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$24,431 pledged of $65,000 goal
By Off Base Productions
$24,431 pledged of $65,000 goal


Greetings, True Believers! 

We’ve been quiet on the Kickstarter updates lately as we passed through the end of the Kickstarter “trough,” that middle part of every campaign where things start to look scary. We’ve used this time to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned since the start of the campaign, and we’re ready if we need to try again in the future. But the fat lady has yet to sing on this campaign and we’re ready to rally for our final week of the Mercenary Kings Master Codex Kickstarter. Are you ready? We’re ready. 

Where We’re at Now

At the time of writing, we’re at 17% funded with 256 backers contributing $11,437. That’s a lot of folks who believe in our project, and we want to thank each and every one of you for sticking with us so far. Your kind words have inspired us to keep on trucking no matter what. 

Now here’s the hard part: we’re still $53,563 short of our goal. With 8 days left in the campaign that means we’ll need to raise at least $6,695 per day to hit our funding goal. It’s a daunting number to be sure, but it’s not undoable. Like the hero Wander, we can climb this colossus... only without the "slaying a majestic creature minding its own business" part of the deal. ;)

How Can I Help? 

The biggest problem facing our campaign right now is getting press coverage to get more eyes on the Mercenary Kings Master Codex. So far our two biggest referrers are from the Polygon and Joystiq coverage we received close to the start of the campaign… basically the more people we can get hitting the Kickstarter page, the more new friends we can get who share our vision and will back the book. And so, fellow backers, we ask for your help once again in getting the word out. 

Tweet, post, or message your favorite website asking them to cover the project, or post about the guide on the forum you participate in, every little bit helps! To get you started, we've included some tip-line contact info for popular sites below. Just remember to be courteous, don't spam messages, and only message a site if you're a frequent visitor. We don't want to have anyone write us off entirely for too many messages at once, you know how it is. :) 

Kickstarter Link (copy this): 



Penny-Arcade Report:






And for you forum dwellers, there are active discussions going on at NeoGaf, the Mercenary Kings Steam Community, and Cheap Ass Gamer. Feel free to chime in, or start a conversation going in the forum of your choice. Just make sure to check the terms of service for your particular forum to make sure its cool, and message us through Kickstarter or email to let us know of any threads we might not have seen yet.

Let them know how excited you are about the guide, or even how crazy we are for trying to make a physical guide for a digital only game. Getting as many eyeballs on this awesome project as possible is the key to our success!

I Have a Website/Blog/Podcast and Would Like to Cover Your Kickstarter

Contact or message us through Kickstarter and we’ll set up a time to chat! 

New Reward Tiers 

We’ve created a couple of ultra-high end tiers for anyone with a lot of extra cash burning a hole in their pocket: 

$5,000 – “Author For a Day Tier” – Become a guide author for the Mercenary Kings Master Codex for a day or two and learn how a commercial guide is made. You’ll be in charge of writing one to two mission walkthroughs, and will receive a full writing credit in the guide. Must be at least 18 years old and travel to Off Base Productions in San Francisco sometime during October. Lodging/travel not included, but we’ll definitely buy you food and show you a good time while you’re here! Also includes all physical rewards and five copies of the Mercenary Kings Master Codex to give your friends and family.

$10,000 – “Mysterious Benefactor Tier” – For those who like to see their name in print, the Mysterious Benefactor tier includes all physical rewards, 10 copies of the Mercenary Kings Master Codex to give away to your nearest and dearest, and an “Executive Producer” credit in the front of the guide.

New Updates 

This week we’ll definitely be revealing the art print reward, including the identity of the mystery artist and a preview image. We’ll also be providing regular updates on how we’re progressing towards our goal as the week goes by. 

Thanks again for your support! Now, let’s rock!


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