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We're expanding our range of female adventurer miniatures for use in roleplaying and tabletop games like 5e or Pathfinder.
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Kenku & Tabaxi finished...


Hey everyone,
Another long day in the Oathsworn dungeon... I've just finished the Kenku and the Tabaxi, and taken some pics. But it's really dark now, so they don't show the minis off very well - sorry! I'll take some better photos in the daylight tomorrow, but hopefully these will give you a rough idea of how they look.

Anyway, here they are:



So, two more sculpts to start in the morning... what will they be?
The voting has surprised me; the clear leader is the Kitsune, which being a Pathfinder race, I didn't expect... (I'm a D&D guy!)

Second place is very close, between the halfling knight on a mastiff, and the tortle. But we have to pick one... so, another round of voting! Which do you want - tortle or halfling on a mastiff?



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    1. Oathsworn Miniatures 14-time creator on

      Halfling/mastiff 21, tortle 17... it's pretty close!

      I'll probably be done with the kitsune tomorrow evening, so I'll be doing the final result then... :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Paradoxical Mouse

      And I can't choose between the halfling and the tortle....gahhhhhhh. They both sound amazing.

    3. Lidless Eye Hobbies on

      Between those two, I'd vote for the Halfling on the Mastiff.

    4. Oathsworn Miniatures 14-time creator on

      So far, it's 20 for the halfling on a mastiff, and 14 for the tortle, so closer than I thought... I'll start on the kitsune first, to allow time for more votes to come in! :)

    5. Kyrie

      Between the two a tortle would be nice (but still hoping for a gnoll, hobgoblin or another dragonborn)

    6. Aaron Fry on

      Halfling on a mastiff would be my vote!

    7. Thes Hunter

      Halfling on mastiff. Especially if done as two molds. One for the rider and one for the mastiff.

    8. Dysartes on

      I've done a quick count - as of this comment, we've got 18 votes for the Halfling in here, and 9 for the Tortle (assuming the vote count is just within this update).

    9. Em Finley on

      Tortle sounds amazing.

    10. Arthur Dent on

      I would prefer the tortle.

    11. wouter

      Gorgeous sculpts!

      My vote goes to the tortle as well.

    12. Missing avatar

      Stacy Weaver on

      My collection is awash with halflings. The tortle sounds good.

    13. Missing avatar

      Chloe J

      Mastiff Mastiff Mastiff!!!!!!!

    14. Doug Geisler on

      halfling. I cannot imagine ever playing a turtle character.

    15. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Oathsworn, Halfling and mastiff please

    16. Missing avatar

      Clarissa on

      Halfling on a mastiff!!

    17. Angela W on

      Halfling knight on a mastiff would be perfect!

    18. XD Miniatures on

      Gnoll Shaman/Witch!

    19. Pedro Nunes on

      A tortle without armor would be awesome

    20. nomad_grrl on

      A halfling on a mastiff? Yes please!

    21. Christina Settingiano on

      I'm a D&D fan at heart as well, but the Kitsune is one of my favourite fantasy races, so it's cool to see one being made by you guys!

      As for voting... I know I said Tortle last time, but honestly now that I think about it I would love to see the Halfling on the Mastiff please!!

    22. Missing avatar


      Tortle gets my vote.

    23. Missing avatar

      anon on

      Tortle, please.

    24. Darsc Zacal on

      Halfling and the bow wow please.

    25. Dysartes on

      Halfling on the Mastiff, please.

    26. Missing avatar

      Graham Lewis


      Also those two look really good.

    27. Missing avatar

      Richard S

      Definitely prefer the halfling please!

    28. SableFox

      Hobbit and mutt

    29. Godfather Punk

      My vote for the Halfling & Hound
      (although I wouldn't mind another hobgoblin. Maybe as a stretch goal? :^) )

    30. Godfather Punk

      Tengu Shaman? With the right blends of white and bone that's gonna be a Tengu Necromancer.

    31. Leif Eriksson


    32. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      First of all ... I love those two.
      Secondly: Yay, Kitsune!
      Thirdly: Halfling on a Tortle? ;)

    33. Missing avatar

      Voxtra on

      Halfling on a dog all the way.

    34. Karl Forder on

      I was definitely going to say the halfling... then I saw what a tortle looks like. So a tortle for me. Perfect for Ghost Archipelago :)

    35. Michael Reynolds

      Halfling on a Mastiff

    36. Daniel & Sarah Lackenby on

      I think I'm learning towards the halfling on the Mastiff as my wife is playing a gnome and aiming to get a mastiff and I think it would really work for that.