Paradox is sending out non-blurry maps to people who request them. I think we have posted on our forum and Reddit (there was a thread there) about who to contact. I'll have someone post that here as well.

    40. Creator Grinsevent Wheresluggage of Sintropez on April 27

      @Obsidian ;
      I don't know yet, as I speak without having seen the collector box yet, but I expect something I could be proud of, like the wasteland 2 special edition...

      I don't regret my pledge, mind my words, as I greatly enjoyed (as I ruined my social life) the one week run to finish the game and all sides quests I could fine (without using a manual) on hard. The game pleased me, a lot ...

      ... but I hope the collector box will make me proud and feel "special", I know it's much affect on some hard paper and cloth map, but, you know, I hope I will see it as "done more than right", as I usually don't pay more than 10 $ a game (4 years after its release). My only exeptions were kickstarters (150+) and now, I calm down. If the CE were astonishing and a collector piece, I'm sure I could reconsider.

      The ingame bonus for the royal edition weren't seen (I don't know if it comes from GOG, or if nothing is added). Anyway, I had tons of fun, and this was my highest priority.

      Have fun making the expension, and I'm still glad to be heard here.

    41. Creator Gambler on April 27

      Wait, did I miss something? Because people seem to have received their Collectors Editions, is the same true for the normal boxed version? If so, where is mine? :)

    42. Creator Cartigan on April 26

      And by "bought" I mean "kickstarted." Maybe I missed it, but I can't find system reqs on the sight page or in any update emails sent since I joined the Kickstarter

    43. Creator Cartigan on April 26

      I would not have bought this game until I had bought a new computer and it was on deep sale if I knew a 64-bit computer was going to be the system requirements.

    44. Creator Kerem Barlakm on April 26

      Finally won the game on hard difficulty. It was wee worth to support the game! Looking forwRd for the expansion or next project! Would support again!

    45. Creator Philip Nicholls on April 25

      I do agree that if id paid $160 for CE at a shop and it was poor quality Id be slightly more annoyed. kickstarter is not a shop though. I'm basing my decision on whether or not to back obsidian again on the quality of the game.

      Is that not more important guys?

    46. Creator Philip Nicholls on April 25

      hey Feargus/Obsidian,

      I appreciate you replying to us on here, so thanks for that :). I do not think you understood the question I asked earlier though. I backed at the CE level ($160), and received my mousepad, tshirt and postcard but got no (empty) collectors box. Do not worry though, paradox have been in touch with me and I understand why now.

      I cannot speak for everyone regarding the quality of the CE contents, but this is what I have been able to gather:

      1. The main concern is the map. A lot of people are reporting a blurry image to the point where they cant read all the locations, and the cloth is apparently not very good quality. I personally feel people would prefer a high quality paper map than a low quality cloth one.

      2. Outdated physical manual. I honestly do not know what you can do about this one though :/. The nature of game development can mean things change all the time, even after release. I've no doubt it will become even more outdated as you release patches/expansions.

      3. Mousepad image is slightly blurry. I have noticed this on mine but its not too bad really.

      4. The map. Did I mention this already? :) Seriously though, a lot of backers primarily backed at the physical tier for the map, and people seem disappointed most by this.

      From my personal perspective, I dont mind all that much. The reason I backed this project was so you could make this game, and the physical rewards were just a bonus so to speak :). Id rather have a good game and slightly sub par physical goods than the other way round.

      As for the future CEs..I do not know. Part of me says dont bother with the physical rewards because the costs arent worth it, but it is great to have an old school box with manual and all. I guess just making sure that the items are of high quality, even if you offer less is the best thing you can do. But I also understand these physical rewards do not come cheap when you're trying to make a game with the same budget.

      Also, regarding delivery times. I think most people in the US did get CEs on release or a few days after. Delivering all over the world though, some people will get their box later than others.

      For me the digital goodies were great and its a shame more of them could not be physical, such as the almanac for example (again, I understand why not with the costs). An artbook for this game would be awesome as well. Ive bought both the guidebook and prima strategy guide and the quality of those are great.

    47. Creator Muad'Dib on April 25

      Dear Obsidian,

      Backers got their Collector's Editons WEEKS after the official release.
      It still did not contain the game disc (which could have been a reason for the delay).

      The manual was b/w.
      The soundtrack was a digital download, no CD.
      The cloth map was of horrible quality.
      Still waiting for the Making of Documentary.
      Still waiting for the novella by Chris Avellone.

      Btw. my box had no protection at all or any padding.

      An unpleasant experience, and with other issues (serious, even game breaking bugs, censorship because of lunatic Twitter rants) there is no way i will again give you $250. Ever.

    48. Creator Obsidian Entertainment on April 24

      @Martin - Can you explain what you were expecting, so we can look at that when we do another CE for our games?

    49. Creator Grinsevent Wheresluggage of Sintropez on April 24

      (but I greatly enjoyed the game... Ho man ! )

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