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Obos are unique figurine toys with attachable parts. The more you have, the more creative you can be. Eco-friendly. Good design.
Obos are unique figurine toys with attachable parts. The more you have, the more creative you can be. Eco-friendly. Good design.
868 backers pledged $23,996 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Megan Letscher on

      I never received my obos :(

    2. Ben Watson

      I still haven't got my Obos ;) have they run wild in the journey from USA to the UK? Can I catch them?

    3. Tashakorinia on

      Great job guys! I love my Zard and Bur. They are cute and I am pleased with their quality! Merrcc

    4. Rich Murray on

      Hey there, Really Brothers. Just got my Obos yesterday. These things are fantastic and worth the wait of you guys making sure they were done right. I love the attention to detail and so does my 7-year-old son who loves swapping all the parts around. Please let us know when you've designed more.

    5. Michael Matzat on


      Quick, someone tell me what to feed them! HELP!!!

    6. Dyana Rose on

      woo, Royal Mail just knocked and my obos are here!

    7. Missing avatar

      nadia roden on

      We are domestic (in NYC) but never received ours?

    8. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      I got mine today. Thanks! Someone is going to be getting a fun gift!

    9. Missing avatar

      JENNIFER on

      Love love love the Obos figure. My son was thrilled and has already hinted at a couple more he would like for his birthday. Great job guys.

    10. Really Brothers 2-time creator on

      Hi everyone - As promised, we have been shipping out rewards throughout the month of October. All of our domestic rewards have been shipped out . If you have not received your reward yet, you should be receiving it within the next few days. As for intentional rewards, they will all be sent out next week. Thank you for your patience and your continued support!

    11. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      @nadia, I think most of us are still waiting. I wish they would post some sort of shipping status, but it seems like this is normal for Kickstarter projects. We just have to be patient.

    12. Missing avatar

      Sarah Christensen on

      This project was well worth the wait. They are like the potato heads, if the potato heads were monsters. Awesome!

    13. Missing avatar

      nadia roden on

      we never received ours ?

    14. Michael Schwartz on

      Got my full set the other day. They are so cool! The package design is intoxicating. My son had a blast helping me put them together. Great job!

    15. Jason Saldana on

      Got the Obos in, they look great, thanks!

    16. Beatrijs van de Griendt on

      Can't wait to see the Obos in the shops. Keep on going guys!

    17. Missing avatar

      Jana Branch on

      Re: Update #9. Kickstarter money can't buy perseverance -- wishing you all you need to get through this sticky phase! And I'd be happy for you to use a portion of my donation for a hard-earned beer after a day of negotiation or production headaches. Good luck on pushing through!

    18. Elena Trujillo on

      Hey, guys... Just read Update #8 and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your honesty and commitment to creating a high-quality product. I ordered mine for a birthday in Sept. I'll be happy to get them before that; otherwise, they'll be a Christmas present!! No worries. I don't mind waiting. Will just be excited to get them... whenever we get them! Many thanks!!

    19. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      I think you may need to contact them directly. They haven't signed in to KS for over a week, and they may not feel the need to say anything because they already said that we won't be getting them until around July.

    20. Bouncergriim on

      Any production updates? One per month until they ship would be great. Thanks for doing this Really Brothers and all other Backers.

    21. Moggle on

      Congratulations from my side too!

    22. Missing avatar

      Sara Lasseter on

      Burr and Fofo, thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Eric Kaplan on

      Love your toys. Munti and Fofo please.

    24. Missing avatar

      Nick Guenzler on

      Congrats! I would like Guba and Fofo as my Obos choices.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jan Keller on

      Congratulations! I would like Guba and Munti. Thanks much.

    26. Missing avatar

      Cathy fernandez on

      I would like munti and zard please.

    27. Michael Matzat on

      Awwww, Obos got fundet. <3…

      Maybe the game should be about them. :D But rated R.

    28. Chris Skuller

      Ignore my last comment. I have decided to up my pledge to $25 so I can get the complete set instead of the 2 pledged for originally.

    29. Michael Matzat on

      Nervmind, ill Take er all in!

    30. Michael Matzat on

      I also would like Zard and Fofo as my Obos. I will take good care of them. <3

    31. JAN CARVER on


    32. Missing avatar

      Brian Austin on

      I would like Zard and Fofo as my Obos choices please. Thanks!

    33. Jason Cross on

      I'd like Oshii, Zard and Munti!

    34. Guiseppe Hammer on

      I would like Burr, Fofo, and Zard as my Obos of choice please. Thank you so much for making an Earth friendly, responsible toy for all ages!!

    35. T. Knorr on

      Oshi, Zard & Guba, please. Can't wait to have one of these little guys staring at me on my desk!

    36. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I had to up my pledge -- I just know I'm going to want to give some of these pups away & don't want to deprive myself! I think they'd be good fun for *all* ages to fiddle with.

    37. Jessica H. on

      Fofo and Zard, please. Thank you!

    38. Missing avatar

      Ryan Garland on

      Oshi and Zard, please. These guys are just too cute!

    39. Missing avatar

      William King on

      Oshi, Guba, and Fofo, please. Good luck and Congrats, Guys!!

    40. Chris Skuller

      I'll take Oshi and Munti please! I really like these things. Great idea guys!

    41. Missing avatar

      oppyu on

      Burr, Zard and Fofo

    42. Ruben on

      Guba, Burt, Fofo. Thanks kids will love these.

    43. Missing avatar

      Bridget D. on

      Munti, Zard, and Fofo please. Saw these at Toy Fair and was smitten. Glad I stumbled on this. Good Luck!

    44. EHeff on

      just picked up a full set. glad i was able to get in before the project was funded. Im a 24 yr old student, and cant wait to have these around the apartment

    45. Missing avatar

      Julia Crane on

      Burr, Munti, Zard. Cool beans Michael, good job!! :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Charity Hani on

      Fofo, Munti, & Zard, please. My 31/2 year old watched your video and can't wait to get his hands on these toys. I'm excited cuz their earth friendly. Nice work Fellas!

    47. Shaun Chaudhry on

      Zard and Munti for myself. Please and Thank You! Project looks really exciting!

    48. Missing avatar

      Wen Wen on

      Zard and Munti for me please! So cute, thank you!

    49. Tara Helfer on

      Oshi/Zard/Fofo for me :) Met you guys at Toy Fair last weekend. Congrats on your success!


    50. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

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