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12 sci-fi-themed art cars from around the USA are driving to Orlando in time for the big convention- and we want you to ride shotgun!

12 sci-fi-themed art cars from around the USA are driving to Orlando in time for the big convention- and we want you to ride shotgun! Read More
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The very name conjures images of the open road! Or maybe just a rag-tag group of rebel art car enthusiasts with a love of Science Fiction.

The Sci-Fi-themed art cars of Road Squadron are setting off from all corners of the US to convene and display at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando and Dragon*Con in Atlanta, and we want you to ride shotgun with us! We're building the cars at this very moment, racing against our deadline as we hope to finish in time to get 12 vehicles from California, Nevada, Michigan, Maryland, Texas, and Iowa to Florida while recording and sharing every part of the process of the over (for some of us) 5800 mile trip.

To document our journey as we get our mad mix of vehicles - from muscle and sportscars to sedans, SUVs and beaters - to our two destinations with crews, cars and friendships intact. We want you to experience the triumphs and pitfalls of our geek-centric road-trip with us in as real-time as possible, so you'll be privy to Twitter and Facebook updates from the road, YouTube shout-outs and recaps of the day's journey, and video highlights of the stops and tours along the way. We plan to set up each car with cameras plus a chase car and crew, allowing us to archive everything that goes on during the two-week trip for a final video compilation when we return.

HOW YOU'RE HELPING:The funds we're seeking are simply the expendable costs of getting us there and back again; largely fuel for up to 12 vehicles. The cars' building costs are coming from our own pockets, as is most of the documentation gear. But we aren't going to have much of a documentary if we can't get to our destination, so you are the tiger in our tanks. We really want to finally share what promises to be an amazing road trip with all of those of you who have been telling us for 13 years, "I wish we could ride with you!"

Sound exciting? We think so, and hope it does to you as well- we can't make it without you, regardless of how much the force may be with us...

WHAT IS ROAD SQUADRON? Founded in 1999, Road Squadron is an informal, volunteer, nation-wide collection of individuals who have the love of car modification and science fiction in common. Squadron cars feature custom designs from Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Ghostbusters and more, or are of the designer's own creation. This trip will be our 2nd national meetup, and the first time many of us have met, traveled together and seen each others' artistic creations in person. We use our interests as a catalyst to do good works in our communities, sharing our passion for causes we believe in.

A smaller caravan from Los Angeles to Indianapolis was accomplished in 2005, but we didn't have the proper means to document it; with your help, we hope to make it for 2012!


  • We take our cars to kid's hospitals, community events, and charity fundraisers in our respective neighborhoods. We build our cars to please ourselves and have a creative outlet, and share our fandom with the world. Speaking for the H-Wing, we've don 160 events in a year, and have helped out over 200 distinct charities in the 12 years we've been on the road.

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  • Actually, Road Squadron doesn't ever accept money for any of our appearances- the money we might be offered is refused in favor of giving it to the charity we're supporting. We will take snacks, water, and amenities if offered, and we do appreciate a nice Goodie Bag. :D

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  • Easy- we aren't embarrassed by our fandom, and use it to help individuals and organizations that might need the bump. it's a great feeling to use your hobby to make a difference in the world.

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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    We'll send you a note of thanks, and a spiffy vinyl Road Squadron car decal that identifies you as part of the flight crew!

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    Pledge $20 or more About $20 USD

    We'll get you a laser-etched Squadron logo dogtag- display it on your rearview or navicomputer and show you fly with the Carfighters! Plus a postcard from your favorite car crew sent back during the trip for helping to get us launched!

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    TRAINING: The digital copy of the documentary for download, with the Dogtag, Decal and a cool, secret bonus for good measure.

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    9 backers
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    Pledge $35 or more About $35 USD

    FLY CASUAL: Dogtag and commemorative, embroidered 3" Sleeve Patch to show your loyalty to the squadron! Plus a shout out of thanks, any way you want it -twitter, facebook, YouTube, podcast, group photo with a sign- as we travel the highways of America. When we're done with the edit, we'll get you a DVD of the documentary.

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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    RECON: Decal, Dogtag, and a super-secret commemorative vial of earth from one of our destinations. NASA? Roswell? Pacific or Atlantic coast? You decide! Plus a copy of the DVD to fill that one empty slot on your shelf.

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    8 backers
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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    MILK RUN: The deluxe copy of our DVD, with our keepsake collectibles included, in a limited edition hand numbered presentation box. Plus a second DVD of whatever extras we deem entertaining enough to include.

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    HYPERSPACE: A custom-embroidered Road Squadron Off-Duty Crew polo featuring your name and the car of your choice for speeding us on our way. Plus the Decal and Dogtag, DVD and a set of exclusive, signed Car Cards from the Squadron!

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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    If you are along our route, either out or back, at least one of our cars will visit you as we travel. Have a tailgater, visit a school or library, park in your driveway to freak out your neighbors- let us know how you'd like to meet us! Or, if you're in Orlando, you can come spend some time with us at the con! Course, we''ll smuggle you one of everything! Decal/Dogtag/Patch/Polo/Postcards/DVD, and probably even give you a ride in one of the cars! In the front seat, though- those rear compartments are just for smuggling!

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